Linux kernel configuration for 2.6.20 on ia64. Using default values from arch/ia64/defconfig.

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Linux Kernel Configuration  (Link)

          [     ] DEFCONFIG_LIST    (CONFIG_DEFCONFIG_LIST)  (string)  (No help available)

Code maturity level options  (Link)

          [Y] Prompt for development and/or incomplete code/drivers    (CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] BROKEN    (CONFIG_BROKEN)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] BROKEN_ON_SMP    (CONFIG_BROKEN_ON_SMP)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] LOCK_KERNEL    (CONFIG_LOCK_KERNEL)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [32] INIT_ENV_ARG_LIMIT    (CONFIG_INIT_ENV_ARG_LIMIT)  (string)  (Help)

General setup  (Link)

          [     ] Local version - append to kernel release    (CONFIG_LOCALVERSION)  (string)  (Help)
          [Y] Automatically append version information to the version string    (CONFIG_LOCALVERSION_AUTO)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] Support for paging of anonymous memory (swap)    (CONFIG_SWAP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] System V IPC    (CONFIG_SYSVIPC)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IPC Namespaces    (CONFIG_IPC_NS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] POSIX Message Queues    (CONFIG_POSIX_MQUEUE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] BSD Process Accounting    (CONFIG_BSD_PROCESS_ACCT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] BSD Process Accounting version 3 file format    (CONFIG_BSD_PROCESS_ACCT_V3)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Export task/process statistics through netlink (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_TASKSTATS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable per-task delay accounting (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_TASK_DELAY_ACCT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] UTS Namespaces    (CONFIG_UTS_NS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Auditing support    (CONFIG_AUDIT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable system-call auditing support    (CONFIG_AUDITSYSCALL)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] Kernel .config support    (CONFIG_IKCONFIG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [Y] Enable access to .config through /proc/config.gz    (CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Cpuset support    (CONFIG_CPUSETS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] Create deprecated sysfs files    (CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Kernel-    (CONFIG_RELAY)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] >    (CONFIG_RELAY)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] user space relay support (formerly relayfs)    (CONFIG_RELAY)  (bool)  (Help)
          [     ] Initramfs source file(s)    (CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE)  (string)  (Help)
                    [     ] User ID to map to 0 (user root)    (CONFIG_INITRAMFS_ROOT_UID)  (string)  (Help)
                    [     ] Group ID to map to 0 (group root)    (CONFIG_INITRAMFS_ROOT_GID)  (string)  (Help)
          [Y] Optimize for size (Look out for broken compilers!)    (CONFIG_CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Enable extended accounting over taskstats (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_TASK_XACCT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable per-task storage I/O accounting (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_TASK_IO_ACCOUNTING)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] SYSCTL    (CONFIG_SYSCTL)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

          Configure standard kernel features (for small systems)  (Link)

          [N] Configure standard kernel features (for small systems)    (CONFIG_EMBEDDED)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable 16-bit UID system calls    (CONFIG_UID16)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Sysctl syscall support    (CONFIG_SYSCTL_SYSCALL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Load all symbols for debugging/ksymoops    (CONFIG_KALLSYMS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [Y] Include all symbols in kallsyms    (CONFIG_KALLSYMS_ALL)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Do an extra kallsyms pass    (CONFIG_KALLSYMS_EXTRA_PASS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Support for hot-pluggable devices    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Enable support for printk    (CONFIG_PRINTK)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] BUG() support    (CONFIG_BUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Enable ELF core dumps    (CONFIG_ELF_CORE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Enable full-sized data structures for core    (CONFIG_BASE_FULL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Enable futex support    (CONFIG_FUTEX)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Enable eventpoll support    (CONFIG_EPOLL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Use full shmem filesystem    (CONFIG_SHMEM)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Use full SLAB allocator    (CONFIG_SLAB)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Enable VM event counters for /proc/vmstat    (CONFIG_VM_EVENT_COUNTERS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] RT_MUTEXES    (CONFIG_RT_MUTEXES)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] TINY_SHMEM    (CONFIG_TINY_SHMEM)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [     ] BASE_SMALL    (CONFIG_BASE_SMALL)  (string)  (No help available)
          [N] SLOB    (CONFIG_SLOB)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

Loadable module support  (Link)

          [Y] Enable loadable module support    (CONFIG_MODULES)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Module unloading    (CONFIG_MODULE_UNLOAD)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Forced module unloading    (CONFIG_MODULE_FORCE_UNLOAD)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Module versioning support    (CONFIG_MODVERSIONS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Source checksum for all modules    (CONFIG_MODULE_SRCVERSION_ALL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Automatic kernel module loading    (CONFIG_KMOD)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] STOP_MACHINE    (CONFIG_STOP_MACHINE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)

Block layer  (Link)

          [Y] Enable the block layer    (CONFIG_BLOCK)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for Large Block Devices    (CONFIG_LBD)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for tracing block io actions    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IO_TRACE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for Large Single Files    (CONFIG_LSF)  (bool)  (Help)

IO Schedulers  (Link)

          [Y] IOSCHED_NOOP    (CONFIG_IOSCHED_NOOP)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
          [Y] Anticipatory I/O scheduler    (CONFIG_IOSCHED_AS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] Deadline I/O scheduler    (CONFIG_IOSCHED_DEADLINE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] CFQ I/O scheduler    (CONFIG_IOSCHED_CFQ)  (tristate)  (Help)
          Default I/O scheduler
          [X] Anticipatory  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_AS)  (No help available)
          [ ] Deadline  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_DEADLINE)  (No help available)
          [ ] CFQ  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_CFQ)  (No help available)
          [ ] No-op  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_NOOP)  (No help available)
          [anticipatory] DEFAULT_IOSCHED    (CONFIG_DEFAULT_IOSCHED)  (string)  (No help available)

Processor type and features  (Link)

          [Y] IA64    (CONFIG_IA64)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
          [Y] 64BIT    (CONFIG_64BIT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] MMU    (CONFIG_MMU)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] SWIOTLB    (CONFIG_SWIOTLB)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] RWSEM_XCHGADD_ALGORITHM    (CONFIG_RWSEM_XCHGADD_ALGORITHM)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_HAS_ILOG2_U32    (CONFIG_ARCH_HAS_ILOG2_U32)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ARCH_HAS_ILOG2_U64    (CONFIG_ARCH_HAS_ILOG2_U64)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] GENERIC_FIND_NEXT_BIT    (CONFIG_GENERIC_FIND_NEXT_BIT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] GENERIC_CALIBRATE_DELAY    (CONFIG_GENERIC_CALIBRATE_DELAY)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] TIME_INTERPOLATION    (CONFIG_TIME_INTERPOLATION)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] DMI    (CONFIG_DMI)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] EFI    (CONFIG_EFI)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] GENERIC_IOMAP    (CONFIG_GENERIC_IOMAP)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] SCHED_NO_NO_OMIT_FRAME_POINTER    (CONFIG_SCHED_NO_NO_OMIT_FRAME_POINTER)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] IA64_UNCACHED_ALLOCATOR    (CONFIG_IA64_UNCACHED_ALLOCATOR)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] AUDIT_ARCH    (CONFIG_AUDIT_ARCH)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          System type
          [X] generic  (CONFIG_IA64_GENERIC)  (Help)
          [ ] DIG-compliant  (CONFIG_IA64_DIG)  (No help available)
          [ ] HP-zx1/sx1000  (CONFIG_IA64_HP_ZX1)  (Help)
          [ ] HP-zx1/sx1000 with software I/O TLB  (CONFIG_IA64_HP_ZX1_SWIOTLB)  (Help)
          [ ] SGI-SN2  (CONFIG_IA64_SGI_SN2)  (Help)
          [ ] Ski-simulator  (CONFIG_IA64_HP_SIM)  (No help available)
          Processor type
          [ ] Itanium  (CONFIG_ITANIUM)  (Help)
          [X] Itanium 2  (CONFIG_MCKINLEY)  (Help)
          Kernel page size
          [ ] 4KB  (CONFIG_IA64_PAGE_SIZE_4KB)  (Help)
          [ ] 8KB  (CONFIG_IA64_PAGE_SIZE_8KB)  (No help available)
          [X] 16KB  (CONFIG_IA64_PAGE_SIZE_16KB)  (No help available)
          [ ] 64KB  (CONFIG_IA64_PAGE_SIZE_64KB)  (No help available)
          Page Table Levels
          [X] 3 Levels  (CONFIG_PGTABLE_3)  (No help available)
          [ ] 4 Levels  (CONFIG_PGTABLE_4)  (No help available)
          Timer frequency
          [ ] 100 HZ  (CONFIG_HZ_100)  (Help)
          [X] 250 HZ  (CONFIG_HZ_250)  (Help)
          [ ] 300 HZ  (CONFIG_HZ_300)  (Help)
          [ ] 1000 HZ  (CONFIG_HZ_1000)  (Help)
          [250] HZ    (CONFIG_HZ)  (string)  (No help available)
          [N] IA64_BRL_EMU    (CONFIG_IA64_BRL_EMU)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [7] IA64_L1_CACHE_SHIFT    (CONFIG_IA64_L1_CACHE_SHIFT)  (string)  (No help available)
          [Y] Cyclone (EXA) Time Source support    (CONFIG_IA64_CYCLONE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] IOSAPIC    (CONFIG_IOSAPIC)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Support communication between SGI SSIs    (CONFIG_IA64_SGI_SN_XP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [17] MAX_ORDER (11 - 17)    (CONFIG_FORCE_MAX_ZONEORDER)  (string)  (No help available)
          [Y] Symmetric multi-processing support    (CONFIG_SMP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [512] Maximum number of CPUs (2-1024)    (CONFIG_NR_CPUS)  (string)  (Help)
                    [Y] Support for hot-pluggable CPUs (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPU)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] ARCH_ENABLE_MEMORY_HOTPLUG    (CONFIG_ARCH_ENABLE_MEMORY_HOTPLUG)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] SMT scheduler support    (CONFIG_SCHED_SMT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Support removal of Bootstrap Processor    (CONFIG_PERMIT_BSP_REMOVE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Force assumption that CPEI can be re-targetted    (CONFIG_FORCE_CPEI_RETARGET)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Preemptible Kernel    (CONFIG_PREEMPT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] SELECT_MEMORY_MODEL    (CONFIG_SELECT_MEMORY_MODEL)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          Memory model
          [ ] Flat Memory  (CONFIG_FLATMEM_MANUAL)  (Help)
          [X] Discontiguous Memory  (CONFIG_DISCONTIGMEM_MANUAL)  (Help)
          [ ] Sparse Memory  (CONFIG_SPARSEMEM_MANUAL)  (Help)
          [Y] DISCONTIGMEM    (CONFIG_DISCONTIGMEM)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] SPARSEMEM    (CONFIG_SPARSEMEM)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] FLATMEM    (CONFIG_FLATMEM)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] FLAT_NODE_MEM_MAP    (CONFIG_FLAT_NODE_MEM_MAP)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] NEED_MULTIPLE_NODES    (CONFIG_NEED_MULTIPLE_NODES)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] HAVE_MEMORY_PRESENT    (CONFIG_HAVE_MEMORY_PRESENT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] SPARSEMEM_STATIC    (CONFIG_SPARSEMEM_STATIC)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] SPARSEMEM_EXTREME    (CONFIG_SPARSEMEM_EXTREME)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Allow for memory hot-add    (CONFIG_MEMORY_HOTPLUG)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] MEMORY_HOTPLUG_SPARSE    (CONFIG_MEMORY_HOTPLUG_SPARSE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [4] SPLIT_PTLOCK_CPUS    (CONFIG_SPLIT_PTLOCK_CPUS)  (string)  (No help available)
          [Y] Page migration    (CONFIG_MIGRATION)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] 64 bit Memory and IO resources (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_RESOURCES_64BIT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] ARCH_SELECT_MEMORY_MODEL    (CONFIG_ARCH_SELECT_MEMORY_MODEL)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] ARCH_FLATMEM_ENABLE    (CONFIG_ARCH_FLATMEM_ENABLE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] ARCH_SPARSEMEM_ENABLE    (CONFIG_ARCH_SPARSEMEM_ENABLE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] ARCH_DISCONTIGMEM_DEFAULT    (CONFIG_ARCH_DISCONTIGMEM_DEFAULT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] NUMA support    (CONFIG_NUMA)  (bool)  (Help)
          [10] Max num nodes shift(3-10)    (CONFIG_NODES_SHIFT)  (string)  (Help)
          [Y] ARCH_POPULATES_NODE_MAP    (CONFIG_ARCH_POPULATES_NODE_MAP)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] Virtual mem map    (CONFIG_VIRTUAL_MEM_MAP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] HOLES_IN_ZONE    (CONFIG_HOLES_IN_ZONE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] HAVE_ARCH_EARLY_PFN_TO_NID    (CONFIG_HAVE_ARCH_EARLY_PFN_TO_NID)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] HAVE_ARCH_NODEDATA_EXTENSION    (CONFIG_HAVE_ARCH_NODEDATA_EXTENSION)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] Support for Linux/x86 binaries    (CONFIG_IA32_SUPPORT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] COMPAT    (CONFIG_COMPAT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] MCA recovery from errors other than TLB.    (CONFIG_IA64_MCA_RECOVERY)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [Y] Performance monitor support    (CONFIG_PERFMON)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] /proc/pal support    (CONFIG_IA64_PALINFO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] SGI_SN    (CONFIG_SGI_SN)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ESI (Extensible SAL Interface) support    (CONFIG_IA64_ESI)  (bool)  (Help)

SN Devices  (Link)

          [M] SGI IOC3 Base IO support    (CONFIG_SGI_IOC3)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] kexec system call (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_KEXEC)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] kernel crash dumps (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_CRASH_DUMP)  (bool)  (Help)

Firmware Drivers  (Link)

          [N] BIOS Enhanced Disk Drive calls determine boot disk    (CONFIG_EDD)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] EFI Variable Support via sysfs    (CONFIG_EFI_VARS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] Console device selection via EFI PCDP or HCDP table    (CONFIG_EFI_PCDP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] BIOS update support for DELL systems via sysfs    (CONFIG_DELL_RBU)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Dell Systems Management Base Driver    (CONFIG_DCDBAS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] Kernel support for ELF binaries    (CONFIG_BINFMT_ELF)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Kernel support for FDPIC ELF binaries    (CONFIG_BINFMT_ELF_FDPIC)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Kernel support for flat binaries    (CONFIG_BINFMT_FLAT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable ZFLAT support    (CONFIG_BINFMT_ZFLAT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable shared FLAT support    (CONFIG_BINFMT_SHARED_FLAT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Kernel support for a.out and ECOFF binaries    (CONFIG_BINFMT_AOUT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] OSF/1 v4 readv/writev compatibility    (CONFIG_OSF4_COMPAT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Kernel support for Linux/Intel ELF binaries    (CONFIG_BINFMT_EM86)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Kernel support for SOM binaries    (CONFIG_BINFMT_SOM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [M] Kernel support for MISC binaries    (CONFIG_BINFMT_MISC)  (tristate)  (Help)

Power management and ACPI  (Link)

          [Y] Power Management support    (CONFIG_PM)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Legacy Power Management API (DEPRECATED)    (CONFIG_PM_LEGACY)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Power Management Debug Support    (CONFIG_PM_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Keep console(s) enabled during suspend/resume (DANGEROUS)    (CONFIG_DISABLE_CONSOLE_SUSPEND)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Suspend/resume event tracing    (CONFIG_PM_TRACE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Driver model /sys/devices/.../power/state files (DEPRECATED)    (CONFIG_PM_SYSFS_DEPRECATED)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Software Suspend    (CONFIG_SOFTWARE_SUSPEND)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [     ] Default resume partition    (CONFIG_PM_STD_PARTITION)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] SUSPEND_SMP    (CONFIG_SUSPEND_SMP)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) Support  (Link)

          [Y] ACPI Support    (CONFIG_ACPI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Sleep States    (CONFIG_ACPI_SLEEP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] ACPI_SLEEP_PROC_FS    (CONFIG_ACPI_SLEEP_PROC_FS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] /proc/acpi/sleep (deprecated)    (CONFIG_ACPI_SLEEP_PROC_SLEEP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] AC Adapter    (CONFIG_ACPI_AC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Battery    (CONFIG_ACPI_BATTERY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] Button    (CONFIG_ACPI_BUTTON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Video    (CONFIG_ACPI_VIDEO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Generic Hotkey (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ACPI_HOTKEY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] Fan    (CONFIG_ACPI_FAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Dock    (CONFIG_ACPI_DOCK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] Processor    (CONFIG_ACPI_PROCESSOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [Y] ACPI_HOTPLUG_CPU    (CONFIG_ACPI_HOTPLUG_CPU)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [M] Thermal Zone    (CONFIG_ACPI_THERMAL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [Y] NUMA support    (CONFIG_ACPI_NUMA)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] ASUS/Medion Laptop Extras    (CONFIG_ACPI_ASUS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IBM ThinkPad Laptop Extras    (CONFIG_ACPI_IBM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Legacy Docking Station Support    (CONFIG_ACPI_IBM_DOCK)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Toshiba Laptop Extras    (CONFIG_ACPI_TOSHIBA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Include Custom DSDT    (CONFIG_ACPI_CUSTOM_DSDT)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [     ] Custom DSDT Table file to include    (CONFIG_ACPI_CUSTOM_DSDT_FILE)  (string)  (Help)
                    [     ] Disable ACPI for systems before Jan 1st this year    (CONFIG_ACPI_BLACKLIST_YEAR)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Debug Statements    (CONFIG_ACPI_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] ACPI_EC    (CONFIG_ACPI_EC)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
                    [Y] ACPI_POWER    (CONFIG_ACPI_POWER)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [Y] ACPI_SYSTEM    (CONFIG_ACPI_SYSTEM)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
                    [N] Power Management Timer Support    (CONFIG_X86_PM_TIMER)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [M] ACPI0004,PNP0A05 and PNP0A06 Container Driver (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ACPI_CONTAINER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Memory Hotplug    (CONFIG_ACPI_HOTPLUG_MEMORY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Smart Battery System (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ACPI_SBS)  (tristate)  (Help)

CPU Frequency scaling  (Link)

          [N] CPU Frequency scaling    (CONFIG_CPU_FREQ)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] CPU_FREQ_TABLE    (CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_TABLE)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] Enable CPUfreq debugging    (CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] CPU frequency translation statistics    (CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_STAT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] CPU frequency translation statistics details    (CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_STAT_DETAILS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    Default CPUFreq governor
                    [ ] performance  (CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_DEFAULT_GOV_PERFORMANCE)  (Help)
                    [ ] userspace  (CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_DEFAULT_GOV_USERSPACE)  (Help)
                    [N] 'performance' governor    (CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_GOV_PERFORMANCE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 'powersave' governor    (CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_GOV_POWERSAVE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 'userspace' governor for userspace frequency scaling    (CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_GOV_USERSPACE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 'ondemand' cpufreq policy governor    (CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_GOV_ONDEMAND)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 'conservative' cpufreq governor    (CONFIG_CPU_FREQ_GOV_CONSERVATIVE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ACPI Processor P-States driver    (CONFIG_IA64_ACPI_CPUFREQ)  (tristate)  (Help)

Bus options (PCI, PCMCIA)  (Link)

          [Y] PCI support    (CONFIG_PCI)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] PCI_DOMAINS    (CONFIG_PCI_DOMAINS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] PCI Express support    (CONFIG_PCIEPORTBUS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] PCI Express Hotplug driver    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_PCIE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Use polling mechanism for hot-plug events (for testing purpose)    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_PCIE_POLL_EVENT_MODE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Root Port Advanced Error Reporting support    (CONFIG_PCIEAER)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Message Signaled Interrupts (MSI and MSI-X)    (CONFIG_PCI_MSI)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] PCI Multi-threaded probe (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_PCI_MULTITHREAD_PROBE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] PCI Debugging    (CONFIG_PCI_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Interrupts on hypertransport devices    (CONFIG_HT_IRQ)  (bool)  (Help)

PCI Hotplug Support  (Link)

          [M] Support for PCI Hotplug (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Fake PCI Hotplug driver    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_FAKE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Compaq PCI Hotplug driver    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_COMPAQ)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Save configuration into NVRAM on Compaq servers    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_COMPAQ_NVRAM)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IBM PCI Hotplug driver    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_IBM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] ACPI PCI Hotplug driver    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_ACPI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ACPI PCI Hotplug driver IBM extensions    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_ACPI_IBM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CompactPCI Hotplug driver    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_CPCI)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Ziatech ZT5550 CompactPCI Hotplug driver    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_CPCI_ZT5550)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Generic port I/O CompactPCI Hotplug driver    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_CPCI_GENERIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SHPC PCI Hotplug driver    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_SHPC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Use polling mechanism for hot-plug events (for testing purpose)    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_SHPC_POLL_EVENT_MODE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] RPA PCI Hotplug driver    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_RPA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] RPA Dynamic Logical Partitioning for I/O slots    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_RPA_DLPAR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SGI PCI Hotplug Support    (CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_SGI)  (tristate)  (Help)

