Linux kernel configuration for 3.2.15 on h8300. Using default values from arch/h8300/defconfig.

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Linux Kernel Configuration  (Link)

          [Y] H8300    (CONFIG_H8300)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [_] SYMBOL_PREFIX    (CONFIG_SYMBOL_PREFIX)  (string)  (No help available)
          [N] MMU    (CONFIG_MMU)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] SWAP    (CONFIG_SWAP)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] ZONE_DMA    (CONFIG_ZONE_DMA)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] FPU    (CONFIG_FPU)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] RWSEM_GENERIC_SPINLOCK    (CONFIG_RWSEM_GENERIC_SPINLOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] RWSEM_XCHGADD_ALGORITHM    (CONFIG_RWSEM_XCHGADD_ALGORITHM)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_HAS_ILOG2_U32    (CONFIG_ARCH_HAS_ILOG2_U32)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_HAS_ILOG2_U64    (CONFIG_ARCH_HAS_ILOG2_U64)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] GENERIC_HWEIGHT    (CONFIG_GENERIC_HWEIGHT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] GENERIC_CALIBRATE_DELAY    (CONFIG_GENERIC_CALIBRATE_DELAY)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] GENERIC_BUG    (CONFIG_GENERIC_BUG)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] TIME_LOW_RES    (CONFIG_TIME_LOW_RES)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] NO_IOPORT    (CONFIG_NO_IOPORT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] NO_DMA    (CONFIG_NO_DMA)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] ISA    (CONFIG_ISA)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] PCI    (CONFIG_PCI)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [100] HZ    (CONFIG_HZ)  (string)  (No help available)
          [h8300] ARCH    (CONFIG_ARCH)  (string)  (No help available)
          [3.2.15] KERNELVERSION    (CONFIG_KERNELVERSION)  (string)  (No help available)
          [     ] DEFCONFIG_LIST    (CONFIG_DEFCONFIG_LIST)  (string)  (No help available)
          [N] CONSTRUCTORS    (CONFIG_CONSTRUCTORS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_IRQ_WORK    (CONFIG_HAVE_IRQ_WORK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] IRQ_WORK    (CONFIG_IRQ_WORK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

General setup  (Link)

          [Y] Prompt for development and/or incomplete code/drivers    (CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] BROKEN    (CONFIG_BROKEN)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] BROKEN_ON_SMP    (CONFIG_BROKEN_ON_SMP)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [32] INIT_ENV_ARG_LIMIT    (CONFIG_INIT_ENV_ARG_LIMIT)  (string)  (Help)
          [     ] Cross-compiler tool prefix    (CONFIG_CROSS_COMPILE)  (string)  (Help)
          [     ] Local version - append to kernel release    (CONFIG_LOCALVERSION)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Automatically append version information to the version string    (CONFIG_LOCALVERSION_AUTO)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] HAVE_KERNEL_GZIP    (CONFIG_HAVE_KERNEL_GZIP)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_KERNEL_BZIP2    (CONFIG_HAVE_KERNEL_BZIP2)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_KERNEL_LZMA    (CONFIG_HAVE_KERNEL_LZMA)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_KERNEL_XZ    (CONFIG_HAVE_KERNEL_XZ)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_KERNEL_LZO    (CONFIG_HAVE_KERNEL_LZO)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          Kernel compression mode
          [ ] Gzip  (CONFIG_KERNEL_GZIP)  (Help)
          [ ] Bzip2  (CONFIG_KERNEL_BZIP2)  (Help)
          [ ] LZMA  (CONFIG_KERNEL_LZMA)  (Help)
          [ ] XZ  (CONFIG_KERNEL_XZ)  (Help)
          [ ] LZO  (CONFIG_KERNEL_LZO)  (Help)
          [     ] Default hostname    (CONFIG_DEFAULT_HOSTNAME)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Support for paging of anonymous memory (swap)    (CONFIG_SWAP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] System V IPC    (CONFIG_SYSVIPC)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] SYSVIPC_SYSCTL    (CONFIG_SYSVIPC_SYSCTL)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] POSIX Message Queues    (CONFIG_POSIX_MQUEUE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] POSIX_MQUEUE_SYSCTL    (CONFIG_POSIX_MQUEUE_SYSCTL)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] BSD Process Accounting    (CONFIG_BSD_PROCESS_ACCT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] BSD Process Accounting version 3 file format    (CONFIG_BSD_PROCESS_ACCT_V3)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] open by fhandle syscalls    (CONFIG_FHANDLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Export task/process statistics through netlink (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_TASKSTATS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable per-task delay accounting (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_TASK_DELAY_ACCT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable extended accounting over taskstats (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_TASK_XACCT)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable per-task storage I/O accounting (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_TASK_IO_ACCOUNTING)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Auditing support    (CONFIG_AUDIT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable system-call auditing support    (CONFIG_AUDITSYSCALL)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] AUDIT_WATCH    (CONFIG_AUDIT_WATCH)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] AUDIT_TREE    (CONFIG_AUDIT_TREE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] HAVE_GENERIC_HARDIRQS    (CONFIG_HAVE_GENERIC_HARDIRQS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

IRQ subsystem  (Link)

          [Y] GENERIC_HARDIRQS    (CONFIG_GENERIC_HARDIRQS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_SPARSE_IRQ    (CONFIG_HAVE_SPARSE_IRQ)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] GENERIC_IRQ_PROBE    (CONFIG_GENERIC_IRQ_PROBE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] GENERIC_IRQ_SHOW    (CONFIG_GENERIC_IRQ_SHOW)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] GENERIC_IRQ_SHOW_LEVEL    (CONFIG_GENERIC_IRQ_SHOW_LEVEL)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] GENERIC_PENDING_IRQ    (CONFIG_GENERIC_PENDING_IRQ)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] AUTO_IRQ_AFFINITY    (CONFIG_AUTO_IRQ_AFFINITY)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HARDIRQS_SW_RESEND    (CONFIG_HARDIRQS_SW_RESEND)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] IRQ_PREFLOW_FASTEOI    (CONFIG_IRQ_PREFLOW_FASTEOI)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] IRQ_EDGE_EOI_HANDLER    (CONFIG_IRQ_EDGE_EOI_HANDLER)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] GENERIC_IRQ_CHIP    (CONFIG_GENERIC_IRQ_CHIP)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] IRQ_DOMAIN    (CONFIG_IRQ_DOMAIN)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] IRQ_FORCED_THREADING    (CONFIG_IRQ_FORCED_THREADING)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Support sparse irq numbering    (CONFIG_SPARSE_IRQ)  (bool)  (Help)

RCU Subsystem  (Link)

          RCU Implementation
          [ ] Tree-based hierarchical RCU  (CONFIG_TREE_RCU)  (Help)
          [ ] Preemptible tree-based hierarchical RCU  (CONFIG_TREE_PREEMPT_RCU)  (Help)
          [X] UP-only small-memory-footprint RCU  (CONFIG_TINY_RCU)  (Help)
          [ ] Preemptible UP-only small-memory-footprint RCU  (CONFIG_TINY_PREEMPT_RCU)  (Help)
          [N] PREEMPT_RCU    (CONFIG_PREEMPT_RCU)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
          [N] Enable tracing for RCU    (CONFIG_RCU_TRACE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [     ] Tree-based hierarchical RCU fanout value    (CONFIG_RCU_FANOUT)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Disable tree-based hierarchical RCU auto-balancing    (CONFIG_RCU_FANOUT_EXACT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Accelerate last non-dyntick-idle CPU's grace periods    (CONFIG_RCU_FAST_NO_HZ)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] TREE_RCU_TRACE    (CONFIG_TREE_RCU_TRACE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
          [N] Enable RCU priority boosting    (CONFIG_RCU_BOOST)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [     ] Real-time priority to boost RCU readers to    (CONFIG_RCU_BOOST_PRIO)  (string)  (Help)
                    [     ] Milliseconds to delay boosting after RCU grace-period start    (CONFIG_RCU_BOOST_DELAY)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Kernel .config support    (CONFIG_IKCONFIG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable access to .config through /proc/config.gz    (CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC)  (bool)  (Help)
          [14] Kernel log buffer size (16 =    (CONFIG_LOG_BUF_SHIFT)  (string)  (Help)
          [14] >    (CONFIG_LOG_BUF_SHIFT)  (string)  (Help)
          [14] 64KB, 17 => 128KB)    (CONFIG_LOG_BUF_SHIFT)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] HAVE_UNSTABLE_SCHED_CLOCK    (CONFIG_HAVE_UNSTABLE_SCHED_CLOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

          Control Group support  (Link)

          [N] Control Group support    (CONFIG_CGROUPS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Example debug cgroup subsystem    (CONFIG_CGROUP_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Freezer cgroup subsystem    (CONFIG_CGROUP_FREEZER)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Device controller for cgroups    (CONFIG_CGROUP_DEVICE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Cpuset support    (CONFIG_CPUSETS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Include legacy /proc/    (CONFIG_PROC_PID_CPUSET)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] <    (CONFIG_PROC_PID_CPUSET)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] pid    (CONFIG_PROC_PID_CPUSET)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] >    (CONFIG_PROC_PID_CPUSET)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] /cpuset file    (CONFIG_PROC_PID_CPUSET)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] Simple CPU accounting cgroup subsystem    (CONFIG_CGROUP_CPUACCT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Resource counters    (CONFIG_RESOURCE_COUNTERS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Memory Resource Controller for Control Groups    (CONFIG_CGROUP_MEM_RES_CTLR)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Memory Resource Controller Swap Extension    (CONFIG_CGROUP_MEM_RES_CTLR_SWAP)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Memory Resource Controller Swap Extension enabled by default    (CONFIG_CGROUP_MEM_RES_CTLR_SWAP_ENABLED)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable perf_event per-cpu per-container group (cgroup) monitoring    (CONFIG_CGROUP_PERF)  (bool)  (Help)

                    Group CPU scheduler  (Link)

                    [N] Group CPU scheduler    (CONFIG_CGROUP_SCHED)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Group scheduling for SCHED_OTHER    (CONFIG_FAIR_GROUP_SCHED)  (bool)  (No help available)
                                        [N] CPU bandwidth provisioning for FAIR_GROUP_SCHED    (CONFIG_CFS_BANDWIDTH)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Group scheduling for SCHED_RR/FIFO    (CONFIG_RT_GROUP_SCHED)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Block IO controller    (CONFIG_BLK_CGROUP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable Block IO controller debugging    (CONFIG_DEBUG_BLK_CGROUP)  (bool)  (Help)

          Namespaces support  (Link)

          [N] Namespaces support    (CONFIG_NAMESPACES)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] UTS namespace    (CONFIG_UTS_NS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IPC namespace    (CONFIG_IPC_NS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] User namespace (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_USER_NS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] PID Namespaces    (CONFIG_PID_NS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Network namespace    (CONFIG_NET_NS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Automatic process group scheduling    (CONFIG_SCHED_AUTOGROUP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] MM_OWNER    (CONFIG_MM_OWNER)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Enable deprecated sysfs features to support old userspace tools    (CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable deprecated sysfs features by default    (CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED_V2)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Kernel-    (CONFIG_RELAY)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] >    (CONFIG_RELAY)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] user space relay support (formerly relayfs)    (CONFIG_RELAY)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Initial RAM filesystem and RAM disk (initramfs/initrd) support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_INITRD)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [     ] Initramfs source file(s)    (CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] User ID to map to 0 (user root)    (CONFIG_INITRAMFS_ROOT_UID)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] Group ID to map to 0 (group root)    (CONFIG_INITRAMFS_ROOT_GID)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Support initial ramdisks compressed using gzip    (CONFIG_RD_GZIP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support initial ramdisks compressed using bzip2    (CONFIG_RD_BZIP2)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support initial ramdisks compressed using LZMA    (CONFIG_RD_LZMA)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support initial ramdisks compressed using XZ    (CONFIG_RD_XZ)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support initial ramdisks compressed using LZO    (CONFIG_RD_LZO)  (bool)  (Help)
                    Built-in initramfs compression mode
                    [ ] None  (CONFIG_INITRAMFS_COMPRESSION_NONE)  (Help)
                    [ ] Gzip  (CONFIG_INITRAMFS_COMPRESSION_GZIP)  (Help)
                    [ ] Bzip2  (CONFIG_INITRAMFS_COMPRESSION_BZIP2)  (Help)
                    [ ] LZMA  (CONFIG_INITRAMFS_COMPRESSION_LZMA)  (Help)
                    [ ] XZ  (CONFIG_INITRAMFS_COMPRESSION_XZ)  (Help)
                    [ ] LZO  (CONFIG_INITRAMFS_COMPRESSION_LZO)  (Help)
          [N] Optimize for size    (CONFIG_CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] SYSCTL    (CONFIG_SYSCTL)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] ANON_INODES    (CONFIG_ANON_INODES)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

          Configure standard kernel features (expert users)  (Link)

          [Y] Configure standard kernel features (expert users)    (CONFIG_EXPERT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable 16-bit UID system calls    (CONFIG_UID16)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Sysctl syscall support    (CONFIG_SYSCTL_SYSCALL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Load all symbols for debugging/ksymoops    (CONFIG_KALLSYMS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Include all symbols in kallsyms    (CONFIG_KALLSYMS_ALL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for hot-pluggable devices    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Enable support for printk    (CONFIG_PRINTK)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] BUG() support    (CONFIG_BUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Enable ELF core dumps    (CONFIG_ELF_CORE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable PC-Speaker support    (CONFIG_PCSPKR_PLATFORM)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] HAVE_PCSPKR_PLATFORM    (CONFIG_HAVE_PCSPKR_PLATFORM)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Enable full-sized data structures for core    (CONFIG_BASE_FULL)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Enable futex support    (CONFIG_FUTEX)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Enable eventpoll support    (CONFIG_EPOLL)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Enable signalfd() system call    (CONFIG_SIGNALFD)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Enable timerfd() system call    (CONFIG_TIMERFD)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Enable eventfd() system call    (CONFIG_EVENTFD)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Use full shmem filesystem    (CONFIG_SHMEM)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] Enable AIO support    (CONFIG_AIO)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Embedded system    (CONFIG_EMBEDDED)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] HAVE_PERF_EVENTS    (CONFIG_HAVE_PERF_EVENTS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
          [N] PERF_USE_VMALLOC    (CONFIG_PERF_USE_VMALLOC)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)

Kernel Performance Events And Counters  (Link)

          [N] Kernel performance events and counters    (CONFIG_PERF_EVENTS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Kernel performance counters (old config option)    (CONFIG_PERF_COUNTERS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Debug: use vmalloc to back perf mmap() buffers    (CONFIG_DEBUG_PERF_USE_VMALLOC)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Enable VM event counters for /proc/vmstat    (CONFIG_VM_EVENT_COUNTERS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Enable PCI quirk workarounds    (CONFIG_PCI_QUIRKS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Enable SLUB debugging support    (CONFIG_SLUB_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Disable heap randomization    (CONFIG_COMPAT_BRK)  (bool)  (Help)
          Choose SLAB allocator
          [ ] SLAB  (CONFIG_SLAB)  (Help)
          [ ] SLUB (Unqueued Allocator)  (CONFIG_SLUB)  (Help)
          [X] SLOB (Simple Allocator)  (CONFIG_SLOB)  (Help)
          [N] Allow mmapped anonymous memory to be uninitialized    (CONFIG_MMAP_ALLOW_UNINITIALIZED)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Profiling support    (CONFIG_PROFILING)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] TRACEPOINTS    (CONFIG_TRACEPOINTS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] OProfile system profiling    (CONFIG_OPROFILE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] OProfile multiplexing support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_OPROFILE_EVENT_MULTIPLEX)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] HAVE_OPROFILE    (CONFIG_HAVE_OPROFILE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Kprobes    (CONFIG_KPROBES)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Optimize trace point call sites    (CONFIG_JUMP_LABEL)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] OPTPROBES    (CONFIG_OPTPROBES)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_SYSCALL_WRAPPERS    (CONFIG_HAVE_SYSCALL_WRAPPERS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] KRETPROBES    (CONFIG_KRETPROBES)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] USER_RETURN_NOTIFIER    (CONFIG_USER_RETURN_NOTIFIER)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
          [N] HAVE_IOREMAP_PROT    (CONFIG_HAVE_IOREMAP_PROT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_KPROBES    (CONFIG_HAVE_KPROBES)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_KRETPROBES    (CONFIG_HAVE_KRETPROBES)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_OPTPROBES    (CONFIG_HAVE_OPTPROBES)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_ARCH_TRACEHOOK    (CONFIG_HAVE_ARCH_TRACEHOOK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_DMA_ATTRS    (CONFIG_HAVE_DMA_ATTRS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] USE_GENERIC_SMP_HELPERS    (CONFIG_USE_GENERIC_SMP_HELPERS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_CLK    (CONFIG_HAVE_CLK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
          [N] HAVE_DMA_API_DEBUG    (CONFIG_HAVE_DMA_API_DEBUG)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_HW_BREAKPOINT    (CONFIG_HAVE_HW_BREAKPOINT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_USER_RETURN_NOTIFIER    (CONFIG_HAVE_USER_RETURN_NOTIFIER)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_PERF_EVENTS_NMI    (CONFIG_HAVE_PERF_EVENTS_NMI)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
          [N] HAVE_ARCH_JUMP_LABEL    (CONFIG_HAVE_ARCH_JUMP_LABEL)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_ARCH_MUTEX_CPU_RELAX    (CONFIG_HAVE_ARCH_MUTEX_CPU_RELAX)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_RCU_TABLE_FREE    (CONFIG_HAVE_RCU_TABLE_FREE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_HAVE_NMI_SAFE_CMPXCHG    (CONFIG_ARCH_HAVE_NMI_SAFE_CMPXCHG)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

GCOV-based kernel profiling  (Link)

          [N] Enable gcov-based kernel profiling    (CONFIG_GCOV_KERNEL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Profile entire Kernel    (CONFIG_GCOV_PROFILE_ALL)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] HAVE_GENERIC_DMA_COHERENT    (CONFIG_HAVE_GENERIC_DMA_COHERENT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] SLABINFO    (CONFIG_SLABINFO)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] RT_MUTEXES    (CONFIG_RT_MUTEXES)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [1] BASE_SMALL    (CONFIG_BASE_SMALL)  (string)  (No help available)

          Enable loadable module support  (Link)

          [N] Enable loadable module support    (CONFIG_MODULES)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Forced module loading    (CONFIG_MODULE_FORCE_LOAD)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Module unloading    (CONFIG_MODULE_UNLOAD)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Forced module unloading    (CONFIG_MODULE_FORCE_UNLOAD)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Module versioning support    (CONFIG_MODVERSIONS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Source checksum for all modules    (CONFIG_MODULE_SRCVERSION_ALL)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] INIT_ALL_POSSIBLE    (CONFIG_INIT_ALL_POSSIBLE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
          [N] STOP_MACHINE    (CONFIG_STOP_MACHINE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)

          Enable the block layer  (Link)

          [Y] Enable the block layer    (CONFIG_BLOCK)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Support for large (2TB+) block devices and files    (CONFIG_LBDAF)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Block layer SG support v4    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_BSG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Block layer SG support v4 helper lib    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_BSGLIB)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Block layer data integrity support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_INTEGRITY)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Block layer bio throttling support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_THROTTLING)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] BLOCK_COMPAT    (CONFIG_BLOCK_COMPAT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

IO Schedulers  (Link)

          [Y] IOSCHED_NOOP    (CONFIG_IOSCHED_NOOP)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
          [N] Deadline I/O scheduler    (CONFIG_IOSCHED_DEADLINE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFQ I/O scheduler    (CONFIG_IOSCHED_CFQ)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CFQ Group Scheduling support    (CONFIG_CFQ_GROUP_IOSCHED)  (bool)  (Help)
          Default I/O scheduler
          [ ] Deadline  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_DEADLINE)  (No help available)
          [ ] CFQ  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_CFQ)  (No help available)
          [X] No-op  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_NOOP)  (No help available)
          [noop] DEFAULT_IOSCHED    (CONFIG_DEFAULT_IOSCHED)  (string)  (No help available)
          [N] PREEMPT_NOTIFIERS    (CONFIG_PREEMPT_NOTIFIERS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] PADATA    (CONFIG_PADATA)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_SPIN_TRYLOCK    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_SPIN_TRYLOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_SPIN_TRYLOCK_BH    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_SPIN_TRYLOCK_BH)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_SPIN_LOCK    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_SPIN_LOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_SPIN_LOCK_BH    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_SPIN_LOCK_BH)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_SPIN_LOCK_IRQ    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_SPIN_LOCK_IRQ)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_SPIN_LOCK_IRQSAVE    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_SPIN_LOCK_IRQSAVE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_SPIN_UNLOCK    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_SPIN_UNLOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_SPIN_UNLOCK_BH    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_SPIN_UNLOCK_BH)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_SPIN_UNLOCK_IRQ    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_SPIN_UNLOCK_IRQ)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_READ_TRYLOCK    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_READ_TRYLOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_READ_LOCK    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_READ_LOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_READ_LOCK_BH    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_READ_LOCK_BH)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_READ_LOCK_IRQ    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_READ_LOCK_IRQ)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_READ_LOCK_IRQSAVE    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_READ_LOCK_IRQSAVE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_READ_UNLOCK    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_READ_UNLOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_READ_UNLOCK_BH    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_READ_UNLOCK_BH)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_READ_UNLOCK_IRQ    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_READ_UNLOCK_IRQ)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_WRITE_TRYLOCK    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_WRITE_TRYLOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_WRITE_LOCK    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_WRITE_LOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_WRITE_LOCK_BH    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_WRITE_LOCK_BH)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_WRITE_LOCK_IRQ    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_WRITE_LOCK_IRQ)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_WRITE_LOCK_IRQSAVE    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_WRITE_LOCK_IRQSAVE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_WRITE_UNLOCK    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_WRITE_UNLOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_WRITE_UNLOCK_BH    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_WRITE_UNLOCK_BH)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_INLINE_WRITE_UNLOCK_IRQ    (CONFIG_ARCH_INLINE_WRITE_UNLOCK_IRQ)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_SPIN_TRYLOCK    (CONFIG_INLINE_SPIN_TRYLOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_SPIN_TRYLOCK_BH    (CONFIG_INLINE_SPIN_TRYLOCK_BH)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_SPIN_LOCK    (CONFIG_INLINE_SPIN_LOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_SPIN_LOCK_BH    (CONFIG_INLINE_SPIN_LOCK_BH)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_SPIN_LOCK_IRQ    (CONFIG_INLINE_SPIN_LOCK_IRQ)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_SPIN_LOCK_IRQSAVE    (CONFIG_INLINE_SPIN_LOCK_IRQSAVE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] INLINE_SPIN_UNLOCK    (CONFIG_INLINE_SPIN_UNLOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_SPIN_UNLOCK_BH    (CONFIG_INLINE_SPIN_UNLOCK_BH)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] INLINE_SPIN_UNLOCK_IRQ    (CONFIG_INLINE_SPIN_UNLOCK_IRQ)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_SPIN_UNLOCK_IRQRESTORE    (CONFIG_INLINE_SPIN_UNLOCK_IRQRESTORE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_READ_TRYLOCK    (CONFIG_INLINE_READ_TRYLOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_READ_LOCK    (CONFIG_INLINE_READ_LOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_READ_LOCK_BH    (CONFIG_INLINE_READ_LOCK_BH)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_READ_LOCK_IRQ    (CONFIG_INLINE_READ_LOCK_IRQ)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_READ_LOCK_IRQSAVE    (CONFIG_INLINE_READ_LOCK_IRQSAVE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] INLINE_READ_UNLOCK    (CONFIG_INLINE_READ_UNLOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_READ_UNLOCK_BH    (CONFIG_INLINE_READ_UNLOCK_BH)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] INLINE_READ_UNLOCK_IRQ    (CONFIG_INLINE_READ_UNLOCK_IRQ)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_READ_UNLOCK_IRQRESTORE    (CONFIG_INLINE_READ_UNLOCK_IRQRESTORE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_WRITE_TRYLOCK    (CONFIG_INLINE_WRITE_TRYLOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_WRITE_LOCK    (CONFIG_INLINE_WRITE_LOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_WRITE_LOCK_BH    (CONFIG_INLINE_WRITE_LOCK_BH)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_WRITE_LOCK_IRQ    (CONFIG_INLINE_WRITE_LOCK_IRQ)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_WRITE_LOCK_IRQSAVE    (CONFIG_INLINE_WRITE_LOCK_IRQSAVE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] INLINE_WRITE_UNLOCK    (CONFIG_INLINE_WRITE_UNLOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_WRITE_UNLOCK_BH    (CONFIG_INLINE_WRITE_UNLOCK_BH)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] INLINE_WRITE_UNLOCK_IRQ    (CONFIG_INLINE_WRITE_UNLOCK_IRQ)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] INLINE_WRITE_UNLOCK_IRQRESTORE    (CONFIG_INLINE_WRITE_UNLOCK_IRQRESTORE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] MUTEX_SPIN_ON_OWNER    (CONFIG_MUTEX_SPIN_ON_OWNER)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] FREEZER    (CONFIG_FREEZER)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

Processor type and features  (Link)