PCCARD (PCMCIA/CardBus) support  (Link)

          [N] PCCard (PCMCIA/CardBus) support    (CONFIG_PCCARD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable PCCARD debugging    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] 16-bit PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Load CIS updates from userspace (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_LOAD_CIS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] PCMCIA control ioctl (obsolete)    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_IOCTL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] 32-bit CardBus support    (CONFIG_CARDBUS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] CardBus yenta-compatible bridge support    (CONFIG_YENTA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Special initialization for O2Micro bridges    (CONFIG_YENTA_O2)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] Special initialization for Ricoh bridges    (CONFIG_YENTA_RICOH)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] Special initialization for TI and EnE bridges    (CONFIG_YENTA_TI)  (bool)  (No help available)
                                        [N] Auto-tune EnE bridges for CB cards    (CONFIG_YENTA_ENE_TUNE)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] Special initialization for Toshiba ToPIC bridges    (CONFIG_YENTA_TOSHIBA)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] Cirrus PD6729 compatible bridge support    (CONFIG_PD6729)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] i82092 compatible bridge support    (CONFIG_I82092)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] i82365 compatible bridge support    (CONFIG_I82365)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Databook TCIC host bridge support    (CONFIG_TCIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] MPC8xx PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_M8XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HD64465 host bridge support    (CONFIG_HD64465_PCMCIA)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] Au1x00 pcmcia support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_AU1X00)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] SA1100 support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_SA1100)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SA1111 support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_SA1111)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PXA2xx support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_PXA2XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PCMCIA_PROBE    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_PROBE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] M32R PCMCIA I/F    (CONFIG_M32R_PCC)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] M32R CF I/F Controller    (CONFIG_M32R_CFC)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [     ] M32R CF I/F number    (CONFIG_M32R_CFC_NUM)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] NEC VRC4171 Card Controllers support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_VRC4171)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] NEC VRC4173 CARDU support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_VRC4173)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] OMAP CompactFlash Controller    (CONFIG_OMAP_CF)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AT91 CompactFlash Controller    (CONFIG_AT91_CF)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PCCARD_NONSTATIC    (CONFIG_PCCARD_NONSTATIC)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] PCCARD_IODYN    (CONFIG_PCCARD_IODYN)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

Networking  (Link)

          [Y] Networking support    (CONFIG_NET)  (bool)  (Help)

Networking options  (Link)

          [N] Network packet debugging    (CONFIG_NETDEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] Packet socket    (CONFIG_PACKET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Packet socket: mmapped IO    (CONFIG_PACKET_MMAP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] Unix domain sockets    (CONFIG_UNIX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] XFRM    (CONFIG_XFRM)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Transformation user configuration interface    (CONFIG_XFRM_USER)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Transformation sub policy support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_XFRM_SUB_POLICY)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] PF_KEY sockets    (CONFIG_NET_KEY)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] TCP/IP networking    (CONFIG_INET)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] IP: multicasting    (CONFIG_IP_MULTICAST)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: advanced router    (CONFIG_IP_ADVANCED_ROUTER)  (bool)  (Help)
                              Choose IP: FIB lookup algorithm (choose FIB_HASH if unsure)
                              [ ] FIB_HASH  (CONFIG_ASK_IP_FIB_HASH)  (Help)
                              [ ] FIB_TRIE  (CONFIG_IP_FIB_TRIE)  (Help)
                    [Y] IP_FIB_HASH    (CONFIG_IP_FIB_HASH)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] IP: policy routing    (CONFIG_IP_MULTIPLE_TABLES)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: equal cost multipath    (CONFIG_IP_ROUTE_MULTIPATH)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IP: equal cost multipath with caching support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IP_ROUTE_MULTIPATH_CACHED)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] MULTIPATH: round robin algorithm    (CONFIG_IP_ROUTE_MULTIPATH_RR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] MULTIPATH: random algorithm    (CONFIG_IP_ROUTE_MULTIPATH_RANDOM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] MULTIPATH: weighted random algorithm    (CONFIG_IP_ROUTE_MULTIPATH_WRANDOM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] MULTIPATH: interface round robin algorithm    (CONFIG_IP_ROUTE_MULTIPATH_DRR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: verbose route monitoring    (CONFIG_IP_ROUTE_VERBOSE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: kernel level autoconfiguration    (CONFIG_IP_PNP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IP: DHCP support    (CONFIG_IP_PNP_DHCP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IP: BOOTP support    (CONFIG_IP_PNP_BOOTP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IP: RARP support    (CONFIG_IP_PNP_RARP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: tunneling    (CONFIG_NET_IPIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: GRE tunnels over IP    (CONFIG_NET_IPGRE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IP: broadcast GRE over IP    (CONFIG_NET_IPGRE_BROADCAST)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: multicast routing    (CONFIG_IP_MROUTE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IP: PIM-SM version 1 support    (CONFIG_IP_PIMSM_V1)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IP: PIM-SM version 2 support    (CONFIG_IP_PIMSM_V2)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] IP: ARP daemon support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ARPD)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] IP: TCP syncookie support (disabled per default)    (CONFIG_SYN_COOKIES)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: AH transformation    (CONFIG_INET_AH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: ESP transformation    (CONFIG_INET_ESP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IP: IPComp transformation    (CONFIG_INET_IPCOMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] INET_XFRM_TUNNEL    (CONFIG_INET_XFRM_TUNNEL)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] INET_TUNNEL    (CONFIG_INET_TUNNEL)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [Y] IP: IPsec transport mode    (CONFIG_INET_XFRM_MODE_TRANSPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [Y] IP: IPsec tunnel mode    (CONFIG_INET_XFRM_MODE_TUNNEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [Y] IP: IPsec BEET mode    (CONFIG_INET_XFRM_MODE_BEET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [Y] INET: socket monitoring interface    (CONFIG_INET_DIAG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [Y] INET_TCP_DIAG    (CONFIG_INET_TCP_DIAG)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)

                    TCP: advanced congestion control  (Link)

                    [N] TCP: advanced congestion control    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_ADVANCED)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Binary Increase Congestion (BIC) control    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_BIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [Y] CUBIC TCP    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_CUBIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TCP Westwood+    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_WESTWOOD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] H-TCP    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_HTCP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] High Speed TCP    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_HSTCP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TCP-Hybla congestion control algorithm    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_HYBLA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TCP Vegas    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_VEGAS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Scalable TCP    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_SCALABLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TCP Low Priority    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_LP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TCP Veno    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_VENO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              Default TCP congestion control
                              [ ] Bic  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_BIC)  (No help available)
                              [ ] Cubic  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_CUBIC)  (No help available)
                              [ ] Htcp  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_HTCP)  (No help available)
                              [ ] Vegas  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_VEGAS)  (No help available)
                              [ ] Westwood  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_WESTWOOD)  (No help available)
                              [ ] Reno  (CONFIG_DEFAULT_RENO)  (No help available)
                              [Y] TCP_CONG_CUBIC    (CONFIG_TCP_CONG_CUBIC)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (Help)
                    [cubic] DEFAULT_TCP_CONG    (CONFIG_DEFAULT_TCP_CONG)  (string)  (No help available)
                    [N] TCP: MD5 Signature Option support (RFC2385) (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_TCP_MD5SIG)  (bool)  (Help)

IP: Virtual Server Configuration  (Link)

          [N] IP virtual server support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IP_VS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IP virtual server debugging    (CONFIG_IP_VS_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [     ] IPVS connection table size (the Nth power of 2)    (CONFIG_IP_VS_TAB_BITS)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] TCP load balancing support    (CONFIG_IP_VS_PROTO_TCP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] UDP load balancing support    (CONFIG_IP_VS_PROTO_UDP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] ESP load balancing support    (CONFIG_IP_VS_PROTO_ESP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] AH load balancing support    (CONFIG_IP_VS_PROTO_AH)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] round-robin scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_RR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] weighted round-robin scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_WRR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] least-connection scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_LC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] weighted least-connection scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_WLC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] locality-based least-connection scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_LBLC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] locality-based least-connection with replication scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_LBLCR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] destination hashing scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_DH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] source hashing scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_SH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] shortest expected delay scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_SED)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] never queue scheduling    (CONFIG_IP_VS_NQ)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] FTP protocol helper    (CONFIG_IP_VS_FTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] The IPv6 protocol    (CONFIG_IPV6)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: Privacy Extensions support    (CONFIG_IPV6_PRIVACY)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: Router Preference (RFC 4191) support    (CONFIG_IPV6_ROUTER_PREF)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] IPv6: Route Information (RFC 4191) support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IPV6_ROUTE_INFO)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: AH transformation    (CONFIG_INET6_AH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: ESP transformation    (CONFIG_INET6_ESP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: IPComp transformation    (CONFIG_INET6_IPCOMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: Mobility (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IPV6_MIP6)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] INET6_XFRM_TUNNEL    (CONFIG_INET6_XFRM_TUNNEL)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] INET6_TUNNEL    (CONFIG_INET6_TUNNEL)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] IPv6: IPsec transport mode    (CONFIG_INET6_XFRM_MODE_TRANSPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IPv6: IPsec tunnel mode    (CONFIG_INET6_XFRM_MODE_TUNNEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IPv6: IPsec BEET mode    (CONFIG_INET6_XFRM_MODE_BEET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IPv6: MIPv6 route optimization mode (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_INET6_XFRM_MODE_ROUTEOPTIMIZATION)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IPv6: IPv6-in-IPv4 tunnel (SIT driver)    (CONFIG_IPV6_SIT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IPv6: IPv6-in-IPv6 tunnel    (CONFIG_IPV6_TUNNEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IPv6: Multiple Routing Tables    (CONFIG_IPV6_MULTIPLE_TABLES)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IPv6: source address based routing    (CONFIG_IPV6_SUBTREES)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] NetLabel subsystem support    (CONFIG_NETLABEL)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Security Marking    (CONFIG_NETWORK_SECMARK)  (bool)  (Help)

          Network packet filtering framework (Netfilter)  (Link)

          [N] Network packet filtering framework (Netfilter)    (CONFIG_NETFILTER)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Network packet filtering debugging    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Bridged IP/ARP packets filtering    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_NETFILTER)  (bool)  (Help)

Core Netfilter Configuration  (Link)

          [N] Netfilter netlink interface    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_NETLINK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Netfilter NFQUEUE over NFNETLINK interface    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_NETLINK_QUEUE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Netfilter LOG over NFNETLINK interface    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_NETLINK_LOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Netfilter connection tracking support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_ENABLED)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    Netfilter connection tracking support
                    [ ] Layer 3 Independent Connection tracking  (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_SUPPORT)  (Help)
                    [ ] Layer 3 Dependent Connection tracking (OBSOLETE)  (CONFIG_IP_NF_CONNTRACK_SUPPORT)  (Help)
          [N] NF_CONNTRACK    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] IP_NF_CONNTRACK    (CONFIG_IP_NF_CONNTRACK)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Connection tracking flow accounting    (CONFIG_NF_CT_ACCT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Connection mark tracking support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_MARK)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Connection tracking security mark support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_SECMARK)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Connection tracking events (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_EVENTS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] NF_CT_PROTO_GRE    (CONFIG_NF_CT_PROTO_GRE)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] SCTP protocol connection tracking support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NF_CT_PROTO_SCTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Amanda backup protocol support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_AMANDA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] FTP protocol support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_FTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] H.323 protocol support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_H323)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IRC protocol support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_IRC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NetBIOS name service protocol support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_NETBIOS_NS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PPtP protocol support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_PPTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SIP protocol support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_SIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] TFTP protocol support    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_TFTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Connection tracking netlink interface (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NF_CT_NETLINK)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Netfilter Xtables support (required for ip_tables)    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XTABLES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "CLASSIFY" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_CLASSIFY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "CONNMARK" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_CONNMARK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "DSCP" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_DSCP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "MARK" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_MARK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "NFQUEUE" target Support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_NFQUEUE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "NFLOG" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_NFLOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "NOTRACK" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_NOTRACK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "SECMARK" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_SECMARK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "CONNSECMARK" target support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_CONNSECMARK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "comment" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_COMMENT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "connbytes" per-connection counter match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_CONNBYTES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "connmark" connection mark match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_CONNMARK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "conntrack" connection tracking match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_CONNTRACK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "DCCP" protocol match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_DCCP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "DSCP" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_DSCP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "ESP" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_ESP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "helper" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_HELPER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "length" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_LENGTH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "limit" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_LIMIT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "mac" address match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_MAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "mark" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_MARK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IPsec "policy" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_POLICY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Multiple port match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_MULTIPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "physdev" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_PHYSDEV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "pkttype" packet type match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_PKTTYPE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "quota" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_QUOTA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "realm" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_REALM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "sctp" protocol match support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_SCTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "state" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_STATE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "statistic" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_STATISTIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "string" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_STRING)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "tcpmss" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_TCPMSS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] "hashlimit" match support    (CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_HASHLIMIT)  (tristate)  (Help)

IP: Netfilter Configuration  (Link)

          [N] IPv4 connection tracking support (required for NAT)    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_IPV4)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] proc/sysctl compatibility with old connection tracking    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_PROC_COMPAT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Connection tracking flow accounting    (CONFIG_IP_NF_CT_ACCT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Connection mark tracking support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_CONNTRACK_MARK)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Connection tracking security mark support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_CONNTRACK_SECMARK)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Connection tracking events (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IP_NF_CONNTRACK_EVENTS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Connection tracking netlink interface (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IP_NF_CONNTRACK_NETLINK)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SCTP protocol connection tracking support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IP_NF_CT_PROTO_SCTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] FTP protocol support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_FTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IRC protocol support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_IRC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NetBIOS name service protocol support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IP_NF_NETBIOS_NS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] TFTP protocol support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TFTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Amanda backup protocol support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_AMANDA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PPTP protocol support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_PPTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] H.323 protocol support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IP_NF_H323)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SIP protocol support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IP_NF_SIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IP Userspace queueing via NETLINK (OBSOLETE)    (CONFIG_IP_NF_QUEUE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IP tables support (required for filtering/masq/NAT)    (CONFIG_IP_NF_IPTABLES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IP range match support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_IPRANGE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] TOS match support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_TOS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] recent match support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_RECENT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ECN match support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_ECN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AH match support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_AH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] TTL match support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_TTL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Owner match support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_OWNER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] address type match support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_MATCH_ADDRTYPE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Packet filtering    (CONFIG_IP_NF_FILTER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] REJECT target support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_REJECT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] LOG target support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_LOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ULOG target support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_ULOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] TCPMSS target support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_TCPMSS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Full NAT    (CONFIG_IP_NF_NAT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Full NAT    (CONFIG_NF_NAT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IP_NF_NAT_NEEDED    (CONFIG_IP_NF_NAT_NEEDED)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] NF_NAT_NEEDED    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_NEEDED)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] MASQUERADE target support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_MASQUERADE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] REDIRECT target support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_REDIRECT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NETMAP target support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_NETMAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SAME target support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_SAME)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Basic SNMP-ALG support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IP_NF_NAT_SNMP_BASIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Basic SNMP-ALG support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_SNMP_BASIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NF_NAT_PROTO_GRE    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_PROTO_GRE)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] IP_NF_NAT_FTP    (CONFIG_IP_NF_NAT_FTP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] NF_NAT_FTP    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_FTP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] IP_NF_NAT_IRC    (CONFIG_IP_NF_NAT_IRC)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] NF_NAT_IRC    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_IRC)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] IP_NF_NAT_TFTP    (CONFIG_IP_NF_NAT_TFTP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] NF_NAT_TFTP    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_TFTP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] IP_NF_NAT_AMANDA    (CONFIG_IP_NF_NAT_AMANDA)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] NF_NAT_AMANDA    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_AMANDA)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] IP_NF_NAT_PPTP    (CONFIG_IP_NF_NAT_PPTP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] NF_NAT_PPTP    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_PPTP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] IP_NF_NAT_H323    (CONFIG_IP_NF_NAT_H323)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] NF_NAT_H323    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_H323)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] IP_NF_NAT_SIP    (CONFIG_IP_NF_NAT_SIP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] NF_NAT_SIP    (CONFIG_NF_NAT_SIP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Packet mangling    (CONFIG_IP_NF_MANGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] TOS target support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_TOS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ECN target support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_ECN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] TTL target support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_TTL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CLUSTERIP target support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_CLUSTERIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] raw table support (required for NOTRACK/TRACE)    (CONFIG_IP_NF_RAW)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ARP tables support    (CONFIG_IP_NF_ARPTABLES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ARP packet filtering    (CONFIG_IP_NF_ARPFILTER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ARP payload mangling    (CONFIG_IP_NF_ARP_MANGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)

IPv6: Netfilter Configuration (EXPERIMENTAL)  (Link)

          [N] IPv6 connection tracking support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_IPV6)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IP6 Userspace queueing via NETLINK (OBSOLETE)    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_QUEUE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IP6 tables support (required for filtering)    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_IPTABLES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Routing header match support    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_MATCH_RT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Hop-by-hop and Dst opts header match support    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_MATCH_OPTS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Fragmentation header match support    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_MATCH_FRAG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HL match support    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_MATCH_HL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Owner match support    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_MATCH_OWNER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IPv6 Extension Headers Match    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_MATCH_IPV6HEADER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AH match support    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_MATCH_AH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] EUI64 address check    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_MATCH_EUI64)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Packet filtering    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_FILTER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] LOG target support    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_TARGET_LOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] REJECT target support    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_TARGET_REJECT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Packet mangling    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_MANGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HL (hoplimit) target support    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_TARGET_HL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] raw table support (required for TRACE)    (CONFIG_IP6_NF_RAW)  (tristate)  (Help)

DECnet: Netfilter Configuration  (Link)

          [N] Routing message grabulator (for userland routing daemon)    (CONFIG_DECNET_NF_GRABULATOR)  (tristate)  (Help)

Bridge: Netfilter Configuration  (Link)

          [N] Ethernet Bridge tables (ebtables) support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_NF_EBTABLES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ebt: broute table support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_BROUTE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ebt: filter table support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_T_FILTER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ebt: nat table support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_T_NAT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ebt: 802.3 filter support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_802_3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ebt: among filter support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_AMONG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ebt: ARP filter support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_ARP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ebt: IP filter support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_IP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ebt: limit match support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_LIMIT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ebt: mark filter support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_MARK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ebt: packet type filter support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_PKTTYPE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ebt: STP filter support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_STP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ebt: 802.1Q VLAN filter support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_VLAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ebt: arp reply target support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_ARPREPLY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ebt: dnat target support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_DNAT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ebt: mark target support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_MARK_T)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ebt: redirect target support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_REDIRECT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ebt: snat target support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_SNAT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ebt: log support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_LOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ebt: ulog support (OBSOLETE)    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_ULOG)  (tristate)  (Help)

DCCP Configuration (EXPERIMENTAL)  (Link)

          [N] The DCCP Protocol (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IP_DCCP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] INET_DCCP_DIAG    (CONFIG_INET_DCCP_DIAG)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] IP_DCCP_ACKVEC    (CONFIG_IP_DCCP_ACKVEC)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

DCCP CCIDs Configuration (EXPERIMENTAL)  (Link)

          [N] CCID2 (TCP-Like) (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IP_DCCP_CCID2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CCID2 debugging messages    (CONFIG_IP_DCCP_CCID2_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] CCID3 (TCP-Friendly) (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IP_DCCP_CCID3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IP_DCCP_TFRC_LIB    (CONFIG_IP_DCCP_TFRC_LIB)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] CCID3 debugging messages    (CONFIG_IP_DCCP_CCID3_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [     ] Use higher bound for nofeedback timer    (CONFIG_IP_DCCP_CCID3_RTO)  (string)  (Help)

DCCP Kernel Hacking  (Link)

          [N] DCCP debug messages    (CONFIG_IP_DCCP_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] DCCP connection probing    (CONFIG_NET_DCCPPROBE)  (tristate)  (Help)

SCTP Configuration (EXPERIMENTAL)  (Link)

          [N] The SCTP Protocol (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IP_SCTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SCTP: Debug messages    (CONFIG_SCTP_DBG_MSG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] SCTP: Debug object counts    (CONFIG_SCTP_DBG_OBJCNT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    SCTP: Cookie HMAC Algorithm
                    [ ] None  (CONFIG_SCTP_HMAC_NONE)  (Help)
                    [ ] HMAC-SHA1  (CONFIG_SCTP_HMAC_SHA1)  (Help)
                    [ ] HMAC-MD5  (CONFIG_SCTP_HMAC_MD5)  (Help)

TIPC Configuration (EXPERIMENTAL)  (Link)

          [N] The TIPC Protocol (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_TIPC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] TIPC: Advanced configuration    (CONFIG_TIPC_ADVANCED)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [     ] Maximum number of zones in network    (CONFIG_TIPC_ZONES)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] Maximum number of clusters in a zone    (CONFIG_TIPC_CLUSTERS)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] Maximum number of nodes in cluster    (CONFIG_TIPC_NODES)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] Maximum number of slave nodes in cluster    (CONFIG_TIPC_SLAVE_NODES)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] Maximum number of ports in a node    (CONFIG_TIPC_PORTS)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] Size of log buffer    (CONFIG_TIPC_LOG)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable debugging support    (CONFIG_TIPC_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ATM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Classical IP over ATM (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ATM_CLIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Do NOT send ICMP if no neighbour (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ATM_CLIP_NO_ICMP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] LAN Emulation (LANE) support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ATM_LANE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Multi-Protocol Over ATM (MPOA) support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ATM_MPOA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] RFC1483/2684 Bridged protocols    (CONFIG_ATM_BR2684)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Per-VC IP filter kludge    (CONFIG_ATM_BR2684_IPFILTER)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] 802.1d Ethernet Bridging    (CONFIG_BRIDGE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] 802.1Q VLAN Support    (CONFIG_VLAN_8021Q)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] DECnet Support    (CONFIG_DECNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] DECnet: router support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_DECNET_ROUTER)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] LLC    (CONFIG_LLC)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ANSI/IEEE 802.2 LLC type 2 Support    (CONFIG_LLC2)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] The IPX protocol    (CONFIG_IPX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IPX: Full internal IPX network    (CONFIG_IPX_INTERN)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Appletalk protocol support    (CONFIG_ATALK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Appletalk interfaces support    (CONFIG_DEV_APPLETALK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Apple/Farallon LocalTalk PC support    (CONFIG_LTPC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] COPS LocalTalk PC support    (CONFIG_COPS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Dayna firmware support    (CONFIG_COPS_DAYNA)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Tangent firmware support    (CONFIG_COPS_TANGENT)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Appletalk-IP driver support    (CONFIG_IPDDP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] IP to Appletalk-IP Encapsulation support    (CONFIG_IPDDP_ENCAP)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Appletalk-IP to IP Decapsulation support    (CONFIG_IPDDP_DECAP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] CCITT X.25 Packet Layer (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_X25)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] LAPB Data Link Driver (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_LAPB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Acorn Econet/AUN protocols (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ECONET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AUN over UDP    (CONFIG_ECONET_AUNUDP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Native Econet    (CONFIG_ECONET_NATIVE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] WAN router    (CONFIG_WAN_ROUTER)  (tristate)  (Help)

QoS and/or fair queueing  (Link)

          [N] QoS and/or fair queueing    (CONFIG_NET_SCHED)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] NET_SCH_FIFO    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_FIFO)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          Packet scheduler clock source
          [ ] Timer interrupt  (CONFIG_NET_SCH_CLK_JIFFIES)  (Help)
          [ ] gettimeofday  (CONFIG_NET_SCH_CLK_GETTIMEOFDAY)  (Help)
          [ ] CPU cycle counter  (CONFIG_NET_SCH_CLK_CPU)  (Help)
          [N] Class Based Queueing (CBQ)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_CBQ)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Hierarchical Token Bucket (HTB)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_HTB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Hierarchical Fair Service Curve (HFSC)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_HFSC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ATM Virtual Circuits (ATM)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_ATM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Multi Band Priority Queueing (PRIO)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_PRIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Random Early Detection (RED)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_RED)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Stochastic Fairness Queueing (SFQ)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_SFQ)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] True Link Equalizer (TEQL)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_TEQL)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Token Bucket Filter (TBF)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_TBF)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Generic Random Early Detection (GRED)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_GRED)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Differentiated Services marker (DSMARK)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_DSMARK)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Network emulator (NETEM)    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_NETEM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Ingress Qdisc    (CONFIG_NET_SCH_INGRESS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NET_CLS    (CONFIG_NET_CLS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Elementary classification (BASIC)    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_BASIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Traffic-Control Index (TCINDEX)    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_TCINDEX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Routing decision (ROUTE)    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_ROUTE4)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NET_CLS_ROUTE    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_ROUTE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Netfilter mark (FW)    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_FW)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Universal 32bit comparisons w/ hashing (U32)    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_U32)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Performance counters support    (CONFIG_CLS_U32_PERF)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Netfilter marks support    (CONFIG_CLS_U32_MARK)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] IPv4 Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP)    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_RSVP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IPv6 Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP6)    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_RSVP6)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Extended Matches    (CONFIG_NET_EMATCH)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [     ] Stack size    (CONFIG_NET_EMATCH_STACK)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Simple packet data comparison    (CONFIG_NET_EMATCH_CMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Multi byte comparison    (CONFIG_NET_EMATCH_NBYTE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] U32 key    (CONFIG_NET_EMATCH_U32)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Metadata    (CONFIG_NET_EMATCH_META)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Textsearch    (CONFIG_NET_EMATCH_TEXT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Actions    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_ACT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Traffic Policing    (CONFIG_NET_ACT_POLICE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Generic actions    (CONFIG_NET_ACT_GACT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Probability support    (CONFIG_GACT_PROB)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Redirecting and Mirroring    (CONFIG_NET_ACT_MIRRED)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IPtables targets    (CONFIG_NET_ACT_IPT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Packet Editing    (CONFIG_NET_ACT_PEDIT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Simple Example (Debug)    (CONFIG_NET_ACT_SIMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Traffic Policing (obsolete)    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_POLICE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Incoming device classification    (CONFIG_NET_CLS_IND)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Rate estimator    (CONFIG_NET_ESTIMATOR)  (bool)  (Help)

Network testing  (Link)

          [N] Packet Generator (USE WITH CAUTION)    (CONFIG_NET_PKTGEN)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] TCP connection probing    (CONFIG_NET_TCPPROBE)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    Amateur Radio support  (Link)

                    [N] Amateur Radio support    (CONFIG_HAMRADIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Amateur Radio AX.25 Level 2 protocol    (CONFIG_AX25)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] AX.25 DAMA Slave support    (CONFIG_AX25_DAMA_SLAVE)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Amateur Radio NET/ROM protocol    (CONFIG_NETROM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Amateur Radio X.25 PLP (Rose)    (CONFIG_ROSE)  (tristate)  (Help)

AX.25 network device drivers  (Link)

          [N] Serial port KISS driver    (CONFIG_MKISS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Serial port 6PACK driver    (CONFIG_6PACK)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BPQ Ethernet driver    (CONFIG_BPQETHER)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] High-speed (DMA) SCC driver for AX.25    (CONFIG_DMASCC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Z8530 SCC driver    (CONFIG_SCC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] additional delay for PA0HZP OptoSCC compatible boards    (CONFIG_SCC_DELAY)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] support for TRX that feedback the tx signal to rx    (CONFIG_SCC_TRXECHO)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] BAYCOM ser12 fullduplex driver for AX.25    (CONFIG_BAYCOM_SER_FDX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BAYCOM ser12 halfduplex driver for AX.25    (CONFIG_BAYCOM_SER_HDX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BAYCOM picpar and par96 driver for AX.25    (CONFIG_BAYCOM_PAR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BAYCOM epp driver for AX.25    (CONFIG_BAYCOM_EPP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] YAM driver for AX.25    (CONFIG_YAM)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    IrDA (infrared) subsystem support  (Link)

                    [N] IrDA (infrared) subsystem support    (CONFIG_IRDA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IrLAN protocol    (CONFIG_IRLAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IrNET protocol    (CONFIG_IRNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IrCOMM protocol    (CONFIG_IRCOMM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Ultra (connectionless) protocol    (CONFIG_IRDA_ULTRA)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Cache last LSAP    (CONFIG_IRDA_CACHE_LAST_LSAP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Fast RRs (low latency)    (CONFIG_IRDA_FAST_RR)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Debug information    (CONFIG_IRDA_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)

Infrared-port device drivers  (Link)

          [N] IrTTY (uses Linux serial driver)    (CONFIG_IRTTY_SIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Serial dongle support    (CONFIG_DONGLE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] ESI JetEye PC dongle    (CONFIG_ESI_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ACTiSYS IR-220L and IR220L+ dongle    (CONFIG_ACTISYS_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Tekram IrMate 210B dongle    (CONFIG_TEKRAM_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] TOIM3232 IrDa dongle    (CONFIG_TOIM3232_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Parallax LiteLink dongle    (CONFIG_LITELINK_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Mobile Action MA600 dongle    (CONFIG_MA600_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Greenwich GIrBIL dongle    (CONFIG_GIRBIL_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Microchip MCP2120    (CONFIG_MCP2120_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Old Belkin dongle    (CONFIG_OLD_BELKIN_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ACTiSYS IR-200L dongle    (CONFIG_ACT200L_DONGLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IrPORT (IrDA serial driver)    (CONFIG_IRPORT_SIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Old Serial dongle support    (CONFIG_DONGLE_OLD)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] ESI JetEye PC dongle    (CONFIG_ESI_DONGLE_OLD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ACTiSYS IR-220L and IR220L+ dongle    (CONFIG_ACTISYS_DONGLE_OLD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Tekram IrMate 210B dongle    (CONFIG_TEKRAM_DONGLE_OLD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Greenwich GIrBIL dongle    (CONFIG_GIRBIL_DONGLE_OLD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Parallax LiteLink dongle    (CONFIG_LITELINK_DONGLE_OLD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Microchip MCP2120    (CONFIG_MCP2120_DONGLE_OLD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Old Belkin dongle    (CONFIG_OLD_BELKIN_DONGLE_OLD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ACTiSYS IR-200L dongle (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ACT200L_DONGLE_OLD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Mobile Action MA600 dongle (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_MA600_DONGLE_OLD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] EP7211 I/R support    (CONFIG_EP7211_IR)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] IrDA USB dongles    (CONFIG_USB_IRDA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SigmaTel STIr4200 bridge (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SIGMATEL_FIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NSC PC87108/PC87338    (CONFIG_NSC_FIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Winbond W83977AF (IR)    (CONFIG_WINBOND_FIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Toshiba Type-O IR Port    (CONFIG_TOSHIBA_FIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Alchemy Au1000 SIR/FIR    (CONFIG_AU1000_FIR)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] SMSC IrCC (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SMC_IRCC_FIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ALi M5123 FIR (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ALI_FIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] VLSI 82C147 SIR/MIR/FIR (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_VLSI_FIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SA1100 Internal IR    (CONFIG_SA1100_FIR)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] VIA VT8231/VT1211 SIR/MIR/FIR    (CONFIG_VIA_FIR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intel PXA2xx Internal FICP    (CONFIG_PXA_FICP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MosChip MCS7780 IrDA-USB dongle    (CONFIG_MCS_FIR)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    Bluetooth subsystem support  (Link)

                    [N] Bluetooth subsystem support    (CONFIG_BT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] L2CAP protocol support    (CONFIG_BT_L2CAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] SCO links support    (CONFIG_BT_SCO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] RFCOMM protocol support    (CONFIG_BT_RFCOMM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] RFCOMM TTY support    (CONFIG_BT_RFCOMM_TTY)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] BNEP protocol support    (CONFIG_BT_BNEP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Multicast filter support    (CONFIG_BT_BNEP_MC_FILTER)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Protocol filter support    (CONFIG_BT_BNEP_PROTO_FILTER)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] CMTP protocol support    (CONFIG_BT_CMTP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HIDP protocol support    (CONFIG_BT_HIDP)  (tristate)  (Help)

Bluetooth device drivers  (Link)

          [N] HCI USB driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIUSB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SCO (voice) support    (CONFIG_BT_HCIUSB_SCO)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] HCI UART driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIUART)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] UART (H4) protocol support    (CONFIG_BT_HCIUART_H4)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] BCSP protocol support    (CONFIG_BT_HCIUART_BCSP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] HCI BCM203x USB driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIBCM203X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HCI BPA10x USB driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIBPA10X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HCI BlueFRITZ! USB driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIBFUSB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HCI DTL1 (PC Card) driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIDTL1)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HCI BT3C (PC Card) driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIBT3C)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HCI BlueCard (PC Card) driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIBLUECARD)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HCI UART (PC Card) device driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIBTUART)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HCI VHCI (Virtual HCI device) driver    (CONFIG_BT_HCIVHCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Generic IEEE 802.11 Networking Stack    (CONFIG_IEEE80211)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable full debugging output    (CONFIG_IEEE80211_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IEEE 802.11 WEP encryption (802.1x)    (CONFIG_IEEE80211_CRYPT_WEP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IEEE 802.11i CCMP support    (CONFIG_IEEE80211_CRYPT_CCMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IEEE 802.11i TKIP encryption    (CONFIG_IEEE80211_CRYPT_TKIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Software MAC add-on to the IEEE 802.11 networking stack    (CONFIG_IEEE80211_SOFTMAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable full debugging output    (CONFIG_IEEE80211_SOFTMAC_DEBUG)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] WIRELESS_EXT    (CONFIG_WIRELESS_EXT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] FIB_RULES    (CONFIG_FIB_RULES)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

Device Drivers  (Link)

Generic Driver Options  (Link)

          [Y] Select only drivers that don't need compile-time external firmware    (CONFIG_STANDALONE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] Prevent firmware from being built    (CONFIG_PREVENT_FIRMWARE_BUILD)  (bool)  (Help)
          [M] Userspace firmware loading support    (CONFIG_FW_LOADER)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Driver Core verbose debug messages    (CONFIG_DEBUG_DRIVER)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] SYS_HYPERVISOR    (CONFIG_SYS_HYPERVISOR)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

Connector - unified userspace <-> kernelspace linker  (Link)

          [N] Connector - unified userspace     (CONFIG_CONNECTOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] <    (CONFIG_CONNECTOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] -    (CONFIG_CONNECTOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] >    (CONFIG_CONNECTOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] kernelspace linker    (CONFIG_CONNECTOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Report process events to userspace    (CONFIG_PROC_EVENTS)  (bool)  (Help)

Memory Technology Devices (MTD)  (Link)

          [N] Memory Technology Device (MTD) support    (CONFIG_MTD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Debugging    (CONFIG_MTD_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [     ] Debugging verbosity (0 = quiet, 3 = noisy)    (CONFIG_MTD_DEBUG_VERBOSE)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] MTD concatenating support    (CONFIG_MTD_CONCAT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] MTD partitioning support    (CONFIG_MTD_PARTITIONS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] RedBoot partition table parsing    (CONFIG_MTD_REDBOOT_PARTS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [     ] Location of RedBoot partition table    (CONFIG_MTD_REDBOOT_DIRECTORY_BLOCK)  (string)  (Help)
                                        [N] Include unallocated flash regions    (CONFIG_MTD_REDBOOT_PARTS_UNALLOCATED)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Force read-only for RedBoot system images    (CONFIG_MTD_REDBOOT_PARTS_READONLY)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Command line partition table parsing    (CONFIG_MTD_CMDLINE_PARTS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] ARM Firmware Suite partition parsing    (CONFIG_MTD_AFS_PARTS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Direct char device access to MTD devices    (CONFIG_MTD_CHAR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Common interface to block layer for MTD 'translation layers'    (CONFIG_MTD_BLKDEVS)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] Caching block device access to MTD devices    (CONFIG_MTD_BLOCK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Readonly block device access to MTD devices    (CONFIG_MTD_BLOCK_RO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] FTL (Flash Translation Layer) support    (CONFIG_FTL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NFTL (NAND Flash Translation Layer) support    (CONFIG_NFTL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Write support for NFTL    (CONFIG_NFTL_RW)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] INFTL (Inverse NAND Flash Translation Layer) support    (CONFIG_INFTL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Resident Flash Disk (Flash Translation Layer) support    (CONFIG_RFD_FTL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NAND SSFDC (SmartMedia) read only translation layer    (CONFIG_SSFDC)  (tristate)  (Help)

RAM/ROM/Flash chip drivers  (Link)

          [N] Detect flash chips by Common Flash Interface (CFI) probe    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Detect non-CFI AMD/JEDEC-compatible flash chips    (CONFIG_MTD_JEDECPROBE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MTD_GEN_PROBE    (CONFIG_MTD_GEN_PROBE)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Flash chip driver advanced configuration options    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_ADV_OPTIONS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    Flash cmd/query data swapping
                    [ ] NO  (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_NOSWAP)  (Help)
                    [ ] BIG_ENDIAN_BYTE  (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_BE_BYTE_SWAP)  (No help available)
                    [ ] LITTLE_ENDIAN_BYTE  (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_LE_BYTE_SWAP)  (No help available)
                    [N] Specific CFI Flash geometry selection    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_GEOMETRY)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support 8-bit buswidth    (CONFIG_MTD_MAP_BANK_WIDTH_1)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support 16-bit buswidth    (CONFIG_MTD_MAP_BANK_WIDTH_2)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support 32-bit buswidth    (CONFIG_MTD_MAP_BANK_WIDTH_4)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support 64-bit buswidth    (CONFIG_MTD_MAP_BANK_WIDTH_8)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support 128-bit buswidth    (CONFIG_MTD_MAP_BANK_WIDTH_16)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support 256-bit buswidth    (CONFIG_MTD_MAP_BANK_WIDTH_32)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support 1-chip flash interleave    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_I1)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support 2-chip flash interleave    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_I2)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support 4-chip flash interleave    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_I4)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support 8-chip flash interleave    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_I8)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Protection Registers aka one-time programmable (OTP) bits    (CONFIG_MTD_OTP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Support for Intel/Sharp flash chips    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_INTELEXT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Support for AMD/Fujitsu flash chips    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_AMDSTD)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Support for ST (Advanced Architecture) flash chips    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_STAA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MTD_CFI_UTIL    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_UTIL)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Support for RAM chips in bus mapping    (CONFIG_MTD_RAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Support for ROM chips in bus mapping    (CONFIG_MTD_ROM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Support for absent chips in bus mapping    (CONFIG_MTD_ABSENT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Older (theoretically obsoleted now) drivers for non-CFI chips    (CONFIG_MTD_OBSOLETE_CHIPS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] AMD compatible flash chip support (non-CFI)    (CONFIG_MTD_AMDSTD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] pre-CFI Sharp chip support    (CONFIG_MTD_SHARP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] JEDEC device support    (CONFIG_MTD_JEDEC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] XIP aware MTD support    (CONFIG_MTD_XIP)  (bool)  (Help)

Mapping drivers for chip access  (Link)