          [N] TICK_ONESHOT    (CONFIG_TICK_ONESHOT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Tickless System (Dynamic Ticks)    (CONFIG_NO_HZ)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] High Resolution Timer Support    (CONFIG_HIGH_RES_TIMERS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] GENERIC_CLOCKEVENTS_BUILD    (CONFIG_GENERIC_CLOCKEVENTS_BUILD)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] GENERIC_CLOCKEVENTS_MIN_ADJUST    (CONFIG_GENERIC_CLOCKEVENTS_MIN_ADJUST)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          H8/300 platform
          [X] H8/300H Generic  (CONFIG_H8300H_GENERIC)  (Help)
          [ ] AE-3068/69  (CONFIG_H8300H_AKI3068NET)  (Help)
          [ ] H8MAX  (CONFIG_H8300H_H8MAX)  (Help)
          [ ] H8/300H Simulator  (CONFIG_H8300H_SIM)  (Help)
          [ ] H8S Generic  (CONFIG_H8S_GENERIC)  (Help)
          [ ] EDOSK-2674  (CONFIG_H8S_EDOSK2674)  (Help)
          [ ] H8S Simulator  (CONFIG_H8S_SIM)  (Help)
          CPU Selection
          [ ] H8/3001,3002,3003  (CONFIG_H83002)  (No help available)
          [X] H8/3006,3007  (CONFIG_H83007)  (No help available)
          [ ] H8/3044,3045,3046,3047,3048,3052  (CONFIG_H83048)  (No help available)
          [ ] H8/3065,3066,3067,3068,3069  (CONFIG_H83068)  (No help available)
          [ ] H8S/2670,2673,2674R,2675,2676  (CONFIG_H8S2678)  (No help available)
          [20000] CPU Clock Frequency (/1KHz)    (CONFIG_CPU_CLOCK)  (string)  (Help)
          Kernel executes from
          [X] RAM  (CONFIG_RAMKERNEL)  (Help)
          [ ] ROM  (CONFIG_ROMKERNEL)  (Help)
          [Y] CPU_H8300H    (CONFIG_CPU_H8300H)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] CPU_H8S    (CONFIG_CPU_H8S)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [X] 8bit timer (2ch cascade)  (CONFIG_H8300_TIMER8)  (No help available)
          [ ] 16bit timer  (CONFIG_H8300_TIMER16)  (No help available)
          [ ] ITU  (CONFIG_H8300_ITU)  (No help available)
          [ ] TPU  (CONFIG_H8300_TPU)  (No help available)
          Timer Channel
          [X] Channel 0  (CONFIG_H8300_TIMER8_CH0)  (No help available)
          [ ] Channel 2  (CONFIG_H8300_TIMER8_CH2)  (No help available)
          [     ] 16bit timer channel (0 - 2)    (CONFIG_H8300_TIMER16_CH)  (string)  (No help available)
          [     ] ITU channel    (CONFIG_H8300_ITU_CH)  (string)  (No help available)
          [     ] TPU channel    (CONFIG_H8300_TPU_CH)  (string)  (No help available)
          Preemption Model
          [X] No Forced Preemption (Server)  (CONFIG_PREEMPT_NONE)  (Help)
          [ ] Voluntary Kernel Preemption (Desktop)  (CONFIG_PREEMPT_VOLUNTARY)  (Help)
          [ ] Preemptible Kernel (Low-Latency Desktop)  (CONFIG_PREEMPT)  (Help)
          [N] PREEMPT_COUNT    (CONFIG_PREEMPT_COUNT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] SELECT_MEMORY_MODEL    (CONFIG_SELECT_MEMORY_MODEL)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          Memory model
          [X] Flat Memory  (CONFIG_FLATMEM_MANUAL)  (Help)
          [ ] Discontiguous Memory  (CONFIG_DISCONTIGMEM_MANUAL)  (Help)
          [ ] Sparse Memory  (CONFIG_SPARSEMEM_MANUAL)  (Help)
          [N] DISCONTIGMEM    (CONFIG_DISCONTIGMEM)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] SPARSEMEM    (CONFIG_SPARSEMEM)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] FLATMEM    (CONFIG_FLATMEM)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] FLAT_NODE_MEM_MAP    (CONFIG_FLAT_NODE_MEM_MAP)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] NEED_MULTIPLE_NODES    (CONFIG_NEED_MULTIPLE_NODES)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_MEMORY_PRESENT    (CONFIG_HAVE_MEMORY_PRESENT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] SPARSEMEM_STATIC    (CONFIG_SPARSEMEM_STATIC)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] SPARSEMEM_EXTREME    (CONFIG_SPARSEMEM_EXTREME)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] SPARSEMEM_VMEMMAP_ENABLE    (CONFIG_SPARSEMEM_VMEMMAP_ENABLE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] SPARSEMEM_ALLOC_MEM_MAP_TOGETHER    (CONFIG_SPARSEMEM_ALLOC_MEM_MAP_TOGETHER)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Sparse Memory virtual memmap    (CONFIG_SPARSEMEM_VMEMMAP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] HAVE_MEMBLOCK    (CONFIG_HAVE_MEMBLOCK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] NO_BOOTMEM    (CONFIG_NO_BOOTMEM)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Allow for memory hot-add    (CONFIG_MEMORY_HOTPLUG)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] MEMORY_HOTPLUG_SPARSE    (CONFIG_MEMORY_HOTPLUG_SPARSE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] Allow for memory hot remove    (CONFIG_MEMORY_HOTREMOVE)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [Y] PAGEFLAGS_EXTENDED    (CONFIG_PAGEFLAGS_EXTENDED)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [4] SPLIT_PTLOCK_CPUS    (CONFIG_SPLIT_PTLOCK_CPUS)  (string)  (No help available)
          [N] Allow for memory compaction    (CONFIG_COMPACTION)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Page migration    (CONFIG_MIGRATION)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] PHYS_ADDR_T_64BIT    (CONFIG_PHYS_ADDR_T_64BIT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [1] ZONE_DMA_FLAG    (CONFIG_ZONE_DMA_FLAG)  (string)  (No help available)
          [N] BOUNCE    (CONFIG_BOUNCE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [     ] NR_QUICK    (CONFIG_NR_QUICK)  (string)  (No help available)
          [Y] VIRT_TO_BUS    (CONFIG_VIRT_TO_BUS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] MMU_NOTIFIER    (CONFIG_MMU_NOTIFIER)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Enable KSM for page merging    (CONFIG_KSM)  (bool)  (Help)
          [     ] Low address space to protect from user allocation    (CONFIG_DEFAULT_MMAP_MIN_ADDR)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] ARCH_SUPPORTS_MEMORY_FAILURE    (CONFIG_ARCH_SUPPORTS_MEMORY_FAILURE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Enable recovery from hardware memory errors    (CONFIG_MEMORY_FAILURE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] HWPoison pages injector    (CONFIG_HWPOISON_INJECT)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [1] Turn on mmap() excess space trimming before booting    (CONFIG_NOMMU_INITIAL_TRIM_EXCESS)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Transparent Hugepage Support    (CONFIG_TRANSPARENT_HUGEPAGE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    Transparent Hugepage Support sysfs defaults
                    [ ] always  (CONFIG_TRANSPARENT_HUGEPAGE_ALWAYS)  (Help)
                    [ ] madvise  (CONFIG_TRANSPARENT_HUGEPAGE_MADVISE)  (Help)
          [Y] NEED_PER_CPU_KM    (CONFIG_NEED_PER_CPU_KM)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Enable cleancache driver to cache clean pages if tmem is present    (CONFIG_CLEANCACHE)  (bool)  (Help)

Executable file formats  (Link)

          [N] Kernel support for ELF binaries    (CONFIG_BINFMT_ELF)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] COMPAT_BINFMT_ELF    (CONFIG_COMPAT_BINFMT_ELF)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Kernel support for FDPIC ELF binaries    (CONFIG_BINFMT_ELF_FDPIC)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Write ELF core dumps with partial segments    (CONFIG_CORE_DUMP_DEFAULT_ELF_HEADERS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] Kernel support for flat binaries    (CONFIG_BINFMT_FLAT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Enable ZFLAT support    (CONFIG_BINFMT_ZFLAT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable shared FLAT support    (CONFIG_BINFMT_SHARED_FLAT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] HAVE_AOUT    (CONFIG_HAVE_AOUT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Kernel support for a.out and ECOFF binaries    (CONFIG_BINFMT_AOUT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] OSF/1 v4 readv/writev compatibility    (CONFIG_OSF4_COMPAT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Kernel support for Linux/Intel ELF binaries    (CONFIG_BINFMT_EM86)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Kernel support for SOM binaries    (CONFIG_BINFMT_SOM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] Kernel support for MISC binaries    (CONFIG_BINFMT_MISC)  (tristate)  (Help)

          Networking support  (Link)

          [N] Networking support    (CONFIG_NET)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] WANT_COMPAT_NETLINK_MESSAGES    (CONFIG_WANT_COMPAT_NETLINK_MESSAGES)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
                    [N] COMPAT_NETLINK_MESSAGES    (CONFIG_COMPAT_NETLINK_MESSAGES)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)

Networking options  (Link)

          [N] Packet socket    (CONFIG_PACKET)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Unix domain sockets    (CONFIG_UNIX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] XFRM    (CONFIG_XFRM)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Transformation user configuration interface    (CONFIG_XFRM_USER)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Transformation sub policy support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_XFRM_SUB_POLICY)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Transformation migrate database (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_XFRM_MIGRATE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Transformation statistics (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_XFRM_STATISTICS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] XFRM_IPCOMP    (CONFIG_XFRM_IPCOMP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] PF_KEY sockets    (CONFIG_NET_KEY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PF_KEY MIGRATE (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NET_KEY_MIGRATE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] IUCV support (S390 - z/VM only)    (CONFIG_IUCV)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] AF_IUCV Socket support (S390 - z/VM and HiperSockets transport)    (CONFIG_AFIUCV)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] TCP/IP networking    (CONFIG_INET)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: multicasting    (CONFIG_IP_MULTICAST)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: advanced router    (CONFIG_IP_ADVANCED_ROUTER)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] FIB TRIE statistics    (CONFIG_IP_FIB_TRIE_STATS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IP: policy routing    (CONFIG_IP_MULTIPLE_TABLES)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IP: equal cost multipath    (CONFIG_IP_ROUTE_MULTIPATH)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IP: verbose route monitoring    (CONFIG_IP_ROUTE_VERBOSE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IP_ROUTE_CLASSID    (CONFIG_IP_ROUTE_CLASSID)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] IP: kernel level autoconfiguration    (CONFIG_IP_PNP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IP: DHCP support    (CONFIG_IP_PNP_DHCP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IP: BOOTP support    (CONFIG_IP_PNP_BOOTP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IP: RARP support    (CONFIG_IP_PNP_RARP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: tunneling    (CONFIG_NET_IPIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: GRE demultiplexer    (CONFIG_NET_IPGRE_DEMUX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IP: GRE tunnels over IP    (CONFIG_NET_IPGRE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] IP: broadcast GRE over IP    (CONFIG_NET_IPGRE_BROADCAST)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: multicast routing    (CONFIG_IP_MROUTE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IP: multicast policy routing    (CONFIG_IP_MROUTE_MULTIPLE_TABLES)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IP: PIM-SM version 1 support    (CONFIG_IP_PIMSM_V1)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IP: PIM-SM version 2 support    (CONFIG_IP_PIMSM_V2)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: ARP daemon support    (CONFIG_ARPD)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: TCP syncookie support    (CONFIG_SYN_COOKIES)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: AH transformation    (CONFIG_INET_AH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: ESP transformation    (CONFIG_INET_ESP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: IPComp transformation    (CONFIG_INET_IPCOMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] INET_XFRM_TUNNEL    (CONFIG_INET_XFRM_TUNNEL)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] INET_TUNNEL    (CONFIG_INET_TUNNEL)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] IP: IPsec transport mode    (CONFIG_INET_XFRM_MODE_TRANSPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: IPsec tunnel mode    (CONFIG_INET_XFRM_MODE_TUNNEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: IPsec BEET mode    (CONFIG_INET_XFRM_MODE_BEET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Large Receive Offload (ipv4/tcp)    (CONFIG_INET_LRO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] INET: socket monitoring interface    (CONFIG_INET_DIAG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] INET_TCP_DIAG    (CONFIG_INET_TCP_DIAG)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)

                    TCP: advanced congestion control  (Link)

                    [N] TCP: advanced congestion control    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_ADVANCED)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Binary Increase Congestion (BIC) control    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_BIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] CUBIC TCP    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_CUBIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TCP Westwood+    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_WESTWOOD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] H-TCP    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_HTCP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] High Speed TCP    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_HSTCP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TCP-Hybla congestion control algorithm    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_HYBLA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TCP Vegas    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_VEGAS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Scalable TCP    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_SCALABLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TCP Low Priority    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_LP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TCP Veno    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_VENO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] YeAH TCP    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_YEAH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TCP Illinois    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_ILLINOIS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              Default TCP congestion control
                              [ ] Bic  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_BIC)  (No help available)
                              [ ] Cubic  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_CUBIC)  (No help available)
                              [ ] Htcp  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_HTCP)  (No help available)
                              [ ] Hybla  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_HYBLA)  (No help available)
                              [ ] Vegas  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_VEGAS)  (No help available)
                              [ ] Veno  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_VENO)  (No help available)
                              [ ] Westwood  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_WESTWOOD)  (No help available)
                              [ ] Reno  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_RENO)  (No help available)
                              [N] TCP_CONG_CUBIC    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_CUBIC)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [     ] DEFAULT_TCP_CONG    (CONFIG_DEFAULT_TCP_CONG)  (string)  (No help available)
                    [N] TCP: MD5 Signature Option support (RFC2385) (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_TCP_MD5SIG)  (bool)  (Help)

                    The IPv6 protocol  (Link)

                    [N] The IPv6 protocol    (CONFIG_IPV6)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: Privacy Extensions (RFC 3041) support    (CONFIG_IPV6_PRIVACY)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: Router Preference (RFC 4191) support    (CONFIG_IPV6_ROUTER_PREF)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] IPv6: Route Information (RFC 4191) support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IPV6_ROUTE_INFO)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: Enable RFC 4429 Optimistic DAD (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IPV6_OPTIMISTIC_DAD)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: AH transformation    (CONFIG_INET6_AH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: ESP transformation    (CONFIG_INET6_ESP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: IPComp transformation    (CONFIG_INET6_IPCOMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: Mobility (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IPV6_MIP6)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] INET6_XFRM_TUNNEL    (CONFIG_INET6_XFRM_TUNNEL)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] INET6_TUNNEL    (CONFIG_INET6_TUNNEL)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] IPv6: IPsec transport mode    (CONFIG_INET6_XFRM_MODE_TRANSPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: IPsec tunnel mode    (CONFIG_INET6_XFRM_MODE_TUNNEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: IPsec BEET mode    (CONFIG_INET6_XFRM_MODE_BEET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: MIPv6 route optimization mode (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_INET6_XFRM_MODE_ROUTEOPTIMIZATION)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnel (SIT driver)    (CONFIG_IPV6_SIT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] IPv6: IPv6 Rapid Deployment (6RD) (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IPV6_SIT_6RD)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IPV6_NDISC_NODETYPE    (CONFIG_IPV6_NDISC_NODETYPE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] IPv6: IP-in-IPv6 tunnel (RFC2473)    (CONFIG_IPV6_TUNNEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: Multiple Routing Tables    (CONFIG_IPV6_MULTIPLE_TABLES)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] IPv6: source address based routing    (CONFIG_IPV6_SUBTREES)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: multicast routing (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IPV6_MROUTE)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] IPv6: multicast policy routing    (CONFIG_IPV6_MROUTE_MULTIPLE_TABLES)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] IPv6: PIM-SM version 2 support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IPV6_PIMSM_V2)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] NetLabel subsystem support    (CONFIG_NETLABEL)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Security Marking    (CONFIG_NETWORK_SECMARK)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Timestamping in PHY devices    (CONFIG_NETWORK_PHY_TIMESTAMPING)  (bool)  (Help)

          Network packet filtering framework (Netfilter)  (Link)

          [N] Network packet filtering framework (Netfilter)    (CONFIG_NETFILTER)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Network packet filtering debugging    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Advanced netfilter configuration    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_ADVANCED)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Bridged IP/ARP packets filtering    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_NETFILTER)  (bool)  (Help)

Core Netfilter Configuration  (Link)

          [N] NETFILTER_NETLINK    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_NETLINK)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Netfilter NFQUEUE over NFNETLINK interface    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_NETLINK_QUEUE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Netfilter LOG over NFNETLINK interface    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_NETLINK_LOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Netfilter connection tracking support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Connection mark tracking support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_MARK)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Connection tracking security mark support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_SECMARK)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Connection tracking zones    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_ZONES)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Connection tracking events    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_EVENTS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Connection tracking timestamping    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_TIMESTAMP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] DCCP protocol connection tracking support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NF_CT_PROTO_DCCP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NF_CT_PROTO_GRE    (CONFIG_NF_CT_PROTO_GRE)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] SCTP protocol connection tracking support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NF_CT_PROTO_SCTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] UDP-Lite protocol connection tracking support    (CONFIG_NF_CT_PROTO_UDPLITE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Amanda backup protocol support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_AMANDA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] FTP protocol support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_FTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] H.323 protocol support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_H323)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IRC protocol support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_IRC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NF_CONNTRACK_BROADCAST    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_BROADCAST)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] NetBIOS name service protocol support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_NETBIOS_NS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SNMP service protocol support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_SNMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PPtP protocol support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_PPTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SANE protocol support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_SANE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SIP protocol support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_SIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] TFTP protocol support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_TFTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Connection tracking netlink interface    (CONFIG_NF_CT_NETLINK)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Transparent proxying support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_TPROXY)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Netfilter Xtables support (required for ip_tables)    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XTABLES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] nfmark target and match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MARK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ctmark target and match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_CONNMARK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] set target and match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_SET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AUDIT target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_AUDIT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CHECKSUM target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_CHECKSUM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "CLASSIFY" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_CLASSIFY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "CONNMARK" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_CONNMARK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "CONNSECMARK" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_CONNSECMARK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "CT" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_CT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "DSCP" and "TOS" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_DSCP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "HL" hoplimit target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_HL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IDLETIMER target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_IDLETIMER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "LED" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_LED)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "MARK" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_MARK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "NFLOG" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_NFLOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "NFQUEUE" target Support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_NFQUEUE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "NOTRACK" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_NOTRACK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "RATEEST" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_RATEEST)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "TEE" - packet cloning to alternate destination    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_TEE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "TPROXY" target support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_TPROXY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "TRACE" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_TRACE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "SECMARK" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_SECMARK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "TCPMSS" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_TCPMSS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "TCPOPTSTRIP" target support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_TCPOPTSTRIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "addrtype" address type match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_ADDRTYPE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "cluster" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_CLUSTER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "comment" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_COMMENT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "connbytes" per-connection counter match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_CONNBYTES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "connlimit" match support"    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_CONNLIMIT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "connmark" connection mark match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_CONNMARK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "conntrack" connection tracking match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_CONNTRACK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "cpu" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_CPU)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "dccp" protocol match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_DCCP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "devgroup" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_DEVGROUP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "dscp" and "tos" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_DSCP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "esp" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_ESP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "hashlimit" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_HASHLIMIT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "helper" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_HELPER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "hl" hoplimit/TTL match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_HL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "iprange" address range match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_IPRANGE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "ipvs" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_IPVS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "length" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_LENGTH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "limit" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_LIMIT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "mac" address match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_MAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "mark" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_MARK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "multiport" Multiple port match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_MULTIPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "osf" Passive OS fingerprint match    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_OSF)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "owner" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_OWNER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IPsec "policy" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_POLICY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "physdev" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_PHYSDEV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "pkttype" packet type match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_PKTTYPE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "quota" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_QUOTA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "rateest" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_RATEEST)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "realm" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_REALM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "recent" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_RECENT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "sctp" protocol match support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_SCTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "socket" match support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_SOCKET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "state" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_STATE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "statistic" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_STATISTIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "string" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_STRING)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "tcpmss" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_TCPMSS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "time" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_TIME)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "u32" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_U32)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    IP set support  (Link)

                    [N] IP set support    (CONFIG_IP_SET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [     ] Maximum number of IP sets    (CONFIG_IP_SET_MAX)  (string)  (Help)
                              [N] bitmap:ip set support    (CONFIG_IP_SET_BITMAP_IP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] bitmap:ip,mac set support    (CONFIG_IP_SET_BITMAP_IPMAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] bitmap:port set support    (CONFIG_IP_SET_BITMAP_PORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] hash:ip set support    (CONFIG_IP_SET_HASH_IP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] hash:ip,port set support    (CONFIG_IP_SET_HASH_IPPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] hash:ip,port,ip set support    (CONFIG_IP_SET_HASH_IPPORTIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] hash:ip,port,net set support    (CONFIG_IP_SET_HASH_IPPORTNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] hash:net set support    (CONFIG_IP_SET_HASH_NET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] hash:net,port set support    (CONFIG_IP_SET_HASH_NETPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] hash:net,iface set support    (CONFIG_IP_SET_HASH_NETIFACE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] list:set set support    (CONFIG_IP_SET_LIST_SET)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    IP virtual server support  (Link)

                    [N] IP virtual server support    (CONFIG_IP_VS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6 support for IPVS    (CONFIG_IP_VS_IPV6)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IP virtual server debugging    (CONFIG_IP_VS_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [     ] IPVS connection table size (the Nth power of 2)    (CONFIG_IP_VS_TAB_BITS)  (string)  (Help)
                              [N] TCP load balancing support    (CONFIG_IP_VS_PROTO_TCP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] UDP load balancing support    (CONFIG_IP_VS_PROTO_UDP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IP_VS_PROTO_AH_ESP    (CONFIG_IP_VS_PROTO_AH_ESP)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] ESP load balancing support    (CONFIG_IP_VS_PROTO_ESP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] AH load balancing support    (CONFIG_IP_VS_PROTO_AH)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] SCTP load balancing support    (CONFIG_IP_VS_PROTO_SCTP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] round-robin scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_RR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] weighted round-robin scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_WRR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] least-connection scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_LC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] weighted least-connection scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_WLC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] locality-based least-connection scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_LBLC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] locality-based least-connection with replication scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_LBLCR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] destination hashing scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_DH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] source hashing scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_SH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] shortest expected delay scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_SED)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] never queue scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_NQ)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] FTP protocol helper    (CONFIG_IP_VS_FTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Netfilter connection tracking    (CONFIG_IP_VS_NFCT)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] SIP persistence engine    (CONFIG_IP_VS_PE_SIP)  (tristate)  (Help)

IP: Netfilter Configuration  (Link)

          [N] NF_DEFRAG_IPV4    (CONFIG_NF_DEFRAG_IPV4)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] IPv4 connection tracking support (required for NAT)    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_IPV4)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] proc/sysctl compatibility with old connection tracking    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_PROC_COMPAT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] IP Userspace queueing via NETLINK (OBSOLETE)    (CONFIG_IP_NF_QUEUE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IP tables support (required for filtering/masq/NAT)    (CONFIG_IP_NF_IPTABLES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "ah" match support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_AH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "ecn" match support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_ECN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "ttl" match support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_TTL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Packet filtering    (CONFIG_IP_NF_FILTER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] REJECT target support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_REJECT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] LOG target support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_LOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ULOG target support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_ULOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Full NAT    (CONFIG_NF_NAT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] NF_NAT_NEEDED    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_NEEDED)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] MASQUERADE target support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_MASQUERADE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] NETMAP target support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_NETMAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] REDIRECT target support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_REDIRECT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Basic SNMP-ALG support    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_SNMP_BASIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] NF_NAT_PROTO_DCCP    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_PROTO_DCCP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] NF_NAT_PROTO_GRE    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_PROTO_GRE)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] NF_NAT_PROTO_UDPLITE    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_PROTO_UDPLITE)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] NF_NAT_PROTO_SCTP    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_PROTO_SCTP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] NF_NAT_FTP    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_FTP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] NF_NAT_IRC    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_IRC)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] NF_NAT_TFTP    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_TFTP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] NF_NAT_AMANDA    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_AMANDA)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] NF_NAT_PPTP    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_PPTP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] NF_NAT_H323    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_H323)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] NF_NAT_SIP    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_SIP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] Packet mangling    (CONFIG_IP_NF_MANGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] CLUSTERIP target support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_CLUSTERIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ECN target support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_ECN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] "TTL" target support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_TTL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] raw table support (required for NOTRACK/TRACE)    (CONFIG_IP_NF_RAW)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Security table    (CONFIG_IP_NF_SECURITY)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ARP tables support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_ARPTABLES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ARP packet filtering    (CONFIG_IP_NF_ARPFILTER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ARP payload mangling    (CONFIG_IP_NF_ARP_MANGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)

IPv6: Netfilter Configuration  (Link)

          [N] NF_DEFRAG_IPV6    (CONFIG_NF_DEFRAG_IPV6)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] IPv6 connection tracking support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_IPV6)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IP6 Userspace queueing via NETLINK (OBSOLETE)    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_QUEUE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IP6 tables support (required for filtering)    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_IPTABLES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "ah" match support    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_MATCH_AH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "eui64" address check    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_MATCH_EUI64)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "frag" Fragmentation header match support    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_MATCH_FRAG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "hbh" hop-by-hop and "dst" opts header match support    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_MATCH_OPTS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "hl" hoplimit match support    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_MATCH_HL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "ipv6header" IPv6 Extension Headers Match    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_MATCH_IPV6HEADER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "mh" match support    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_MATCH_MH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "rt" Routing header match support    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_MATCH_RT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "HL" hoplimit target support    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_TARGET_HL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] LOG target support    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_TARGET_LOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Packet filtering    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_FILTER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] REJECT target support    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_TARGET_REJECT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Packet mangling    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_MANGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] raw table support (required for TRACE)    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_RAW)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Security table    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_SECURITY)  (tristate)  (Help)

DECnet: Netfilter Configuration  (Link)

          [N] Routing message grabulator (for userland routing daemon)    (CONFIG_DECNET_NF_GRABULATOR)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    Ethernet Bridge tables (ebtables) support  (Link)

                    [N] Ethernet Bridge tables (ebtables) support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_NF_EBTABLES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: broute table support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_BROUTE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: filter table support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_T_FILTER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: nat table support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_T_NAT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: 802.3 filter support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_802_3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: among filter support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_AMONG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: ARP filter support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_ARP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: IP filter support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_IP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: IP6 filter support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_IP6)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: limit match support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_LIMIT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: mark filter support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_MARK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: packet type filter support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_PKTTYPE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: STP filter support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_STP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: 802.1Q VLAN filter support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_VLAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: arp reply target support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_ARPREPLY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: dnat target support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_DNAT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: mark target support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_MARK_T)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: redirect target support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_REDIRECT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: snat target support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_SNAT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: log support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_LOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: ulog support (OBSOLETE)    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_ULOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ebt: nflog support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_NFLOG)  (tristate)  (Help)

          The DCCP Protocol (EXPERIMENTAL)  (Link)

          [N] The DCCP Protocol (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IP_DCCP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] INET_DCCP_DIAG    (CONFIG_INET_DCCP_DIAG)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)

DCCP CCIDs Configuration (EXPERIMENTAL)  (Link)

          [N] CCID-2 debugging messages    (CONFIG_IP_DCCP_CCID2_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] CCID-3 (TCP-Friendly) (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IP_DCCP_CCID3)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] CCID-3 debugging messages    (CONFIG_IP_DCCP_CCID3_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] IP_DCCP_TFRC_LIB    (CONFIG_IP_DCCP_TFRC_LIB)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] IP_DCCP_TFRC_DEBUG    (CONFIG_IP_DCCP_TFRC_DEBUG)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

DCCP Kernel Hacking  (Link)

          [N] DCCP debug messages    (CONFIG_IP_DCCP_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] DCCP connection probing    (CONFIG_NET_DCCPPROBE)  (tristate)  (Help)

          The SCTP Protocol (EXPERIMENTAL)  (Link)

          [N] The SCTP Protocol (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IP_SCTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SCTP: Association probing    (CONFIG_NET_SCTPPROBE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SCTP: Debug messages    (CONFIG_SCTP_DBG_MSG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] SCTP: Debug object counts    (CONFIG_SCTP_DBG_OBJCNT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    SCTP: Cookie HMAC Algorithm
                    [ ] None  (CONFIG_SCTP_HMAC_NONE)  (Help)
                    [ ] HMAC-SHA1  (CONFIG_SCTP_HMAC_SHA1)  (Help)
                    [ ] HMAC-MD5  (CONFIG_SCTP_HMAC_MD5)  (Help)
          [N] The RDS Protocol (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_RDS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] RDS over Infiniband and iWARP    (CONFIG_RDS_RDMA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] RDS over TCP    (CONFIG_RDS_TCP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] RDS debugging messages    (CONFIG_RDS_DEBUG)  (bool)  (No help available)

          The TIPC Protocol (EXPERIMENTAL)  (Link)

          [N] The TIPC Protocol (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_TIPC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Advanced TIPC configuration    (CONFIG_TIPC_ADVANCED)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [     ] Maximum number of ports in a node    (CONFIG_TIPC_PORTS)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] Size of log buffer    (CONFIG_TIPC_LOG)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable debugging support    (CONFIG_TIPC_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)    (CONFIG_ATM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Classical IP over ATM    (CONFIG_ATM_CLIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Do NOT send ICMP if no neighbour    (CONFIG_ATM_CLIP_NO_ICMP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] LAN Emulation (LANE) support    (CONFIG_ATM_LANE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Multi-Protocol Over ATM (MPOA) support    (CONFIG_ATM_MPOA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] RFC1483/2684 Bridged protocols    (CONFIG_ATM_BR2684)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Per-VC IP filter kludge    (CONFIG_ATM_BR2684_IPFILTER)  (bool)  (Help)

          Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)  (Link)

          [N] Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)    (CONFIG_L2TP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] L2TP debugfs support    (CONFIG_L2TP_DEBUGFS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] L2TPv3 support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_L2TP_V3)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] L2TP IP encapsulation for L2TPv3    (CONFIG_L2TP_IP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] L2TP ethernet pseudowire support for L2TPv3    (CONFIG_L2TP_ETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] STP    (CONFIG_STP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] GARP    (CONFIG_GARP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] 802.1d Ethernet Bridging    (CONFIG_BRIDGE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IGMP/MLD snooping    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_IGMP_SNOOPING)  (bool)  (Help)

          Distributed Switch Architecture support  (Link)

          [N] Distributed Switch Architecture support    (CONFIG_NET_DSA)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] NET_DSA_TAG_DSA    (CONFIG_NET_DSA_TAG_DSA)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] NET_DSA_TAG_EDSA    (CONFIG_NET_DSA_TAG_EDSA)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] NET_DSA_TAG_TRAILER    (CONFIG_NET_DSA_TAG_TRAILER)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] NET_DSA_MV88E6XXX    (CONFIG_NET_DSA_MV88E6XXX)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] Marvell 88E6060 ethernet switch chip support    (CONFIG_NET_DSA_MV88E6060)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] NET_DSA_MV88E6XXX_NEED_PPU    (CONFIG_NET_DSA_MV88E6XXX_NEED_PPU)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] Marvell 88E6085/6095/6095F/6131 ethernet switch chip support    (CONFIG_NET_DSA_MV88E6131)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Marvell 88E6123/6161/6165 ethernet switch chip support    (CONFIG_NET_DSA_MV88E6123_61_65)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] 802.1Q VLAN Support    (CONFIG_VLAN_8021Q)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] GVRP (GARP VLAN Registration Protocol) support    (CONFIG_VLAN_8021Q_GVRP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] DECnet Support    (CONFIG_DECNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] DECnet: router support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_DECNET_ROUTER)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] LLC    (CONFIG_LLC)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ANSI/IEEE 802.2 LLC type 2 Support    (CONFIG_LLC2)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] The IPX protocol    (CONFIG_IPX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IPX: Full internal IPX network    (CONFIG_IPX_INTERN)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Appletalk protocol support    (CONFIG_ATALK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Appletalk interfaces support    (CONFIG_DEV_APPLETALK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Apple/Farallon LocalTalk PC support    (CONFIG_LTPC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] COPS LocalTalk PC support    (CONFIG_COPS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Dayna firmware support    (CONFIG_COPS_DAYNA)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Tangent firmware support    (CONFIG_COPS_TANGENT)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Appletalk-IP driver support    (CONFIG_IPDDP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] IP to Appletalk-IP Encapsulation support    (CONFIG_IPDDP_ENCAP)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Appletalk-IP to IP Decapsulation support    (CONFIG_IPDDP_DECAP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] CCITT X.25 Packet Layer (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_X25)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] LAPB Data Link Driver (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_LAPB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Acorn Econet/AUN protocols (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ECONET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AUN over UDP    (CONFIG_ECONET_AUNUDP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Native Econet    (CONFIG_ECONET_NATIVE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] WAN router    (CONFIG_WAN_ROUTER)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Phonet protocols family    (CONFIG_PHONET)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IEEE Std 802.15.4 Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IEEE802154)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 6lowpan support over IEEE 802.15.4    (CONFIG_IEEE802154_6LOWPAN)  (tristate)  (Help)

          QoS and/or fair queueing  (Link)

          [N] QoS and/or fair queueing    (CONFIG_NET_SCHED)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Class Based Queueing (CBQ)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_CBQ)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Hierarchical Token Bucket (HTB)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_HTB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Hierarchical Fair Service Curve (HFSC)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_HFSC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ATM Virtual Circuits (ATM)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_ATM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Multi Band Priority Queueing (PRIO)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_PRIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Hardware Multiqueue-aware Multi Band Queuing (MULTIQ)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_MULTIQ)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Random Early Detection (RED)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_RED)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Stochastic Fair Blue (SFB)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_SFB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Stochastic Fairness Queueing (SFQ)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_SFQ)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] True Link Equalizer (TEQL)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_TEQL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Token Bucket Filter (TBF)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_TBF)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Generic Random Early Detection (GRED)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_GRED)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Differentiated Services marker (DSMARK)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_DSMARK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Network emulator (NETEM)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_NETEM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Deficit Round Robin scheduler (DRR)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_DRR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Multi-queue priority scheduler (MQPRIO)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_MQPRIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CHOose and Keep responsive flow scheduler (CHOKE)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_CHOKE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Quick Fair Queueing scheduler (QFQ)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_QFQ)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Ingress Qdisc    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_INGRESS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NET_CLS    (CONFIG_NET_CLS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] Elementary classification (BASIC)    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_BASIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Traffic-Control Index (TCINDEX)    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_TCINDEX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Routing decision (ROUTE)    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_ROUTE4)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Netfilter mark (FW)    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_FW)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Universal 32bit comparisons w/ hashing (U32)    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_U32)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Performance counters support    (CONFIG_CLS_U32_PERF)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Netfilter marks support    (CONFIG_CLS_U32_MARK)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IPv4 Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP)    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_RSVP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IPv6 Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP6)    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_RSVP6)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Flow classifier    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_FLOW)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Control Group Classifier    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_CGROUP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Extended Matches    (CONFIG_NET_EMATCH)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [     ] Stack size    (CONFIG_NET_EMATCH_STACK)  (string)  (Help)
                              [N] Simple packet data comparison    (CONFIG_NET_EMATCH_CMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Multi byte comparison    (CONFIG_NET_EMATCH_NBYTE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] U32 key    (CONFIG_NET_EMATCH_U32)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Metadata    (CONFIG_NET_EMATCH_META)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Textsearch    (CONFIG_NET_EMATCH_TEXT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Actions    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_ACT)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Traffic Policing    (CONFIG_NET_ACT_POLICE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Generic actions    (CONFIG_NET_ACT_GACT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Probability support    (CONFIG_GACT_PROB)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Redirecting and Mirroring    (CONFIG_NET_ACT_MIRRED)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IPtables targets    (CONFIG_NET_ACT_IPT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Stateless NAT    (CONFIG_NET_ACT_NAT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Packet Editing    (CONFIG_NET_ACT_PEDIT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Simple Example (Debug)    (CONFIG_NET_ACT_SIMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] SKB Editing    (CONFIG_NET_ACT_SKBEDIT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Checksum Updating    (CONFIG_NET_ACT_CSUM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Incoming device classification    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_IND)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] NET_SCH_FIFO    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_FIFO)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Data Center Bridging support    (CONFIG_DCB)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] DNS Resolver support    (CONFIG_DNS_RESOLVER)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] B.A.T.M.A.N. Advanced Meshing Protocol    (CONFIG_BATMAN_ADV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] B.A.T.M.A.N. debugging    (CONFIG_BATMAN_ADV_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] RPS    (CONFIG_RPS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] RFS_ACCEL    (CONFIG_RFS_ACCEL)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] XPS    (CONFIG_XPS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_BPF_JIT    (CONFIG_HAVE_BPF_JIT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] enable BPF Just In Time compiler    (CONFIG_BPF_JIT)  (bool)  (Help)

Network testing  (Link)

          [N] Packet Generator (USE WITH CAUTION)    (CONFIG_NET_PKTGEN)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] TCP connection probing    (CONFIG_NET_TCPPROBE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Network packet drop alerting service    (CONFIG_NET_DROP_MONITOR)  (bool)  (Help)

                    Amateur Radio support  (Link)

                    [N] Amateur Radio support    (CONFIG_HAMRADIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Amateur Radio AX.25 Level 2 protocol    (CONFIG_AX25)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] AX.25 DAMA Slave support    (CONFIG_AX25_DAMA_SLAVE)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] AX.25 DAMA Master support    (CONFIG_AX25_DAMA_MASTER)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Amateur Radio NET/ROM protocol    (CONFIG_NETROM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Amateur Radio X.25 PLP (Rose)    (CONFIG_ROSE)  (tristate)  (Help)

AX.25 network device drivers  (Link)

          [N] Serial port KISS driver    (CONFIG_MKISS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Serial port 6PACK driver    (CONFIG_6PACK)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BPQ Ethernet driver    (CONFIG_BPQETHER)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] High-speed (DMA) SCC driver for AX.25    (CONFIG_DMASCC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Z8530 SCC driver    (CONFIG_SCC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] additional delay for PA0HZP OptoSCC compatible boards    (CONFIG_SCC_DELAY)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] support for TRX that feedback the tx signal to rx    (CONFIG_SCC_TRXECHO)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] BAYCOM ser12 fullduplex driver for AX.25    (CONFIG_BAYCOM_SER_FDX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BAYCOM ser12 halfduplex driver for AX.25    (CONFIG_BAYCOM_SER_HDX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BAYCOM picpar and par96 driver for AX.25    (CONFIG_BAYCOM_PAR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BAYCOM epp driver for AX.25    (CONFIG_BAYCOM_EPP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] YAM driver for AX.25    (CONFIG_YAM)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    CAN bus subsystem support  (Link)

                    [N] CAN bus subsystem support    (CONFIG_CAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Raw CAN Protocol (raw access with CAN-ID filtering)    (CONFIG_CAN_RAW)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Broadcast Manager CAN Protocol (with content filtering)    (CONFIG_CAN_BCM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] CAN Gateway/Router (with netlink configuration)    (CONFIG_CAN_GW)  (tristate)  (Help)

CAN Device Drivers  (Link)

          [N] Virtual Local CAN Interface (vcan)    (CONFIG_CAN_VCAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Serial / USB serial CAN Adaptors (slcan)    (CONFIG_CAN_SLCAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Platform CAN drivers with Netlink support    (CONFIG_CAN_DEV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CAN bit-timing calculation    (CONFIG_CAN_CALC_BITTIMING)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Atmel AT91 onchip CAN controller    (CONFIG_CAN_AT91)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] TI High End CAN Controller    (CONFIG_CAN_TI_HECC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Microchip MCP251x SPI CAN controllers    (CONFIG_CAN_MCP251X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Analog Devices Blackfin on-chip CAN    (CONFIG_CAN_BFIN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Janz VMOD-ICAN3 Intelligent CAN controller    (CONFIG_CAN_JANZ_ICAN3)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HAVE_CAN_FLEXCAN    (CONFIG_HAVE_CAN_FLEXCAN)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Support for Freescale FLEXCAN based chips    (CONFIG_CAN_FLEXCAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PCH CAN    (CONFIG_PCH_CAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Support for Freescale MSCAN based chips    (CONFIG_CAN_MSCAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Freescale MPC5xxx onboard CAN controller    (CONFIG_CAN_MPC5XXX)  (tristate)  (Help)

          Philips/NXP SJA1000 devices  (Link)

          [N] Philips/NXP SJA1000 devices    (CONFIG_CAN_SJA1000)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] ISA Bus based legacy SJA1000 driver    (CONFIG_CAN_SJA1000_ISA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Generic Platform Bus based SJA1000 driver    (CONFIG_CAN_SJA1000_PLATFORM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Generic OF Platform Bus based SJA1000 driver    (CONFIG_CAN_SJA1000_OF_PLATFORM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] EMS CPC-CARD Card    (CONFIG_CAN_EMS_PCMCIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] EMS CPC-PCI, CPC-PCIe and CPC-104P Card    (CONFIG_CAN_EMS_PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PEAK PCAN PCI/PCIe Cards    (CONFIG_CAN_PEAK_PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Kvaser PCIcanx and Kvaser PCIcan PCI Cards    (CONFIG_CAN_KVASER_PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PLX90xx PCI-bridge based Cards    (CONFIG_CAN_PLX_PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] TS-CAN1 PC104 boards    (CONFIG_CAN_TSCAN1)  (tristate)  (Help)

          Bosch C_CAN devices  (Link)

          [N] Bosch C_CAN devices    (CONFIG_CAN_C_CAN)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] Generic Platform Bus based C_CAN driver    (CONFIG_CAN_C_CAN_PLATFORM)  (tristate)  (Help)

CAN USB interfaces  (Link)

          [N] EMS CPC-USB/ARM7 CAN/USB interface    (CONFIG_CAN_EMS_USB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ESD USB/2 CAN/USB interface    (CONFIG_CAN_ESD_USB2)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Softing Gmbh CAN generic support    (CONFIG_CAN_SOFTING)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Softing Gmbh CAN pcmcia cards    (CONFIG_CAN_SOFTING_CS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CAN devices debugging messages    (CONFIG_CAN_DEBUG_DEVICES)  (bool)  (Help)

                    IrDA (infrared) subsystem support  (Link)

                    [N] IrDA (infrared) subsystem support    (CONFIG_IRDA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IrLAN protocol    (CONFIG_IRLAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IrNET protocol    (CONFIG_IRNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IrCOMM protocol    (CONFIG_IRCOMM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Ultra (connectionless) protocol    (CONFIG_IRDA_ULTRA)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Cache last LSAP    (CONFIG_IRDA_CACHE_LAST_LSAP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Fast RRs (low latency)    (CONFIG_IRDA_FAST_RR)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Debug information    (CONFIG_IRDA_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)

Infrared-port device drivers  (Link)

          [N] IrTTY (uses Linux serial driver)    (CONFIG_IRTTY_SIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Blackfin SIR on UART    (CONFIG_BFIN_SIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Blackfin SIR on UART0    (CONFIG_BFIN_SIR0)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] Blackfin SIR on UART1    (CONFIG_BFIN_SIR1)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] Blackfin SIR on UART2    (CONFIG_BFIN_SIR2)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] Blackfin SIR on UART3    (CONFIG_BFIN_SIR3)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    SIR Mode
                    [ ] DMA mode  (CONFIG_SIR_BFIN_DMA)  (No help available)
                    [ ] PIO mode  (CONFIG_SIR_BFIN_PIO)  (No help available)
          [N] SuperH SIR on UART    (CONFIG_SH_SIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Serial dongle support    (CONFIG_DONGLE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] ESI JetEye PC dongle    (CONFIG_ESI_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ACTiSYS IR-220L and IR220L+ dongle    (CONFIG_ACTISYS_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Tekram IrMate 210B dongle    (CONFIG_TEKRAM_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] TOIM3232 IrDa dongle    (CONFIG_TOIM3232_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Parallax LiteLink dongle    (CONFIG_LITELINK_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Mobile Action MA600 dongle    (CONFIG_MA600_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Greenwich GIrBIL dongle    (CONFIG_GIRBIL_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Microchip MCP2120    (CONFIG_MCP2120_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Old Belkin dongle    (CONFIG_OLD_BELKIN_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ACTiSYS IR-200L dongle    (CONFIG_ACT200L_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] KingSun/DonShine DS-620 IrDA-USB dongle    (CONFIG_KINGSUN_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] EP7211 I/R support    (CONFIG_EP7211_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] KingSun Dazzle IrDA-USB dongle (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_KSDAZZLE_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] KingSun KS-959 IrDA-USB dongle (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_KS959_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IrDA USB dongles    (CONFIG_USB_IRDA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SigmaTel STIr4200 bridge (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SIGMATEL_FIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NSC PC87108/PC87338    (CONFIG_NSC_FIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Winbond W83977AF (IR)    (CONFIG_WINBOND_FIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Toshiba Type-O IR Port    (CONFIG_TOSHIBA_FIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Alchemy Au1000 SIR/FIR    (CONFIG_AU1000_FIR)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] SMSC IrCC (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SMC_IRCC_FIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ALi M5123 FIR (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ALI_FIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] VLSI 82C147 SIR/MIR/FIR (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_VLSI_FIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SA1100 Internal IR    (CONFIG_SA1100_FIR)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] VIA VT8231/VT1211 SIR/MIR/FIR    (CONFIG_VIA_FIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intel PXA2xx Internal FICP    (CONFIG_PXA_FICP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MosChip MCS7780 IrDA-USB dongle    (CONFIG_MCS_FIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SuperH IrDA driver    (CONFIG_SH_IRDA)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    Bluetooth subsystem support  (Link)

                    [N] Bluetooth subsystem support    (CONFIG_BT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] L2CAP protocol support    (CONFIG_BT_L2CAP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] SCO links support    (CONFIG_BT_SCO)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] RFCOMM protocol support    (CONFIG_BT_RFCOMM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] RFCOMM TTY support    (CONFIG_BT_RFCOMM_TTY)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] BNEP protocol support    (CONFIG_BT_BNEP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Multicast filter support    (CONFIG_BT_BNEP_MC_FILTER)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Protocol filter support    (CONFIG_BT_BNEP_PROTO_FILTER)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] CMTP protocol support    (CONFIG_BT_CMTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HIDP protocol support    (CONFIG_BT_HIDP)  (tristate)  (Help)

Bluetooth device drivers  (Link)

          [N] HCI USB driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIBTUSB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HCI SDIO driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIBTSDIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HCI UART driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIUART)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] UART (H4) protocol support    (CONFIG_BT_HCIUART_H4)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] BCSP protocol support    (CONFIG_BT_HCIUART_BCSP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Atheros AR300x serial support    (CONFIG_BT_HCIUART_ATH3K)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] HCILL protocol support    (CONFIG_BT_HCIUART_LL)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] HCI BCM203x USB driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIBCM203X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HCI BPA10x USB driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIBPA10X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HCI BlueFRITZ! USB driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIBFUSB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HCI DTL1 (PC Card) driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIDTL1)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HCI BT3C (PC Card) driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIBT3C)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HCI BlueCard (PC Card) driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIBLUECARD)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HCI UART (PC Card) device driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIBTUART)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HCI VHCI (Virtual HCI device) driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIVHCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Marvell Bluetooth driver support    (CONFIG_BT_MRVL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Marvell BT-over-SDIO driver    (CONFIG_BT_MRVL_SDIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Atheros firmware download driver    (CONFIG_BT_ATH3K)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Texas Instruments WiLink7 driver    (CONFIG_BT_WILINK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] RxRPC session sockets    (CONFIG_AF_RXRPC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] RxRPC dynamic debugging    (CONFIG_AF_RXRPC_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] RxRPC Kerberos security    (CONFIG_RXKAD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] FIB_RULES    (CONFIG_FIB_RULES)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

                    Wireless  (Link)

                    [N] Wireless    (CONFIG_WIRELESS)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] WIRELESS_EXT    (CONFIG_WIRELESS_EXT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] WEXT_CORE    (CONFIG_WEXT_CORE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] WEXT_PROC    (CONFIG_WEXT_PROC)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] WEXT_SPY    (CONFIG_WEXT_SPY)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] WEXT_PRIV    (CONFIG_WEXT_PRIV)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] cfg80211 - wireless configuration API    (CONFIG_CFG80211)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] nl80211 testmode command    (CONFIG_NL80211_TESTMODE)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] enable developer warnings    (CONFIG_CFG80211_DEVELOPER_WARNINGS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] cfg80211 regulatory debugging    (CONFIG_CFG80211_REG_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] enable powersave by default    (CONFIG_CFG80211_DEFAULT_PS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] cfg80211 DebugFS entries    (CONFIG_CFG80211_DEBUGFS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] use statically compiled regulatory rules database    (CONFIG_CFG80211_INTERNAL_REGDB)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] cfg80211 wireless extensions compatibility    (CONFIG_CFG80211_WEXT)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Wireless extensions sysfs files    (CONFIG_WIRELESS_EXT_SYSFS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Common routines for IEEE802.11 drivers    (CONFIG_LIB80211)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] LIB80211_CRYPT_WEP    (CONFIG_LIB80211_CRYPT_WEP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] LIB80211_CRYPT_CCMP    (CONFIG_LIB80211_CRYPT_CCMP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] LIB80211_CRYPT_TKIP    (CONFIG_LIB80211_CRYPT_TKIP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] lib80211 debugging messages    (CONFIG_LIB80211_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Generic IEEE 802.11 Networking Stack (mac80211)    (CONFIG_MAC80211)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MAC80211_HAS_RC    (CONFIG_MAC80211_HAS_RC)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] PID controller based rate control algorithm    (CONFIG_MAC80211_RC_PID)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Minstrel    (CONFIG_MAC80211_RC_MINSTREL)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Minstrel 802.11n support    (CONFIG_MAC80211_RC_MINSTREL_HT)  (bool)  (Help)
                              Default rate control algorithm
                              [ ] PID controller based rate control algorithm  (CONFIG_MAC80211_RC_DEFAULT_PID)  (Help)
                              [ ] Minstrel  (CONFIG_MAC80211_RC_DEFAULT_MINSTREL)  (Help)
                              [     ] MAC80211_RC_DEFAULT    (CONFIG_MAC80211_RC_DEFAULT)  (string)  (No help available)
                              [N] Enable mac80211 mesh networking (pre-802.11s) support    (CONFIG_MAC80211_MESH)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable LED triggers    (CONFIG_MAC80211_LEDS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Export mac80211 internals in DebugFS    (CONFIG_MAC80211_DEBUGFS)  (bool)  (Help)

                              Select mac80211 debugging features  (Link)

                              [N] Select mac80211 debugging features    (CONFIG_MAC80211_DEBUG_MENU)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Do not inline TX/RX handlers    (CONFIG_MAC80211_NOINLINE)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Verbose debugging output    (CONFIG_MAC80211_VERBOSE_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Verbose HT debugging    (CONFIG_MAC80211_HT_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Verbose TKIP debugging    (CONFIG_MAC80211_TKIP_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Verbose IBSS debugging    (CONFIG_MAC80211_IBSS_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Verbose powersave mode debugging    (CONFIG_MAC80211_VERBOSE_PS_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Verbose mesh peer link debugging    (CONFIG_MAC80211_VERBOSE_MPL_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Verbose mesh path debugging    (CONFIG_MAC80211_VERBOSE_MPATH_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Verbose mesh HWMP routing debugging    (CONFIG_MAC80211_VERBOSE_MHWMP_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Verbose TDLS debugging    (CONFIG_MAC80211_VERBOSE_TDLS_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Extra statistics for TX/RX debugging    (CONFIG_MAC80211_DEBUG_COUNTERS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Driver API tracer    (CONFIG_MAC80211_DRIVER_API_TRACER)  (bool)  (Help)

                    WiMAX Wireless Broadband support  (Link)

                    [N] WiMAX Wireless Broadband support    (CONFIG_WIMAX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [     ] WiMAX debug level    (CONFIG_WIMAX_DEBUG_LEVEL)  (string)  (Help)

                    RF switch subsystem support  (Link)

                    [N] RF switch subsystem support    (CONFIG_RFKILL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] RFKILL_LEDS    (CONFIG_RFKILL_LEDS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] RF switch input support    (CONFIG_RFKILL_INPUT)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] Generic rfkill regulator driver    (CONFIG_RFKILL_REGULATOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] GPIO RFKILL driver    (CONFIG_RFKILL_GPIO)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    Plan 9 Resource Sharing Support (9P2000)  (Link)

                    [N] Plan 9 Resource Sharing Support (9P2000)    (CONFIG_NET_9P)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] 9P Virtio Transport    (CONFIG_NET_9P_VIRTIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] 9P RDMA Transport (Experimental)    (CONFIG_NET_9P_RDMA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Debug information    (CONFIG_NET_9P_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)

                    CAIF support  (Link)

                    [N] CAIF support    (CONFIG_CAIF)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable Debug    (CONFIG_CAIF_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] CAIF GPRS Network device    (CONFIG_CAIF_NETDEV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Ceph core library (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_CEPH_LIB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Include file:line in ceph debug output    (CONFIG_CEPH_LIB_PRETTYDEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Use in-kernel support for DNS lookup    (CONFIG_CEPH_LIB_USE_DNS_RESOLVER)  (bool)  (Help)

                    NFC subsystem support (EXPERIMENTAL)  (Link)

                    [N] NFC subsystem support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NFC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] NCI protocol support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NFC_NCI)  (tristate)  (Help)

Near Field Communication (NFC) devices  (Link)

          [N] PN544 NFC driver    (CONFIG_PN544_NFC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NXP PN533 USB driver    (CONFIG_NFC_PN533)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Texas Instruments NFC WiLink driver    (CONFIG_NFC_WILINK)  (tristate)  (Help)

Generic Driver Options  (Link)

          [     ] path to uevent helper    (CONFIG_UEVENT_HELPER_PATH)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Maintain a devtmpfs filesystem to mount at /dev    (CONFIG_DEVTMPFS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Automount devtmpfs at /dev, after the kernel mounted the rootfs    (CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] Select only drivers that don't need compile-time external firmware    (CONFIG_STANDALONE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Prevent firmware from being built    (CONFIG_PREVENT_FIRMWARE_BUILD)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] Userspace firmware loading support    (CONFIG_FW_LOADER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [Y] Include in-kernel firmware blobs in kernel binary    (CONFIG_FIRMWARE_IN_KERNEL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [     ] External firmware blobs to build into the kernel binary    (CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE)  (string)  (Help)
          [     ] Firmware blobs root directory    (CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE_DIR)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Driver Core verbose debug messages    (CONFIG_DEBUG_DRIVER)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Managed device resources verbose debug messages    (CONFIG_DEBUG_DEVRES)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] SYS_HYPERVISOR    (CONFIG_SYS_HYPERVISOR)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] REGMAP    (CONFIG_REGMAP)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] REGMAP_I2C    (CONFIG_REGMAP_I2C)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] REGMAP_SPI    (CONFIG_REGMAP_SPI)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)

          Memory Technology Device (MTD) support  (Link)

          [Y] Memory Technology Device (MTD) support    (CONFIG_MTD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] MTD tests support (DANGEROUS)    (CONFIG_MTD_TESTS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [Y] RedBoot partition table parsing    (CONFIG_MTD_REDBOOT_PARTS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [-1] Location of RedBoot partition table    (CONFIG_MTD_REDBOOT_DIRECTORY_BLOCK)  (string)  (Help)
                              [N] Include unallocated flash regions    (CONFIG_MTD_REDBOOT_PARTS_UNALLOCATED)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Force read-only for RedBoot system images    (CONFIG_MTD_REDBOOT_PARTS_READONLY)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Command line partition table parsing    (CONFIG_MTD_CMDLINE_PARTS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] ARM Firmware Suite partition parsing    (CONFIG_MTD_AFS_PARTS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] OpenFirmware partitioning information support    (CONFIG_MTD_OF_PARTS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] TI AR7 partitioning support    (CONFIG_MTD_AR7_PARTS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [Y] Direct char device access to MTD devices    (CONFIG_MTD_CHAR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HAVE_MTD_OTP    (CONFIG_HAVE_MTD_OTP)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
                    [N] Common interface to block layer for MTD 'translation layers'    (CONFIG_MTD_BLKDEVS)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] Caching block device access to MTD devices    (CONFIG_MTD_BLOCK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Readonly block device access to MTD devices    (CONFIG_MTD_BLOCK_RO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] FTL (Flash Translation Layer) support    (CONFIG_FTL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NFTL (NAND Flash Translation Layer) support    (CONFIG_NFTL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Write support for NFTL    (CONFIG_NFTL_RW)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] INFTL (Inverse NAND Flash Translation Layer) support    (CONFIG_INFTL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Resident Flash Disk (Flash Translation Layer) support    (CONFIG_RFD_FTL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NAND SSFDC (SmartMedia) read only translation layer    (CONFIG_SSFDC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SmartMedia/xD new translation layer    (CONFIG_SM_FTL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Log panic/oops to an MTD buffer    (CONFIG_MTD_OOPS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Swap on MTD device support    (CONFIG_MTD_SWAP)  (tristate)  (Help)