          [N] Support non-linear mappings of flash chips    (CONFIG_MTD_COMPLEX_MAPPINGS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device in physical memory map    (CONFIG_MTD_PHYSMAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] Physical start address of flash mapping    (CONFIG_MTD_PHYSMAP_START)  (string)  (Help)
                    [     ] Physical length of flash mapping    (CONFIG_MTD_PHYSMAP_LEN)  (string)  (Help)
                    [     ] Bank width in octets    (CONFIG_MTD_PHYSMAP_BANKWIDTH)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Flash device in physical memory map based on OF descirption    (CONFIG_MTD_PHYSMAP_OF)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Sun Microsystems userflash support    (CONFIG_MTD_SUN_UFLASH)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on Photron PNC-2000    (CONFIG_MTD_PNC2000)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on AMD SC520 CDP    (CONFIG_MTD_SC520CDP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on AMD NetSc520    (CONFIG_MTD_NETSC520)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] JEDEC Flash device mapped on Technologic Systems TS-5500    (CONFIG_MTD_TS5500)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on Arcom SBC-GXx boards    (CONFIG_MTD_SBC_GXX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on Intel Lubbock XScale eval board    (CONFIG_MTD_LUBBOCK)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on Intel Mainstone XScale eval board    (CONFIG_MTD_MAINSTONE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] JEDEC Flash device mapped on Octagon 5066 SBC    (CONFIG_MTD_OCTAGON)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] JEDEC Flash device mapped on Tempustech VMAX SBC301    (CONFIG_MTD_VMAX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Flash device mapped with DOCCS on NatSemi SCx200    (CONFIG_MTD_SCx200_DOCFLASH)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BIOS flash chip on AMD76x southbridge    (CONFIG_MTD_AMD76XROM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BIOS flash chip on Intel Controller Hub 2/3/4/5    (CONFIG_MTD_ICHXROM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BIOS flash chip on Intel ESB Controller Hub 2    (CONFIG_MTD_ESB2ROM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BIOS flash chip on Nvidia CK804    (CONFIG_MTD_CK804XROM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BIOS flash chip on Intel SCB2 boards    (CONFIG_MTD_SCB2_FLASH)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Flash chips on Tsunami TIG bus    (CONFIG_MTD_TSUNAMI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] LASAT flash device    (CONFIG_MTD_LASAT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI flash device on SnapGear/SecureEdge    (CONFIG_MTD_NETtel)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] AMD Alchemy Pb1xxx/Db1xxx/RDK MTD support    (CONFIG_MTD_ALCHEMY)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] 4G Systems MTX-1 Flash device    (CONFIG_MTD_MTX1)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on DIL/Net PC    (CONFIG_MTD_DILNETPC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] Size of DIL/Net PC flash boot partition    (CONFIG_MTD_DILNETPC_BOOTSIZE)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] BIOS flash chip on Intel L440GX boards    (CONFIG_MTD_L440GX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Flash device on SBC8240    (CONFIG_MTD_SBC8240)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on TQM8XXL    (CONFIG_MTD_TQM8XXL)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on RPX Lite or CLLF    (CONFIG_MTD_RPXLITE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] System flash on MBX860 board    (CONFIG_MTD_MBX860)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on D-Box2    (CONFIG_MTD_DBOX2)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapping on FlagaDM    (CONFIG_MTD_CFI_FLAGADM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on IBM 405LP Beech    (CONFIG_MTD_BEECH)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on IBM 405LP Arctic    (CONFIG_MTD_ARCTIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Flash device mapped on IBM 405GP Walnut    (CONFIG_MTD_WALNUT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Flash devices mapped on IBM 440GP Ebony    (CONFIG_MTD_EBONY)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Flash devices mapped on IBM 440GX Ocotea    (CONFIG_MTD_OCOTEA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash devices mapped on IBM Redwood    (CONFIG_MTD_REDWOOD)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Flash device mapped on TQ Components TQM834x Boards    (CONFIG_MTD_TQM834x)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Momenco Ocelot boot flash device    (CONFIG_MTD_OCELOT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on Hitachi SolutionEngine    (CONFIG_MTD_SOLUTIONENGINE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on ARM Integrator/P720T    (CONFIG_MTD_ARM_INTEGRATOR)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] Cirrus CDB89712 evaluation board mappings    (CONFIG_MTD_CDB89712)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on StrongARM SA11x0    (CONFIG_MTD_SA1100)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on Compaq/HP iPAQ    (CONFIG_MTD_IPAQ)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on DC21285 Footbridge    (CONFIG_MTD_DC21285)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on Intel IXP4xx based systems    (CONFIG_MTD_IXP4XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on Intel IXP2000 based systems    (CONFIG_MTD_IXP2000)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on the FortuNet board    (CONFIG_MTD_FORTUNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NV-RAM mapping AUTCPU12 board    (CONFIG_MTD_AUTCPU12)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on EDB7312    (CONFIG_MTD_EDB7312)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] JEDEC Flash device mapped on impA7    (CONFIG_MTD_IMPA7)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] JEDEC Flash device mapped on Ceiva/Polaroid PhotoMax Digital Picture Frame    (CONFIG_MTD_CEIVA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NOR Flash device on TOTO board    (CONFIG_MTD_NOR_TOTO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Hynix evaluation board mappings    (CONFIG_MTD_H720X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CFI Flash device mapped on Interface MPC-1211    (CONFIG_MTD_MPC1211)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] TI OMAP board mappings    (CONFIG_MTD_OMAP_NOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PCI MTD driver    (CONFIG_MTD_PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PCMCIA MTD driver    (CONFIG_MTD_PCMCIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Use PCMCIA MTD drivers for anonymous PCMCIA cards    (CONFIG_MTD_PCMCIA_ANONYMOUS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Generic uClinux RAM/ROM filesystem support    (CONFIG_MTD_UCLINUX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Map driver for WindRiver PowerQUICC II MPC82xx board    (CONFIG_MTD_WRSBC8260)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Map driver for Dy-4 SVME/DMV-182 board.    (CONFIG_MTD_DMV182)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Map driver for Simtec BAST (EB2410ITX) or Thorcom VR1000    (CONFIG_MTD_BAST)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] Maximum size for BAST flash area (MiB)    (CONFIG_MTD_BAST_MAXSIZE)  (string)  (No help available)
          [N] ROM mapped on Sharp SL Series    (CONFIG_MTD_SHARP_SL)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Map driver for platform device RAM (mtd-ram)    (CONFIG_MTD_PLATRAM)  (tristate)  (Help)

Self-contained MTD device drivers  (Link)

          [N] Ramix PMC551 PCI Mezzanine RAM card support    (CONFIG_MTD_PMC551)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PMC551 256M DRAM Bugfix    (CONFIG_MTD_PMC551_BUGFIX)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] PMC551 Debugging    (CONFIG_MTD_PMC551_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] DEC MS02-NV NVRAM module support    (CONFIG_MTD_MS02NV)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Support for AT45xxx DataFlash    (CONFIG_MTD_DATAFLASH)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Support for M25 SPI Flash    (CONFIG_MTD_M25P80)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Uncached system RAM    (CONFIG_MTD_SLRAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Physical system RAM    (CONFIG_MTD_PHRAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] 28F160xx flash driver for LART    (CONFIG_MTD_LART)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Test driver using RAM    (CONFIG_MTD_MTDRAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] MTDRAM device size in KiB    (CONFIG_MTDRAM_TOTAL_SIZE)  (string)  (Help)
                    [     ] MTDRAM erase block size in KiB    (CONFIG_MTDRAM_ERASE_SIZE)  (string)  (Help)
                    [     ] SRAM Hexadecimal Absolute position or 0    (CONFIG_MTDRAM_ABS_POS)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] MTD using block device    (CONFIG_MTD_BLOCK2MTD)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] M-Systems Disk-On-Chip 2000 and Millennium (DEPRECATED)    (CONFIG_MTD_DOC2000)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] M-Systems Disk-On-Chip Millennium-only alternative driver (DEPRECATED)    (CONFIG_MTD_DOC2001)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] M-Systems Disk-On-Chip Millennium Plus    (CONFIG_MTD_DOC2001PLUS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MTD_DOCPROBE    (CONFIG_MTD_DOCPROBE)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] MTD_DOCECC    (CONFIG_MTD_DOCECC)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Advanced detection options for DiskOnChip    (CONFIG_MTD_DOCPROBE_ADVANCED)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [     ] Physical address of DiskOnChip    (CONFIG_MTD_DOCPROBE_ADDRESS)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Probe high addresses    (CONFIG_MTD_DOCPROBE_HIGH)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Probe for 0x55 0xAA BIOS Extension Signature    (CONFIG_MTD_DOCPROBE_55AA)  (bool)  (Help)

NAND Flash Device Drivers  (Link)

          [N] NAND Device Support    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Verify NAND page writes    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_VERIFY_WRITE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] NAND ECC Smart Media byte order    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_ECC_SMC)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] SmartMediaCard on autronix autcpu12 board    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_AUTCPU12)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for Cirrus Logic EBD7312 evaluation board    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_EDB7312)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] iPAQ H1900 flash    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_H1900)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NAND Flash device on SPIA board    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_SPIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NAND Flash device on Amstrad E3    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_AMS_DELTA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NAND Flash device on TOTO board    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_TOTO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NAND Flash device on TS-7250 board    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_TS7250)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MTD_NAND_IDS    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_IDS)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Au1550/1200 NAND support    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_AU1550)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Renesas Flash ROM 4-slot interface board (FROM_BOARD4)    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_RTC_FROM4)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NAND Flash device on PPChameleonEVB board    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_PPCHAMELEONEVB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NAND Flash support for S3C2410/S3C2440 SoC    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_S3C2410)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] S3C2410 NAND driver debug    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_S3C2410_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] S3C2410 NAND Hardware ECC    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_S3C2410_HWECC)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] NDFC NanD Flash Controller    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_NDFC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] S3C2410 NAND IDLE clock stop    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_S3C2410_CLKSTOP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] DiskOnChip 2000, Millennium and Millennium Plus (NAND reimplementation) (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_DISKONCHIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Advanced detection options for DiskOnChip    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_DISKONCHIP_PROBE_ADVANCED)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [     ] Physical address of DiskOnChip    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_DISKONCHIP_PROBE_ADDRESS)  (string)  (Help)
                              [N] Probe high addresses    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_DISKONCHIP_PROBE_HIGH)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Allow BBT writes on DiskOnChip Millennium and 2000TSOP    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_DISKONCHIP_BBTWRITE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Support for NAND Flash on Sharp SL Series (C7xx + others)    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_SHARPSL)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] NAND support for OLPC CAFÉ chip    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_CAFE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NAND support for CS5535/CS5536 (AMD Geode companion chip)    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_CS553X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Support for NAND Flash / SmartMedia on AT91    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_AT91)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Support for NAND Flash Simulator    (CONFIG_MTD_NAND_NANDSIM)  (tristate)  (Help)

OneNAND Flash Device Drivers  (Link)

          [N] OneNAND Device Support    (CONFIG_MTD_ONENAND)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Verify OneNAND page writes    (CONFIG_MTD_ONENAND_VERIFY_WRITE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] OneNAND Flash device via platform device driver    (CONFIG_MTD_ONENAND_GENERIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] OneNAND OTP Support    (CONFIG_MTD_ONENAND_OTP)  (bool)  (Help)

Parallel port support  (Link)

          [N] Parallel port support    (CONFIG_PARPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PC-style hardware    (CONFIG_PARPORT_PC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Multi-IO cards (parallel and serial)    (CONFIG_PARPORT_SERIAL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Use FIFO/DMA if available (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_PARPORT_PC_FIFO)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] SuperIO chipset support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_PARPORT_PC_SUPERIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for PCMCIA management for PC-style ports    (CONFIG_PARPORT_PC_PCMCIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SGI IP32 builtin port (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_PARPORT_IP32)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Amiga builtin port    (CONFIG_PARPORT_AMIGA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Multiface III parallel port    (CONFIG_PARPORT_MFC3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Atari hardware    (CONFIG_PARPORT_ATARI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PARPORT_GSC    (CONFIG_PARPORT_GSC)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] Sparc hardware (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_PARPORT_SUNBPP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AX88796 Parallel Port    (CONFIG_PARPORT_AX88796)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IEEE 1284 transfer modes    (CONFIG_PARPORT_1284)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] PARPORT_NOT_PC    (CONFIG_PARPORT_NOT_PC)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

Plug and Play support  (Link)

          [Y] Plug and Play support    (CONFIG_PNP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] PnP Debug Messages    (CONFIG_PNP_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] ISA Plug and Play support    (CONFIG_ISAPNP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Plug and Play BIOS support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_PNPBIOS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Plug and Play BIOS /proc interface    (CONFIG_PNPBIOS_PROC_FS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Plug and Play ACPI support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_PNPACPI)  (bool)  (Help)

Block devices  (Link)

          [N] Normal floppy disk support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_FD)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Amiga floppy support    (CONFIG_AMIGA_FLOPPY)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] Atari floppy support    (CONFIG_ATARI_FLOPPY)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] Support for PowerMac floppy    (CONFIG_MAC_FLOPPY)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PS/2 ESDI hard disk support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_PS2)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Amiga Zorro II ramdisk support    (CONFIG_AMIGA_Z2RAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Atari ACSI support    (CONFIG_ATARI_ACSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Probe all LUNs on each ACSI device    (CONFIG_ACSI_MULTI_LUN)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Atari SLM laser printer support    (CONFIG_ATARI_SLM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] XT hard disk support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_XD)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Parallel port IDE device support    (CONFIG_PARIDE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PARIDE_PARPORT    (CONFIG_PARIDE_PARPORT)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] Parallel port IDE disks    (CONFIG_PARIDE_PD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Parallel port ATAPI CD-ROMs    (CONFIG_PARIDE_PCD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Parallel port ATAPI disks    (CONFIG_PARIDE_PF)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Parallel port ATAPI tapes    (CONFIG_PARIDE_PT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Parallel port generic ATAPI devices    (CONFIG_PARIDE_PG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ATEN EH-100 protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_ATEN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] MicroSolutions backpack (Series 5) protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_BPCK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] MicroSolutions backpack (Series 6) protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_BPCK6)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] DataStor Commuter protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_COMM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] DataStor EP-2000 protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_DSTR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] FIT TD-2000 protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_FIT2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] FIT TD-3000 protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_FIT3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Shuttle EPAT/EPEZ protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_EPAT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support c7/c8 chips (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_PARIDE_EPATC8)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Shuttle EPIA protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_EPIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Freecom IQ ASIC-2 protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_FRIQ)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] FreeCom power protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_FRPW)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] KingByte KBIC-951A/971A protocols    (CONFIG_PARIDE_KBIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] KT PHd protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_KTTI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] OnSpec 90c20 protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_ON20)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] OnSpec 90c26 protocol    (CONFIG_PARIDE_ON26)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Compaq SMART2 support    (CONFIG_BLK_CPQ_DA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Compaq Smart Array 5xxx support    (CONFIG_BLK_CPQ_CISS_DA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SCSI tape drive support for Smart Array 5xxx    (CONFIG_CISS_SCSI_TAPE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Mylex DAC960/DAC1100 PCI RAID Controller support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_DAC960)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Micro Memory MM5415 Battery Backed RAM support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_UMEM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Virtual block device    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_UBD)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Always do synchronous disk IO for UBD    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_UBD_SYNC)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] BLK_DEV_COW_COMMON    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_COW_COMMON)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Example IO memory driver (BROKEN)    (CONFIG_MMAPPER)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [M] Loopback device support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_LOOP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] Cryptoloop Support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CRYPTOLOOP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [M] Network block device support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_NBD)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Promise SATA SX8 support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SX8)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Low Performance USB Block driver    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_UB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] RAM disk support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [16] Default number of RAM disks    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM_COUNT)  (string)  (Help)
                    [4096] Default RAM disk size (kbytes)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM_SIZE)  (string)  (Help)
                    [1024] Default RAM disk block size (bytes)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM_BLOCKSIZE)  (string)  (Help)
          [Y] Initial RAM filesystem and RAM disk (initramfs/initrd) support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_INITRD)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Packet writing on CD/DVD media    (CONFIG_CDROM_PKTCDVD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] Free buffers for data gathering    (CONFIG_CDROM_PKTCDVD_BUFFERS)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable write caching (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_CDROM_PKTCDVD_WCACHE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] XPRAM disk support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_XPRAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] DCSSBLK support    (CONFIG_DCSSBLK)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Support for DASD devices    (CONFIG_DASD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Profiling support for dasd devices    (CONFIG_DASD_PROFILE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for ECKD Disks    (CONFIG_DASD_ECKD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for FBA Disks    (CONFIG_DASD_FBA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for DIAG access to Disks    (CONFIG_DASD_DIAG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Extended error reporting (EER)    (CONFIG_DASD_EER)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] ATA over Ethernet support    (CONFIG_ATA_OVER_ETH)  (tristate)  (Help)

Misc devices  (Link)

          [N] Device driver for IBM RSA service processor    (CONFIG_IBM_ASM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] SGI IOC4 Base IO support    (CONFIG_SGI_IOC4)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] TI Flash Media interface support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_TIFM_CORE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] TI Flash Media PCI74xx/PCI76xx host adapter support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_TIFM_7XX1)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MSI Laptop Extras    (CONFIG_MSI_LAPTOP)  (tristate)  (Help)

ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL support  (Link)

          [Y] ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL support    (CONFIG_IDE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [4] Max IDE interfaces    (CONFIG_IDE_MAX_HWIFS)  (string)  (Help)
                    [Y] Enhanced IDE/MFM/RLL disk/cdrom/tape/floppy support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for SATA (deprecated; conflicts with libata SATA driver)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_SATA)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Use old disk-only driver on primary interface    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_HD_IDE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [Y] Include IDE/ATA-2 DISK support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEDISK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Use multi-mode by default    (CONFIG_IDEDISK_MULTI_MODE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] PCMCIA IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDECS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [Y] Include IDE/ATAPI CDROM support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDECD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Include IDE/ATAPI TAPE support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDETAPE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [Y] Include IDE/ATAPI FLOPPY support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEFLOPPY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [M] SCSI emulation support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDESCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IDE Taskfile Access    (CONFIG_IDE_TASK_IOCTL)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] generic/default IDE chipset support    (CONFIG_IDE_GENERIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] CMD640 chipset bugfix/support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CMD640)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] CMD640 enhanced support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CMD640_ENHANCED)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] PNP EIDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEPNP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [Y] PCI IDE chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEPCI)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [Y] Sharing PCI IDE interrupts support    (CONFIG_IDEPCI_SHARE_IRQ)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Boot off-board chipsets first support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_OFFBOARD)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [Y] Generic PCI IDE Chipset Support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_GENERIC)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                                        [N] OPTi 82C621 chipset enhanced support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_OPTI621)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] RZ1000 chipset bugfix/support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RZ1000)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [Y] Generic PCI bus-master DMA support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEDMA_PCI)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Force enable legacy 2.0.X HOSTS to use DMA    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEDMA_FORCED)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [Y] Use PCI DMA by default when available    (CONFIG_IDEDMA_PCI_AUTO)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                            [N] Enable DMA only for disks     (CONFIG_IDEDMA_ONLYDISK)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] AEC62XX chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_AEC62XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] ALI M15x3 chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ALI15X3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                            [N] ALI M15x3 WDC support (DANGEROUS)    (CONFIG_WDC_ALI15X3)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] AMD and nVidia IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_AMD74XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] ATI IXP chipset IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ATIIXP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [Y] CMD64{3|6|8|9} chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CMD64X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Compaq Triflex IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_TRIFLEX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] CY82C693 chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CY82C693)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Cyrix CS5510/20 MediaGX chipset support (VERY EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CS5520)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Cyrix/National Semiconductor CS5530 MediaGX chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CS5530)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] AMD CS5535 chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CS5535)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] HPT34X chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_HPT34X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                            [N] HPT34X AUTODMA support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_HPT34X_AUTODMA)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] HPT36X/37X chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_HPT366)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] JMicron JMB36x support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_JMICRON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] National SCx200 chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SC1200)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [Y] Intel PIIXn chipsets support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_PIIX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] IT821X IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IT821X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] NS87415 chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_NS87415)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] PROMISE PDC202{46|62|65|67} support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_PDC202XX_OLD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                            [N] Special UDMA Feature    (CONFIG_PDC202XX_BURST)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] PROMISE PDC202{68|69|70|71|75|76|77} support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_PDC202XX_NEW)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                                                  [N] ServerWorks OSB4/CSB5/CSB6 chipsets support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SVWKS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [Y] Silicon Graphics IOC4 chipset ATA/ATAPI support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SGIIOC4)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Silicon Image chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SIIMAGE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] SiS5513 chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SIS5513)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Winbond SL82c105 support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SL82C105)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] SLC90E66 chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SLC90E66)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Tekram TRM290 chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_TRM290)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] VIA82CXXX chipset support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_VIA82CXXX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Builtin PowerMac IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_PMAC)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Probe internal ATA/100 (Kauai) first    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_PMAC_ATA100FIRST)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] PowerMac IDE DMA support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEDMA_PMAC)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IDE for Sibyte evaluation boards    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_SWARM)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                              [N] IDE for AMD Alchemy Au1200    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_AU1XXX)  (bool)  (No help available)
                                        IDE Mode for AMD Alchemy Au1200
                                        [ ] PIO+DbDMA IDE for AMD Alchemy Au1200  (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_AU1XXX_PIO_DBDMA)  (No help available)
                                        [ ] MDMA2+DbDMA IDE for AMD Alchemy Au1200  (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_AU1XXX_MDMA2_DBDMA)  (No help available)
                                        [     ] Maximum transfer size (KB) per request (up to 128)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_AU1XXX_SEQTS_PER_RQ)  (string)  (No help available)
                              [N] IDE_ARM    (CONFIG_IDE_ARM)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] ICS IDE interface support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_ICSIDE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] ICS DMA support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEDMA_ICS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Use ICS DMA by default    (CONFIG_IDEDMA_ICS_AUTO)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] RapIDE interface support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_RAPIDE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Simtec BAST / Thorcom VR1000 IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_BAST)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Amiga Gayle IDE interface support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_GAYLE)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Amiga IDE Doubler support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEDOUBLER)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Buddha/Catweasel/X-Surf IDE interface support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_BUDDHA)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Falcon IDE interface support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_FALCON_IDE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Macintosh Quadra/Powerbook IDE interface support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_MAC_IDE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Q40/Q60 IDE interface support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_Q40IDE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] MPC8xx IDE support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_MPC8xx_IDE)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        Type of MPC8xx IDE interface
                                        [ ] 8xx_PCCARD  (CONFIG_IDE_8xx_PCCARD)  (Help)
                                        [ ] 8xx_DIRECT  (CONFIG_IDE_8xx_DIRECT)  (No help available)
                                        [ ] EXT_DIRECT  (CONFIG_IDE_EXT_DIRECT)  (No help available)
                              [N] Other IDE chipset support    (CONFIG_IDE_CHIPSETS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Generic 4 drives/port support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_4DRIVES)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] ALI M14xx support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ALI14XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] DTC-2278 support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_DTC2278)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Holtek HT6560B support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_HT6560B)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] QDI QD65xx support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_QD65XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] UMC-8672 support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_UMC8672)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [Y] BLK_DEV_IDEDMA    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDEDMA)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] IGNORE word93 Validation BITS    (CONFIG_IDEDMA_IVB)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [Y] IDEDMA_AUTO    (CONFIG_IDEDMA_AUTO)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] Old hard disk (MFM/RLL/IDE) driver    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_HD_ONLY)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] BLK_DEV_HD    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_HD)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