RAM/ROM/Flash chip drivers  (Link)

          [N] Detect flash chips by Common Flash Interface (CFI) probe    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Detect non-CFI AMD/JEDEC-compatible flash chips    (CONFIG_MTD_JEDECPROBE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MTD_GEN_PROBE    (CONFIG_MTD_GEN_PROBE)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Flash chip driver advanced configuration options    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_ADV_OPTIONS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    Flash cmd/query data swapping
                    [ ] NO  (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_NOSWAP)  (Help)
                    [ ] BIG_ENDIAN_BYTE  (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_BE_BYTE_SWAP)  (No help available)
                    [ ] LITTLE_ENDIAN_BYTE  (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_LE_BYTE_SWAP)  (No help available)
                    [N] Specific CFI Flash geometry selection    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_GEOMETRY)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [Y] Support 8-bit buswidth    (CONFIG_MTD_MAP_BANK_WIDTH_1)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [Y] Support 16-bit buswidth    (CONFIG_MTD_MAP_BANK_WIDTH_2)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [Y] Support 32-bit buswidth    (CONFIG_MTD_MAP_BANK_WIDTH_4)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support 64-bit buswidth    (CONFIG_MTD_MAP_BANK_WIDTH_8)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support 128-bit buswidth    (CONFIG_MTD_MAP_BANK_WIDTH_16)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support 256-bit buswidth    (CONFIG_MTD_MAP_BANK_WIDTH_32)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [Y] Support 1-chip flash interleave    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_I1)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [Y] Support 2-chip flash interleave    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_I2)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support 4-chip flash interleave    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_I4)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support 8-chip flash interleave    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_I8)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Protection Registers aka one-time programmable (OTP) bits    (CONFIG_MTD_OTP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Support for Intel/Sharp flash chips    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_INTELEXT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Support for AMD/Fujitsu/Spansion flash chips    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_AMDSTD)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Support for ST (Advanced Architecture) flash chips    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_STAA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MTD_CFI_UTIL    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_UTIL)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] Support for RAM chips in bus mapping    (CONFIG_MTD_RAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] Support for ROM chips in bus mapping    (CONFIG_MTD_ROM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Support for absent chips in bus mapping    (CONFIG_MTD_ABSENT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] XIP aware MTD support    (CONFIG_MTD_XIP)  (bool)  (Help)

Mapping drivers for chip access  (Link)

          [N] Support non-linear mappings of flash chips    (CONFIG_MTD_COMPLEX_MAPPINGS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Flash device in physical memory map    (CONFIG_MTD_PHYSMAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Physmap compat support    (CONFIG_MTD_PHYSMAP_COMPAT)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [     ] Physical start address of flash mapping    (CONFIG_MTD_PHYSMAP_START)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] Physical length of flash mapping    (CONFIG_MTD_PHYSMAP_LEN)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] Bank width in octets    (CONFIG_MTD_PHYSMAP_BANKWIDTH)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Flash device in physical memory map based on OF description    (CONFIG_MTD_PHYSMAP_OF)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on PMC-Sierra MSP    (CONFIG_MTD_PMC_MSP_EVM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    Maximum mappable memory available for flash IO
                    [ ] 32M  (CONFIG_MSP_FLASH_MAP_LIMIT_32M)  (No help available)
          [     ] MSP_FLASH_MAP_LIMIT    (CONFIG_MSP_FLASH_MAP_LIMIT)  (string)  (No help available)
          [N] Sun Microsystems userflash support    (CONFIG_MTD_SUN_UFLASH)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on AMD SC520 CDP    (CONFIG_MTD_SC520CDP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on AMD NetSc520    (CONFIG_MTD_NETSC520)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] JEDEC Flash device mapped on Technologic Systems TS-5500    (CONFIG_MTD_TS5500)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on Arcom SBC-GXx boards    (CONFIG_MTD_SBC_GXX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on Intel XScale PXA2xx based boards    (CONFIG_MTD_PXA2XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] JEDEC Flash device mapped on Octagon 5066 SBC    (CONFIG_MTD_OCTAGON)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] JEDEC Flash device mapped on Tempustech VMAX SBC301    (CONFIG_MTD_VMAX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Flash device mapped with DOCCS on NatSemi SCx200    (CONFIG_MTD_SCx200_DOCFLASH)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BIOS flash chip on AMD76x southbridge    (CONFIG_MTD_AMD76XROM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BIOS flash chip on Intel Controller Hub 2/3/4/5    (CONFIG_MTD_ICHXROM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BIOS flash chip on Intel ESB Controller Hub 2    (CONFIG_MTD_ESB2ROM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BIOS flash chip on Nvidia CK804    (CONFIG_MTD_CK804XROM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BIOS flash chip on Intel SCB2 boards    (CONFIG_MTD_SCB2_FLASH)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Flash chips on Tsunami TIG bus    (CONFIG_MTD_TSUNAMI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI flash device on SnapGear/SecureEdge    (CONFIG_MTD_NETtel)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Map driver for Broadcom BCM963xx boards    (CONFIG_MTD_BCM963XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Lantiq SoC NOR support    (CONFIG_MTD_LANTIQ)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on DIL/Net PC    (CONFIG_MTD_DILNETPC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] Size of DIL/Net PC flash boot partition    (CONFIG_MTD_DILNETPC_BOOTSIZE)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] BIOS flash chip on Intel L440GX boards    (CONFIG_MTD_L440GX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on TQM8XXL    (CONFIG_MTD_TQM8XXL)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on RPX Lite or CLLF    (CONFIG_MTD_RPXLITE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] System flash on MBX860 board    (CONFIG_MTD_MBX860)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on D-Box2    (CONFIG_MTD_DBOX2)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapping on FlagaDM    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_FLAGADM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on Hitachi SolutionEngine    (CONFIG_MTD_SOLUTIONENGINE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Cirrus CDB89712 evaluation board mappings    (CONFIG_MTD_CDB89712)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on StrongARM SA11x0    (CONFIG_MTD_SA1100)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on DC21285 Footbridge    (CONFIG_MTD_DC21285)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on Intel IXP4xx based systems    (CONFIG_MTD_IXP4XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on Intel IXP2000 based systems    (CONFIG_MTD_IXP2000)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on the FortuNet board    (CONFIG_MTD_FORTUNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NV-RAM mapping AUTCPU12 board    (CONFIG_MTD_AUTCPU12)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] JEDEC Flash device mapped on impA7    (CONFIG_MTD_IMPA7)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Hynix evaluation board mappings    (CONFIG_MTD_H720X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PCI MTD driver    (CONFIG_MTD_PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PCMCIA MTD driver    (CONFIG_MTD_PCMCIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Use PCMCIA MTD drivers for anonymous PCMCIA cards    (CONFIG_MTD_PCMCIA_ANONYMOUS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Blackfin BF533-STAMP Flash Chip Support    (CONFIG_MTD_BFIN_ASYNC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] GPIO-assisted Flash Chip Support    (CONFIG_MTD_GPIO_ADDR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] Generic uClinux RAM/ROM filesystem support    (CONFIG_MTD_UCLINUX)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Map driver for WindRiver PowerQUICC II MPC82xx board    (CONFIG_MTD_WRSBC8260)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Map driver for Dy-4 SVME/DMV-182 board.    (CONFIG_MTD_DMV182)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NOR flash on Intel Vermilion Range Expansion Bus CS0    (CONFIG_MTD_INTEL_VR_NOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Map driver for RBTX4939 board    (CONFIG_MTD_RBTX4939)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Map driver for platform device RAM (mtd-ram)    (CONFIG_MTD_PLATRAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Map driver for Dreamcast VMU    (CONFIG_MTD_VMU)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MTD discovery driver for PISMO modules    (CONFIG_MTD_PISMO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Latch-assisted Flash Chip Support    (CONFIG_MTD_LATCH_ADDR)  (tristate)  (Help)

Self-contained MTD device drivers  (Link)

          [N] Ramix PMC551 PCI Mezzanine RAM card support    (CONFIG_MTD_PMC551)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PMC551 256M DRAM Bugfix    (CONFIG_MTD_PMC551_BUGFIX)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] PMC551 Debugging    (CONFIG_MTD_PMC551_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] DEC MS02-NV NVRAM module support    (CONFIG_MTD_MS02NV)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Support for AT45xxx DataFlash    (CONFIG_MTD_DATAFLASH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Verify DataFlash page writes    (CONFIG_MTD_DATAFLASH_WRITE_VERIFY)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] DataFlash OTP support (Security Register)    (CONFIG_MTD_DATAFLASH_OTP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Support most SPI Flash chips (AT26DF, M25P, W25X, ...)    (CONFIG_MTD_M25P80)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Use FAST_READ OPCode allowing SPI CLK     (CONFIG_M25PXX_USE_FAST_READ)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] <    (CONFIG_M25PXX_USE_FAST_READ)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] = 50MHz    (CONFIG_M25PXX_USE_FAST_READ)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Support SST25L (non JEDEC) SPI Flash chips    (CONFIG_MTD_SST25L)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Uncached system RAM    (CONFIG_MTD_SLRAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Physical system RAM    (CONFIG_MTD_PHRAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] 28F160xx flash driver for LART    (CONFIG_MTD_LART)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Test driver using RAM    (CONFIG_MTD_MTDRAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] MTDRAM device size in KiB    (CONFIG_MTDRAM_TOTAL_SIZE)  (string)  (Help)
                    [     ] MTDRAM erase block size in KiB    (CONFIG_MTDRAM_ERASE_SIZE)  (string)  (Help)
                    [     ] SRAM Hexadecimal Absolute position or 0    (CONFIG_MTDRAM_ABS_POS)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] MTD using block device    (CONFIG_MTD_BLOCK2MTD)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] M-Systems Disk-On-Chip 2000 and Millennium (DEPRECATED)    (CONFIG_MTD_DOC2000)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] M-Systems Disk-On-Chip Millennium-only alternative driver (DEPRECATED)    (CONFIG_MTD_DOC2001)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] M-Systems Disk-On-Chip Millennium Plus    (CONFIG_MTD_DOC2001PLUS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] M-Systems Disk-On-Chip G3    (CONFIG_MTD_DOCG3)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MTD_DOCPROBE    (CONFIG_MTD_DOCPROBE)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] MTD_DOCECC    (CONFIG_MTD_DOCECC)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Advanced detection options for DiskOnChip    (CONFIG_MTD_DOCPROBE_ADVANCED)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [     ] Physical address of DiskOnChip    (CONFIG_MTD_DOCPROBE_ADDRESS)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Probe high addresses    (CONFIG_MTD_DOCPROBE_HIGH)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Probe for 0x55 0xAA BIOS Extension Signature    (CONFIG_MTD_DOCPROBE_55AA)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] MTD_NAND_ECC    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_ECC)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] NAND ECC Smart Media byte order    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_ECC_SMC)  (bool)  (Help)

                    NAND Device Support  (Link)

                    [N] NAND Device Support    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Verify NAND page writes    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_VERIFY_WRITE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] MTD_NAND_BCH    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_BCH)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] Support software BCH ECC    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_ECC_BCH)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] MTD_SM_COMMON    (CONFIG_MTD_SM_COMMON)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] Enable chip ids for obsolete ancient NAND devices    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_MUSEUM_IDS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] SmartMediaCard on autronix autcpu12 board    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_AUTCPU12)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support Denali NAND controller on Intel Moorestown    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_DENALI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [     ] Denali NAND size scratch register address    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_DENALI_SCRATCH_REG_ADDR)  (string)  (Help)
                              [N] iPAQ H1900 flash    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_H1900)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] GPIO NAND Flash driver    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_GPIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] NAND Flash device on SPIA board    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_SPIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] NAND Flash device on Amstrad E3    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_AMS_DELTA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] NAND Flash device on OMAP2, OMAP3 and OMAP4    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_OMAP2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MTD_NAND_IDS    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_IDS)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] Ricoh xD card reader    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_RICOH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Au1550/1200 NAND support    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_AU1550)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Blackfin on-chip NAND Flash Controller driver    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_BF5XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] BF5XX NAND Hardware ECC    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_BF5XX_HWECC)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Use Blackfin BootROM ECC Layout    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_BF5XX_BOOTROM_ECC)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Renesas Flash ROM 4-slot interface board (FROM_BOARD4)    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_RTC_FROM4)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] NAND Flash device on PPChameleonEVB board    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_PPCHAMELEONEVB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] NAND Flash support for Samsung S3C SoCs    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_S3C2410)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Samsung S3C NAND driver debug    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_S3C2410_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Samsung S3C NAND Hardware ECC    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_S3C2410_HWECC)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] NDFC NanD Flash Controller    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_NDFC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Samsung S3C NAND IDLE clock stop    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_S3C2410_CLKSTOP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] NAND Flash support for BCM Reference Boards    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_BCM_UMI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] BCM UMI NAND Hardware CS    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_BCM_UMI_HWCS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] DiskOnChip 2000, Millennium and Millennium Plus (NAND reimplementation) (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_DISKONCHIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Advanced detection options for DiskOnChip    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_DISKONCHIP_PROBE_ADVANCED)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [     ] Physical address of DiskOnChip    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_DISKONCHIP_PROBE_ADDRESS)  (string)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Probe high addresses    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_DISKONCHIP_PROBE_HIGH)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Allow BBT writes on DiskOnChip Millennium and 2000TSOP    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_DISKONCHIP_BBTWRITE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for NAND Flash on Sharp SL Series (C7xx + others)    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_SHARPSL)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                              [N] NAND support for OLPC CAF    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_CAFE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] É chip    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_CAFE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] NAND support for CS5535/CS5536 (AMD Geode companion chip)    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_CS553X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for NAND Flash / SmartMedia on AT91 and AVR32    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_ATMEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        ECC management for NAND Flash / SmartMedia on AT91 / AVR32
                                        [ ] Hardware ECC  (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_ATMEL_ECC_HW)  (Help)
                                        [ ] Software ECC  (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_ATMEL_ECC_SOFT)  (Help)
                                        [ ] No ECC (testing only, DANGEROUS)  (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_ATMEL_ECC_NONE)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for NAND flash devices on PXA3xx    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_PXA3xx)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for NAND Flash on CM-X270 modules    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_CM_X270)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                              [N] NAND support for PA Semi PWRficient    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_PASEMI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] NAND Flash device on Toshiba Mobile IO Controller    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_TMIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for NAND Flash Simulator    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_NANDSIM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] GPMI NAND Flash Controller driver    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_GPMI_NAND)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for generic platform NAND driver    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_PLATFORM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MTD driver for Olympus MAUSB-10 and Fujifilm DPC-R1    (CONFIG_MTD_ALAUDA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] NAND Flash support for Marvell Orion SoC    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_ORION)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] NAND support for Freescale eLBC controllers    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_FSL_ELBC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for NAND on Freescale UPM    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_FSL_UPM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MPC5121 built-in NAND Flash Controller support    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_MPC5121_NFC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MXC NAND support    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_MXC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ST Nomadik 8815 NAND support    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_NOMADIK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for NAND on Renesas SuperH FLCTL    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_SH_FLCTL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support NAND on DaVinci SoC    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_DAVINCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] NAND Flash support for TXx9 SoC    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_TXX9NDFMC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for NAND on Socrates board    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_SOCRATES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for NAND on Nuvoton NUC9xx/w90p910 evaluation boards.    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_NUC900)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for JZ4740 SoC NAND controller    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_JZ4740)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for NAND on ST Micros FSMC    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_FSMC)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    OneNAND Device Support  (Link)

                    [N] OneNAND Device Support    (CONFIG_MTD_ONENAND)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Verify OneNAND page writes    (CONFIG_MTD_ONENAND_VERIFY_WRITE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] OneNAND Flash device via platform device driver    (CONFIG_MTD_ONENAND_GENERIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] OneNAND on OMAP2/OMAP3 support    (CONFIG_MTD_ONENAND_OMAP2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] OneNAND on Samsung SOC controller support    (CONFIG_MTD_ONENAND_SAMSUNG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] OneNAND OTP Support    (CONFIG_MTD_ONENAND_OTP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] OneNAND 2X program support    (CONFIG_MTD_ONENAND_2X_PROGRAM)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] OneNAND simulator support    (CONFIG_MTD_ONENAND_SIM)  (tristate)  (Help)

LPDDR flash memory drivers  (Link)

          [N] Support for LPDDR flash chips    (CONFIG_MTD_LPDDR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Detect flash chips by QINFO probe    (CONFIG_MTD_QINFO_PROBE)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    Enable UBI - Unsorted block images  (Link)

                    [N] Enable UBI - Unsorted block images    (CONFIG_MTD_UBI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [     ] UBI wear-leveling threshold    (CONFIG_MTD_UBI_WL_THRESHOLD)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] Percentage of reserved eraseblocks for bad eraseblocks handling    (CONFIG_MTD_UBI_BEB_RESERVE)  (string)  (Help)
                              [N] MTD devices emulation driver (gluebi)    (CONFIG_MTD_UBI_GLUEBI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] UBI debugging    (CONFIG_MTD_UBI_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)

          Block devices  (Link)

          [N] Block devices    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Normal floppy disk support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_FD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Amiga floppy support    (CONFIG_AMIGA_FLOPPY)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] Atari floppy support    (CONFIG_ATARI_FLOPPY)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] Support for PowerMac floppy    (CONFIG_MAC_FLOPPY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for SWIM Macintosh floppy    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SWIM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Amiga Zorro II ramdisk support    (CONFIG_AMIGA_Z2RAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] XT hard disk support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_XD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SEGA Dreamcast GD-ROM drive    (CONFIG_GDROM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Parallel port IDE device support    (CONFIG_PARIDE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Parallel port IDE disks    (CONFIG_PARIDE_PD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Parallel port ATAPI CD-ROMs    (CONFIG_PARIDE_PCD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Parallel port ATAPI disks    (CONFIG_PARIDE_PF)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Parallel port ATAPI tapes    (CONFIG_PARIDE_PT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Parallel port generic ATAPI devices    (CONFIG_PARIDE_PG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ATEN EH-100 protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_ATEN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MicroSolutions backpack (Series 5) protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_BPCK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MicroSolutions backpack (Series 6) protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_BPCK6)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] DataStor Commuter protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_COMM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] DataStor EP-2000 protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_DSTR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] FIT TD-2000 protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_FIT2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] FIT TD-3000 protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_FIT3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Shuttle EPAT/EPEZ protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_EPAT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Support c7/c8 chips (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_PARIDE_EPATC8)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Shuttle EPIA protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_EPIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Freecom IQ ASIC-2 protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_FRIQ)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] FreeCom power protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_FRPW)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] KingByte KBIC-951A/971A protocols    (CONFIG_PARIDE_KBIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] KT PHd protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_KTTI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] OnSpec 90c20 protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_ON20)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] OnSpec 90c26 protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_ON26)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Compaq SMART2 support    (CONFIG_BLK_CPQ_DA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Compaq Smart Array 5xxx support    (CONFIG_BLK_CPQ_CISS_DA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] SCSI tape drive support for Smart Array 5xxx    (CONFIG_CISS_SCSI_TAPE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Mylex DAC960/DAC1100 PCI RAID Controller support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_DAC960)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Micro Memory MM5415 Battery Backed RAM support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_UMEM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Virtual block device    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_UBD)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Always do synchronous disk IO for UBD    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_UBD_SYNC)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] BLK_DEV_COW_COMMON    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_COW_COMMON)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] Loopback device support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LOOP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [     ] Number of loop devices to pre-create at init time    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LOOP_MIN_COUNT)  (string)  (Help)
                              [N] Cryptoloop Support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CRYPTOLOOP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] DRBD Distributed Replicated Block Device support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_DRBD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] DRBD fault injection    (CONFIG_DRBD_FAULT_INJECTION)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Network block device support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_NBD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] OSD object-as-blkdev support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_OSD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Promise SATA SX8 support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SX8)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Low Performance USB Block driver    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_UB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] RAM block device support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [     ] Default number of RAM disks    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM_COUNT)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] Default RAM disk size (kbytes)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM_SIZE)  (string)  (Help)
                              [N] Support XIP filesystems on RAM block device    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_XIP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Packet writing on CD/DVD media    (CONFIG_CDROM_PKTCDVD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [     ] Free buffers for data gathering    (CONFIG_CDROM_PKTCDVD_BUFFERS)  (string)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable write caching (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_CDROM_PKTCDVD_WCACHE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] ATA over Ethernet support    (CONFIG_ATA_OVER_ETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] mGine mflash, gflash support    (CONFIG_MG_DISK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [     ] Size of reserved area before MBR    (CONFIG_MG_DISK_RES)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Sun Virtual Disk Client support    (CONFIG_SUNVDC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] XPRAM disk support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_XPRAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] DCSSBLK support    (CONFIG_DCSSBLK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for DASD devices    (CONFIG_DASD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Profiling support for dasd devices    (CONFIG_DASD_PROFILE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for ECKD Disks    (CONFIG_DASD_ECKD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for FBA Disks    (CONFIG_DASD_FBA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for DIAG access to Disks    (CONFIG_DASD_DIAG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Extended error reporting (EER)    (CONFIG_DASD_EER)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Xilinx SystemACE support    (CONFIG_XILINX_SYSACE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Xen virtual block device support    (CONFIG_XEN_BLKDEV_FRONTEND)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Xen block-device backend driver    (CONFIG_XEN_BLKDEV_BACKEND)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Virtio block driver (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_VIRTIO_BLK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Very old hard disk (MFM/RLL/IDE) driver    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_HD)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Rados block device (RBD)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RBD)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] HAVE_IDE    (CONFIG_HAVE_IDE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

          ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL support (DEPRECATED)  (Link)

          [N] ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL support (DEPRECATED)    (CONFIG_IDE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IDE_XFER_MODE    (CONFIG_IDE_XFER_MODE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] IDE_TIMINGS    (CONFIG_IDE_TIMINGS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] IDE_ATAPI    (CONFIG_IDE_ATAPI)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] IDE_LEGACY    (CONFIG_IDE_LEGACY)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] Support for SATA (deprecated; conflicts with libata SATA driver)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_SATA)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] generic ATA/ATAPI disk support    (CONFIG_IDE_GD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ATA disk support    (CONFIG_IDE_GD_ATA)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] ATAPI floppy support    (CONFIG_IDE_GD_ATAPI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] PCMCIA IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDECS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Cardbus IDE support (Delkin/ASKA/Workbit)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_DELKIN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Include IDE/ATAPI CDROM support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDECD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Verbose error logging for IDE/ATAPI CDROM driver    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDECD_VERBOSE_ERRORS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Include IDE/ATAPI TAPE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDETAPE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IDE ACPI support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEACPI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IDE Taskfile Access    (CONFIG_IDE_TASK_IOCTL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] legacy /proc/ide/ support    (CONFIG_IDE_PROC_FS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] generic/default IDE chipset support    (CONFIG_IDE_GENERIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Platform driver for IDE interfaces    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_PLATFORM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CMD640 chipset bugfix/support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CMD640)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] CMD640 enhanced support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CMD640_ENHANCED)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] PNP EIDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEPNP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] BLK_DEV_IDEDMA_SFF    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEDMA_SFF)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] BLK_DEV_IDEPCI    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEPCI)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] Probe IDE PCI devices in the PCI bus order (DEPRECATED)    (CONFIG_IDEPCI_PCIBUS_ORDER)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Boot off-board chipsets first support (DEPRECATED)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_OFFBOARD)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Generic PCI IDE Chipset Support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_GENERIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] OPTi 82C621 chipset enhanced support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_OPTI621)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] RZ1000 chipset bugfix/support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RZ1000)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] BLK_DEV_IDEDMA_PCI    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEDMA_PCI)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] AEC62XX chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_AEC62XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ALI M15x3 chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ALI15X3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AMD and nVidia IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_AMD74XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ATI IXP chipset IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ATIIXP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CMD64{3|6|8|9} chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CMD64X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Compaq Triflex IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_TRIFLEX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CY82C693 chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CY82C693)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Cyrix CS5510/20 MediaGX chipset support (VERY EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CS5520)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Cyrix/National Semiconductor CS5530 MediaGX chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CS5530)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AMD CS5535 chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CS5535)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CS5536 chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CS5536)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HPT36X/37X chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_HPT366)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] JMicron JMB36x support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_JMICRON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National SCx200 chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SC1200)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel PIIX/ICH chipsets support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_PIIX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IT8172 IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IT8172)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IT8213 IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IT8213)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IT821X IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IT821X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NS87415 chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_NS87415)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PROMISE PDC202{46|62|65|67} support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_PDC202XX_OLD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PROMISE PDC202{68|69|70|71|75|76|77} support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_PDC202XX_NEW)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] ServerWorks OSB4/CSB5/CSB6 chipsets support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SVWKS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Silicon Graphics IOC4 chipset ATA/ATAPI support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SGIIOC4)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Silicon Image chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SIIMAGE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SiS5513 chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SIS5513)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Winbond SL82c105 support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SL82C105)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SLC90E66 chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SLC90E66)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Tekram TRM290 chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_TRM290)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] VIA82CXXX chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_VIA82CXXX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Toshiba TC86C001 support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_TC86C001)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Toshiba's Cell Reference Set IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CELLEB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PowerMac on-board IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_PMAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Probe on-board ATA/100 (Kauai) first    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_PMAC_ATA100FIRST)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IDE for AMD Alchemy Au1200    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_AU1XXX)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              IDE Mode for AMD Alchemy Au1200
                              [ ] PIO+DbDMA IDE for AMD Alchemy Au1200  (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_AU1XXX_PIO_DBDMA)  (No help available)
                              [ ] MDMA2+DbDMA IDE for AMD Alchemy Au1200  (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_AU1XXX_MDMA2_DBDMA)  (No help available)
                    [N] TX4938 internal IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_TX4938)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] TX4939 internal IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_TX4939)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] Atmel AT91 (SAM9, CAP9, AT572D940HF) IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_AT91)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] ICS IDE interface support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_ICSIDE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ICS DMA support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEDMA_ICS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] RapIDE interface support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_RAPIDE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] H8300 IDE support    (CONFIG_IDE_H8300)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Amiga Gayle IDE interface support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_GAYLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Buddha/Catweasel/X-Surf IDE interface support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_BUDDHA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Falcon IDE interface support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_FALCON_IDE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Macintosh Quadra/Powerbook IDE interface support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_MAC_IDE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Q40/Q60 IDE interface support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_Q40IDE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Palmchip bk3710 IDE controller support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_PALMCHIP_BK3710)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Generic 4 drives/port support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_4DRIVES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ALI M14xx support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ALI14XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] DTC-2278 support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_DTC2278)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Holtek HT6560B support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_HT6560B)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] QDI QD65xx support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_QD65XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] UMC-8672 support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_UMC8672)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] BLK_DEV_IDEDMA    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEDMA)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

IDE Extra configuration  (Link)

          [     ] IDE register base address    (CONFIG_H8300_IDE_BASE)  (string)  (Help)
          [     ] IDE register alternate address    (CONFIG_H8300_IDE_ALT)  (string)  (Help)
          [     ] IDE IRQ no    (CONFIG_H8300_IDE_IRQ)  (string)  (Help)
          [     ] H8300_IDE_BASE    (CONFIG_H8300_IDE_BASE)  (string)  (No help available)
          [     ] H8300_IDE_ALT    (CONFIG_H8300_IDE_ALT)  (string)  (No help available)
          [     ] H8300_IDE_IRQ    (CONFIG_H8300_IDE_IRQ)  (string)  (No help available)

          Network device support  (Link)

          [N] Network device support    (CONFIG_NETDEVICES)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Network core driver support    (CONFIG_NET_CORE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Bonding driver support    (CONFIG_BONDING)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Dummy net driver support    (CONFIG_DUMMY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] EQL (serial line load balancing) support    (CONFIG_EQUALIZER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Fibre Channel driver support    (CONFIG_NET_FC)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Generic Media Independent Interface device support    (CONFIG_MII)  (tristate)  (Help)

                              IEEE 802.15.4 drivers  (Link)

                              [N] IEEE 802.15.4 drivers    (CONFIG_IEEE802154_DRIVERS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Fake LR-WPAN driver with several interconnected devices    (CONFIG_IEEE802154_FAKEHARD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Intermediate Functional Block support    (CONFIG_IFB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MAC-VLAN support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_MACVLAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] MAC-VLAN based tap driver (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_MACVTAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Network console logging support    (CONFIG_NETCONSOLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Dynamic reconfiguration of logging targets    (CONFIG_NETCONSOLE_DYNAMIC)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] NETPOLL    (CONFIG_NETPOLL)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] Netpoll traffic trapping    (CONFIG_NETPOLL_TRAP)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] NET_POLL_CONTROLLER    (CONFIG_NET_POLL_CONTROLLER)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] RapidIO Ethernet over messaging driver support    (CONFIG_RIONET)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                                        [     ] Number of outbound queue entries    (CONFIG_RIONET_TX_SIZE)  (string)  (No help available)
                                        [     ] Number of inbound queue entries    (CONFIG_RIONET_RX_SIZE)  (string)  (No help available)
                              [N] Universal TUN/TAP device driver support    (CONFIG_TUN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Virtual ethernet pair device    (CONFIG_VETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Virtio network driver (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_VIRTIO_NET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SUNGEM_PHY    (CONFIG_SUNGEM_PHY)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)

                    ARCnet support  (Link)

                    [N] ARCnet support    (CONFIG_ARCNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable standard ARCNet packet format (RFC 1201)    (CONFIG_ARCNET_1201)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable old ARCNet packet format (RFC 1051)    (CONFIG_ARCNET_1051)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable raw mode packet interface    (CONFIG_ARCNET_RAW)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable CAP mode packet interface    (CONFIG_ARCNET_CAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ARCnet COM90xx (normal) chipset driver    (CONFIG_ARCNET_COM90xx)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ARCnet COM90xx (IO mapped) chipset driver    (CONFIG_ARCNET_COM90xxIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ARCnet COM90xx (RIM I) chipset driver    (CONFIG_ARCNET_RIM_I)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ARCnet COM20020 chipset driver    (CONFIG_ARCNET_COM20020)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Support for COM20020 on ISA    (CONFIG_ARCNET_COM20020_ISA)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                                        [N] Support for COM20020 on PCI    (CONFIG_ARCNET_COM20020_PCI)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                                        [N] COM20020 ARCnet PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_ARCNET_COM20020_CS)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    ATM drivers  (Link)

                    [N] ATM drivers    (CONFIG_ATM_DRIVERS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Dummy ATM driver    (CONFIG_ATM_DUMMY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ATM over TCP    (CONFIG_ATM_TCP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Efficient Networks Speedstream 3010    (CONFIG_ATM_LANAI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Efficient Networks ENI155P    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable extended debugging    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Fine-tune burst settings    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_TUNE_BURST)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Enable 16W TX bursts (discouraged)    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_BURST_TX_16W)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Enable 8W TX bursts (recommended)    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_BURST_TX_8W)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Enable 4W TX bursts (optional)    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_BURST_TX_4W)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Enable 2W TX bursts (optional)    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_BURST_TX_2W)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Enable 16W RX bursts (discouraged)    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_BURST_RX_16W)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Enable 8W RX bursts (discouraged)    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_BURST_RX_8W)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Enable 4W RX bursts (recommended)    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_BURST_RX_4W)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Enable 2W RX bursts (optional)    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_BURST_RX_2W)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Fujitsu FireStream (FS50/FS155)     (CONFIG_ATM_FIRESTREAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ZeitNet ZN1221/ZN1225    (CONFIG_ATM_ZATM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable extended debugging    (CONFIG_ATM_ZATM_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IDT 77201 (NICStAR) (ForeRunnerLE)    (CONFIG_ATM_NICSTAR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Use suni PHY driver (155Mbps)    (CONFIG_ATM_NICSTAR_USE_SUNI)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Use IDT77015 PHY driver (25Mbps)    (CONFIG_ATM_NICSTAR_USE_IDT77105)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IDT 77252 (NICStAR II)    (CONFIG_ATM_IDT77252)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable debugging messages    (CONFIG_ATM_IDT77252_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Receive ALL cells in raw queue    (CONFIG_ATM_IDT77252_RCV_ALL)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] ATM_IDT77252_USE_SUNI    (CONFIG_ATM_IDT77252_USE_SUNI)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] Madge Ambassador (Collage PCI 155 Server)    (CONFIG_ATM_AMBASSADOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable debugging messages    (CONFIG_ATM_AMBASSADOR_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Madge Horizon [Ultra] (Collage PCI 25 and Collage PCI 155 Client)    (CONFIG_ATM_HORIZON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable debugging messages    (CONFIG_ATM_HORIZON_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Interphase ATM PCI x575/x525/x531    (CONFIG_ATM_IA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable debugging messages    (CONFIG_ATM_IA_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] FORE Systems 200E-series    (CONFIG_ATM_FORE200E)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Defer interrupt work to a tasklet    (CONFIG_ATM_FORE200E_USE_TASKLET)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [     ] Maximum number of tx retries    (CONFIG_ATM_FORE200E_TX_RETRY)  (string)  (Help)
                                        [     ] Debugging level (0-3)    (CONFIG_ATM_FORE200E_DEBUG)  (string)  (Help)
                              [N] ForeRunner HE Series    (CONFIG_ATM_HE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Use S/UNI PHY driver    (CONFIG_ATM_HE_USE_SUNI)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Solos ADSL2+ PCI Multiport card driver    (CONFIG_ATM_SOLOS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CAIF TTY transport driver    (CONFIG_CAIF_TTY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CAIF SPI transport driver for slave interface    (CONFIG_CAIF_SPI_SLAVE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Next command and length in start of frame    (CONFIG_CAIF_SPI_SYNC)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] CAIF shared memory protocol driver    (CONFIG_CAIF_SHM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CAIF HSI transport driver    (CONFIG_CAIF_HSI)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    Ethernet driver support  (Link)

                    [N] Ethernet driver support    (CONFIG_ETHERNET)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] MDIO    (CONFIG_MDIO)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] SUNGEM_PHY    (CONFIG_SUNGEM_PHY)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] 3Com devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_3COM)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] 3c501 "EtherLink" support    (CONFIG_EL1)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] 3c509/3c529 (MCA)/3c579 "EtherLink III" support    (CONFIG_EL3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] 3c515 ISA "Fast EtherLink"    (CONFIG_3C515)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] 3Com 3c574 PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_3C574)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] 3Com 3c589 PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_3C589)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] 3c590/3c900 series (592/595/597) "Vortex/Boomerang" support    (CONFIG_VORTEX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] 3cr990 series "Typhoon" support    (CONFIG_TYPHOON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Adaptec devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_ADAPTEC)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Adaptec Starfire/DuraLAN support    (CONFIG_ADAPTEC_STARFIRE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Aeroflex Gaisler GRETH Ethernet MAC support    (CONFIG_GRETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Alteon devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_ALTEON)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Alteon AceNIC/3Com 3C985/NetGear GA620 Gigabit support    (CONFIG_ACENIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Omit support for old Tigon I based AceNICs    (CONFIG_ACENIC_OMIT_TIGON_I)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] AMD devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_AMD)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] A2065 support    (CONFIG_A2065)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] AMD 8111 (new PCI LANCE) support    (CONFIG_AMD8111_ETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] AMD LANCE and PCnet (AT1500 and NE2100) support    (CONFIG_LANCE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] AMD PCnet32 PCI support    (CONFIG_PCNET32)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Ariadne support    (CONFIG_ARIADNE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] ARM EBSA110 AM79C961A support    (CONFIG_ARM_AM79C961A)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Atari LANCE support    (CONFIG_ATARILANCE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] DEC LANCE ethernet controller support    (CONFIG_DECLANCE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] DEPCA, DE10x, DE200, DE201, DE202, DE422 support    (CONFIG_DEPCA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] HP on-board LANCE support    (CONFIG_HPLANCE)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] MIPS AU1000 Ethernet support    (CONFIG_MIPS_AU1X00_ENET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] MVME147 (LANCE) Ethernet support    (CONFIG_MVME147_NET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] New Media PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_NMCLAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] NI6510 support    (CONFIG_NI65)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Sun3/Sun3x on-board LANCE support    (CONFIG_SUN3LANCE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Sun LANCE support    (CONFIG_SUNLANCE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Apple devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_APPLE)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] MACE (Power Mac ethernet) support    (CONFIG_MACE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Use AAUI port instead of TP by default    (CONFIG_MACE_AAUI_PORT)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] BMAC (G3 ethernet) support    (CONFIG_BMAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Macintosh (AV) onboard MACE ethernet    (CONFIG_MACMACE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Atheros devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_ATHEROS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Atheros L2 Fast Ethernet support    (CONFIG_ATL2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Atheros/Attansic L1 Gigabit Ethernet support    (CONFIG_ATL1)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Atheros L1E Gigabit Ethernet support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ATL1E)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Atheros L1C Gigabit Ethernet support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ATL1C)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HAVE_NET_MACB    (CONFIG_HAVE_NET_MACB)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] Atmel devices    (CONFIG_NET_ATMEL)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] AT91RM9200 Ethernet support    (CONFIG_ARM_AT91_ETHER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Atmel MACB support    (CONFIG_MACB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Blackfin devices    (CONFIG_NET_BFIN)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Blackfin on-chip MAC support    (CONFIG_BFIN_MAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Use L1 memory for rx/tx packets    (CONFIG_BFIN_MAC_USE_L1)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [     ] Number of transmit buffer packets    (CONFIG_BFIN_TX_DESC_NUM)  (string)  (Help)
                                                  [     ] Number of receive buffer packets    (CONFIG_BFIN_RX_DESC_NUM)  (string)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Use IEEE 1588 hwstamp    (CONFIG_BFIN_MAC_USE_HWSTAMP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Broadcom devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_BROADCOM)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Broadcom 440x/47xx ethernet support    (CONFIG_B44)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] B44_PCI_AUTOSELECT    (CONFIG_B44_PCI_AUTOSELECT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                                  [N] B44_PCICORE_AUTOSELECT    (CONFIG_B44_PCICORE_AUTOSELECT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                                  [N] B44_PCI    (CONFIG_B44_PCI)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] Broadcom 63xx internal mac support    (CONFIG_BCM63XX_ENET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Broadcom NetXtremeII support    (CONFIG_BNX2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Broadcom CNIC support    (CONFIG_CNIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] SB1250 Gigabit Ethernet support    (CONFIG_SB1250_MAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Broadcom Tigon3 support    (CONFIG_TIGON3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Broadcom NetXtremeII 10Gb support    (CONFIG_BNX2X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Brocade devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_BROCADE)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Brocade 1010/1020 10Gb Ethernet Driver support    (CONFIG_BNA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Chelsio devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_CHELSIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Chelsio 10Gb Ethernet support    (CONFIG_CHELSIO_T1)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Chelsio gigabit Ethernet support    (CONFIG_CHELSIO_T1_1G)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Chelsio Communications T3 10Gb Ethernet support    (CONFIG_CHELSIO_T3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Chelsio Communications T4 Ethernet support    (CONFIG_CHELSIO_T4)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Chelsio Communications T4 Virtual Function Ethernet support    (CONFIG_CHELSIO_T4VF)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Cirrus devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_CIRRUS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] CS89x0 support    (CONFIG_CS89x0)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] CS89x0_NONISA_IRQ    (CONFIG_CS89x0_NONISA_IRQ)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] EP93xx Ethernet support    (CONFIG_EP93XX_ETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Macintosh CS89x0 based ethernet cards    (CONFIG_MAC89x0)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Cisco devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_CISCO)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Cisco VIC Ethernet NIC Support    (CONFIG_ENIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] DM9000 support    (CONFIG_DM9000)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Force simple NSR based PHY polling    (CONFIG_DM9000_FORCE_SIMPLE_PHY_POLL)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Dave ethernet support (DNET)    (CONFIG_DNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Digital Equipment devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_DEC)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] EtherWORKS 3 (DE203, DE204, DE205) support    (CONFIG_EWRK3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] DEC - Tulip devices    (CONFIG_NET_TULIP)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Early DECchip Tulip (dc2104x) PCI support    (CONFIG_DE2104X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                            [     ] Descriptor Skip Length in 32 bit longwords    (CONFIG_DE2104X_DSL)  (string)  (Help)
                                                  [N] DECchip Tulip (dc2114x) PCI support    (CONFIG_TULIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                            [N] New bus configuration (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_TULIP_MWI)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                            [N] Use PCI shared mem for NIC registers    (CONFIG_TULIP_MMIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                            [N] Use RX polling (NAPI)    (CONFIG_TULIP_NAPI)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                                      [N] Use Interrupt Mitigation    (CONFIG_TULIP_NAPI_HW_MITIGATION)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                            [N] TULIP_DM910X    (CONFIG_TULIP_DM910X)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                                  [N] Generic DECchip     (CONFIG_DE4X5)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] &    (CONFIG_DE4X5)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] DIGITAL EtherWORKS PCI/EISA    (CONFIG_DE4X5)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Winbond W89c840 Ethernet support    (CONFIG_WINBOND_840)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Davicom DM910x/DM980x support    (CONFIG_DM9102)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] ULi M526x controller support    (CONFIG_ULI526X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Xircom CardBus support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_XIRCOM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] D-Link devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_DLINK)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] D-Link DE600 pocket adapter support    (CONFIG_DE600)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] D-Link DE620 pocket adapter support    (CONFIG_DE620)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] DL2000/TC902x-based Gigabit Ethernet support    (CONFIG_DL2K)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Sundance Alta support    (CONFIG_SUNDANCE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Use MMIO instead of PIO    (CONFIG_SUNDANCE_MMIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Emulex devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_EMULEX)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] ServerEngines' 10Gbps NIC - BladeEngine    (CONFIG_BE2NET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Exar devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_EXAR)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Exar Xframe 10Gb Ethernet Adapter    (CONFIG_S2IO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Exar X3100 Series 10GbE PCIe Server Adapter    (CONFIG_VXGE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Enabling All Debug trace statements in driver    (CONFIG_VXGE_DEBUG_TRACE_ALL)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Faraday devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_FARADAY)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Faraday FTMAC100 10/100 Ethernet support    (CONFIG_FTMAC100)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Faraday FTGMAC100 Gigabit Ethernet support    (CONFIG_FTGMAC100)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Freescale devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_FREESCALE)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] FEC ethernet controller (of ColdFire and some i.MX CPUs)    (CONFIG_FEC)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] FEC MPC52xx driver    (CONFIG_FEC_MPC52xx)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] FEC MPC52xx MDIO bus driver    (CONFIG_FEC_MPC52xx_MDIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Freescale Ethernet Driver    (CONFIG_FS_ENET)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                                        [N] FS_ENET_MPC5121_FEC    (CONFIG_FS_ENET_MPC5121_FEC)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] Chip has an SCC usable for ethernet    (CONFIG_FS_ENET_HAS_SCC)  (bool)  (No help available)
                                        [N] Chip has an FCC usable for ethernet    (CONFIG_FS_ENET_HAS_FCC)  (bool)  (No help available)
                                        [N] Chip has an FEC usable for ethernet    (CONFIG_FS_ENET_HAS_FEC)  (bool)  (No help available)
                                        [N] MDIO driver for FEC    (CONFIG_FS_ENET_MDIO_FEC)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                                        [N] MDIO driver for FCC    (CONFIG_FS_ENET_MDIO_FCC)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                                        [N] Freescale PQ MDIO    (CONFIG_FSL_PQ_MDIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Freescale QE Gigabit Ethernet    (CONFIG_UCC_GETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Transmit on Demand support    (CONFIG_UGETH_TX_ON_DEMAND)  (bool)  (No help available)
                                        [N] Gianfar Ethernet    (CONFIG_GIANFAR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Fujitsu devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_FUJITSU)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] AT1700/1720 support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_AT1700)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Fujitsu FMV-J18x PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_FMVJ18X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] ICL EtherTeam 16i/32 support    (CONFIG_ETH16I)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HP devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_HP)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] HP 10/100VG PCLAN (ISA, EISA, PCI) support    (CONFIG_HP100)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IBM devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_IBM)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] IBM LAN Virtual Ethernet support    (CONFIG_IBMVETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] iSeries Virtual Ethernet driver support    (CONFIG_ISERIES_VETH)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                                        [N] IBM EMAC Ethernet support    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [     ] Number of receive buffers    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_RXB)  (string)  (No help available)
                                                  [     ] Number of transmit buffers    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_TXB)  (string)  (No help available)
                                                  [     ] MAL NAPI polling weight    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_POLL_WEIGHT)  (string)  (No help available)
                                                  [     ] RX skb copy threshold (bytes)    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_RX_COPY_THRESHOLD)  (string)  (No help available)
                                                  [     ] Additional RX skb headroom (bytes)    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_RX_SKB_HEADROOM)  (string)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Debugging    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_DEBUG)  (bool)  (No help available)
                                        [N] IBM_EMAC_ZMII    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_ZMII)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] IBM_EMAC_RGMII    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_RGMII)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] IBM_EMAC_TAH    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_TAH)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] IBM_EMAC_EMAC4    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_EMAC4)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] IBM_EMAC_NO_FLOW_CTRL    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_NO_FLOW_CTRL)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] IBM_EMAC_MAL_CLR_ICINTSTAT    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_MAL_CLR_ICINTSTAT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] IBM_EMAC_MAL_COMMON_ERR    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_MAL_COMMON_ERR)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] eHEA Ethernet support    (CONFIG_EHEA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Intel devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_INTEL)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Intel(R) PRO/100+ support    (CONFIG_E100)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Intel(R) PRO/1000 Gigabit Ethernet support    (CONFIG_E1000)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Intel(R) PRO/1000 PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet support    (CONFIG_E1000E)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Intel(R) 82575/82576 PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet support    (CONFIG_IGB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Direct Cache Access (DCA) Support    (CONFIG_IGB_DCA)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Intel(R) 82576 Virtual Function Ethernet support    (CONFIG_IGBVF)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Intel(R) PRO/10GbE support    (CONFIG_IXGB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Intel(R) 10GbE PCI Express adapters support    (CONFIG_IXGBE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Direct Cache Access (DCA) Support    (CONFIG_IXGBE_DCA)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Data Center Bridging (DCB) Support    (CONFIG_IXGBE_DCB)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Intel(R) 82599 Virtual Function Ethernet support    (CONFIG_IXGBEVF)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Intel (82586/82593/82596) devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_I825XX)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] 3c505 "EtherLink Plus" support    (CONFIG_ELPLUS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] 3c507 "EtherLink 16" support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_EL16)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] 3c523 "EtherLink/MC" support    (CONFIG_ELMC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] 3c527 "EtherLink/MC 32" support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ELMC_II)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Acorn Ether1 support    (CONFIG_ARM_ETHER1)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Apricot Xen-II on board Ethernet    (CONFIG_APRICOT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] BVME6000 Ethernet support    (CONFIG_BVME6000_NET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] EtherExpress 16 support    (CONFIG_EEXPRESS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] EtherExpressPro support/EtherExpress 10 (i82595) support    (CONFIG_EEXPRESS_PRO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Lasi ethernet    (CONFIG_LASI_82596)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] LP486E on board Ethernet    (CONFIG_LP486E)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] MVME16x Ethernet support    (CONFIG_MVME16x_NET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] NI5210 support    (CONFIG_NI52)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] SNI RM ethernet    (CONFIG_SNI_82596)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Sun3 on-board Intel 82586 support    (CONFIG_SUN3_82586)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Zenith Z-Note support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ZNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Intel XScale IXP devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_XSCALE)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Intel IXP4xx Ethernet support    (CONFIG_IXP4XX_ETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Radisys ENP2611 MSF network interface support    (CONFIG_ENP2611_MSF_NET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IP1000 Gigabit Ethernet support    (CONFIG_IP1000)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] JMicron(R) PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet support    (CONFIG_JME)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Korina (IDT RC32434) Ethernet support    (CONFIG_KORINA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Lantiq SoC ETOP driver    (CONFIG_LANTIQ_ETOP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Marvell devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_MARVELL)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Marvell Discovery (643XX) and Orion ethernet support    (CONFIG_MV643XX_ETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Marvell pxa168 ethernet support    (CONFIG_PXA168_ETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet support    (CONFIG_SKGE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Debugging interface    (CONFIG_SKGE_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Support for older SysKonnect Genesis boards    (CONFIG_SKGE_GENESIS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Marvell Yukon 2 support    (CONFIG_SKY2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Debugging interface    (CONFIG_SKY2_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Mellanox devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_MELLANOX)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Mellanox Technologies 10Gbit Ethernet support    (CONFIG_MLX4_EN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] MLX4_CORE    (CONFIG_MLX4_CORE)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] Verbose debugging output    (CONFIG_MLX4_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Micrel devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_MICREL)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] KS8695 Ethernet support    (CONFIG_ARM_KS8695_ETHER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Micrel KSZ8841/42 with generic bus interface    (CONFIG_KS8842)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Micrel KS8851 SPI    (CONFIG_KS8851)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Micrel KS8851 MLL    (CONFIG_KS8851_MLL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Micrel KSZ8841/2 PCI    (CONFIG_KSZ884X_PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Microchip devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_MICROCHIP)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] ENC28J60 support    (CONFIG_ENC28J60)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Enable write verify    (CONFIG_ENC28J60_WRITEVERIFY)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] MIPS simulator Network device    (CONFIG_MIPS_SIM_NET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Myricom devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_MYRI)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Myricom Myri-10G Ethernet support    (CONFIG_MYRI10GE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Direct Cache Access (DCA) Support    (CONFIG_MYRI10GE_DCA)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Myson MTD-8xx PCI Ethernet support    (CONFIG_FEALNX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] National Semi-conductor devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_NATSEMI)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] IBM LAN Adapter/A support    (CONFIG_IBMLANA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Macintosh SONIC based ethernet (onboard, NuBus, LC, CS)    (CONFIG_MACSONIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] MIPS JAZZ onboard SONIC Ethernet support    (CONFIG_MIPS_JAZZ_SONIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] National Semiconductor DP8381x series PCI Ethernet support    (CONFIG_NATSEMI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] National Semiconductor DP83820 support    (CONFIG_NS83820)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Xtensa XT2000 onboard SONIC Ethernet support    (CONFIG_XTENSA_XT2000_SONIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] National Semi-conductor 8390 devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_8390)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] 3c503 "EtherLink II" support    (CONFIG_EL2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Ansel Communications EISA 3200 support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_AC3200)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Asix AX88190 PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_AXNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] ASIX AX88796 NE2000 clone support    (CONFIG_AX88796)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                            [N] ASIX AX88796 external 93CX6 eeprom support    (CONFIG_AX88796_93CX6)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Cabletron E21xx support    (CONFIG_E2100)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Racal-Interlan EISA ES3210 support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ES3210)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] HP PCLAN+ (27247B and 27252A) support    (CONFIG_HPLAN_PLUS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] HP PCLAN (27245 and other 27xxx series) support    (CONFIG_HPLAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Hydra support    (CONFIG_HYDRA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] I-cubed EtherH/ANT EtherM support    (CONFIG_ARM_ETHERH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Mylex EISA LNE390A/B support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_LNE390)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Macintosh NS 8390 based ethernet cards    (CONFIG_MAC8390)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] NE2000/NE1000 support    (CONFIG_NE2000)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] NE/2 (ne2000 MCA version) support    (CONFIG_NE2_MCA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] PCI NE2000 and clones support (see help)    (CONFIG_NE2K_PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] PCMCIA NE2000 support    (CONFIG_APNE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Novell/Eagle/Microdyne NE3210 EISA support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NE3210)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] NE2000 compatible PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_PCNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] NE2000 compatible support for H8/300    (CONFIG_NE_H8300)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] National DP83902AV support    (CONFIG_STNIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] SMC Ultra MCA support    (CONFIG_ULTRAMCA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] SMC Ultra support    (CONFIG_ULTRA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] SMC Ultra32 EISA support    (CONFIG_ULTRA32)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] WD80*3 support    (CONFIG_WD80x3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Zorro NS8390-based Ethernet support    (CONFIG_ZORRO8390)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] NetX Ethernet support    (CONFIG_NET_NETX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Nuvoton devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_NUVOTON)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Nuvoton w90p910 Ethernet support    (CONFIG_W90P910_ETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] NVIDIA devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_NVIDIA)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] nForce Ethernet support    (CONFIG_FORCEDETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Octeon Management port ethernet driver (CN5XXX, CN6XXX)    (CONFIG_OCTEON_MGMT_ETHERNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] OKI Semiconductor devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_OKI)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] OKI SEMICONDUCTOR IOH(ML7223/ML7831) GbE    (CONFIG_PCH_GBE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] OpenCores 10/100 Mbps Ethernet MAC support    (CONFIG_ETHOC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Packet Engine devices    (CONFIG_NET_PACKET_ENGINE)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Packet Engines Hamachi GNIC-II support    (CONFIG_HAMACHI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Packet Engines Yellowfin Gigabit-NIC support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_YELLOWFIN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PA Semi devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_PASEMI)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] PA Semi 1/10Gbit MAC    (CONFIG_PASEMI_MAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] QLogic devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_QLOGIC)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] QLogic QLA3XXX Network Driver Support    (CONFIG_QLA3XXX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] QLOGIC QLCNIC 1/10Gb Converged Ethernet NIC Support    (CONFIG_QLCNIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] QLogic QLGE 10Gb Ethernet Driver Support    (CONFIG_QLGE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] NetXen Multi port (1/10) Gigabit Ethernet NIC    (CONFIG_NETXEN_NIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Racal-Interlan (Micom) NI devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_RACAL)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] NI5010 support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NI5010)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Realtek devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_REALTEK)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] AT-LAN-TEC/RealTek pocket adapter support    (CONFIG_ATP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] RealTek RTL-8139 C+ PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_8139CP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] RealTek RTL-8129/8130/8139 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter support    (CONFIG_8139TOO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Use PIO instead of MMIO    (CONFIG_8139TOO_PIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Support for uncommon RTL-8139 rev. K (automatic channel equalization)    (CONFIG_8139TOO_TUNE_TWISTER)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Support for older RTL-8129/8130 boards    (CONFIG_8139TOO_8129)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Use older RX-reset method    (CONFIG_8139_OLD_RX_RESET)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Realtek 8169 gigabit ethernet support    (CONFIG_R8169)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Renesas SuperH Ethernet support    (CONFIG_SH_ETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] RDC devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_RDC)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] RDC R6040 Fast Ethernet Adapter support    (CONFIG_R6040)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] S6105 GMAC ethernet support    (CONFIG_S6GMAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] SEEQ devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_SEEQ)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Acorn/ANT Ether3 support    (CONFIG_ARM_ETHER3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] SEEQ8005 support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SEEQ8005)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] SGI Seeq ethernet controller support    (CONFIG_SGISEEQ)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Silan devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_SILAN)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Silan SC92031 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter driver (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SC92031)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_SIS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] SiS 900/7016 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter support    (CONFIG_SIS900)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] SiS190/SiS191 gigabit ethernet support    (CONFIG_SIS190)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Solarflare SFC4000/SFC9000-family support    (CONFIG_SFC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Solarflare SFC4000/SFC9000-family MTD support    (CONFIG_SFC_MTD)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] SGI devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_SGI)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] SGI IOC3 Ethernet    (CONFIG_SGI_IOC3_ETH)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] SGI O2 MACE Fast Ethernet support    (CONFIG_SGI_O2MACE_ETH)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                              [N] SMC (SMSC)/Western Digital devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_SMSC)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] SMC 9194 support    (CONFIG_SMC9194)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] SMC 91C9x/91C1xxx support    (CONFIG_SMC91X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] SMC 91Cxx PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_SMC91C92)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] SMC EtherPower II    (CONFIG_EPIC100)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] SMSC LAN911[5678] support    (CONFIG_SMC911X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] SMSC LAN911x/LAN921x families embedded ethernet support    (CONFIG_SMSC911X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] SMSC911X_ARCH_HOOKS    (CONFIG_SMSC911X_ARCH_HOOKS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
                                        [N] SMSC LAN9420 PCI ethernet adapter support    (CONFIG_SMSC9420)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] STMicroelectronics devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_STMICRO)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] STMicroelectronics 10/100/1000 Ethernet driver    (CONFIG_STMMAC_ETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Enable monitoring via sysFS     (CONFIG_STMMAC_DEBUG_FS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] STMMAC DMA arbitration scheme    (CONFIG_STMMAC_DA)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] STMMAC Timer optimisation    (CONFIG_STMMAC_TIMER)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                            Select Timer device
                                                            [ ] TMU channel 2  (CONFIG_STMMAC_TMU_TIMER)  (Help)
                                                            [ ] Real time clock  (CONFIG_STMMAC_RTC_TIMER)  (Help)
                                                  Select the DMA TX/RX descriptor operating modes
                                                  [ ] Enable Descriptor Ring Mode  (CONFIG_STMMAC_RING)  (No help available)
                                                  [ ] Enable Descriptor Chained Mode  (CONFIG_STMMAC_CHAINED)  (No help available)
                              [N] Sun devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_SUN)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Sun Happy Meal 10/100baseT support    (CONFIG_HAPPYMEAL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Sun BigMAC 10/100baseT support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SUNBMAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Sun QuadEthernet support    (CONFIG_SUNQE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Sun GEM support    (CONFIG_SUNGEM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Sun Cassini support    (CONFIG_CASSINI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Sun Virtual Network support    (CONFIG_SUNVNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Sun Neptune 10Gbit Ethernet support    (CONFIG_NIU)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Tehuti devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_TEHUTI)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Tehuti Networks 10G Ethernet    (CONFIG_TEHUTI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Texas Instruments (TI) devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_TI)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] TI DaVinci EMAC Support    (CONFIG_TI_DAVINCI_EMAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] TI DaVinci MDIO Support    (CONFIG_TI_DAVINCI_MDIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] TI DaVinci CPDMA Support    (CONFIG_TI_DAVINCI_CPDMA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] TI ThunderLAN support    (CONFIG_TLAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] TI AR7 CPMAC Ethernet support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_CPMAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Tilera GBE/XGBE network driver support    (CONFIG_TILE_NET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Toshiba devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_TOSHIBA)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] PS3 Gigabit Ethernet driver    (CONFIG_GELIC_NET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] PS3 Wireless support    (CONFIG_GELIC_WIRELESS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Spider Gigabit Ethernet driver    (CONFIG_SPIDER_NET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] TOSHIBA TC35815 Ethernet support    (CONFIG_TC35815)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                              [N] Tundra devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_TUNDRA)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Tundra TSI108 gigabit Ethernet support    (CONFIG_TSI108_ETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] VIA devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_VIA)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] VIA Rhine support    (CONFIG_VIA_RHINE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Use MMIO instead of PIO    (CONFIG_VIA_RHINE_MMIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] VIA Velocity support    (CONFIG_VIA_VELOCITY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Xilinx devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_XILINX)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Xilinx 10/100 Ethernet Lite support    (CONFIG_XILINX_EMACLITE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Xilinx LL TEMAC (LocalLink Tri-mode Ethernet MAC) driver    (CONFIG_XILINX_LL_TEMAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Xircom devices    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_XIRCOM)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Xircom 16-bit PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_XIRC2PS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] FDDI driver support    (CONFIG_FDDI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Digital DEFTA/DEFEA/DEFPA adapter support    (CONFIG_DEFXX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Use MMIO instead of PIO    (CONFIG_DEFXX_MMIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] SysKonnect FDDI PCI support    (CONFIG_SKFP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HIPPI driver support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_HIPPI)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Essential RoadRunner HIPPI PCI adapter support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ROADRUNNER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Use large TX/RX rings (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ROADRUNNER_LARGE_RINGS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] General Instruments Surfboard 1000    (CONFIG_NET_SB1000)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    PHY Device support and infrastructure  (Link)