SCSI device support  (Link)

          [N] RAID Transport Class    (CONFIG_RAID_ATTRS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] SCSI device support    (CONFIG_SCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SCSI target support    (CONFIG_SCSI_TGT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] SCSI_NETLINK    (CONFIG_SCSI_NETLINK)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] legacy /proc/scsi/ support    (CONFIG_SCSI_PROC_FS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] SCSI disk support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SD)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [M] SCSI tape support    (CONFIG_CHR_DEV_ST)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SCSI OnStream SC-x0 tape support    (CONFIG_CHR_DEV_OSST)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [M] SCSI CDROM support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable vendor-specific extensions (for SCSI CDROM)    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SR_VENDOR)  (bool)  (Help)
          [M] SCSI generic support    (CONFIG_CHR_DEV_SG)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SCSI media changer support    (CONFIG_CHR_DEV_SCH)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Probe all LUNs on each SCSI device    (CONFIG_SCSI_MULTI_LUN)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Verbose SCSI error reporting (kernel size +=12K)    (CONFIG_SCSI_CONSTANTS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] SCSI logging facility    (CONFIG_SCSI_LOGGING)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Asynchronous SCSI scanning    (CONFIG_SCSI_SCAN_ASYNC)  (bool)  (Help)

SCSI Transports  (Link)

          [Y] Parallel SCSI (SPI) Transport Attributes    (CONFIG_SCSI_SPI_ATTRS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] FiberChannel Transport Attributes    (CONFIG_SCSI_FC_ATTRS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] iSCSI Transport Attributes    (CONFIG_SCSI_ISCSI_ATTRS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SAS Transport Attributes    (CONFIG_SCSI_SAS_ATTRS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SAS Domain Transport Attributes    (CONFIG_SCSI_SAS_LIBSAS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Compile the SAS Domain Transport Attributes in debug mode    (CONFIG_SCSI_SAS_LIBSAS_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)

SCSI low-level drivers  (Link)

          [N] iSCSI Initiator over TCP/IP    (CONFIG_ISCSI_TCP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SGI WD93C93 SCSI Driver    (CONFIG_SGIWD93_SCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] DEC NCR53C94 Scsi Driver    (CONFIG_SCSI_DECNCR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] DEC SII Scsi Driver    (CONFIG_SCSI_DECSII)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] 3ware 5/6/7/8xxx ATA-RAID support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_3W_XXXX_RAID)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] 3ware 9xxx SATA-RAID support    (CONFIG_SCSI_3W_9XXX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] 7000FASST SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_7000FASST)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ACARD SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_ACARD)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Adaptec AHA152X/2825 support    (CONFIG_SCSI_AHA152X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Adaptec AHA1542 support    (CONFIG_SCSI_AHA1542)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Adaptec AHA1740 support    (CONFIG_SCSI_AHA1740)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Adaptec AACRAID support    (CONFIG_SCSI_AACRAID)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Adaptec AIC7xxx Fast -    (CONFIG_SCSI_AIC7XXX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] >    (CONFIG_SCSI_AIC7XXX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] U160 support (New Driver)    (CONFIG_SCSI_AIC7XXX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] Maximum number of TCQ commands per device    (CONFIG_AIC7XXX_CMDS_PER_DEVICE)  (string)  (Help)
                    [     ] Initial bus reset delay in milli-seconds    (CONFIG_AIC7XXX_RESET_DELAY_MS)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Probe for EISA and VL AIC7XXX Adapters    (CONFIG_AIC7XXX_PROBE_EISA_VL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Build Adapter Firmware with Kernel Build    (CONFIG_AIC7XXX_BUILD_FIRMWARE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Compile in Debugging Code    (CONFIG_AIC7XXX_DEBUG_ENABLE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [     ] Debug code enable mask (2047 for all debugging)    (CONFIG_AIC7XXX_DEBUG_MASK)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Decode registers during diagnostics    (CONFIG_AIC7XXX_REG_PRETTY_PRINT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Adaptec AIC7xxx support (old driver)    (CONFIG_SCSI_AIC7XXX_OLD)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Adaptec AIC79xx U320 support    (CONFIG_SCSI_AIC79XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] Maximum number of TCQ commands per device    (CONFIG_AIC79XX_CMDS_PER_DEVICE)  (string)  (Help)
                    [     ] Initial bus reset delay in milli-seconds    (CONFIG_AIC79XX_RESET_DELAY_MS)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Build Adapter Firmware with Kernel Build    (CONFIG_AIC79XX_BUILD_FIRMWARE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable Read Streaming for All Targets    (CONFIG_AIC79XX_ENABLE_RD_STRM)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Compile in Debugging Code    (CONFIG_AIC79XX_DEBUG_ENABLE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [     ] Debug code enable mask (16383 for all debugging)    (CONFIG_AIC79XX_DEBUG_MASK)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Decode registers during diagnostics    (CONFIG_AIC79XX_REG_PRETTY_PRINT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Adaptec AIC94xx SAS/SATA support    (CONFIG_SCSI_AIC94XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Compile in debug mode    (CONFIG_AIC94XX_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Adaptec I2O RAID support     (CONFIG_SCSI_DPT_I2O)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] AdvanSys SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_ADVANSYS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Always IN2000 SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_IN2000)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ARECA ARC11X0[PCI-X]/ARC12X0[PCI-EXPRESS] SATA-RAID support    (CONFIG_SCSI_ARCMSR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] LSI Logic New Generation RAID Device Drivers    (CONFIG_MEGARAID_NEWGEN)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] LSI Logic Management Module (New Driver)    (CONFIG_MEGARAID_MM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] LSI Logic MegaRAID Driver (New Driver)    (CONFIG_MEGARAID_MAILBOX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] LSI Logic Legacy MegaRAID Driver    (CONFIG_MEGARAID_LEGACY)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] LSI Logic MegaRAID SAS RAID Module    (CONFIG_MEGARAID_SAS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HighPoint RocketRAID 3xxx Controller support    (CONFIG_SCSI_HPTIOP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BusLogic SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_BUSLOGIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Omit FlashPoint support    (CONFIG_SCSI_OMIT_FLASHPOINT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] DMX3191D SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_DMX3191D)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] DTC3180/3280 SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_DTC3280)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] EATA ISA/EISA/PCI (DPT and generic EATA/DMA-compliant boards) support    (CONFIG_SCSI_EATA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] enable tagged command queueing    (CONFIG_SCSI_EATA_TAGGED_QUEUE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] enable elevator sorting    (CONFIG_SCSI_EATA_LINKED_COMMANDS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [     ] maximum number of queued commands    (CONFIG_SCSI_EATA_MAX_TAGS)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] EATA-PIO (old DPT PM2001, PM2012A) support    (CONFIG_SCSI_EATA_PIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Future Domain 16xx SCSI/AHA-2920A support    (CONFIG_SCSI_FUTURE_DOMAIN)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Future Domain MCS-600/700 SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_FD_MCS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intel/ICP (former GDT SCSI Disk Array) RAID Controller support    (CONFIG_SCSI_GDTH)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Generic NCR5380/53c400 SCSI PIO support    (CONFIG_SCSI_GENERIC_NCR5380)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Generic NCR5380/53c400 SCSI MMIO support    (CONFIG_SCSI_GENERIC_NCR5380_MMIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Enable NCR53c400 extensions    (CONFIG_SCSI_GENERIC_NCR53C400)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] IBMMCA SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_IBMMCA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Standard SCSI-order    (CONFIG_IBMMCA_SCSI_ORDER_STANDARD)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Reset SCSI-devices at boottime    (CONFIG_IBMMCA_SCSI_DEV_RESET)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] IBM ServeRAID support    (CONFIG_SCSI_IPS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IBM Virtual SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_IBMVSCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IBM Virtual SCSI Server support    (CONFIG_SCSI_IBMVSCSIS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Initio 9100U(W) support    (CONFIG_SCSI_INITIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Initio INI-A100U2W support    (CONFIG_SCSI_INIA100)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IOMEGA parallel port (ppa - older drives)    (CONFIG_SCSI_PPA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IOMEGA parallel port (imm - newer drives)    (CONFIG_SCSI_IMM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ppa/imm option - Use slow (but safe) EPP-16    (CONFIG_SCSI_IZIP_EPP16)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] ppa/imm option - Assume slow parport control register    (CONFIG_SCSI_IZIP_SLOW_CTR)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] NCR53c406a SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_NCR53C406A)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NCR Dual 700 MCA SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_NCR_D700)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HP Lasi SCSI support for 53c700/710    (CONFIG_SCSI_LASI700)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 53C700_LE_ON_BE    (CONFIG_53C700_LE_ON_BE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Promise SuperTrak EX Series support    (CONFIG_SCSI_STEX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] SYM53C8XX Version 2 SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_SYM53C8XX_2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [1] DMA addressing mode    (CONFIG_SCSI_SYM53C8XX_DMA_ADDRESSING_MODE)  (string)  (Help)
                    [16] Default tagged command queue depth    (CONFIG_SCSI_SYM53C8XX_DEFAULT_TAGS)  (string)  (Help)
                    [64] Maximum number of queued commands    (CONFIG_SCSI_SYM53C8XX_MAX_TAGS)  (string)  (Help)
                    [Y] Use memory mapped IO    (CONFIG_SCSI_SYM53C8XX_MMIO)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] IBM Power Linux RAID adapter support    (CONFIG_SCSI_IPR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] enable driver internal trace    (CONFIG_SCSI_IPR_TRACE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] enable adapter dump support    (CONFIG_SCSI_IPR_DUMP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Zalon SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_ZALON)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NCR Quad 720 MCA SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_NCR_Q720)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [     ] default tagged command queue depth    (CONFIG_SCSI_NCR53C8XX_DEFAULT_TAGS)  (string)  (Help)
          [     ] maximum number of queued commands    (CONFIG_SCSI_NCR53C8XX_MAX_TAGS)  (string)  (Help)
          [     ] synchronous transfers frequency in MHz    (CONFIG_SCSI_NCR53C8XX_SYNC)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] enable profiling    (CONFIG_SCSI_NCR53C8XX_PROFILE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] not allow targets to disconnect    (CONFIG_SCSI_NCR53C8XX_NO_DISCONNECT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] NCR MCA 53C9x SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_MCA_53C9X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PAS16 SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_PAS16)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PSI240i support    (CONFIG_SCSI_PSI240I)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Qlogic FAS SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_QLOGIC_FAS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Include loadable firmware in driver    (CONFIG_SCSI_QLOGIC_FC_FIRMWARE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] Qlogic QLA 1240/1x80/1x160 SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_QLOGIC_1280)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PTI Qlogic, ISP Driver    (CONFIG_SCSI_QLOGICPTI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] QLogic QLA2XXX Fibre Channel Support    (CONFIG_SCSI_QLA_FC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] QLogic ISP4XXX host adapter family support    (CONFIG_SCSI_QLA_ISCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Emulex LightPulse Fibre Channel Support    (CONFIG_SCSI_LPFC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Seagate ST-02 and Future Domain TMC-8xx SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_SEAGATE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Simple 53c710 SCSI support (Compaq, NCR machines)    (CONFIG_SCSI_SIM710)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 53C700_IO_MAPPED    (CONFIG_53C700_IO_MAPPED)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Symbios 53c416 SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_SYM53C416)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Tekram DC395(U/UW/F) and DC315(U) SCSI support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SCSI_DC395x)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Tekram DC390(T) and Am53/79C974 SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_DC390T)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Trantor T128/T128F/T228 SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_T128)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] UltraStor 14F/34F support    (CONFIG_SCSI_U14_34F)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] enable tagged command queueing    (CONFIG_SCSI_U14_34F_TAGGED_QUEUE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] enable elevator sorting    (CONFIG_SCSI_U14_34F_LINKED_COMMANDS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [     ] maximum number of queued commands    (CONFIG_SCSI_U14_34F_MAX_TAGS)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] UltraStor SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_ULTRASTOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Workbit NinjaSCSI-32Bi/UDE support    (CONFIG_SCSI_NSP32)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SCSI debugging host simulator    (CONFIG_SCSI_DEBUG)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MESH (Power Mac internal SCSI) support    (CONFIG_SCSI_MESH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] maximum synchronous transfer rate (MB/s) (0 = async)    (CONFIG_SCSI_MESH_SYNC_RATE)  (string)  (Help)
                    [     ] initial bus reset delay (ms) (0 = no reset)    (CONFIG_SCSI_MESH_RESET_DELAY_MS)  (string)  (No help available)
          [N] 53C94 (Power Mac external SCSI) support    (CONFIG_SCSI_MAC53C94)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Acorn SCSI card (aka30) support    (CONFIG_SCSI_ACORNSCSI_3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support SCSI 2 Tagged queueing    (CONFIG_SCSI_ACORNSCSI_TAGGED_QUEUE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support SCSI 2 Synchronous Transfers    (CONFIG_SCSI_ACORNSCSI_SYNC)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] ARXE SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_ARXESCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CumanaSCSI II support    (CONFIG_SCSI_CUMANA_2)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] EESOX support    (CONFIG_SCSI_EESOXSCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PowerTec support    (CONFIG_SCSI_POWERTECSCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CumanaSCSI I support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SCSI_CUMANA_1)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] EcoScsi support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SCSI_ECOSCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Oak SCSI support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SCSI_OAK1)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MIPS JAZZ FAS216 SCSI support    (CONFIG_JAZZ_ESP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] A3000 WD33C93A support    (CONFIG_A3000_SCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] A2091/A590 WD33C93A support    (CONFIG_A2091_SCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] GVP Series II WD33C93A support    (CONFIG_GVP11_SCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CyberStorm SCSI support    (CONFIG_CYBERSTORM_SCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CyberStorm Mk II SCSI support    (CONFIG_CYBERSTORMII_SCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Blizzard 2060 SCSI support    (CONFIG_BLZ2060_SCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Blizzard 1230IV/1260 SCSI support    (CONFIG_BLZ1230_SCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Fastlane SCSI support    (CONFIG_FASTLANE_SCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Amiga NCR53c710 SCSI support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SCSI_AMIGA7XX)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] BSC Oktagon SCSI support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_OKTAGON_SCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Atari native SCSI support    (CONFIG_ATARI_SCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Long delays for Toshiba CD-ROMs    (CONFIG_ATARI_SCSI_TOSHIBA_DELAY)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Reset SCSI-devices at boottime    (CONFIG_ATARI_SCSI_RESET_BOOT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Hades SCSI DMA emulator    (CONFIG_TT_DMA_EMUL)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Macintosh NCR5380 SCSI    (CONFIG_MAC_SCSI)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Macintosh NCR53c9[46] SCSI    (CONFIG_SCSI_MAC_ESP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] WD33C93 SCSI driver for MVME147    (CONFIG_MVME147_SCSI)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] NCR53C710 SCSI driver for MVME16x    (CONFIG_MVME16x_SCSI)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] NCR53C710 SCSI driver for BVME6000    (CONFIG_BVME6000_SCSI)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] allow FAST-SCSI [10MHz]    (CONFIG_SCSI_NCR53C7xx_FAST)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Sun3 NCR5380 SCSI    (CONFIG_SUN3_SCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Sun3x ESP SCSI    (CONFIG_SUN3X_ESP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Sparc ESP Scsi Driver    (CONFIG_SCSI_SUNESP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] FCP host bus adapter driver for IBM eServer zSeries    (CONFIG_ZFCP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SCSI RDMA Protocol helper library    (CONFIG_SCSI_SRP)  (tristate)  (Help)

PCMCIA SCSI adapter support  (Link)

          [N] Adaptec AHA152X PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_AHA152X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Future Domain PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_FDOMAIN)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NinjaSCSI-3 / NinjaSCSI-32Bi (16bit) PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_NINJA_SCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Qlogic PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_QLOGIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Symbios 53c500 PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_SYM53C500)  (tristate)  (Help)

Serial ATA (prod) and Parallel ATA (experimental) drivers  (Link)

          [N] ATA device support    (CONFIG_ATA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ATA_NONSTANDARD    (CONFIG_ATA_NONSTANDARD)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] AHCI SATA support    (CONFIG_SATA_AHCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ServerWorks Frodo / Apple K2 SATA support    (CONFIG_SATA_SVW)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel PIIX/ICH SATA support    (CONFIG_ATA_PIIX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Marvell SATA support (HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SATA_MV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NVIDIA SATA support    (CONFIG_SATA_NV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Pacific Digital ADMA support    (CONFIG_PDC_ADMA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Pacific Digital SATA QStor support    (CONFIG_SATA_QSTOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Promise SATA TX2/TX4 support    (CONFIG_SATA_PROMISE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Promise SATA SX4 support    (CONFIG_SATA_SX4)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Silicon Image SATA support    (CONFIG_SATA_SIL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Silicon Image 3124/3132 SATA support    (CONFIG_SATA_SIL24)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SiS 964/180 SATA support    (CONFIG_SATA_SIS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ULi Electronics SATA support    (CONFIG_SATA_ULI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] VIA SATA support    (CONFIG_SATA_VIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] VITESSE VSC-7174 / INTEL 31244 SATA support    (CONFIG_SATA_VITESSE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SATA_INTEL_COMBINED    (CONFIG_SATA_INTEL_COMBINED)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] ALi PATA support (Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_ALI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AMD/NVidia PATA support (Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_AMD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ARTOP 6210/6260 PATA support (Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_ARTOP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ATI PATA support (Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_ATIIXP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CMD64x PATA support (Very Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_CMD64X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CS5510/5520 PATA support    (CONFIG_PATA_CS5520)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CS5530 PATA support (Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_CS5530)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CS5535 PATA support (Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_CS5535)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Cypress CY82C693 PATA support (Very Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_CYPRESS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] EFAR SLC90E66 support    (CONFIG_PATA_EFAR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Generic ATA support    (CONFIG_ATA_GENERIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HPT 366/368 PATA support (Very Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_HPT366)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HPT 370/370A/371/372/374/302 PATA support (Very Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_HPT37X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HPT 372N/302N PATA support (Very Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_HPT3X2N)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HPT 343/363 PATA support (Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_HPT3X3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ISA Plug and Play PATA support (Very Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_ISAPNP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IT821x PATA support (Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_IT821X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] JMicron PATA support    (CONFIG_PATA_JMICRON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Legacy ISA PATA support (Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_LEGACY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Compaq Triflex PATA support    (CONFIG_PATA_TRIFLEX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Marvell PATA support via legacy mode    (CONFIG_PATA_MARVELL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel PATA MPIIX support    (CONFIG_PATA_MPIIX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel PATA old PIIX support (Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_OLDPIIX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NETCELL Revolution RAID support    (CONFIG_PATA_NETCELL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Nat Semi NS87410 PATA support (Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_NS87410)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] OPTI621/6215 PATA support (Very Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_OPTI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] OPTI FireStar PATA support (Very Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_OPTIDMA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PCMCIA PATA support    (CONFIG_PATA_PCMCIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Older Promise PATA controller support (Very Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_PDC_OLD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] QDI VLB PATA support    (CONFIG_PATA_QDI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] RADISYS 82600 PATA support (Very experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_RADISYS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PC Tech RZ1000 PATA support    (CONFIG_PATA_RZ1000)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SC1200 PATA support (Raving Lunatic)    (CONFIG_PATA_SC1200)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SERVERWORKS OSB4/CSB5/CSB6/HT1000 PATA support (Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_SERVERWORKS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Promise PATA 2027x support    (CONFIG_PATA_PDC2027X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CMD / Silicon Image 680 PATA support    (CONFIG_PATA_SIL680)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SiS PATA support (Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_SIS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] VIA PATA support    (CONFIG_PATA_VIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Winbond SL82C105 PATA support    (CONFIG_PATA_WINBOND)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Winbond W83759A VLB PATA support (Experimental)    (CONFIG_PATA_WINBOND_VLB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Generic platform device PATA support    (CONFIG_PATA_PLATFORM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IXP4XX Compact Flash support    (CONFIG_PATA_IXP4XX_CF)  (tristate)  (Help)

Old CD-ROM drivers (not SCSI, not IDE)  (Link)