                    [N] PHY Device support and infrastructure    (CONFIG_PHYLIB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Drivers for Marvell PHYs    (CONFIG_MARVELL_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Drivers for Davicom PHYs    (CONFIG_DAVICOM_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Drivers for Quality Semiconductor PHYs    (CONFIG_QSEMI_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Drivers for the Intel LXT PHYs    (CONFIG_LXT_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Drivers for the Cicada PHYs    (CONFIG_CICADA_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Drivers for the Vitesse PHYs    (CONFIG_VITESSE_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Drivers for SMSC PHYs    (CONFIG_SMSC_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Drivers for Broadcom PHYs    (CONFIG_BROADCOM_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Drivers for Broadcom 63xx SOCs internal PHY    (CONFIG_BCM63XX_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Drivers for ICPlus PHYs    (CONFIG_ICPLUS_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Drivers for Realtek PHYs    (CONFIG_REALTEK_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Drivers for National Semiconductor PHYs    (CONFIG_NATIONAL_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Driver for STMicroelectronics STe10Xp PHYs    (CONFIG_STE10XP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Driver for LSI ET1011C PHY    (CONFIG_LSI_ET1011C_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Driver for Micrel PHYs    (CONFIG_MICREL_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Driver for MDIO Bus/PHY emulation with fixed speed/link PHYs    (CONFIG_FIXED_PHY)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for bitbanged MDIO buses    (CONFIG_MDIO_BITBANG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Support for GPIO lib-based bitbanged MDIO buses    (CONFIG_MDIO_GPIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for MDIO buses on Octeon SOCs    (CONFIG_MDIO_OCTEON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PLIP (parallel port) support    (CONFIG_PLIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PPP (point-to-point protocol) support    (CONFIG_PPP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP BSD-Compress compression    (CONFIG_PPP_BSDCOMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP Deflate compression    (CONFIG_PPP_DEFLATE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP filtering    (CONFIG_PPP_FILTER)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP MPPE compression (encryption) (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_PPP_MPPE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP multilink support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_PPP_MULTILINK)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP over ATM    (CONFIG_PPPOATM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP over Ethernet (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_PPPOE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP over IPv4 (PPTP) (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_PPTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP over L2TP (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_PPPOL2TP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP support for async serial ports    (CONFIG_PPP_ASYNC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP support for sync tty ports    (CONFIG_PPP_SYNC_TTY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SLIP (serial line) support    (CONFIG_SLIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SLHC    (CONFIG_SLHC)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (Help)
                    [N] CSLIP compressed headers    (CONFIG_SLIP_COMPRESSED)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Keepalive and linefill    (CONFIG_SLIP_SMART)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Six bit SLIP encapsulation    (CONFIG_SLIP_MODE_SLIP6)  (bool)  (Help)

S/390 network device drivers  (Link)

          [N] Lan Channel Station Interface    (CONFIG_LCS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CTC and MPC SNA device support    (CONFIG_CTCM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IUCV network device support (VM only)    (CONFIG_NETIUCV)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IUCV special message support (VM only)    (CONFIG_SMSGIUCV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Deliver IUCV special messages as uevents (VM only)    (CONFIG_SMSGIUCV_EVENT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CLAW device support    (CONFIG_CLAW)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Gigabit Ethernet device support    (CONFIG_QETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] qeth layer 2 device support    (CONFIG_QETH_L2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] qeth layer 3 device support    (CONFIG_QETH_L3)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] QETH_IPV6    (CONFIG_QETH_IPV6)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] CCWGROUP    (CONFIG_CCWGROUP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)

                    Token Ring driver support  (Link)

                    [N] Token Ring driver support    (CONFIG_TR)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IBM PCMCIA tokenring adapter support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_IBMTR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IBM Tropic chipset based adapter support    (CONFIG_IBMTR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IBM Olympic chipset PCI adapter support    (CONFIG_IBMOL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IBM Lanstreamer chipset PCI adapter support    (CONFIG_IBMLS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] 3Com 3C359 Token Link Velocity XL adapter support    (CONFIG_3C359)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Generic TMS380 Token Ring ISA/PCI adapter support    (CONFIG_TMS380TR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Generic TMS380 PCI support    (CONFIG_TMSPCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] SysKonnect TR4/16 ISA support    (CONFIG_SKISA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Proteon ISA support    (CONFIG_PROTEON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Madge Smart 16/4 PCI Mk2 support    (CONFIG_ABYSS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Madge Smart 16/4 Ringnode MicroChannel    (CONFIG_MADGEMC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] SMC ISA/MCA adapter support    (CONFIG_SMCTR)  (tristate)  (Help)

USB Network Adapters  (Link)

          [N] USB CATC NetMate-based Ethernet device support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_USB_CATC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] USB KLSI KL5USB101-based ethernet device support    (CONFIG_USB_KAWETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] USB Pegasus/Pegasus-II based ethernet device support    (CONFIG_USB_PEGASUS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] USB RTL8150 based ethernet device support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_USB_RTL8150)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Multi-purpose USB Networking Framework    (CONFIG_USB_USBNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ASIX AX88xxx Based USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapters    (CONFIG_USB_NET_AX8817X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CDC Ethernet support (smart devices such as cable modems)    (CONFIG_USB_NET_CDCETHER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CDC EEM support    (CONFIG_USB_NET_CDC_EEM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CDC NCM support    (CONFIG_USB_NET_CDC_NCM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Davicom DM9601 based USB 1.1 10/100 ethernet devices    (CONFIG_USB_NET_DM9601)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMSC LAN75XX based USB 2.0 gigabit ethernet devices    (CONFIG_USB_NET_SMSC75XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMSC LAN95XX based USB 2.0 10/100 ethernet devices    (CONFIG_USB_NET_SMSC95XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] GeneSys GL620USB-A based cables    (CONFIG_USB_NET_GL620A)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NetChip 1080 based cables (Laplink, ...)    (CONFIG_USB_NET_NET1080)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Prolific PL-2301/2302/25A1 based cables    (CONFIG_USB_NET_PLUSB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] MosChip MCS7830 based Ethernet adapters    (CONFIG_USB_NET_MCS7830)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Host for RNDIS and ActiveSync devices (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_USB_NET_RNDIS_HOST)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Simple USB Network Links (CDC Ethernet subset)    (CONFIG_USB_NET_CDC_SUBSET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ALi M5632 based 'USB 2.0 Data Link' cables    (CONFIG_USB_ALI_M5632)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] AnchorChips 2720 based cables (Xircom PGUNET, ...)    (CONFIG_USB_AN2720)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] eTEK based host-to-host cables (Advance, Belkin, ...)    (CONFIG_USB_BELKIN)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Embedded ARM Linux links (iPaq, ...)    (CONFIG_USB_ARMLINUX)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Epson 2888 based firmware (DEVELOPMENT)    (CONFIG_USB_EPSON2888)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] KT Technology KC2190 based cables (InstaNet)    (CONFIG_USB_KC2190)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Sharp Zaurus (stock ROMs) and compatible    (CONFIG_USB_NET_ZAURUS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Conexant CX82310 USB ethernet port    (CONFIG_USB_NET_CX82310_ETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Samsung Kalmia based LTE USB modem    (CONFIG_USB_NET_KALMIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Option USB High Speed Mobile Devices    (CONFIG_USB_HSO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intellon PLC based usb adapter    (CONFIG_USB_NET_INT51X1)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CDC Phonet support    (CONFIG_USB_CDC_PHONET)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Apple iPhone USB Ethernet driver    (CONFIG_USB_IPHETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] USB-to-WWAN Driver for Sierra Wireless modems    (CONFIG_USB_SIERRA_NET)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] LG VL600 modem dongle    (CONFIG_USB_VL600)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    Wireless LAN  (Link)

                    [N] Wireless LAN    (CONFIG_WLAN)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Aviator/Raytheon 2.4GHz wireless support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_RAYCS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Marvell 8xxx Libertas WLAN driver support with thin firmware    (CONFIG_LIBERTAS_THINFIRM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable full debugging output in the Libertas thin firmware module.    (CONFIG_LIBERTAS_THINFIRM_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Marvell Libertas 8388 USB 802.11b/g cards with thin firmware    (CONFIG_LIBERTAS_THINFIRM_USB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Cisco/Aironet 34X/35X/4500/4800 ISA and PCI cards    (CONFIG_AIRO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Atmel at76c50x chipset 802.11b support    (CONFIG_ATMEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Atmel at76c506 PCI cards    (CONFIG_PCI_ATMEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Atmel at76c502/at76c504 PCMCIA cards    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_ATMEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Atmel at76c503/at76c505/at76c505a USB cards    (CONFIG_AT76C50X_USB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Cisco/Aironet 34X/35X/4500/4800 PCMCIA cards    (CONFIG_AIRO_CS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Planet WL3501 PCMCIA cards    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_WL3501)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Intersil Prism GT/Duette/Indigo PCI/Cardbus (DEPRECATED)    (CONFIG_PRISM54)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] USB ZD1201 based Wireless device support    (CONFIG_USB_ZD1201)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Wireless RNDIS USB support    (CONFIG_USB_NET_RNDIS_WLAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Realtek 8180/8185 PCI support    (CONFIG_RTL8180)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Realtek 8187 and 8187B USB support    (CONFIG_RTL8187)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] RTL8187_LEDS    (CONFIG_RTL8187_LEDS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] ADMtek ADM8211 support    (CONFIG_ADM8211)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Simulated radio testing tool for mac80211    (CONFIG_MAC80211_HWSIM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Marvell 88W8xxx PCI/PCIe Wireless support    (CONFIG_MWL8K)  (tristate)  (Help)

                              Atheros Wireless Cards  (Link)

                              [N] Atheros Wireless Cards    (CONFIG_ATH_COMMON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Atheros wireless debugging    (CONFIG_ATH_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Atheros 5xxx wireless cards support    (CONFIG_ATH5K)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Atheros 5xxx debugging    (CONFIG_ATH5K_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Atheros 5xxx tracer    (CONFIG_ATH5K_TRACER)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Atheros 5xxx AHB bus support    (CONFIG_ATH5K_AHB)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Atheros 5xxx PCI bus support    (CONFIG_ATH5K_PCI)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] ATH9K_HW    (CONFIG_ATH9K_HW)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] ATH9K_COMMON    (CONFIG_ATH9K_COMMON)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] Atheros 802.11n wireless cards support    (CONFIG_ATH9K)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Atheros ath9k PCI/PCIe bus support    (CONFIG_ATH9K_PCI)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Atheros ath9k AHB bus support    (CONFIG_ATH9K_AHB)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Atheros ath9k debugging    (CONFIG_ATH9K_DEBUGFS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Atheros ath9k rate control    (CONFIG_ATH9K_RATE_CONTROL)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Atheros HTC based wireless cards support    (CONFIG_ATH9K_HTC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Atheros ath9k_htc debugging    (CONFIG_ATH9K_HTC_DEBUGFS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Linux Community AR9170 802.11n USB support    (CONFIG_CARL9170)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] SoftLED Support    (CONFIG_CARL9170_LEDS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] DebugFS Support    (CONFIG_CARL9170_DEBUGFS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] CARL9170_WPC    (CONFIG_CARL9170_WPC)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                                  [N] Random number generator    (CONFIG_CARL9170_HWRNG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Atheros ath6kl support    (CONFIG_ATH6KL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Atheros ath6kl debugging    (CONFIG_ATH6KL_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Broadcom 43xx wireless support (mac80211 stack)    (CONFIG_B43)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Support for BCMA bus    (CONFIG_B43_BCMA)  (bool)  (No help available)
                                        [N] B43_SSB    (CONFIG_B43_SSB)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] B43_PCI_AUTOSELECT    (CONFIG_B43_PCI_AUTOSELECT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] B43_PCICORE_AUTOSELECT    (CONFIG_B43_PCICORE_AUTOSELECT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] Broadcom 43xx PCMCIA device support    (CONFIG_B43_PCMCIA)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Broadcom 43xx SDIO device support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_B43_SDIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] B43_BCMA_PIO    (CONFIG_B43_BCMA_PIO)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] B43_PIO    (CONFIG_B43_PIO)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] Support for 802.11n (N-PHY) devices (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_B43_PHY_N)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for low-power (LP-PHY) devices    (CONFIG_B43_PHY_LP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for HT-PHY (high throughput) devices (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_B43_PHY_HT)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for LCN-PHY devices (BROKEN)    (CONFIG_B43_PHY_LCN)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] B43_LEDS    (CONFIG_B43_LEDS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] B43_HWRNG    (CONFIG_B43_HWRNG)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] Broadcom 43xx debugging    (CONFIG_B43_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Broadcom 43xx-legacy wireless support (mac80211 stack)    (CONFIG_B43LEGACY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] B43LEGACY_PCI_AUTOSELECT    (CONFIG_B43LEGACY_PCI_AUTOSELECT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] B43LEGACY_PCICORE_AUTOSELECT    (CONFIG_B43LEGACY_PCICORE_AUTOSELECT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] B43LEGACY_LEDS    (CONFIG_B43LEGACY_LEDS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] B43LEGACY_HWRNG    (CONFIG_B43LEGACY_HWRNG)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] Broadcom 43xx-legacy debugging    (CONFIG_B43LEGACY_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] B43LEGACY_DMA    (CONFIG_B43LEGACY_DMA)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] B43LEGACY_PIO    (CONFIG_B43LEGACY_PIO)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        Broadcom 43xx-legacy data transfer mode
                                        [ ] DMA + PIO  (CONFIG_B43LEGACY_DMA_AND_PIO_MODE)  (Help)
                                        [ ] DMA (Direct Memory Access) only  (CONFIG_B43LEGACY_DMA_MODE)  (Help)
                                        [ ] PIO (Programmed I/O) only  (CONFIG_B43LEGACY_PIO_MODE)  (Help)
                              [N] BRCMUTIL    (CONFIG_BRCMUTIL)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] Broadcom IEEE802.11n PCIe SoftMAC WLAN driver    (CONFIG_BRCMSMAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Broadcom IEEE802.11n embedded FullMAC WLAN driver    (CONFIG_BRCMFMAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Broadcom driver debug functions    (CONFIG_BRCMDBG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IEEE 802.11 for Host AP (Prism2/2.5/3 and WEP/TKIP/CCMP)    (CONFIG_HOSTAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Support downloading firmware images with Host AP driver    (CONFIG_HOSTAP_FIRMWARE)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Support for non-volatile firmware download    (CONFIG_HOSTAP_FIRMWARE_NVRAM)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Host AP driver for Prism2/2.5/3 in PLX9052 PCI adaptors    (CONFIG_HOSTAP_PLX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Host AP driver for Prism2.5 PCI adaptors    (CONFIG_HOSTAP_PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Host AP driver for Prism2/2.5/3 PC Cards    (CONFIG_HOSTAP_CS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 Network Connection    (CONFIG_IPW2100)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable promiscuous mode    (CONFIG_IPW2100_MONITOR)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable full debugging output in IPW2100 module.    (CONFIG_IPW2100_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG and 2915ABG Network Connection    (CONFIG_IPW2200)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable promiscuous mode    (CONFIG_IPW2200_MONITOR)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Enable radiotap format 802.11 raw packet support    (CONFIG_IPW2200_RADIOTAP)  (bool)  (No help available)
                                                  [N] Enable creation of a RF radiotap promiscuous interface    (CONFIG_IPW2200_PROMISCUOUS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable QoS support    (CONFIG_IPW2200_QOS)  (bool)  (No help available)
                                        [N] Enable full debugging output in IPW2200 module.    (CONFIG_IPW2200_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] LIBIPW    (CONFIG_LIBIPW)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (Help)
                              [N] Full debugging output for the LIBIPW component    (CONFIG_LIBIPW_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Intel Wireless WiFi Next Gen AGN - Wireless-N/Advanced-N/Ultimate-N (iwlwifi)     (CONFIG_IWLWIFI)  (tristate)  (Help)

Debugging Options  (Link)

          [N] Enable full debugging output in the iwlwifi driver    (CONFIG_IWLWIFI_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] iwlwifi debugfs support    (CONFIG_IWLWIFI_DEBUGFS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Experimental uCode support    (CONFIG_IWLWIFI_DEBUG_EXPERIMENTAL_UCODE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] iwlwifi device access tracing    (CONFIG_IWLWIFI_DEVICE_TRACING)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] iwlwifi device svtool support    (CONFIG_IWLWIFI_DEVICE_SVTOOL)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IWLWIFI_LEGACY    (CONFIG_IWLWIFI_LEGACY)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)

Debugging Options  (Link)

          [N] Enable full debugging output in 4965 and 3945 drivers    (CONFIG_IWLWIFI_LEGACY_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] 4965 and 3945 debugfs support    (CONFIG_IWLWIFI_LEGACY_DEBUGFS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] iwlwifilegacy legacy device access tracing    (CONFIG_IWLWIFI_LEGACY_DEVICE_TRACING)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Intel Wireless WiFi 4965AGN (iwl4965)    (CONFIG_IWL4965)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG/BG Network Connection (iwl3945)    (CONFIG_IWL3945)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Intel Wireless Multicomm 3200 WiFi driver    (CONFIG_IWM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable full debugging output in iwmc3200wifi    (CONFIG_IWM_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable event tracing for iwmc3200wifi    (CONFIG_IWM_TRACING)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Marvell 8xxx Libertas WLAN driver support    (CONFIG_LIBERTAS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Marvell Libertas 8388 USB 802.11b/g cards    (CONFIG_LIBERTAS_USB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Marvell Libertas 8385 CompactFlash 802.11b/g cards    (CONFIG_LIBERTAS_CS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Marvell Libertas 8385/8686/8688 SDIO 802.11b/g cards    (CONFIG_LIBERTAS_SDIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Marvell Libertas 8686 SPI 802.11b/g cards    (CONFIG_LIBERTAS_SPI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable full debugging output in the Libertas module.    (CONFIG_LIBERTAS_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable mesh support    (CONFIG_LIBERTAS_MESH)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Hermes chipset 802.11b support (Orinoco/Prism2/Symbol)    (CONFIG_HERMES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Support Prism 2/2.5 chipset    (CONFIG_HERMES_PRISM)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Cache Hermes firmware on driver initialisation    (CONFIG_HERMES_CACHE_FW_ON_INIT)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Apple Airport support (built-in)    (CONFIG_APPLE_AIRPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Hermes in PLX9052 based PCI adaptor support (Netgear MA301 etc.)    (CONFIG_PLX_HERMES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Hermes in TMD7160 based PCI adaptor support    (CONFIG_TMD_HERMES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Nortel emobility PCI adaptor support    (CONFIG_NORTEL_HERMES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Prism 2.5 PCI 802.11b adaptor support    (CONFIG_PCI_HERMES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Hermes PCMCIA card support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_HERMES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Symbol Spectrum24 Trilogy PCMCIA card support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_SPECTRUM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Agere Orinoco USB support    (CONFIG_ORINOCO_USB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Softmac Prism54 support    (CONFIG_P54_COMMON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Prism54 USB support    (CONFIG_P54_USB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Prism54 PCI support    (CONFIG_P54_PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Prism54 SPI (stlc45xx) support    (CONFIG_P54_SPI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Include fallback EEPROM blob    (CONFIG_P54_SPI_DEFAULT_EEPROM)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] P54_LEDS    (CONFIG_P54_LEDS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

                              Ralink driver support  (Link)

                              [N] Ralink driver support    (CONFIG_RT2X00)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Ralink rt2400 (PCI/PCMCIA) support    (CONFIG_RT2400PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Ralink rt2500 (PCI/PCMCIA) support    (CONFIG_RT2500PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Ralink rt2501/rt61 (PCI/PCMCIA) support    (CONFIG_RT61PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Ralink rt27xx/rt28xx/rt30xx (PCI/PCIe/PCMCIA) support    (CONFIG_RT2800PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] rt2800pci - Include support for rt33xx devices    (CONFIG_RT2800PCI_RT33XX)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] rt2800pci - Include support for rt35xx devices (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_RT2800PCI_RT35XX)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] rt2800pci - Include support for rt53xx devices (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_RT2800PCI_RT53XX)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Ralink rt2500 (USB) support    (CONFIG_RT2500USB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Ralink rt2501/rt73 (USB) support    (CONFIG_RT73USB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Ralink rt27xx/rt28xx/rt30xx (USB) support    (CONFIG_RT2800USB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] rt2800usb - Include support for rt33xx devices    (CONFIG_RT2800USB_RT33XX)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] rt2800usb - Include support for rt35xx devices (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_RT2800USB_RT35XX)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] rt2800usb - Include support for rt53xx devices (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_RT2800USB_RT53XX)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] rt2800usb - Include support for unknown (USB) devices    (CONFIG_RT2800USB_UNKNOWN)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] RT2800_LIB    (CONFIG_RT2800_LIB)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] RT2X00_LIB_PCI    (CONFIG_RT2X00_LIB_PCI)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] RT2X00_LIB_SOC    (CONFIG_RT2X00_LIB_SOC)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] RT2X00_LIB_USB    (CONFIG_RT2X00_LIB_USB)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] RT2X00_LIB    (CONFIG_RT2X00_LIB)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] RT2X00_LIB_FIRMWARE    (CONFIG_RT2X00_LIB_FIRMWARE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] RT2X00_LIB_CRYPTO    (CONFIG_RT2X00_LIB_CRYPTO)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] RT2X00_LIB_LEDS    (CONFIG_RT2X00_LIB_LEDS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                                        [N] Ralink debugfs support    (CONFIG_RT2X00_LIB_DEBUGFS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Ralink debug output    (CONFIG_RT2X00_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Realtek RTL8192CE/RTL8188CE Wireless Network Adapter    (CONFIG_RTL8192CE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Realtek RTL8192SE/RTL8191SE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter    (CONFIG_RTL8192SE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Realtek RTL8192DE/RTL8188DE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter    (CONFIG_RTL8192DE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Realtek RTL8192CU/RTL8188CU USB Wireless Network Adapter    (CONFIG_RTL8192CU)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] RTLWIFI    (CONFIG_RTLWIFI)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] RTL8192C_COMMON    (CONFIG_RTL8192C_COMMON)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)