          [N] Support non-SCSI/IDE/ATAPI CDROM drives    (CONFIG_CD_NO_IDESCSI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Aztech/Orchid/Okano/Wearnes/TXC/CyDROM CDROM support    (CONFIG_AZTCD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Goldstar R420 CDROM support    (CONFIG_GSCD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Matsushita/Panasonic/Creative, Longshine, TEAC CDROM support    (CONFIG_SBPCD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Mitsumi CDROM support    (CONFIG_MCDX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Optics Storage DOLPHIN 8000AT CDROM support    (CONFIG_OPTCD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Philips/LMS CM206 CDROM support    (CONFIG_CM206)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Sanyo CDR-H94A CDROM support    (CONFIG_SJCD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ISP16/MAD16/Mozart soft configurable cdrom interface support    (CONFIG_ISP16_CDI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Sony CDU31A/CDU33A CDROM support    (CONFIG_CDU31A)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Sony CDU535 CDROM support    (CONFIG_CDU535)  (tristate)  (Help)

Multi-device support (RAID and LVM)  (Link)

          [Y] Multiple devices driver support (RAID and LVM)    (CONFIG_MD)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [M] RAID support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_MD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [M] Linear (append) mode    (CONFIG_MD_LINEAR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [M] RAID-0 (striping) mode    (CONFIG_MD_RAID0)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [M] RAID-1 (mirroring) mode    (CONFIG_MD_RAID1)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] RAID-10 (mirrored striping) mode (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_MD_RAID10)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] RAID-4/RAID-5/RAID-6 mode    (CONFIG_MD_RAID456)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Support adding drives to a raid-5 array    (CONFIG_MD_RAID5_RESHAPE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [M] Multipath I/O support    (CONFIG_MD_MULTIPATH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Faulty test module for MD    (CONFIG_MD_FAULTY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] Device mapper support    (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_DM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Device mapper debugging support    (CONFIG_DM_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [M] Crypt target support    (CONFIG_DM_CRYPT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [M] Snapshot target (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_DM_SNAPSHOT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [M] Mirror target (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_DM_MIRROR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [M] Zero target (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_DM_ZERO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [M] Multipath target (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_DM_MULTIPATH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] EMC CX/AX multipath support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_DM_MULTIPATH_EMC)  (tristate)  (Help)

Fusion MPT device support  (Link)

          [Y] FUSION    (CONFIG_FUSION)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] Fusion MPT ScsiHost drivers for SPI    (CONFIG_FUSION_SPI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [M] Fusion MPT ScsiHost drivers for FC    (CONFIG_FUSION_FC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Fusion MPT ScsiHost drivers for SAS    (CONFIG_FUSION_SAS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [128] Maximum number of scatter gather entries (16 - 128)    (CONFIG_FUSION_MAX_SGE)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Fusion MPT misc device (ioctl) driver    (CONFIG_FUSION_CTL)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Fusion MPT LAN driver    (CONFIG_FUSION_LAN)  (tristate)  (Help)

IEEE 1394 (FireWire) support  (Link)

          [N] IEEE 1394 (FireWire) support    (CONFIG_IEEE1394)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Excessive debugging output    (CONFIG_IEEE1394_VERBOSEDEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] OUI Database built-in (deprecated)    (CONFIG_IEEE1394_OUI_DB)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Build in extra config rom entries for certain functionality    (CONFIG_IEEE1394_EXTRA_CONFIG_ROMS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] IP-1394 Entry    (CONFIG_IEEE1394_CONFIG_ROM_IP1394)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Export all symbols of ieee1394's API (deprecated)    (CONFIG_IEEE1394_EXPORT_FULL_API)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Texas Instruments PCILynx support    (CONFIG_IEEE1394_PCILYNX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] OHCI-1394 support    (CONFIG_IEEE1394_OHCI1394)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] OHCI-1394 Video support    (CONFIG_IEEE1394_VIDEO1394)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SBP-2 support (Harddisks etc.)    (CONFIG_IEEE1394_SBP2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable replacement for physical DMA in SBP2    (CONFIG_IEEE1394_SBP2_PHYS_DMA)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Ethernet over 1394    (CONFIG_IEEE1394_ETH1394)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] OHCI-DV I/O support (deprecated)    (CONFIG_IEEE1394_DV1394)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Raw IEEE1394 I/O support    (CONFIG_IEEE1394_RAWIO)  (tristate)  (Help)

I2O device support  (Link)

          [N] I2O support    (CONFIG_I2O)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable LCT notification    (CONFIG_I2O_LCT_NOTIFY_ON_CHANGES)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable Adaptec extensions    (CONFIG_I2O_EXT_ADAPTEC)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable 64-bit DMA    (CONFIG_I2O_EXT_ADAPTEC_DMA64)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] I2O Configuration support    (CONFIG_I2O_CONFIG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable ioctls (OBSOLETE)    (CONFIG_I2O_CONFIG_OLD_IOCTL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] I2O Bus Adapter OSM    (CONFIG_I2O_BUS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] I2O Block OSM    (CONFIG_I2O_BLOCK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] I2O SCSI OSM    (CONFIG_I2O_SCSI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] I2O /proc support    (CONFIG_I2O_PROC)  (tristate)  (Help)

Macintosh device drivers  (Link)

          [N] Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) support    (CONFIG_ADB)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Include Mac II ADB driver    (CONFIG_ADB_MACII)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Include Mac IIsi ADB driver    (CONFIG_ADB_MACIISI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Include IOP (IIfx/Quadra 9x0) ADB driver    (CONFIG_ADB_IOP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Include PMU (Powerbook) ADB driver    (CONFIG_ADB_PMU68K)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Support for CUDA based Macs and PowerMacs    (CONFIG_ADB_CUDA)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Support for PMU based PowerMacs    (CONFIG_ADB_PMU)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for the Power/iBook front LED    (CONFIG_ADB_PMU_LED)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Use front LED as IDE LED by default    (CONFIG_ADB_PMU_LED_IDE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Support for SMU based PowerMacs    (CONFIG_PMAC_SMU)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] APM emulation    (CONFIG_PMAC_APM_EMU)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] Support PowerBook hotswap media bay    (CONFIG_PMAC_MEDIABAY)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Backlight control for LCD screens    (CONFIG_PMAC_BACKLIGHT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Provide legacy ioctl's on /dev/pmu for the backlight    (CONFIG_PMAC_BACKLIGHT_LEGACY)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Include MacIO (CHRP) ADB driver    (CONFIG_ADB_MACIO)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Support for ADB input devices (keyboard, mice, ...)    (CONFIG_INPUT_ADBHID)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Support for mouse button 2+3 emulation    (CONFIG_MAC_EMUMOUSEBTN)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Support for thermal management on Windtunnel G4s    (CONFIG_THERM_WINDTUNNEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Support for thermal mgmnt on laptops with ADT 746x chipset    (CONFIG_THERM_ADT746X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Support for thermal management on PowerMac G5    (CONFIG_THERM_PM72)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] New PowerMac thermal control infrastructure    (CONFIG_WINDFARM)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] Support for thermal management on iMac G5    (CONFIG_WINDFARM_PM81)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for thermal management on PowerMac9,1    (CONFIG_WINDFARM_PM91)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for thermal management on PowerMac11,2    (CONFIG_WINDFARM_PM112)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Support for ANS LCD display    (CONFIG_ANSLCD)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] Support for Apple XServe front panel LEDs    (CONFIG_PMAC_RACKMETER)  (tristate)  (Help)

Network device support  (Link)

          [Y] Network device support    (CONFIG_NETDEVICES)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Intermediate Functional Block support    (CONFIG_IFB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] Dummy net driver support    (CONFIG_DUMMY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Bonding driver support    (CONFIG_BONDING)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] EQL (serial line load balancing) support    (CONFIG_EQUALIZER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Universal TUN/TAP device driver support    (CONFIG_TUN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] General Instruments Surfboard 1000    (CONFIG_NET_SB1000)  (tristate)  (Help)

ARCnet devices  (Link)

          [N] ARCnet support    (CONFIG_ARCNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable standard ARCNet packet format (RFC 1201)    (CONFIG_ARCNET_1201)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable old ARCNet packet format (RFC 1051)    (CONFIG_ARCNET_1051)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable raw mode packet interface    (CONFIG_ARCNET_RAW)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable CAP mode packet interface    (CONFIG_ARCNET_CAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ARCnet COM90xx (normal) chipset driver    (CONFIG_ARCNET_COM90xx)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ARCnet COM90xx (IO mapped) chipset driver    (CONFIG_ARCNET_COM90xxIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ARCnet COM90xx (RIM I) chipset driver    (CONFIG_ARCNET_RIM_I)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ARCnet COM20020 chipset driver    (CONFIG_ARCNET_COM20020)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for COM20020 on ISA    (CONFIG_ARCNET_COM20020_ISA)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                              [N] Support for COM20020 on PCI    (CONFIG_ARCNET_COM20020_PCI)  (tristate)  (No help available)

PHY device support  (Link)

          [N] PHY Device support and infrastructure    (CONFIG_PHYLIB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Drivers for Marvell PHYs    (CONFIG_MARVELL_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Drivers for Davicom PHYs    (CONFIG_DAVICOM_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Drivers for Quality Semiconductor PHYs    (CONFIG_QSEMI_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Drivers for the Intel LXT PHYs    (CONFIG_LXT_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Drivers for the Cicada PHYs    (CONFIG_CICADA_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Drivers for the Vitesse PHYs    (CONFIG_VITESSE_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Drivers for SMSC PHYs    (CONFIG_SMSC_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Drivers for Broadcom PHYs    (CONFIG_BROADCOM_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Drivers for PHY emulation on fixed speed/link    (CONFIG_FIXED_PHY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Emulation for 10M Fdx fixed PHY behavior    (CONFIG_FIXED_MII_10_FDX)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] Emulation for 100M Fdx fixed PHY behavior    (CONFIG_FIXED_MII_100_FDX)  (bool)  (No help available)

Ethernet (10 or 100Mbit)  (Link)

          [Y] Ethernet (10 or 100Mbit)    (CONFIG_NET_ETHERNET)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [M] Generic Media Independent Interface device support    (CONFIG_MII)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Atmel MACB support    (CONFIG_MACB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ARM EBSA110 AM79C961A support    (CONFIG_ARM_AM79C961A)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Acorn Ether1 support    (CONFIG_ARM_ETHER1)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Acorn/ANT Ether3 support    (CONFIG_ARM_ETHER3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] I-cubed EtherH/ANT EtherM support    (CONFIG_ARM_ETHERH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AT91RM9200 Ethernet support    (CONFIG_ARM_AT91_ETHER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] EP93xx Ethernet support    (CONFIG_EP93XX_ETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] MACE (Power Mac ethernet) support    (CONFIG_MACE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Use AAUI port instead of TP by default    (CONFIG_MACE_AAUI_PORT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] BMAC (G3 ethernet) support    (CONFIG_BMAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National DP83902AV (Oak ethernet) support    (CONFIG_OAKNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Ariadne support    (CONFIG_ARIADNE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] A2065 support    (CONFIG_A2065)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Hydra support    (CONFIG_HYDRA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Zorro NS8390-based Ethernet support    (CONFIG_ZORRO8390)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PCMCIA NE2000 support    (CONFIG_APNE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Apollo 3c505 support    (CONFIG_APOLLO_ELPLUS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Macintosh NS 8390 based ethernet cards    (CONFIG_MAC8390)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Macintosh CS89x0 based ethernet cards    (CONFIG_MAC89x0)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Macintosh SONIC based ethernet (onboard, NuBus, LC, CS)    (CONFIG_MACSONIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Macintosh (AV) onboard MACE ethernet (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_MACMACE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] MVME147 (Lance) Ethernet support    (CONFIG_MVME147_NET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] MVME16x Ethernet support    (CONFIG_MVME16x_NET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] BVME6000 Ethernet support    (CONFIG_BVME6000_NET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Atari Lance support    (CONFIG_ATARILANCE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] BioNet-100 support    (CONFIG_ATARI_BIONET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PAMsNet support    (CONFIG_ATARI_PAMSNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Sun3/Sun3x on-board LANCE support    (CONFIG_SUN3LANCE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Sun3 on-board Intel 82586 support    (CONFIG_SUN3_82586)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] HP on-board LANCE support    (CONFIG_HPLANCE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Lasi ethernet    (CONFIG_LASI_82596)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] MIPS JAZZ onboard SONIC Ethernet support    (CONFIG_MIPS_JAZZ_SONIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] MIPS AU1000 Ethernet support    (CONFIG_MIPS_AU1X00_ENET)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] SB1250 Ethernet support    (CONFIG_NET_SB1250_MAC)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] SGI IOC3 Ethernet    (CONFIG_SGI_IOC3_ETH)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Receive hardware checksums    (CONFIG_SGI_IOC3_ETH_HW_RX_CSUM)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Transmit hardware checksums    (CONFIG_SGI_IOC3_ETH_HW_TX_CSUM)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] MIPS simulator Network device (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_MIPS_SIM_NET)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SGI O2 MACE Fast Ethernet support    (CONFIG_SGI_O2MACE_ETH)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] National DP83902AV support    (CONFIG_STNIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Sun LANCE support    (CONFIG_SUNLANCE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Sun Happy Meal 10/100baseT support    (CONFIG_HAPPYMEAL)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Sun BigMAC 10/100baseT support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SUNBMAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Sun QuadEthernet support    (CONFIG_SUNQE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Sun GEM support    (CONFIG_SUNGEM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Sun Cassini support    (CONFIG_CASSINI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] 3COM cards    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_3COM)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] 3c501 "EtherLink" support    (CONFIG_EL1)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 3c503 "EtherLink II" support    (CONFIG_EL2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 3c505 "EtherLink Plus" support    (CONFIG_ELPLUS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 3c507 "EtherLink 16" support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_EL16)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 3c509/3c529 (MCA)/3c579 "EtherLink III" support    (CONFIG_EL3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 3c515 ISA "Fast EtherLink"    (CONFIG_3C515)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 3c523 "EtherLink/MC" support    (CONFIG_ELMC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 3c527 "EtherLink/MC 32" support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ELMC_II)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 3c590/3c900 series (592/595/597) "Vortex/Boomerang" support    (CONFIG_VORTEX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 3cr990 series "Typhoon" support    (CONFIG_TYPHOON)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] AMD LANCE and PCnet (AT1500 and NE2100) support    (CONFIG_LANCE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Western Digital/SMC cards    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_SMC)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] WD80*3 support    (CONFIG_WD80x3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMC Ultra MCA support    (CONFIG_ULTRAMCA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMC Ultra support    (CONFIG_ULTRA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMC Ultra32 EISA support    (CONFIG_ULTRA32)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SMC 91C9x/91C1xxx support    (CONFIG_SMC91X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SMC 9194 support    (CONFIG_SMC9194)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NetX Ethernet support    (CONFIG_NET_NETX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] DM9000 support    (CONFIG_DM9000)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SMSC LAN911[5678] support    (CONFIG_SMC911X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Racal-Interlan (Micom) NI cards    (CONFIG_NET_VENDOR_RACAL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] NI5010 support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NI5010)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NI5210 support    (CONFIG_NI52)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NI6510 support    (CONFIG_NI65)  (tristate)  (Help)

Tulip family network device support  (Link)

          [Y] "Tulip" family network device support    (CONFIG_NET_TULIP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Early DECchip Tulip (dc2104x) PCI support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_DE2104X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] DECchip Tulip (dc2114x) PCI support    (CONFIG_TULIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] New bus configuration (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_TULIP_MWI)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Use PCI shared mem for NIC registers    (CONFIG_TULIP_MMIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Use NAPI RX polling     (CONFIG_TULIP_NAPI)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Use Interrupt Mitigation     (CONFIG_TULIP_NAPI_HW_MITIGATION)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Generic DECchip     (CONFIG_DE4X5)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] &    (CONFIG_DE4X5)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] DIGITAL EtherWORKS PCI/EISA    (CONFIG_DE4X5)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Winbond W89c840 Ethernet support    (CONFIG_WINBOND_840)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Davicom DM910x/DM980x support    (CONFIG_DM9102)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ULi M526x controller support    (CONFIG_ULI526X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Xircom CardBus support (new driver)    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_XIRCOM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Xircom Tulip-like CardBus support (old driver)    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_XIRTULIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] AT1700/1720 support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_AT1700)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] DEPCA, DE10x, DE200, DE201, DE202, DE422 support    (CONFIG_DEPCA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HP 10/100VG PCLAN (ISA, EISA, PCI) support    (CONFIG_HP100)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Other ISA cards    (CONFIG_NET_ISA)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Cabletron E21xx support    (CONFIG_E2100)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] EtherWORKS 3 (DE203, DE204, DE205) support    (CONFIG_EWRK3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] EtherExpress 16 support    (CONFIG_EEXPRESS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] EtherExpressPro support/EtherExpress 10 (i82595) support    (CONFIG_EEXPRESS_PRO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HP PCLAN+ (27247B and 27252A) support    (CONFIG_HPLAN_PLUS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HP PCLAN (27245 and other 27xxx series) support    (CONFIG_HPLAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] LP486E on board Ethernet    (CONFIG_LP486E)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ICL EtherTeam 16i/32 support    (CONFIG_ETH16I)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NE2000/NE1000 support    (CONFIG_NE2000)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Zenith Z-Note support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ZNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SEEQ8005 support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SEEQ8005)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SKnet MCA support    (CONFIG_SKMC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NE/2 (ne2000 MCA version) support    (CONFIG_NE2_MCA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IBM LAN Adapter/A support    (CONFIG_IBMLANA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IBM LAN Virtual Ethernet support    (CONFIG_IBMVETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PowerPC 4xx on-chip Ethernet support    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] Number of receive buffers    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_RXB)  (string)  (No help available)
                    [     ] Number of transmit buffers    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_TXB)  (string)  (No help available)
                    [     ] MAL NAPI polling weight    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_POLL_WEIGHT)  (string)  (No help available)
                    [     ] RX skb copy threshold (bytes)    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_RX_COPY_THRESHOLD)  (string)  (No help available)
                    [     ] Additional RX skb headroom (bytes)    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_RX_SKB_HEADROOM)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] PHY Rx clock workaround    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_PHY_RX_CLK_FIX)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Debugging    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_DEBUG)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] IBM_EMAC_ZMII    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_ZMII)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] IBM_EMAC_RGMII    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_RGMII)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] IBM_EMAC_TAH    (CONFIG_IBM_EMAC_TAH)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] EISA, VLB, PCI and on board controllers    (CONFIG_NET_PCI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] AMD PCnet32 PCI support    (CONFIG_PCNET32)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Use RX polling (NAPI) (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_PCNET32_NAPI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] AMD 8111 (new PCI lance) support    (CONFIG_AMD8111_ETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable NAPI support    (CONFIG_AMD8111E_NAPI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Adaptec Starfire/DuraLAN support    (CONFIG_ADAPTEC_STARFIRE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Use Rx Polling (NAPI) (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ADAPTEC_STARFIRE_NAPI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Ansel Communications EISA 3200 support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_AC3200)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Apricot Xen-II on board Ethernet    (CONFIG_APRICOT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Broadcom 4400 ethernet support    (CONFIG_B44)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] nForce Ethernet support    (CONFIG_FORCEDETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Use Rx and Tx Polling (NAPI) (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_FORCEDETH_NAPI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] CS89x0 support    (CONFIG_CS89x0)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] TOSHIBA TC35815 Ethernet support    (CONFIG_TC35815)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] Digi Intl. RightSwitch SE-X support    (CONFIG_DGRS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] EtherExpressPro/100 support (eepro100, original Becker driver)    (CONFIG_EEPRO100)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] Intel(R) PRO/100+ support    (CONFIG_E100)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Mylex EISA LNE390A/B support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_LNE390)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Myson MTD-8xx PCI Ethernet support    (CONFIG_FEALNX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor DP8381x series PCI Ethernet support    (CONFIG_NATSEMI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PCI NE2000 and clones support (see help)    (CONFIG_NE2K_PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Novell/Eagle/Microdyne NE3210 EISA support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NE3210)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Racal-Interlan EISA ES3210 support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ES3210)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] RealTek RTL-8139 C+ PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_8139CP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] RealTek RTL-8129/8130/8139 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter support    (CONFIG_8139TOO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Use PIO instead of MMIO    (CONFIG_8139TOO_PIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for uncommon RTL-8139 rev. K (automatic channel equalization)    (CONFIG_8139TOO_TUNE_TWISTER)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for older RTL-8129/8130 boards    (CONFIG_8139TOO_8129)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Use older RX-reset method    (CONFIG_8139_OLD_RX_RESET)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] SiS 900/7016 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter support    (CONFIG_SIS900)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMC EtherPower II    (CONFIG_EPIC100)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Sundance Alta support    (CONFIG_SUNDANCE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Use MMIO instead of PIO    (CONFIG_SUNDANCE_MMIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] TI ThunderLAN support    (CONFIG_TLAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] VIA Rhine support    (CONFIG_VIA_RHINE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Use MMIO instead of PIO    (CONFIG_VIA_RHINE_MMIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Use Rx Polling (NAPI)    (CONFIG_VIA_RHINE_NAPI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Philips SAA9730 Ethernet support    (CONFIG_LAN_SAA9730)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Pocket and portable adapters    (CONFIG_NET_POCKET)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] AT-LAN-TEC/RealTek pocket adapter support    (CONFIG_ATP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] D-Link DE600 pocket adapter support    (CONFIG_DE600)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] D-Link DE620 pocket adapter support    (CONFIG_DE620)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SGI Seeq ethernet controller support    (CONFIG_SGISEEQ)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] DEC LANCE ethernet controller support    (CONFIG_DECLANCE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Motorola 68360 ethernet controller    (CONFIG_68360_ENET)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] FEC ethernet controller (of ColdFire CPUs)    (CONFIG_FEC)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Second FEC ethernet controller (on some ColdFire CPUs)    (CONFIG_FEC2)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] NE2000 compatible support for H8/300    (CONFIG_NE_H8300)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Motorola 8xx FEC driver    (CONFIG_FEC_8XX)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] Support any generic PHY    (CONFIG_FEC_8XX_GENERIC_PHY)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] Support DM9161 PHY    (CONFIG_FEC_8XX_DM9161_PHY)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] Support LXT971/LXT972 PHY    (CONFIG_FEC_8XX_LXT971_PHY)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] Freescale Ethernet Driver    (CONFIG_FS_ENET)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] Chip has an SCC usable for ethernet    (CONFIG_FS_ENET_HAS_SCC)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] Chip has an FCC usable for ethernet    (CONFIG_FS_ENET_HAS_FCC)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] Chip has an FEC usable for ethernet    (CONFIG_FS_ENET_HAS_FEC)  (bool)  (No help available)