                              TI wl1251 driver support  (Link)

                              [N] TI wl1251 driver support    (CONFIG_WL1251)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] TI wl1251 SPI support    (CONFIG_WL1251_SPI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] TI wl1251 SDIO support    (CONFIG_WL1251_SDIO)  (tristate)  (Help)

                              TI wl12xx driver support  (Link)

                              [N] TI wl12xx driver support    (CONFIG_WL12XX_MENU)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] TI wl12xx support    (CONFIG_WL12XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] TI wl12xx SPI support    (CONFIG_WL12XX_SPI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] TI wl12xx SDIO support    (CONFIG_WL12XX_SDIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                            [N] TI wl12xx SDIO testing support    (CONFIG_WL12XX_SDIO_TEST)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] WL12XX_PLATFORM_DATA    (CONFIG_WL12XX_PLATFORM_DATA)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] ZyDAS ZD1211/ZD1211B USB-wireless support    (CONFIG_ZD1211RW)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] ZyDAS ZD1211 debugging    (CONFIG_ZD1211RW_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Marvell WiFi-Ex Driver    (CONFIG_MWIFIEX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Marvell WiFi-Ex Driver for SD8787    (CONFIG_MWIFIEX_SDIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Marvell WiFi-Ex Driver for PCIE 8766    (CONFIG_MWIFIEX_PCIE)  (tristate)  (Help)

WiMAX Wireless Broadband devices  (Link)

          [N] WIMAX_I2400M    (CONFIG_WIMAX_I2400M)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Intel Wireless WiMAX Connection 2400 over USB (including 5x50)    (CONFIG_WIMAX_I2400M_USB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intel Wireless WiMAX Connection 2400 over SDIO    (CONFIG_WIMAX_I2400M_SDIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel Wireless Multicom WiMAX Connection 3200 over SDIO    (CONFIG_WIMAX_IWMC3200_SDIO)  (bool)  (Help)
          [     ] WiMAX i2400m debug level    (CONFIG_WIMAX_I2400M_DEBUG_LEVEL)  (string)  (Help)

                    Wan interfaces support  (Link)

                    [N] Wan interfaces support    (CONFIG_WAN)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Comtrol Hostess SV-11 support    (CONFIG_HOSTESS_SV11)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] COSA/SRP sync serial boards support    (CONFIG_COSA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] LanMedia Corp. SSI/V.35, T1/E1, HSSI, T3 boards    (CONFIG_LANMEDIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Sealevel Systems 4021 support    (CONFIG_SEALEVEL_4021)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Generic HDLC layer    (CONFIG_HDLC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Raw HDLC support    (CONFIG_HDLC_RAW)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Raw HDLC Ethernet device support    (CONFIG_HDLC_RAW_ETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Cisco HDLC support    (CONFIG_HDLC_CISCO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Frame Relay support    (CONFIG_HDLC_FR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Synchronous Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) support    (CONFIG_HDLC_PPP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] X.25 protocol support    (CONFIG_HDLC_X25)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Goramo PCI200SYN support    (CONFIG_PCI200SYN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] SBE Inc. wanXL support    (CONFIG_WANXL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] rebuild wanXL firmware    (CONFIG_WANXL_BUILD_FIRMWARE)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Cyclades-PC300 support (RS-232/V.35, X.21, T1/E1 boards)    (CONFIG_PC300)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Cyclades-PC300 MLPPP support    (CONFIG_PC300_MLPPP)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Cyclades PC300 RSV/X21 alternative support    (CONFIG_PC300TOO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] SDL RISCom/N2 support    (CONFIG_N2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Moxa C101 support    (CONFIG_C101)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] FarSync T-Series support    (CONFIG_FARSYNC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Etinc PCISYNC serial board support    (CONFIG_DSCC4)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Etinc PCISYNC features    (CONFIG_DSCC4_PCISYNC)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Hard reset support    (CONFIG_DSCC4_PCI_RST)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Intel IXP4xx HSS (synchronous serial port) support    (CONFIG_IXP4XX_HSS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Frame Relay DLCI support    (CONFIG_DLCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [     ] Max DLCI per device    (CONFIG_DLCI_MAX)  (string)  (Help)
                                        [N] SDLA (Sangoma S502/S508) support    (CONFIG_SDLA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] WAN router drivers    (CONFIG_WAN_ROUTER_DRIVERS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Cyclom 2X(tm) cards (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_CYCLADES_SYNC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Cyclom 2X X.25 support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_CYCLOMX_X25)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] LAPB over Ethernet driver (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_LAPBETHER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] X.25 async driver (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_X25_ASY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Granch SBNI12 Leased Line adapter support    (CONFIG_SBNI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Multiple line feature support    (CONFIG_SBNI_MULTILINE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Xen network device frontend driver    (CONFIG_XEN_NETDEV_FRONTEND)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Xen backend network device    (CONFIG_XEN_NETDEV_BACKEND)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] VMware VMXNET3 ethernet driver    (CONFIG_VMXNET3)  (tristate)  (Help)

Input device support  (Link)

          [N] Generic input layer (needed for keyboard, mouse, ...)    (CONFIG_INPUT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for memoryless force-feedback devices    (CONFIG_INPUT_FF_MEMLESS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Polled input device skeleton    (CONFIG_INPUT_POLLDEV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Sparse keymap support library    (CONFIG_INPUT_SPARSEKMAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Mouse interface    (CONFIG_INPUT_MOUSEDEV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Provide legacy /dev/psaux device    (CONFIG_INPUT_MOUSEDEV_PSAUX)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [     ] Horizontal screen resolution    (CONFIG_INPUT_MOUSEDEV_SCREEN_X)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] Vertical screen resolution    (CONFIG_INPUT_MOUSEDEV_SCREEN_Y)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Joystick interface    (CONFIG_INPUT_JOYDEV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Event interface    (CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Event debugging    (CONFIG_INPUT_EVBUG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Input Power Event -    (CONFIG_INPUT_APMPOWER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] >    (CONFIG_INPUT_APMPOWER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] APM Bridge    (CONFIG_INPUT_APMPOWER)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    Keyboards  (Link)

                    [N] Keyboards    (CONFIG_INPUT_KEYBOARD)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Keypad Support for ADP5520 PMIC    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_ADP5520)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ADP5588/87 I2C QWERTY Keypad and IO Expander    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_ADP5588)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ADP5585/ADP5589 I2C QWERTY Keypad and IO Expander    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_ADP5589)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Amiga keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_AMIGA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ATARI_KBD_CORE    (CONFIG_ATARI_KBD_CORE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] Atari keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_ATARI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] AT keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_ATKBD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Use HP keyboard scancodes    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_ATKBD_HP_KEYCODES)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Use PrecisionBook keyboard scancodes    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_ATKBD_RDI_KEYCODES)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Atmel AT42QT1070 Touch Sensor Chip    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_QT1070)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Atmel AT42QT2160 Touch Sensor Chip    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_QT2160)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Blackfin BF54x keypad support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_BFIN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] DECstation/VAXstation LK201/LK401 keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_LKKBD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] EP93xx Matrix Keypad support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_EP93XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] GPIO Buttons    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_GPIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Polled GPIO buttons    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_GPIO_POLLED)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TCA6416/TCA6408A Keypad Support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_TCA6416)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] GPIO driven matrix keypad support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_MATRIX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HP HIL keyboard support (simple driver)    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_HIL_OLD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HP HIL keyboard/pointer support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_HIL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HP Jornada 6xx keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_HP6XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HP Jornada 7xx keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_HP7XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] LM8323 keypad chip    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_LM8323)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] LoCoMo Keyboard Support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_LOCOMO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Maple bus keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_MAPLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Maxim MAX7359 Key Switch Controller    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_MAX7359)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MELFAS MCS Touchkey    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_MCS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Freescale MPR121 Touchkey    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_MPR121)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IMX keypad support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_IMX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Newton keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_NEWTON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ST-Ericsson Nomadik SKE keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_NOMADIK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] NVIDIA Tegra internal matrix keyboard controller support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_TEGRA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] OpenCores Keyboard Controller    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_OPENCORES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PXA27x/PXA3xx keypad support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_PXA27x)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PXA930/PXA935 Enhanced Rotary Controller Support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_PXA930_ROTARY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Qualcomm PMIC8XXX keypad support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_PMIC8XXX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Samsung keypad support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_SAMSUNG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Stowaway keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_STOWAWAY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Sun Type 4 and Type 5 keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_SUNKBD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] SuperH KEYSC keypad support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_SH_KEYSC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] STMPE keypad support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_STMPE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TI DaVinci Key Scan    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_DAVINCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TI OMAP keypad support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_OMAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TI OMAP4 keypad support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_OMAP4)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ST SPEAR keyboard support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_SPEAR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TC3589X Keypad support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_TC3589X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TI TNETV107X keypad support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_TNETV107X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TI TWL4030/TWL5030/TPS659x0 keypad support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_TWL4030)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] XT keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_XTKBD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] W90P910 Matrix Keypad support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_W90P910)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    Mice  (Link)

                    [N] Mice    (CONFIG_INPUT_MOUSE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] PS/2 mouse    (CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] ALPS PS/2 mouse protocol extension    (CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2_ALPS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Logitech PS/2++ mouse protocol extension    (CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2_LOGIPS2PP)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Synaptics PS/2 mouse protocol extension    (CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2_SYNAPTICS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Fujitsu Lifebook PS/2 mouse protocol extension    (CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2_LIFEBOOK)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] IBM Trackpoint PS/2 mouse protocol extension    (CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2_TRACKPOINT)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Elantech PS/2 protocol extension    (CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2_ELANTECH)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Sentelic Finger Sensing Pad PS/2 protocol extension    (CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2_SENTELIC)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] eGalax TouchKit PS/2 protocol extension    (CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2_TOUCHKIT)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] OLPC PS/2 mouse protocol extension    (CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2_OLPC)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Serial mouse    (CONFIG_MOUSE_SERIAL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Apple USB Touchpad support    (CONFIG_MOUSE_APPLETOUCH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Apple USB BCM5974 Multitouch trackpad support    (CONFIG_MOUSE_BCM5974)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] InPort/MS/ATIXL busmouse    (CONFIG_MOUSE_INPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] ATI XL variant    (CONFIG_MOUSE_ATIXL)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Logitech busmouse    (CONFIG_MOUSE_LOGIBM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IBM PC110 touchpad    (CONFIG_MOUSE_PC110PAD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Amiga mouse    (CONFIG_MOUSE_AMIGA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Atari mouse    (CONFIG_MOUSE_ATARI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Acorn RiscPC mouse    (CONFIG_MOUSE_RISCPC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] DEC VSXXX-AA/GA mouse and VSXXX-AB tablet    (CONFIG_MOUSE_VSXXXAA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] GPIO mouse    (CONFIG_MOUSE_GPIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PXA930 Trackball mouse    (CONFIG_MOUSE_PXA930_TRKBALL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Maple mouse (for the Dreamcast)    (CONFIG_MOUSE_MAPLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Synaptics I2C Touchpad support    (CONFIG_MOUSE_SYNAPTICS_I2C)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    Joysticks/Gamepads  (Link)

                    [N] Joysticks/Gamepads    (CONFIG_INPUT_JOYSTICK)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Classic PC analog joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_ANALOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Assassin 3D and MadCatz Panther devices    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_A3D)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Logitech ADI digital joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_ADI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Creative Labs Blaster Cobra gamepad    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_COBRA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Genius Flight2000 Digital joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_GF2K)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Gravis GrIP joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_GRIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Gravis GrIP MultiPort    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_GRIP_MP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Guillemot joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_GUILLEMOT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] InterAct digital joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_INTERACT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Microsoft SideWinder digital joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_SIDEWINDER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ThrustMaster DirectConnect joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_TMDC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] I-Force devices    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_IFORCE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] I-Force USB joysticks and wheels    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_IFORCE_USB)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] I-Force Serial joysticks and wheels    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_IFORCE_232)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Logitech WingMan Warrior joystick    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_WARRIOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] LogiCad3d Magellan/SpaceMouse 6dof controllers    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_MAGELLAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] SpaceTec SpaceOrb/Avenger 6dof controllers    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_SPACEORB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] SpaceTec SpaceBall 6dof controllers    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_SPACEBALL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Gravis Stinger gamepad    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_STINGER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Twiddler as a joystick    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_TWIDJOY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] 5-byte Zhenhua RC transmitter    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_ZHENHUA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Multisystem, Sega Genesis, Saturn joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_DB9)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Multisystem, NES, SNES, N64, PSX joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_GAMECON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Multisystem joysticks via TurboGraFX device    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_TURBOGRAFX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Amiga joysticks    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_AMIGA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Austria Microsystem AS5011 joystick    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_AS5011)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Gameport data dumper    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_JOYDUMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] X-Box gamepad support    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_XPAD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] X-Box gamepad rumble support    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_XPAD_FF)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] LED Support for Xbox360 controller 'BigX' LED    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_XPAD_LEDS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Walkera WK-0701 RC transmitter    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_WALKERA0701)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Dreamcast control pad    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_MAPLE)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    Tablets  (Link)

                    [N] Tablets    (CONFIG_INPUT_TABLET)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Acecad Flair tablet support (USB)    (CONFIG_TABLET_USB_ACECAD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Aiptek 6000U/8000U and Genius G_PEN tablet support (USB)    (CONFIG_TABLET_USB_AIPTEK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] GTCO CalComp/InterWrite USB Support    (CONFIG_TABLET_USB_GTCO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Hanwang Art Master III tablet support (USB)    (CONFIG_TABLET_USB_HANWANG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] KB Gear JamStudio tablet support (USB)    (CONFIG_TABLET_USB_KBTAB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Wacom Intuos/Graphire tablet support (USB)    (CONFIG_TABLET_USB_WACOM)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    Touchscreens  (Link)

                    [N] Touchscreens    (CONFIG_INPUT_TOUCHSCREEN)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Marvell 88PM860x touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_88PM860X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ADS7846/TSC2046/AD7873 and AD(S)7843 based touchscreens    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_ADS7846)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] AD7877 based touchscreens    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_AD7877)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Analog Devices AD7879-1/AD7889-1 touchscreen interface    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_AD7879)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] support I2C bus connection    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_AD7879_I2C)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] support SPI bus connection    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_AD7879_SPI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Atmel mXT I2C Touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_ATMEL_MXT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Compaq iPAQ H3600 (Bitsy) touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_BITSY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] BU21013 based touch panel controllers    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_BU21013)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] cy8ctmg110 touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_CY8CTMG110)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Touchscreen support for Dialog Semiconductor DA9034    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_DA9034)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Dynapro serial touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_DYNAPRO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Hampshire serial touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_HAMPSHIRE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] EETI touchscreen panel support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_EETI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Fujitsu serial touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_FUJITSU)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Samsung S3C2410/generic touchscreen input driver    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_S3C2410)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Gunze AHL-51S touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_GUNZE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Elo serial touchscreens    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_ELO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Wacom W8001 penabled serial touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_WACOM_W8001)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] LPC32XX touchscreen controller    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_LPC32XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MAX11801 based touchscreens    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_MAX11801)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MELFAS MCS-5000 touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_MCS5000)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MicroTouch serial touchscreens    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_MTOUCH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] iNexio serial touchscreens    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_INEXIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Intel MID platform resistive touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_INTEL_MID)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ICS MicroClock MK712 touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_MK712)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HP Jornada 6xx touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_HP600)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HP Jornada 7xx touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_HP7XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HTC Shift X9500 touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_HTCPEN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Penmount serial touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_PENMOUNT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Renesas MIGO-R touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_MIGOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TI TNETV107X touchscreen support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_TNETV107X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Touchright serial touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_TOUCHRIGHT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Touchwin serial touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_TOUCHWIN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Atmel Touchscreen Interface    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_ATMEL_TSADCC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Philips UCB1400 touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_UCB1400)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for WM831x touchscreen controllers    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_WM831X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for WM97xx AC97 touchscreen controllers    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_WM97XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] WM9705 Touchscreen interface support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_WM9705)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] WM9712 Touchscreen interface support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_WM9712)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] WM9713 Touchscreen interface support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_WM9713)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] WM97xx Atmel accelerated touch    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_WM97XX_ATMEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] WM97xx Mainstone/Palm accelerated touch    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_WM97XX_MAINSTONE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Zylonite accelerated touch    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_WM97XX_ZYLONITE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] USB Touchscreen Driver    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_COMPOSITE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Freescale MC13783 touchscreen input driver    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_MC13783)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] eGalax, eTurboTouch CT-410/510/700 device support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_EGALAX)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] PanJit device support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_PANJIT)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] 3M/Microtouch EX II series device support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_3M)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] ITM device support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_ITM)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] eTurboTouch (non-eGalax compatible) device support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_ETURBO)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] Gunze AHL61 device support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_GUNZE)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] DMC TSC-10/25 device support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_DMC_TSC10)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] IRTOUCHSYSTEMS/UNITOP device support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_IRTOUCH)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] IdealTEK URTC1000 device support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_IDEALTEK)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] GeneralTouch Touchscreen device support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_GENERAL_TOUCH)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] GoTop Super_Q2/GogoPen/PenPower tablet device support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_GOTOP)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] JASTEC/DigiTech DTR-02U USB touch controller device support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_JASTEC)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] e2i Touchscreen controller (e.g. from Mimo 740)    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_E2I)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] Zytronic controller    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_ZYTRONIC)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] ET     (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_ETT_TC45USB)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] &    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_ETT_TC45USB)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] T USB series TC4UM/TC5UH touchscreen controller support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_ETT_TC45USB)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] NEXIO/iNexio device support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_NEXIO)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] Sahara TouchIT-213 touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_TOUCHIT213)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TSC-10/25/40 serial touchscreen support    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_TSC_SERIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TSC2005 based touchscreens    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_TSC2005)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TSC2007 based touchscreens    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_TSC2007)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] W90P910 touchscreen driver    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_W90X900)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Motorola PCAP touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_PCAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Sitronix ST1232 touchscreen controllers    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_ST1232)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] STMicroelectronics STMPE touchscreens    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_STMPE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TPS6507x based touchscreens    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_TPS6507X)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    Miscellaneous devices  (Link)

                    [N] Miscellaneous devices    (CONFIG_INPUT_MISC)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] 88PM860x ONKEY support    (CONFIG_INPUT_88PM860X_ONKEY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] AB8500 Pon (PowerOn) Key    (CONFIG_INPUT_AB8500_PONKEY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Analog Devices AD714x Capacitance Touch Sensor    (CONFIG_INPUT_AD714X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] support I2C bus connection    (CONFIG_INPUT_AD714X_I2C)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] support SPI bus connection    (CONFIG_INPUT_AD714X_SPI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] BMA150/SMB380 acceleration sensor support    (CONFIG_INPUT_BMA150)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PC Speaker support    (CONFIG_INPUT_PCSPKR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Qualcomm PM8XXX vibrator support    (CONFIG_INPUT_PM8XXX_VIBRATOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PMIC8XXX power key support    (CONFIG_INPUT_PMIC8XXX_PWRKEY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] SPARC Speaker support    (CONFIG_INPUT_SPARCSPKR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] M68k Beeper support    (CONFIG_INPUT_M68K_BEEP)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                              [N] MAX8925 ONKEY support    (CONFIG_INPUT_MAX8925_ONKEY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MC13783 ON buttons    (CONFIG_INPUT_MC13783_PWRBUTTON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MMA8450 - Freescale's 3-Axis, 8/12-bit Digital Accelerometer    (CONFIG_INPUT_MMA8450)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MPU3050 Triaxial gyroscope sensor    (CONFIG_INPUT_MPU3050)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Fujitsu Lifebook Application Panel buttons    (CONFIG_INPUT_APANEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IXP4XX Beeper support    (CONFIG_INPUT_IXP4XX_BEEPER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Cobalt button interface    (CONFIG_INPUT_COBALT_BTNS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] x86 Wistron laptop button interface    (CONFIG_INPUT_WISTRON_BTNS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] x86 Atlas button interface    (CONFIG_INPUT_ATLAS_BTNS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ATI / Philips USB RF remote control    (CONFIG_INPUT_ATI_REMOTE2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Keyspan DMR USB remote control (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_INPUT_KEYSPAN_REMOTE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Kionix KXTJ9 tri-axis digital accelerometer    (CONFIG_INPUT_KXTJ9)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable polling mode support    (CONFIG_INPUT_KXTJ9_POLLED_MODE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Griffin PowerMate and Contour Jog support    (CONFIG_INPUT_POWERMATE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Yealink usb-p1k voip phone    (CONFIG_INPUT_YEALINK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] C-Media CM109 USB I/O Controller    (CONFIG_INPUT_CM109)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TWL4030 Power button Driver    (CONFIG_INPUT_TWL4030_PWRBUTTON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for TWL4030 Vibrator    (CONFIG_INPUT_TWL4030_VIBRA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for TWL6040 Vibrator    (CONFIG_INPUT_TWL6040_VIBRA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] User level driver support    (CONFIG_INPUT_UINPUT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] SGI Indy/O2 volume button interface    (CONFIG_INPUT_SGI_BTNS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HP SDC Real Time Clock    (CONFIG_HP_SDC_RTC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PCF50633 PMU events    (CONFIG_INPUT_PCF50633_PMU)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PCF8574 Keypad input device    (CONFIG_INPUT_PCF8574)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PWM beeper support    (CONFIG_INPUT_PWM_BEEPER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Rotary encoders connected to GPIO pins    (CONFIG_INPUT_GPIO_ROTARY_ENCODER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Mikrotik Routerboard 532 button interface    (CONFIG_INPUT_RB532_BUTTON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TI DaVinci DM355 EVM Keypad and IR Remote    (CONFIG_INPUT_DM355EVM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Blackfin Rotary support    (CONFIG_INPUT_BFIN_ROTARY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] WM831X ON pin    (CONFIG_INPUT_WM831X_ON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Motorola EZX PCAP misc input events    (CONFIG_INPUT_PCAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Analog Devices ADXL34x Three-Axis Digital Accelerometer    (CONFIG_INPUT_ADXL34X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] support I2C bus connection    (CONFIG_INPUT_ADXL34X_I2C)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] support SPI bus connection    (CONFIG_INPUT_ADXL34X_SPI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] VTI CMA3000 Tri-axis accelerometer    (CONFIG_INPUT_CMA3000)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Support I2C bus connection    (CONFIG_INPUT_CMA3000_I2C)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Xen virtual keyboard and mouse support    (CONFIG_INPUT_XEN_KBDDEV_FRONTEND)  (tristate)  (Help)

Hardware I/O ports  (Link)

          [N] Serial I/O support    (CONFIG_SERIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] i8042 PC Keyboard controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_I8042)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Serial port line discipline    (CONFIG_SERIO_SERPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ct82c710 Aux port controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_CT82C710)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Q40 keyboard controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_Q40KBD)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] Parallel port keyboard adapter    (CONFIG_SERIO_PARKBD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Acorn RiscPC keyboard controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_RPCKBD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AVR32 PSIF PS/2 keyboard and mouse controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_AT32PSIF)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AMBA KMI keyboard controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_AMBAKMI)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] Intel SA1111 keyboard controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_SA1111)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] HP GSC PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_GSCPS2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HP System Device Controller i8042 Support    (CONFIG_HP_SDC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HIL MLC Support (needed for HIL input devices)    (CONFIG_HIL_MLC)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] PCI PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_PCIPS2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SGI O2 MACE PS/2 controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_MACEPS2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PS/2 driver library    (CONFIG_SERIO_LIBPS2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Raw access to serio ports    (CONFIG_SERIO_RAW)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Xilinx XPS PS/2 Controller Support    (CONFIG_SERIO_XILINX_XPS_PS2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Altera UP PS/2 controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_ALTERA_PS2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Amstrad Delta (E3) mailboard support    (CONFIG_SERIO_AMS_DELTA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] TQC PS/2 multiplexer    (CONFIG_SERIO_PS2MULT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Gameport support    (CONFIG_GAMEPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Classic ISA and PnP gameport support    (CONFIG_GAMEPORT_NS558)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PDPI Lightning 4 gamecard support    (CONFIG_GAMEPORT_L4)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SB Live and Audigy gameport support    (CONFIG_GAMEPORT_EMU10K1)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ForteMedia FM801 gameport support    (CONFIG_GAMEPORT_FM801)  (tristate)  (Help)

Character devices  (Link)

          [N] Virtual terminal    (CONFIG_VT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on virtual terminal    (CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] HW_CONSOLE    (CONFIG_HW_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Unix98 PTY support    (CONFIG_UNIX98_PTYS)  (bool)  (Help)

PCMCIA character devices  (Link)

          [N] SyncLink PC Card support    (CONFIG_SYNCLINK_CS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Omnikey Cardman 4000 support    (CONFIG_CARDMAN_4000)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Omnikey CardMan 4040 support    (CONFIG_CARDMAN_4040)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IPWireless 3G UMTS PCMCIA card support    (CONFIG_IPWIRELESS)  (tristate)  (Help)

Serial drivers  (Link)

          [N] 8250/16550 and compatible serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on 8250/16550 and compatible serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] FIX_EARLYCON_MEM    (CONFIG_FIX_EARLYCON_MEM)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] SERIAL_8250_GSC    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_GSC)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] 8250/16550 PCI device support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] 8250/16550 PNP device support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_PNP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SERIAL_8250_HP300    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_HP300)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] 8250/16550 PCMCIA device support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_CS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [     ] Maximum number of 8250/16550 serial ports    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_NR_UARTS)  (string)  (Help)
          [     ] Number of 8250/16550 serial ports to register at runtime    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_RUNTIME_UARTS)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Extended 8250/16550 serial driver options    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_EXTENDED)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support more than 4 legacy serial ports    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_MANY_PORTS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support Fourport cards    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_FOURPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support Accent cards    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_ACCENT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support Boca cards    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_BOCA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support Exar ST16C554/554D Quad UART    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_EXAR_ST16C554)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support Hub6 cards    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_HUB6)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for sharing serial interrupts    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_SHARE_IRQ)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Autodetect IRQ on standard ports (unsafe)    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_DETECT_IRQ)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support RSA serial ports    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_RSA)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Support 8250-type ports on MCA buses    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_MCA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Acorn expansion card serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_ACORN)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Support for MIPS RM9xxx integrated serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_RM9K)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Support for Synopsys DesignWare 8250 quirks    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_DW)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ARM AMBA PL010 serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_AMBA_PL010)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on AMBA serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_AMBA_PL010_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] ARM AMBA PL011 serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_AMBA_PL011)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on AMBA serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_AMBA_PL011_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] BCM1xxx on-chip DUART serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SB1250_DUART)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on a BCM1xxx DUART serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SB1250_DUART_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] AT91 / AT32 on-chip serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_ATMEL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on AT91 / AT32 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_ATMEL_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support DMA transfers on AT91 / AT32 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_ATMEL_PDC)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Install as device ttyATn instead of ttySn    (CONFIG_SERIAL_ATMEL_TTYAT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Micrel KS8695 (Centaur) serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_KS8695)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on KS8695 (Centaur) serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_KS8695_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] CLPS711X serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_CLPS711X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on CLPS711X serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_CLPS711X_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Samsung SoC serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SAMSUNG)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SERIAL_SAMSUNG_UARTS_4    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SAMSUNG_UARTS_4)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
          [     ] SERIAL_SAMSUNG_UARTS    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SAMSUNG_UARTS)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Samsung SoC serial debug    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SAMSUNG_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Support for console on Samsung SoC serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SAMSUNG_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Samsung S3C2410 Serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_S3C2410)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Samsung S3C2412/S3C2413 Serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_S3C2412)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Samsung S3C2440/S3C2442/S3C2416 Serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_S3C2440)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Samsung S3C6400/S3C6410/S5P6440/S5P6450/S5PC100 Serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_S3C6400)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Samsung S5PV210 Serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_S5PV210)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MAX3100 support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MAX3100)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MAX3107 support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MAX3107)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] MAX3107 AAVA platform support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MAX3107_AAVA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] DECstation DZ serial driver    (CONFIG_SERIAL_DZ)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support console on DECstation DZ serial driver    (CONFIG_SERIAL_DZ_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] DECstation Z85C30 serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_ZS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on a DECstation Z85C30 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_ZS_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] DC21285 serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_21285)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on DC21285 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_21285_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Marvell MPSC serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MPSC)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on Marvell MPSC serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MPSC_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] PXA serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_PXA)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on PXA serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_PXA_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] SA1100 serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SA1100)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on SA1100 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SA1100_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] SPI UART driver for Max3110    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MRST_MAX3110)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Medfield High Speed UART support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MFD_HSU)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] Medfile HSU serial console support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MFD_HSU_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] Blackfin serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_BFIN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on Blackfin serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_BFIN_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    UART Mode
                    [ ] DMA mode  (CONFIG_SERIAL_BFIN_DMA)  (Help)
                    [ ] PIO mode  (CONFIG_SERIAL_BFIN_PIO)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable UART0    (CONFIG_SERIAL_BFIN_UART0)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable UART0 hardware flow control    (CONFIG_BFIN_UART0_CTSRTS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable UART1    (CONFIG_SERIAL_BFIN_UART1)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable UART1 hardware flow control    (CONFIG_BFIN_UART1_CTSRTS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable UART2    (CONFIG_SERIAL_BFIN_UART2)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable UART2 hardware flow control    (CONFIG_BFIN_UART2_CTSRTS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable UART3    (CONFIG_SERIAL_BFIN_UART3)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable UART3 hardware flow control    (CONFIG_BFIN_UART3_CTSRTS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] IMX serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_IMX)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on IMX serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_IMX_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Xilinx uartlite serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_UARTLITE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on Xilinx uartlite serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_UARTLITE_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] SERIAL_SUNCORE    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SUNCORE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Sun Zilog8530 serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SUNZILOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on Sun Zilog8530 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SUNZILOG_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Sun SU serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SUNSU)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on Sun SU serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SUNSU_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Serial MUX support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MUX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on serial MUX    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MUX_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] PDC software console support    (CONFIG_PDC_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Sun Siemens SAB82532 serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SUNSAB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on Sun Siemens SAB82532 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SUNSAB_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Sun4v Hypervisor Console support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SUNHV)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] SGI Zilog8530 serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_IP22_ZILOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on SGI Zilog8530 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_IP22_ZILOG_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] SuperH SCI(F) serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SH_SCI)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [     ] Maximum number of SCI(F) serial ports    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SH_SCI_NR_UARTS)  (string)  (No help available)
                    [N] Support for console on SuperH SCI(F)    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SH_SCI_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] DMA support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SH_SCI_DMA)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] Enable PNX8XXX SoCs' UART Support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_PNX8XXX)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable PNX8XX0 serial console    (CONFIG_SERIAL_PNX8XXX_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] SERIAL_CORE    (CONFIG_SERIAL_CORE)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] SERIAL_CORE_CONSOLE    (CONFIG_SERIAL_CORE_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] CONSOLE_POLL    (CONFIG_CONSOLE_POLL)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] 68328 serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_68328)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support RTS/CTS on 68328 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_68328_RTS_CTS)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] Coldfire serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MCF)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [     ] Default baudrate for Coldfire serial ports    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MCF_BAUDRATE)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Coldfire serial console support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MCF_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Mac or PowerMac z85c30 ESCC support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_PMACZILOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Use ttySn device nodes for Zilog z85c30    (CONFIG_SERIAL_PMACZILOG_TTYS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on Mac or PowerMac z85c30 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_PMACZILOG_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] CPM SCC/SMC serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_CPM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on CPM SCC/SMC serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_CPM_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] SGI Altix L1 serial console support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SGI_L1_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Freescale MPC52xx/MPC512x family PSC serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MPC52xx)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on a Freescale MPC52xx/MPC512x family PSC serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MPC52xx_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [     ] Freescale MPC52xx/MPC512x family PSC serial port baud    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MPC52xx_CONSOLE_BAUD)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] IBM Multiport Serial Adapter    (CONFIG_SERIAL_ICOM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] M32R SIO I/F    (CONFIG_SERIAL_M32R_SIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] use SIO console    (CONFIG_SERIAL_M32R_SIO_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] M32R SIO I/F on a PLD    (CONFIG_SERIAL_M32R_PLDSIO)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] TMPTX39XX/49XX SIO support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_TXX9)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] HAS_TXX9_SERIAL    (CONFIG_HAS_TXX9_SERIAL)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [     ] Maximum number of TMPTX39XX/49XX SIO ports    (CONFIG_SERIAL_TXX9_NR_UARTS)  (string)  (No help available)
          [N] TMPTX39XX/49XX SIO Console support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_TXX9_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] TX39XX/49XX SIO act as standard serial    (CONFIG_SERIAL_TXX9_STDSERIAL)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] NEC VR4100 series Serial Interface Unit support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_VR41XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable NEC VR4100 series Serial Interface Unit console    (CONFIG_SERIAL_VR41XX_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Digi International NEO PCI Support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_JSM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SGI IOC4 controller serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SGI_IOC4)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SGI Altix IOC3 serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SGI_IOC3)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MSM on-chip serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MSM)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] MSM serial console support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MSM_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] MSM UART High Speed: Serial Driver    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MSM_HS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] VIA VT8500 on-chip serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_VT8500)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] VIA VT8500 serial console support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_VT8500_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] NetX serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_NETX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on NetX serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_NETX_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Serial port on Open Firmware platform bus    (CONFIG_SERIAL_OF_PLATFORM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] OMAP serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_OMAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on OMAP serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_OMAP_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] NWP serial port driver    (CONFIG_SERIAL_OF_PLATFORM_NWPSERIAL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on NWP serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_OF_PLATFORM_NWPSERIAL_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Lantiq serial driver    (CONFIG_SERIAL_LANTIQ)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Freescale QUICC Engine serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_QE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SC2681/SC2692 serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SC26XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on SC2681/SC2692 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SC26XX_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Blackfin SPORT emulate UART    (CONFIG_SERIAL_BFIN_SPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on Blackfin sport emulated uart    (CONFIG_SERIAL_BFIN_SPORT_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] Enable UART over SPORT0    (CONFIG_SERIAL_BFIN_SPORT0_UART)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable UART over SPORT0 hardware flow control    (CONFIG_SERIAL_BFIN_SPORT0_UART_CTSRTS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable UART over SPORT1    (CONFIG_SERIAL_BFIN_SPORT1_UART)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable UART over SPORT1 hardware flow control    (CONFIG_SERIAL_BFIN_SPORT1_UART_CTSRTS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable UART over SPORT2    (CONFIG_SERIAL_BFIN_SPORT2_UART)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable UART over SPORT2 hardware flow control    (CONFIG_SERIAL_BFIN_SPORT2_UART_CTSRTS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable UART over SPORT3    (CONFIG_SERIAL_BFIN_SPORT3_UART)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable UART over SPORT3 hardware flow control    (CONFIG_SERIAL_BFIN_SPORT3_UART_CTSRTS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Support for timberdale UART    (CONFIG_SERIAL_TIMBERDALE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] bcm63xx serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_BCM63XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on bcm63xx serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_BCM63XX_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] GRLIB APBUART serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_GRLIB_GAISLER_APBUART)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on GRLIB APBUART serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_GRLIB_GAISLER_APBUART_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Altera JTAG UART support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_ALTERA_JTAGUART)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Altera JTAG UART console support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_ALTERA_JTAGUART_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Bypass output when no connection    (CONFIG_SERIAL_ALTERA_JTAGUART_CONSOLE_BYPASS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Altera UART support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_ALTERA_UART)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] Maximum number of Altera UART ports    (CONFIG_SERIAL_ALTERA_UART_MAXPORTS)  (string)  (Help)
                    [     ] Default baudrate for Altera UART ports    (CONFIG_SERIAL_ALTERA_UART_BAUDRATE)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Altera UART console support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_ALTERA_UART_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] SPI protocol driver for Infineon 6x60 modem (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SERIAL_IFX6X60)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intel EG20T PCH/LAPIS Semicon IOH(ML7213/ML7223/ML7831) UART    (CONFIG_SERIAL_PCH_UART)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Enable tty device interface for some SMD ports    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MSM_SMD)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] MXS AUART support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MXS_AUART)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] MXS AUART console support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MXS_AUART_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Xilinx PS UART support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_XILINX_PS_UART)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Xilinx PS UART console support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_XILINX_PS_UART_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)

          I2C support  (Link)

          [N] I2C support    (CONFIG_I2C)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] I2C_BOARDINFO    (CONFIG_I2C_BOARDINFO)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] Enable compatibility bits for old user-space    (CONFIG_I2C_COMPAT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] I2C device interface    (CONFIG_I2C_CHARDEV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] I2C bus multiplexing support    (CONFIG_I2C_MUX)  (tristate)  (Help)

Multiplexer I2C Chip support  (Link)

          [N] GPIO-based I2C multiplexer    (CONFIG_I2C_MUX_GPIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NXP PCA9541 I2C Master Selector    (CONFIG_I2C_MUX_PCA9541)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips PCA954x I2C Mux/switches    (CONFIG_I2C_MUX_PCA954x)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Autoselect pertinent helper modules    (CONFIG_I2C_HELPER_AUTO)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] SMBus-specific protocols    (CONFIG_I2C_SMBUS)  (tristate)  (Help)

I2C Algorithms  (Link)

          [N] I2C bit-banging interfaces    (CONFIG_I2C_ALGOBIT)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] I2C PCF 8584 interfaces    (CONFIG_I2C_ALGOPCF)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] I2C PCA 9564 interfaces    (CONFIG_I2C_ALGOPCA)  (tristate)  (No help available)

I2C Hardware Bus support  (Link)

          [N] ALI 1535    (CONFIG_I2C_ALI1535)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ALI 1563    (CONFIG_I2C_ALI1563)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ALI 15x3    (CONFIG_I2C_ALI15X3)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] AMD 756/766/768/8111 and nVidia nForce    (CONFIG_I2C_AMD756)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMBus multiplexing on the Tyan S4882    (CONFIG_I2C_AMD756_S4882)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] AMD 8111    (CONFIG_I2C_AMD8111)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intel 82801 (ICH/PCH)    (CONFIG_I2C_I801)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intel SCH SMBus 1.0    (CONFIG_I2C_ISCH)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intel PIIX4 and compatible (ATI/AMD/Serverworks/Broadcom/SMSC)    (CONFIG_I2C_PIIX4)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Nvidia nForce2, nForce3 and nForce4    (CONFIG_I2C_NFORCE2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMBus multiplexing on the Tyan S4985    (CONFIG_I2C_NFORCE2_S4985)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SiS 5595    (CONFIG_I2C_SIS5595)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SiS 630/730    (CONFIG_I2C_SIS630)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SiS 96x    (CONFIG_I2C_SIS96X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] VIA VT82C586B    (CONFIG_I2C_VIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] VIA VT82C596/82C686/82xx and CX700/VX8xx    (CONFIG_I2C_VIAPRO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SMBus Control Method Interface    (CONFIG_I2C_SCMI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CHRP Apple Hydra Mac I/O I2C interface    (CONFIG_I2C_HYDRA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Powermac I2C interface    (CONFIG_I2C_POWERMAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Atmel AT91 I2C Two-Wire interface (TWI)    (CONFIG_I2C_AT91)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Au1550/Au1200 SMBus interface    (CONFIG_I2C_AU1550)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Blackfin TWI I2C support    (CONFIG_I2C_BLACKFIN_TWI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] Blackfin TWI I2C clock (kHz)    (CONFIG_I2C_BLACKFIN_TWI_CLK_KHZ)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Freescale CPM1 or CPM2 (MPC8xx/826x)    (CONFIG_I2C_CPM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] DaVinci I2C driver    (CONFIG_I2C_DAVINCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Synopsys DesignWare Platfrom    (CONFIG_I2C_DESIGNWARE_PLATFORM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Synopsys DesignWare PCI    (CONFIG_I2C_DESIGNWARE_PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] GPIO-based bitbanging I2C    (CONFIG_I2C_GPIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Highlander FPGA SMBus interface    (CONFIG_I2C_HIGHLANDER)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IBM PPC 4xx on-chip I2C interface    (CONFIG_I2C_IBM_IIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IMX I2C interface    (CONFIG_I2C_IMX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intel Moorestown/Medfield Platform I2C controller    (CONFIG_I2C_INTEL_MID)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intel IOPx3xx and IXP4xx on-chip I2C interface    (CONFIG_I2C_IOP3XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IXP2000 GPIO-Based I2C Interface (DEPRECATED)    (CONFIG_I2C_IXP2000)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MPC107/824x/85xx/512x/52xx/83xx/86xx    (CONFIG_I2C_MPC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Marvell mv64xxx I2C Controller    (CONFIG_I2C_MV64XXX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Freescale i.MX28 I2C interface    (CONFIG_I2C_MXS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ST-Ericsson Nomadik/Ux500 I2C Controller    (CONFIG_I2C_NOMADIK)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NUC900 I2C Driver    (CONFIG_I2C_NUC900)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] OpenCores I2C Controller    (CONFIG_I2C_OCORES)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] OMAP I2C adapter    (CONFIG_I2C_OMAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PA Semi SMBus interface    (CONFIG_I2C_PASEMI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PCA9564/PCA9665 as platform device    (CONFIG_I2C_PCA_PLATFORM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PMC MSP I2C TWI Controller    (CONFIG_I2C_PMCMSP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] I2C bus support for Philips PNX and NXP LPC targets    (CONFIG_I2C_PNX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PKUnity v3 I2C bus support    (CONFIG_I2C_PUV3)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intel PXA2XX I2C adapter    (CONFIG_I2C_PXA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] I2C_PXA_PCI    (CONFIG_I2C_PXA_PCI)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Intel PXA2XX I2C Slave comms support    (CONFIG_I2C_PXA_SLAVE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] HAVE_S3C2410_I2C    (CONFIG_HAVE_S3C2410_I2C)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
          [N] S3C2410 I2C Driver    (CONFIG_I2C_S3C2410)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] S6000 I2C support    (CONFIG_I2C_S6000)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Renesas SH7760 I2C Controller    (CONFIG_I2C_SH7760)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SuperH Mobile I2C Controller    (CONFIG_I2C_SH_MOBILE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Simtec Generic I2C interface    (CONFIG_I2C_SIMTEC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ST Microelectronics DDC I2C interface    (CONFIG_I2C_STU300)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NVIDIA Tegra internal I2C controller    (CONFIG_I2C_TEGRA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ARM Versatile/Realview I2C bus support    (CONFIG_I2C_VERSATILE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Cavium OCTEON I2C bus support    (CONFIG_I2C_OCTEON)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Xilinx I2C Controller    (CONFIG_I2C_XILINX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intel EG20T PCH / OKI SEMICONDUCTOR IOH(ML7213/ML7223)    (CONFIG_I2C_EG20T)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Diolan U2C-12 USB adapter    (CONFIG_I2C_DIOLAN_U2C)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Parallel port adapter    (CONFIG_I2C_PARPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Parallel port adapter (light)    (CONFIG_I2C_PARPORT_LIGHT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] TAOS evaluation module    (CONFIG_I2C_TAOS_EVM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Tiny-USB adapter    (CONFIG_I2C_TINY_USB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Acorn IOC/IOMD I2C bus support    (CONFIG_I2C_ACORN)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Elektor ISA card    (CONFIG_I2C_ELEKTOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PCA9564/PCA9665 on an ISA bus    (CONFIG_I2C_PCA_ISA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SiByte SMBus interface    (CONFIG_I2C_SIBYTE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] I2C/SMBus Test Stub    (CONFIG_I2C_STUB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NatSemi SCx200 I2C using GPIO pins (DEPRECATED)    (CONFIG_SCx200_I2C)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] GPIO pin used for SCL    (CONFIG_SCx200_I2C_SCL)  (string)  (Help)
                    [     ] GPIO pin used for SDA    (CONFIG_SCx200_I2C_SDA)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Geode ACCESS.bus support    (CONFIG_SCx200_ACB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] I2C Core debugging messages    (CONFIG_I2C_DEBUG_CORE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] I2C Algorithm debugging messages    (CONFIG_I2C_DEBUG_ALGO)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] I2C Bus debugging messages    (CONFIG_I2C_DEBUG_BUS)  (bool)  (Help)

          Hardware Monitoring support  (Link)

          [N] Hardware Monitoring support    (CONFIG_HWMON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HWMON_VID    (CONFIG_HWMON_VID)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] Hardware Monitoring Chip debugging messages    (CONFIG_HWMON_DEBUG_CHIP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Abit uGuru (rev 1     (CONFIG_SENSORS_ABITUGURU)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] &    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ABITUGURU)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 2)    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ABITUGURU)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Abit uGuru (rev 3)    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ABITUGURU3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Analog Devices AD7314 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_AD7314)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Analog Devices AD7414    (CONFIG_SENSORS_AD7414)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Analog Devices AD7416, AD7417 and AD7418    (CONFIG_SENSORS_AD7418)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor ADCxxxSxxx    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADCXX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Analog Devices ADM1021 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADM1021)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Analog Devices ADM1025 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADM1025)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Analog Devices ADM1026 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADM1026)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Analog Devices ADM1029    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADM1029)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Analog Devices ADM1031 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADM1031)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Analog Devices ADM9240 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADM9240)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Analog Devices ADT7411    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADT7411)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Analog Devices ADT7462    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADT7462)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Analog Devices ADT7470    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADT7470)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Analog Devices ADT7473, ADT7475, ADT7476 and ADT7490    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADT7475)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Andigilog aSC7621    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ASC7621)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AMD Athlon64/FX or Opteron temperature sensor    (CONFIG_SENSORS_K8TEMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AMD Family 10h+ temperature sensor    (CONFIG_SENSORS_K10TEMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AMD Family 15h processor power    (CONFIG_SENSORS_FAM15H_POWER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Asus ASB100 Bach    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ASB100)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Attansic ATXP1 VID controller    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ATXP1)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Dallas Semiconductor DS620    (CONFIG_SENSORS_DS620)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Dallas Semiconductor DS1621 and DS1625    (CONFIG_SENSORS_DS1621)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Temperature sensor on Samsung EXYNOS4    (CONFIG_SENSORS_EXYNOS4_TMU)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] FB-DIMM AMB temperature sensor on Intel 5000 series chipsets    (CONFIG_SENSORS_I5K_AMB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Fintek F71805F/FG, F71806F/FG and F71872F/FG    (CONFIG_SENSORS_F71805F)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Fintek F71882FG and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_F71882FG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Fintek F75375S/SP and F75373    (CONFIG_SENSORS_F75375S)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Fujitsu Siemens Computers sensor chips    (CONFIG_SENSORS_FSCHMD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] GMT G760A    (CONFIG_SENSORS_G760A)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Genesys Logic GL518SM    (CONFIG_SENSORS_GL518SM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Genesys Logic GL520SM    (CONFIG_SENSORS_GL520SM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] GPIO fan    (CONFIG_SENSORS_GPIO_FAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel Core/Core2/Atom temperature sensor    (CONFIG_SENSORS_CORETEMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IBM Active Energy Manager temperature/power sensors and control    (CONFIG_SENSORS_IBMAEM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IBM PowerExecutive temperature/power sensors    (CONFIG_SENSORS_IBMPEX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ITE IT87xx and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_IT87)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Ingenic JZ4740 SoC ADC driver    (CONFIG_SENSORS_JZ4740)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] JEDEC JC42.4 compliant memory module temperature sensors    (CONFIG_SENSORS_JC42)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Lineage Compact Power Line Power Entry Module    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LINEAGE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor LM63 and LM64    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM63)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor LM70 / Texas Instruments TMP121    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM70)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor LM73    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM73)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor LM75 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM75)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor LM77    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM77)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor LM78 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM78)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor LM80    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM80)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor LM83 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM83)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor LM85 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM85)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor LM87 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM87)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor LM90 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM90)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor LM92 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM92)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor LM93 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM93)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Linear Technology LTC4151    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LTC4151)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Linear Technology LTC4215    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LTC4215)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Linear Technology LTC4245    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LTC4245)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Linear Technology LTC4261    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LTC4261)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor LM95241 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM95241)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor LM95245 sensor chip    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM95245)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Maxim MAX1111 Multichannel, Serial 8-bit ADC chip    (CONFIG_SENSORS_MAX1111)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Maxim MAX16065 System Manager and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_MAX16065)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Maxim MAX1619 sensor chip    (CONFIG_SENSORS_MAX1619)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Maxim MAX1668 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_MAX1668)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Maxim MAX6639 sensor chip    (CONFIG_SENSORS_MAX6639)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Maxim MAX6642 sensor chip    (CONFIG_SENSORS_MAX6642)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Maxim MAX6650 sensor chip    (CONFIG_SENSORS_MAX6650)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NTC thermistor support    (CONFIG_SENSORS_NTC_THERMISTOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor PC87360 family    (CONFIG_SENSORS_PC87360)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor PC87427    (CONFIG_SENSORS_PC87427)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Philips PCF8591 ADC/DAC    (CONFIG_SENSORS_PCF8591)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    PMBus support  (Link)

                    [N] PMBus support    (CONFIG_PMBUS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Generic PMBus devices    (CONFIG_SENSORS_PMBUS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Analog Devices ADM1275 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADM1275)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] National Semiconductor LM25066 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM25066)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Linear Technologies LTC2978 and LTC3880    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LTC2978)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Maxim MAX16064    (CONFIG_SENSORS_MAX16064)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Maxim MAX34440/MAX34441    (CONFIG_SENSORS_MAX34440)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Maxim MAX8688    (CONFIG_SENSORS_MAX8688)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TI UCD90120, UCD90124, UCD9090, UCD90910    (CONFIG_SENSORS_UCD9000)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TI UCD9220, UCD9222, UCD9224, UCD9240, UCD9244, UCD9246, UCD9248    (CONFIG_SENSORS_UCD9200)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Intersil ZL6100 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ZL6100)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Sensiron humidity and temperature sensors. SHT15 and compat.    (CONFIG_SENSORS_SHT15)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Sensiron humidity and temperature sensors. SHT21 and compat.    (CONFIG_SENSORS_SHT21)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Samsung built-in ADC    (CONFIG_SENSORS_S3C)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Include raw channel attributes in sysfs    (CONFIG_SENSORS_S3C_RAW)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. SiS5595    (CONFIG_SENSORS_SIS5595)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Summit Microelectronics SMM665    (CONFIG_SENSORS_SMM665)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMSC DME1737, SCH311x and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_DME1737)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMSC EMC1403/23 thermal sensor    (CONFIG_SENSORS_EMC1403)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMSC EMC2103    (CONFIG_SENSORS_EMC2103)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMSC EMC6W201    (CONFIG_SENSORS_EMC6W201)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMSC LPC47M10x and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_SMSC47M1)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMSC LPC47M192 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_SMSC47M192)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMSC LPC47B397-NC    (CONFIG_SENSORS_SMSC47B397)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SENSORS_SCH56XX_COMMON    (CONFIG_SENSORS_SCH56XX_COMMON)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] SMSC SCH5627    (CONFIG_SENSORS_SCH5627)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMSC SCH5636    (CONFIG_SENSORS_SCH5636)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Texas Instruments ADS1015    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADS1015)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Texas Instruments ADS7828    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADS7828)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Texas Instruments ADS7871 A/D converter    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADS7871)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Texas Instruments AMC6821    (CONFIG_SENSORS_AMC6821)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Texas Instruments THMC50 / Analog Devices ADM1022    (CONFIG_SENSORS_THMC50)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Texas Instruments TMP102    (CONFIG_SENSORS_TMP102)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Texas Instruments TMP401 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_TMP401)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Texas Instruments TMP421 and compatible    (CONFIG_SENSORS_TMP421)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Texas Instruments TWL4030 MADC Hwmon    (CONFIG_SENSORS_TWL4030_MADC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] VIA CPU temperature sensor    (CONFIG_SENSORS_VIA_CPUTEMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] VIA686A    (CONFIG_SENSORS_VIA686A)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] VIA VT1211    (CONFIG_SENSORS_VT1211)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] VIA VT8231    (CONFIG_SENSORS_VT8231)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Winbond W83781D, W83782D, W83783S, Asus AS99127F    (CONFIG_SENSORS_W83781D)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Winbond W83791D    (CONFIG_SENSORS_W83791D)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Winbond W83792D    (CONFIG_SENSORS_W83792D)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Winbond W83793    (CONFIG_SENSORS_W83793)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Winbond/Nuvoton W83795G/ADG    (CONFIG_SENSORS_W83795)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Include fan control support (DANGEROUS)    (CONFIG_SENSORS_W83795_FANCTRL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Winbond W83L785TS-S    (CONFIG_SENSORS_W83L785TS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Winbond W83L786NG, W83L786NR    (CONFIG_SENSORS_W83L786NG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Winbond W83627HF, W83627THF, W83637HF, W83687THF, W83697HF    (CONFIG_SENSORS_W83627HF)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Winbond W83627EHF/EHG/DHG/UHG, W83667HG, NCT6775F, NCT6776F    (CONFIG_SENSORS_W83627EHF)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] WM831x PMICs    (CONFIG_SENSORS_WM831X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Wolfson Microelectronics WM835x    (CONFIG_SENSORS_WM8350)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Sun Ultra45 PIC16F747    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ULTRA45)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Apple SMC (Motion sensor, light sensor, keyboard backlight)    (CONFIG_SENSORS_APPLESMC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Freescale MC13783 ADC    (CONFIG_SENSORS_MC13783_ADC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ACPI 4.0 power meter    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ACPI_POWER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ASUS ATK0110    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ATK0110)  (tristate)  (Help)

          USB support  (Link)

          [N] USB support    (CONFIG_USB_SUPPORT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] USB_COMMON    (CONFIG_USB_COMMON)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] USB_ARCH_HAS_HCD    (CONFIG_USB_ARCH_HAS_HCD)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] USB_ARCH_HAS_OHCI    (CONFIG_USB_ARCH_HAS_OHCI)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] USB_ARCH_HAS_EHCI    (CONFIG_USB_ARCH_HAS_EHCI)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] USB_ARCH_HAS_XHCI    (CONFIG_USB_ARCH_HAS_XHCI)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] Support for Host-side USB    (CONFIG_USB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] USB verbose debug messages    (CONFIG_USB_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] USB announce new devices    (CONFIG_USB_ANNOUNCE_NEW_DEVICES)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] USB device filesystem (DEPRECATED)    (CONFIG_USB_DEVICEFS)  (bool)  (Help)