Ethernet (1000 Mbit)  (Link)

          [N] Alteon AceNIC/3Com 3C985/NetGear GA620 Gigabit support    (CONFIG_ACENIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Omit support for old Tigon I based AceNICs    (CONFIG_ACENIC_OMIT_TIGON_I)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] D-Link DL2000-based Gigabit Ethernet support    (CONFIG_DL2K)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] Intel(R) PRO/1000 Gigabit Ethernet support    (CONFIG_E1000)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Use Rx Polling (NAPI)    (CONFIG_E1000_NAPI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Disable Packet Split for PCI express adapters    (CONFIG_E1000_DISABLE_PACKET_SPLIT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Radisys ENP2611 MSF network interface support    (CONFIG_ENP2611_MSF_NET)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MyriCOM Gigabit Ethernet support    (CONFIG_MYRI_SBUS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] National Semiconductor DP83820 support    (CONFIG_NS83820)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Packet Engines Hamachi GNIC-II support    (CONFIG_HAMACHI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Packet Engines Yellowfin Gigabit-NIC support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_YELLOWFIN)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Realtek 8169 gigabit ethernet support    (CONFIG_R8169)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Use Rx and Tx Polling (NAPI) (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_R8169_NAPI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] VLAN support    (CONFIG_R8169_VLAN)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] SiS190/SiS191 gigabit ethernet support    (CONFIG_SIS190)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] New SysKonnect GigaEthernet support    (CONFIG_SKGE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SysKonnect Yukon2 support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SKY2)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Marvell Yukon Chipset / SysKonnect SK-98xx Support    (CONFIG_SK98LIN)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] VIA Velocity support    (CONFIG_VIA_VELOCITY)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] Broadcom Tigon3 support    (CONFIG_TIGON3)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Broadcom NetXtremeII support    (CONFIG_BNX2)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Spider Gigabit Ethernet driver    (CONFIG_SPIDER_NET)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Tundra TSI108 gigabit Ethernet support    (CONFIG_TSI108_ETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Gianfar Ethernet    (CONFIG_GIANFAR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NAPI Support    (CONFIG_GFAR_NAPI)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] Freescale QE UCC GETH    (CONFIG_UCC_GETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NAPI Support    (CONFIG_UGETH_NAPI)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] Magic Packet detection support    (CONFIG_UGETH_MAGIC_PACKET)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] Mac address filtering support    (CONFIG_UGETH_FILTERING)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] Transmit on Demond support    (CONFIG_UGETH_TX_ON_DEMOND)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] UGETH_HAS_GIGA    (CONFIG_UGETH_HAS_GIGA)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] MV-643XX Ethernet support    (CONFIG_MV643XX_ETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] MV-643XX Port 0    (CONFIG_MV643XX_ETH_0)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] MV-643XX Port 1    (CONFIG_MV643XX_ETH_1)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] MV-643XX Port 2    (CONFIG_MV643XX_ETH_2)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] QLogic QLA3XXX Network Driver Support    (CONFIG_QLA3XXX)  (tristate)  (Help)

Ethernet (10000 Mbit)  (Link)

          [N] Chelsio 10Gb Ethernet support    (CONFIG_CHELSIO_T1)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Chelsio gigabit Ethernet support    (CONFIG_CHELSIO_T1_1G)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Use Rx Polling (NAPI)    (CONFIG_CHELSIO_T1_NAPI)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] eHEA Ethernet support    (CONFIG_EHEA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intel(R) PRO/10GbE support    (CONFIG_IXGB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Use Rx Polling (NAPI) (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_IXGB_NAPI)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] S2IO 10Gbe XFrame NIC    (CONFIG_S2IO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Use Rx Polling (NAPI) (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_S2IO_NAPI)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Myricom Myri-10G Ethernet support    (CONFIG_MYRI10GE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NetXen Multi port (1/10) Gigabit Ethernet NIC    (CONFIG_NETXEN_NIC)  (tristate)  (Help)

Token Ring devices  (Link)

          [N] Token Ring driver support    (CONFIG_TR)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IBM Tropic chipset based adapter support    (CONFIG_IBMTR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IBM Olympic chipset PCI adapter support    (CONFIG_IBMOL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IBM Lanstreamer chipset PCI adapter support    (CONFIG_IBMLS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 3Com 3C359 Token Link Velocity XL adapter support    (CONFIG_3C359)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Generic TMS380 Token Ring ISA/PCI adapter support    (CONFIG_TMS380TR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Generic TMS380 PCI support    (CONFIG_TMSPCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] SysKonnect TR4/16 ISA support    (CONFIG_SKISA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Proteon ISA support    (CONFIG_PROTEON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Madge Smart 16/4 PCI Mk2 support    (CONFIG_ABYSS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Madge Smart 16/4 Ringnode MicroChannel    (CONFIG_MADGEMC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMC ISA/MCA adapter support    (CONFIG_SMCTR)  (tristate)  (Help)

Wireless LAN (non-hamradio)  (Link)

          [N] Wireless LAN drivers (non-hamradio)     (CONFIG_NET_RADIO)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] &    (CONFIG_NET_RADIO)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Wireless Extensions    (CONFIG_NET_RADIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Wireless Extension API over RtNetlink    (CONFIG_NET_WIRELESS_RTNETLINK)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] STRIP (Metricom starmode radio IP)    (CONFIG_STRIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Aironet Arlan 655     (CONFIG_ARLAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] &    (CONFIG_ARLAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IC2200 DS support    (CONFIG_ARLAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AT     (CONFIG_WAVELAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] &    (CONFIG_WAVELAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] T/Lucent old WaveLAN     (CONFIG_WAVELAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] &    (CONFIG_WAVELAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] DEC RoamAbout DS ISA support    (CONFIG_WAVELAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AT     (CONFIG_PCMCIA_WAVELAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] &    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_WAVELAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] T/Lucent old WaveLAN Pcmcia wireless support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_WAVELAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Xircom Netwave AirSurfer Pcmcia wireless support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_NETWAVE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Aviator/Raytheon 2.4MHz wireless support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_RAYCS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 Network Connection    (CONFIG_IPW2100)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable promiscuous mode    (CONFIG_IPW2100_MONITOR)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable full debugging output in IPW2100 module.    (CONFIG_IPW2100_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG and 2915ABG Network Connection    (CONFIG_IPW2200)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable promiscuous mode    (CONFIG_IPW2200_MONITOR)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable radiotap format 802.11 raw packet support    (CONFIG_IPW2200_RADIOTAP)  (bool)  (No help available)
                                        [N] Enable creation of a RF radiotap promiscuous interface    (CONFIG_IPW2200_PROMISCUOUS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable QoS support    (CONFIG_IPW2200_QOS)  (bool)  (No help available)
                              [N] Enable full debugging output in IPW2200 module.    (CONFIG_IPW2200_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Cisco/Aironet 34X/35X/4500/4800 ISA and PCI cards    (CONFIG_AIRO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Hermes chipset 802.11b support (Orinoco/Prism2/Symbol)    (CONFIG_HERMES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Apple Airport support (built-in)    (CONFIG_APPLE_AIRPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Hermes in PLX9052 based PCI adaptor support (Netgear MA301 etc.)    (CONFIG_PLX_HERMES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Hermes in TMD7160 based PCI adaptor support    (CONFIG_TMD_HERMES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Nortel emobility PCI adaptor support    (CONFIG_NORTEL_HERMES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Prism 2.5 PCI 802.11b adaptor support    (CONFIG_PCI_HERMES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Atmel at76c50x chipset 802.11b support    (CONFIG_ATMEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Atmel at76c506 PCI cards    (CONFIG_PCI_ATMEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Hermes PCMCIA card support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_HERMES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Symbol Spectrum24 Trilogy PCMCIA card support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_SPECTRUM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Cisco/Aironet 34X/35X/4500/4800 PCMCIA cards    (CONFIG_AIRO_CS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Atmel at76c502/at76c504 PCMCIA cards    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_ATMEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Planet WL3501 PCMCIA cards    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_WL3501)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Intersil Prism GT/Duette/Indigo PCI/Cardbus    (CONFIG_PRISM54)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] USB ZD1201 based Wireless device support    (CONFIG_USB_ZD1201)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IEEE 802.11 for Host AP (Prism2/2.5/3 and WEP/TKIP/CCMP)    (CONFIG_HOSTAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support downloading firmware images with Host AP driver    (CONFIG_HOSTAP_FIRMWARE)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Support for non-volatile firmware download    (CONFIG_HOSTAP_FIRMWARE_NVRAM)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Host AP driver for Prism2/2.5/3 in PLX9052 PCI adaptors    (CONFIG_HOSTAP_PLX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Host AP driver for Prism2.5 PCI adaptors    (CONFIG_HOSTAP_PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Host AP driver for Prism2/2.5/3 PC Cards    (CONFIG_HOSTAP_CS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Broadcom BCM43xx wireless support    (CONFIG_BCM43XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Broadcom BCM43xx debugging (RECOMMENDED)    (CONFIG_BCM43XX_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] BCM43XX_DMA    (CONFIG_BCM43XX_DMA)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [N] BCM43XX_PIO    (CONFIG_BCM43XX_PIO)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              BCM43xx data transfer mode
                              [ ] DMA + PIO  (CONFIG_BCM43XX_DMA_AND_PIO_MODE)  (Help)
                              [ ] DMA (Direct Memory Access) only  (CONFIG_BCM43XX_DMA_MODE)  (Help)
                              [ ] PIO (Programmed I/O) only  (CONFIG_BCM43XX_PIO_MODE)  (Help)
                    [N] ZyDAS ZD1211/ZD1211B USB-wireless support    (CONFIG_ZD1211RW)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ZyDAS ZD1211 debugging    (CONFIG_ZD1211RW_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] NET_WIRELESS    (CONFIG_NET_WIRELESS)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

PCMCIA network device support  (Link)

          [N] PCMCIA network device support    (CONFIG_NET_PCMCIA)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] 3Com 3c589 PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_3C589)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 3Com 3c574 PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_3C574)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Fujitsu FMV-J18x PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_FMVJ18X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NE2000 compatible PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_PCNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] New Media PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_NMCLAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMC 91Cxx PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_SMC91C92)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Xircom 16-bit PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_XIRC2PS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Asix AX88190 PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_AXNET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] COM20020 ARCnet PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_ARCNET_COM20020_CS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IBM PCMCIA tokenring adapter support    (CONFIG_PCMCIA_IBMTR)  (tristate)  (Help)

Wan interfaces  (Link)

          [N] Wan interfaces support    (CONFIG_WAN)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Comtrol Hostess SV-11 support    (CONFIG_HOSTESS_SV11)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] COSA/SRP sync serial boards support    (CONFIG_COSA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] LanMedia Corp. SSI/V.35, T1/E1, HSSI, T3 boards    (CONFIG_LANMEDIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Sealevel Systems 4021 support    (CONFIG_SEALEVEL_4021)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Generic HDLC layer    (CONFIG_HDLC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Raw HDLC support    (CONFIG_HDLC_RAW)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Raw HDLC Ethernet device support    (CONFIG_HDLC_RAW_ETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Cisco HDLC support    (CONFIG_HDLC_CISCO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Frame Relay support    (CONFIG_HDLC_FR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Synchronous Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) support    (CONFIG_HDLC_PPP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] X.25 protocol support    (CONFIG_HDLC_X25)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Goramo PCI200SYN support    (CONFIG_PCI200SYN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] SBE Inc. wanXL support    (CONFIG_WANXL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] rebuild wanXL firmware    (CONFIG_WANXL_BUILD_FIRMWARE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Cyclades-PC300 support (RS-232/V.35, X.21, T1/E1 boards)    (CONFIG_PC300)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Cyclades-PC300 MLPPP support    (CONFIG_PC300_MLPPP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] SDL RISCom/N2 support    (CONFIG_N2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Moxa C101 support    (CONFIG_C101)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] FarSync T-Series support    (CONFIG_FARSYNC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Etinc PCISYNC serial board support    (CONFIG_DSCC4)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Etinc PCISYNC features    (CONFIG_DSCC4_PCISYNC)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Hard reset support    (CONFIG_DSCC4_PCI_RST)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Frame Relay DLCI support    (CONFIG_DLCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [     ] Max open DLCI    (CONFIG_DLCI_COUNT)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] Max DLCI per device    (CONFIG_DLCI_MAX)  (string)  (Help)
                              [N] SDLA (Sangoma S502/S508) support    (CONFIG_SDLA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] WAN router drivers    (CONFIG_WAN_ROUTER_DRIVERS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Cyclom 2X(tm) cards (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_CYCLADES_SYNC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Cyclom 2X X.25 support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_CYCLOMX_X25)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] LAPB over Ethernet driver (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_LAPBETHER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] X.25 async driver (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_X25_ASY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Granch SBNI12 Leased Line adapter support    (CONFIG_SBNI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Multiple line feature support    (CONFIG_SBNI_MULTILINE)  (bool)  (Help)

ATM drivers  (Link)

          [N] Dummy ATM driver    (CONFIG_ATM_DUMMY)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ATM over TCP    (CONFIG_ATM_TCP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Efficient Networks Speedstream 3010    (CONFIG_ATM_LANAI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Efficient Networks ENI155P    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable extended debugging    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Fine-tune burst settings    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_TUNE_BURST)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable 16W TX bursts (discouraged)    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_BURST_TX_16W)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable 8W TX bursts (recommended)    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_BURST_TX_8W)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable 4W TX bursts (optional)    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_BURST_TX_4W)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable 2W TX bursts (optional)    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_BURST_TX_2W)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable 16W RX bursts (discouraged)    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_BURST_RX_16W)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable 8W RX bursts (discouraged)    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_BURST_RX_8W)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable 4W RX bursts (recommended)    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_BURST_RX_4W)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable 2W RX bursts (optional)    (CONFIG_ATM_ENI_BURST_RX_2W)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Fujitsu FireStream (FS50/FS155)     (CONFIG_ATM_FIRESTREAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ZeitNet ZN1221/ZN1225    (CONFIG_ATM_ZATM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable extended debugging    (CONFIG_ATM_ZATM_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] IDT 77201 (NICStAR) (ForeRunnerLE)    (CONFIG_ATM_NICSTAR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Use suni PHY driver (155Mbps)    (CONFIG_ATM_NICSTAR_USE_SUNI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Use IDT77015 PHY driver (25Mbps)    (CONFIG_ATM_NICSTAR_USE_IDT77105)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] IDT 77252 (NICStAR II)    (CONFIG_ATM_IDT77252)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable debugging messages    (CONFIG_ATM_IDT77252_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Receive ALL cells in raw queue    (CONFIG_ATM_IDT77252_RCV_ALL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] ATM_IDT77252_USE_SUNI    (CONFIG_ATM_IDT77252_USE_SUNI)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Madge Ambassador (Collage PCI 155 Server)    (CONFIG_ATM_AMBASSADOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable debugging messages    (CONFIG_ATM_AMBASSADOR_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Madge Horizon [Ultra] (Collage PCI 25 and Collage PCI 155 Client)    (CONFIG_ATM_HORIZON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable debugging messages    (CONFIG_ATM_HORIZON_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Interphase ATM PCI x575/x525/x531    (CONFIG_ATM_IA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable debugging messages    (CONFIG_ATM_IA_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] FORE Systems 200E-series    (CONFIG_ATM_FORE200E_MAYBE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PCA-200E support    (CONFIG_ATM_FORE200E_PCA)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Use default PCA-200E firmware (normally enabled)    (CONFIG_ATM_FORE200E_PCA_DEFAULT_FW)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [     ] Pathname of user-supplied binary firmware    (CONFIG_ATM_FORE200E_PCA_FW)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] SBA-200E support    (CONFIG_ATM_FORE200E_SBA)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Use default SBA-200E firmware (normally enabled)    (CONFIG_ATM_FORE200E_SBA_DEFAULT_FW)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [     ] Pathname of user-supplied binary firmware    (CONFIG_ATM_FORE200E_SBA_FW)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Defer interrupt work to a tasklet    (CONFIG_ATM_FORE200E_USE_TASKLET)  (bool)  (Help)
          [     ] Maximum number of tx retries    (CONFIG_ATM_FORE200E_TX_RETRY)  (string)  (Help)
          [     ] Debugging level (0-3)    (CONFIG_ATM_FORE200E_DEBUG)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] ATM_FORE200E    (CONFIG_ATM_FORE200E)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] ForeRunner HE Series    (CONFIG_ATM_HE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Use S/UNI PHY driver    (CONFIG_ATM_HE_USE_SUNI)  (bool)  (Help)

S/390 network device drivers  (Link)

          [N] Lan Channel Station Interface    (CONFIG_LCS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CTC device support    (CONFIG_CTC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IUCV support (VM only)    (CONFIG_IUCV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IUCV network device support (VM only)    (CONFIG_NETIUCV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IUCV special message support (VM only)    (CONFIG_SMSGIUCV)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CLAW device support    (CONFIG_CLAW)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Gigabit Ethernet device support    (CONFIG_QETH)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IPv6 support for gigabit ethernet    (CONFIG_QETH_IPV6)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] VLAN support for gigabit ethernet    (CONFIG_QETH_VLAN)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] CCWGROUP    (CONFIG_CCWGROUP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] iSeries Virtual Ethernet driver support    (CONFIG_ISERIES_VETH)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] RapidIO Ethernet over messaging driver support    (CONFIG_RIONET)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                              [     ] Number of outbound queue entries    (CONFIG_RIONET_TX_SIZE)  (string)  (No help available)
                              [     ] Number of inbound queue entries    (CONFIG_RIONET_RX_SIZE)  (string)  (No help available)
                    [N] FDDI driver support    (CONFIG_FDDI)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Digital DEFEA and DEFPA adapter support    (CONFIG_DEFXX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] SysKonnect FDDI PCI support    (CONFIG_SKFP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HIPPI driver support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_HIPPI)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Essential RoadRunner HIPPI PCI adapter support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ROADRUNNER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Use large TX/RX rings (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ROADRUNNER_LARGE_RINGS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] PLIP (parallel port) support    (CONFIG_PLIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PPP (point-to-point protocol) support    (CONFIG_PPP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP multilink support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_PPP_MULTILINK)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP filtering    (CONFIG_PPP_FILTER)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP support for async serial ports    (CONFIG_PPP_ASYNC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP support for sync tty ports    (CONFIG_PPP_SYNC_TTY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP Deflate compression    (CONFIG_PPP_DEFLATE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP BSD-Compress compression    (CONFIG_PPP_BSDCOMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP MPPE compression (encryption) (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_PPP_MPPE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP over Ethernet (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_PPPOE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PPP over ATM    (CONFIG_PPPOATM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SLIP (serial line) support    (CONFIG_SLIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] CSLIP compressed headers    (CONFIG_SLIP_COMPRESSED)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] SLHC    (CONFIG_SLHC)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (Help)
                    [N] Keepalive and linefill    (CONFIG_SLIP_SMART)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Six bit SLIP encapsulation    (CONFIG_SLIP_MODE_SLIP6)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Fibre Channel driver support    (CONFIG_NET_FC)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Traffic Shaper (OBSOLETE)    (CONFIG_SHAPER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [Y] Network console logging support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NETCONSOLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] NETPOLL    (CONFIG_NETPOLL)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Netpoll support for trapping incoming packets    (CONFIG_NETPOLL_RX)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] Netpoll traffic trapping    (CONFIG_NETPOLL_TRAP)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [Y] NET_POLL_CONTROLLER    (CONFIG_NET_POLL_CONTROLLER)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

ISDN subsystem  (Link)

          [N] ISDN support    (CONFIG_ISDN)  (tristate)  (Help)

Old ISDN4Linux  (Link)

          [N] Old ISDN4Linux (obsolete)    (CONFIG_ISDN_I4L)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support synchronous PPP    (CONFIG_ISDN_PPP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Use VJ-compression with synchronous PPP    (CONFIG_ISDN_PPP_VJ)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support generic MP (RFC 1717)    (CONFIG_ISDN_MPP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Filtering for synchronous PPP    (CONFIG_IPPP_FILTER)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support BSD compression    (CONFIG_ISDN_PPP_BSDCOMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support audio via ISDN    (CONFIG_ISDN_AUDIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support AT-Fax Class 1 and 2 commands    (CONFIG_ISDN_TTY_FAX)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] X.25 PLP on top of ISDN    (CONFIG_ISDN_X25)  (bool)  (Help)

ISDN feature submodules  (Link)

          [N] isdnloop support    (CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_LOOP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Support isdn diversion services    (CONFIG_ISDN_DIVERSION)  (tristate)  (Help)

Passive cards  (Link)

          [N] HiSax SiemensChipSet driver support    (CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_HISAX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HiSax Support for EURO/DSS1    (CONFIG_HISAX_EURO)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for german chargeinfo    (CONFIG_DE_AOC)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Disable sending complete    (CONFIG_HISAX_NO_SENDCOMPLETE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Disable sending low layer compatibility    (CONFIG_HISAX_NO_LLC)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Disable keypad protocol option    (CONFIG_HISAX_NO_KEYPAD)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] HiSax Support for german 1TR6    (CONFIG_HISAX_1TR6)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] HiSax Support for US NI1    (CONFIG_HISAX_NI1)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [     ] Maximum number of cards supported by HiSax    (CONFIG_HISAX_MAX_CARDS)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Teles 16.0/8.0    (CONFIG_HISAX_16_0)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Teles 16.3 or PNP or PCMCIA    (CONFIG_HISAX_16_3)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Teles PCI    (CONFIG_HISAX_TELESPCI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Teles S0Box    (CONFIG_HISAX_S0BOX)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] AVM A1 (Fritz)    (CONFIG_HISAX_AVM_A1)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] AVM PnP/PCI (Fritz!PnP/PCI)    (CONFIG_HISAX_FRITZPCI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] AVM A1 PCMCIA (Fritz)    (CONFIG_HISAX_AVM_A1_PCMCIA)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Elsa cards    (CONFIG_HISAX_ELSA)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] ITK ix1-micro Revision 2    (CONFIG_HISAX_IX1MICROR2)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Eicon.Diehl Diva cards    (CONFIG_HISAX_DIEHLDIVA)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] ASUSCOM ISA cards    (CONFIG_HISAX_ASUSCOM)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] TELEINT cards    (CONFIG_HISAX_TELEINT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] HFC-S based cards    (CONFIG_HISAX_HFCS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Sedlbauer cards    (CONFIG_HISAX_SEDLBAUER)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] USR Sportster internal TA    (CONFIG_HISAX_SPORTSTER)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] MIC card    (CONFIG_HISAX_MIC)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] NETjet card    (CONFIG_HISAX_NETJET)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] NETspider U card    (CONFIG_HISAX_NETJET_U)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Niccy PnP/PCI card    (CONFIG_HISAX_NICCY)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Siemens I-Surf card    (CONFIG_HISAX_ISURF)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] HST Saphir card    (CONFIG_HISAX_HSTSAPHIR)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Telekom A4T card    (CONFIG_HISAX_BKM_A4T)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Scitel Quadro card    (CONFIG_HISAX_SCT_QUADRO)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Gazel cards    (CONFIG_HISAX_GAZEL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] HFC PCI-Bus cards    (CONFIG_HISAX_HFC_PCI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Winbond W6692 based cards    (CONFIG_HISAX_W6692)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] HFC-S+, HFC-SP, HFC-PCMCIA cards    (CONFIG_HISAX_HFC_SX)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Formula-n enter:now PCI card    (CONFIG_HISAX_ENTERNOW_PCI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] HiSax debugging    (CONFIG_HISAX_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Sedlbauer PCMCIA cards    (CONFIG_HISAX_SEDLBAUER_CS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ELSA PCMCIA MicroLink cards    (CONFIG_HISAX_ELSA_CS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AVM A1 PCMCIA cards    (CONFIG_HISAX_AVM_A1_CS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] TELES PCMCIA cards    (CONFIG_HISAX_TELES_CS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ST5481 USB ISDN modem (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_HISAX_ST5481)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HFC USB based ISDN modems (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_HISAX_HFCUSB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HFC-4S/8S based ISDN cards (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_HISAX_HFC4S8S)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AVM Fritz!Card PCI/PCIv2/PnP support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_HISAX_FRITZ_PCIPNP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HISAX_HDLC    (CONFIG_HISAX_HDLC)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] HISAX_AVM_A1_PCMCIA    (CONFIG_HISAX_AVM_A1_PCMCIA)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)

Active cards  (Link)

          [N] ICN 2B and 4B support    (CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_ICN)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PCBIT-D support    (CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_PCBIT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Spellcaster support    (CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_SC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IBM Active 2000 support    (CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_ACT2000)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Hypercope HYSDN cards (Champ, Ergo, Metro) support (module only)    (CONFIG_HYSDN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HYSDN CAPI 2.0 support    (CONFIG_HYSDN_CAPI)  (bool)  (Help)

Siemens Gigaset  (Link)

          [N] Siemens Gigaset support (isdn)    (CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_GIGASET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Gigaset base station support    (CONFIG_GIGASET_BASE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Gigaset M105 support    (CONFIG_GIGASET_M105)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Gigaset debugging    (CONFIG_GIGASET_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for undocumented USB requests    (CONFIG_GIGASET_UNDOCREQ)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] CAPI2.0 support    (CONFIG_ISDN_CAPI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Verbose reason code reporting (kernel size +=7K)    (CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_AVMB1_VERBOSE_REASON)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] CAPI2.0 Middleware support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ISDN_CAPI_MIDDLEWARE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] CAPI2.0 /dev/capi support    (CONFIG_ISDN_CAPI_CAPI20)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] CAPI2.0 filesystem support    (CONFIG_ISDN_CAPI_CAPIFS_BOOL)  (bool)  (No help available)
                                                  [N] ISDN_CAPI_CAPIFS    (CONFIG_ISDN_CAPI_CAPIFS)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (Help)
                              [N] CAPI2.0 capidrv interface support    (CONFIG_ISDN_CAPI_CAPIDRV)  (tristate)  (Help)

Active AVM cards  (Link)

          [N] Support AVM cards    (CONFIG_CAPI_AVM)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] AVM B1 ISA support    (CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_AVMB1_B1ISA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AVM B1 PCI support    (CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_AVMB1_B1PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] AVM B1 PCI V4 support    (CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_AVMB1_B1PCIV4)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] AVM T1/T1-B ISA support    (CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_AVMB1_T1ISA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AVM B1/M1/M2 PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_AVMB1_B1PCMCIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] AVM B1/M1/M2 PCMCIA cs module    (CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_AVMB1_AVM_CS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AVM T1/T1-B PCI support    (CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_AVMB1_T1PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AVM C4/C2 support    (CONFIG_ISDN_DRV_AVMB1_C4)  (tristate)  (Help)

Active Eicon DIVA Server cards  (Link)

          [N] Support Eicon cards    (CONFIG_CAPI_EICON)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support Eicon DIVA Server cards    (CONFIG_ISDN_DIVAS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] DIVA Server BRI/PCI support    (CONFIG_ISDN_DIVAS_BRIPCI)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] DIVA Server PRI/PCI support    (CONFIG_ISDN_DIVAS_PRIPCI)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] DIVA CAPI2.0 interface support    (CONFIG_ISDN_DIVAS_DIVACAPI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] DIVA User-IDI interface support    (CONFIG_ISDN_DIVAS_USERIDI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] DIVA Maint driver support    (CONFIG_ISDN_DIVAS_MAINT)  (tristate)  (Help)

Telephony Support  (Link)

          [N] Linux telephony support    (CONFIG_PHONE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] QuickNet Internet LineJack/PhoneJack support    (CONFIG_PHONE_IXJ)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] QuickNet Internet LineJack/PhoneJack PCMCIA support    (CONFIG_PHONE_IXJ_PCMCIA)  (tristate)  (Help)

Input device support  (Link)

          [Y] Generic input layer (needed for keyboard, mouse, ...)    (CONFIG_INPUT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for memoryless force-feedback devices    (CONFIG_INPUT_FF_MEMLESS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [Y] Mouse interface    (CONFIG_INPUT_MOUSEDEV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [Y] Provide legacy /dev/psaux device    (CONFIG_INPUT_MOUSEDEV_PSAUX)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [1024] Horizontal screen resolution    (CONFIG_INPUT_MOUSEDEV_SCREEN_X)  (string)  (Help)
                              [768] Vertical screen resolution    (CONFIG_INPUT_MOUSEDEV_SCREEN_Y)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Joystick interface    (CONFIG_INPUT_JOYDEV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Touchscreen interface    (CONFIG_INPUT_TSDEV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [     ] Horizontal screen resolution    (CONFIG_INPUT_TSDEV_SCREEN_X)  (string)  (No help available)
                              [     ] Vertical screen resolution    (CONFIG_INPUT_TSDEV_SCREEN_Y)  (string)  (No help available)
                    [N] Event interface    (CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Event debugging    (CONFIG_INPUT_EVBUG)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    Keyboards  (Link)

                    [Y] Keyboards    (CONFIG_INPUT_KEYBOARD)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [Y] AT keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_ATKBD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Use HP keyboard scancodes    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_ATKBD_HP_KEYCODES)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Use PrecisionBook keyboard scancodes    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_ATKBD_RDI_KEYCODES)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Sun Type 4 and Type 5 keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_SUNKBD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] DECstation/VAXstation LK201/LK401 keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_LKKBD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] LoCoMo Keyboard Support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_LOCOMO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] XT keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_XTKBD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Newton keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_NEWTON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Stowaway keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_STOWAWAY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Corgi keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_CORGI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Spitz keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_SPITZ)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Amiga keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_AMIGA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HP HIL keyboard support (simple driver)    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_HIL_OLD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HP HIL keyboard support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_HIL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] TI OMAP keypad support    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_OMAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] AAED-2000 keyboard    (CONFIG_KEYBOARD_AAED2000)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    Mouse  (Link)

                    [Y] Mouse    (CONFIG_INPUT_MOUSE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [Y] PS/2 mouse    (CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Serial mouse    (CONFIG_MOUSE_SERIAL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] InPort/MS/ATIXL busmouse    (CONFIG_MOUSE_INPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] ATI XL variant    (CONFIG_MOUSE_ATIXL)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Logitech busmouse    (CONFIG_MOUSE_LOGIBM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IBM PC110 touchpad    (CONFIG_MOUSE_PC110PAD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Amiga mouse    (CONFIG_MOUSE_AMIGA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Acorn RiscPC mouse    (CONFIG_MOUSE_RISCPC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] DEC VSXXX-AA/GA mouse and VSXXX-AB tablet    (CONFIG_MOUSE_VSXXXAA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HIL pointers (mice etc).    (CONFIG_MOUSE_HIL)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    Joysticks  (Link)

                    [N] Joysticks    (CONFIG_INPUT_JOYSTICK)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Classic PC analog joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_ANALOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Assassin 3D and MadCatz Panther devices    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_A3D)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Logitech ADI digital joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_ADI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Creative Labs Blaster Cobra gamepad    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_COBRA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Genius Flight2000 Digital joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_GF2K)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Gravis GrIP joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_GRIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Gravis GrIP MultiPort    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_GRIP_MP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Guillemot joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_GUILLEMOT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] InterAct digital joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_INTERACT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Microsoft SideWinder digital joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_SIDEWINDER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ThrustMaster DirectConnect joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_TMDC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] I-Force devices    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_IFORCE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] I-Force USB joysticks and wheels    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_IFORCE_USB)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] I-Force Serial joysticks and wheels    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_IFORCE_232)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Logitech WingMan Warrior joystick    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_WARRIOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] LogiCad3d Magellan/SpaceMouse 6dof controllers    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_MAGELLAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] SpaceTec SpaceOrb/Avenger 6dof controllers    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_SPACEORB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] SpaceTec SpaceBall 6dof controllers    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_SPACEBALL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Gravis Stinger gamepad    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_STINGER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Twiddler as a joystick    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_TWIDJOY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Multisystem, Sega Genesis, Saturn joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_DB9)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Multisystem, NES, SNES, N64, PSX joysticks and gamepads    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_GAMECON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Multisystem joysticks via TurboGraFX device    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_TURBOGRAFX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Amiga joysticks    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_AMIGA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Gameport data dumper    (CONFIG_JOYSTICK_JOYDUMP)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    Touchscreens  (Link)

                    [N] Touchscreens    (CONFIG_INPUT_TOUCHSCREEN)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] ADS 7846 based touchscreens    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_ADS7846)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Compaq iPAQ H3600 (Bitsy) touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_BITSY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] SharpSL (Corgi and Spitz series) touchscreen driver    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_CORGI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Gunze AHL-51S touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_GUNZE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Elo serial touchscreens    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_ELO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MicroTouch serial touchscreens    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_MTOUCH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ICS MicroClock MK712 touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_MK712)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HP Jornada 680/690 touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_HP600)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Penmount serial touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_PENMOUNT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Touchright serial touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_TOUCHRIGHT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Touchwin serial touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_TOUCHWIN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Philips UCB1400 touchscreen    (CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_UCB1400)  (tristate)  (Help)

                    Miscellaneous devices  (Link)

                    [N] Miscellaneous devices    (CONFIG_INPUT_MISC)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] PC Speaker support    (CONFIG_INPUT_PCSPKR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] SPARC Speaker support    (CONFIG_INPUT_SPARCSPKR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] M68k Beeper support    (CONFIG_INPUT_M68K_BEEP)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                              [N] x86 Wistron laptop button interface    (CONFIG_INPUT_WISTRON_BTNS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] IXP4XX Beeper support    (CONFIG_INPUT_IXP4XX_BEEPER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] User level driver support    (CONFIG_INPUT_UINPUT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HP SDC Real Time Clock    (CONFIG_HP_SDC_RTC)  (tristate)  (Help)

Hardware I/O ports  (Link)

          [Y] Serial I/O support    (CONFIG_SERIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [Y] i8042 PC Keyboard controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_I8042)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Serial port line discipline    (CONFIG_SERIO_SERPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ct82c710 Aux port controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_CT82C710)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Q40 keyboard controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_Q40KBD)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] Parallel port keyboard adapter    (CONFIG_SERIO_PARKBD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Acorn RiscPC keyboard controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_RPCKBD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AMBA KMI keyboard controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_AMBAKMI)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] Intel SA1111 keyboard controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_SA1111)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] HP GSC PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_GSCPS2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HP System Device Controller i8042 Support    (CONFIG_HP_SDC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] HIL MLC Support (needed for HIL input devices)    (CONFIG_HIL_MLC)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] PCI PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_PCIPS2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SGI O2 MACE PS/2 controller    (CONFIG_SERIO_MACEPS2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [Y] PS/2 driver library    (CONFIG_SERIO_LIBPS2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Raw access to serio ports    (CONFIG_SERIO_RAW)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [M] Gameport support    (CONFIG_GAMEPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Classic ISA and PnP gameport support    (CONFIG_GAMEPORT_NS558)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PDPI Lightning 4 gamecard support    (CONFIG_GAMEPORT_L4)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SB Live and Audigy gameport support    (CONFIG_GAMEPORT_EMU10K1)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ForteMedia FM801 gameport support    (CONFIG_GAMEPORT_FM801)  (tristate)  (Help)

Character devices  (Link)

          [Y] Virtual terminal    (CONFIG_VT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Support for console on virtual terminal    (CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] HW_CONSOLE    (CONFIG_HW_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] Support for binding and unbinding console drivers    (CONFIG_VT_HW_CONSOLE_BINDING)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] Non-standard serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_NONSTANDARD)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Computone IntelliPort Plus serial support    (CONFIG_COMPUTONE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Comtrol RocketPort support    (CONFIG_ROCKETPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Cyclades async mux support    (CONFIG_CYCLADES)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Cyclades-Z interrupt mode operation (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_CYZ_INTR)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Digiboard Intelligent Async Support    (CONFIG_DIGIEPCA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Hayes ESP serial port support    (CONFIG_ESPSERIAL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Moxa Intellio support    (CONFIG_MOXA_INTELLIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Moxa SmartIO support    (CONFIG_MOXA_SMARTIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Moxa SmartIO support v. 2.0 (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_MOXA_SMARTIO_NEW)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Multi-Tech multiport card support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_ISI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Microgate SyncLink card support    (CONFIG_SYNCLINK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SyncLink Multiport support    (CONFIG_SYNCLINKMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SyncLink GT/AC support    (CONFIG_SYNCLINK_GT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HDLC line discipline support    (CONFIG_N_HDLC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SDL RISCom/8 card support    (CONFIG_RISCOM8)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Specialix IO8+ card support    (CONFIG_SPECIALIX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Specialix DTR/RTS pin is RTS    (CONFIG_SPECIALIX_RTSCTS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Specialix SX (and SI) card support    (CONFIG_SX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Specialix RIO system support    (CONFIG_RIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support really old RIO/PCI cards    (CONFIG_RIO_OLDPCI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Stallion multiport serial support    (CONFIG_STALDRV)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Stallion EasyIO or EC8/32 support    (CONFIG_STALLION)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Stallion EC8/64, ONboard, Brumby support    (CONFIG_ISTALLION)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable Au1000 UART Support    (CONFIG_AU1000_UART)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable Au1000 serial console    (CONFIG_AU1000_SERIAL_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Commodore A2232 serial support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_A2232)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] SGI Altix system controller communication support    (CONFIG_SGI_SNSC)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] SGI TIO CX driver support    (CONFIG_SGI_TIOCX)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [M] SGI FPGA Core Services driver support    (CONFIG_SGI_MBCS)  (tristate)  (Help)

Serial drivers  (Link)

          [Y] 8250/16550 and compatible serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [Y] Console on 8250/16550 and compatible serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] SERIAL_8250_GSC    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_GSC)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [Y] 8250/16550 PCI device support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [Y] 8250/16550 PNP device support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_PNP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SERIAL_8250_HP300    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_HP300)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] 8250/16550 PCMCIA device support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_CS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [6] Maximum number of 8250/16550 serial ports    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_NR_UARTS)  (string)  (Help)
                    [4] Number of 8250/16550 serial ports to register at runtime    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_RUNTIME_UARTS)  (string)  (Help)
                    [Y] Extended 8250/16550 serial driver options    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_EXTENDED)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support more than 4 legacy serial ports    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_MANY_PORTS)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Support Fourport cards    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_FOURPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Support Accent cards    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_ACCENT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Support Boca cards    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_BOCA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Support Exar ST16C554/554D Quad UART    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_EXAR_ST16C554)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Support Hub6 cards    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_HUB6)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [Y] Support for sharing serial interrupts    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_SHARE_IRQ)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Autodetect IRQ on standard ports (unsafe)    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_DETECT_IRQ)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support RSA serial ports    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_RSA)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support 8250-type ports on MCA buses    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_MCA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Acorn expansion card serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_ACORN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AU1X00 serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_AU1X00)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] ARM AMBA PL010 serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_AMBA_PL010)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on AMBA serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_AMBA_PL010_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] ARM AMBA PL011 serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_AMBA_PL011)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on AMBA serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_AMBA_PL011_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] AT91 / AT32 on-chip serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_ATMEL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on AT91 / AT32 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_ATMEL_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Install as device ttyATn instead of ttySn    (CONFIG_SERIAL_ATMEL_TTYAT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] CLPS711X serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_CLPS711X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on CLPS711X serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_CLPS711X_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Samsung S3C2410/S3C2440/S3C2442/S3C2412 Serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_S3C2410)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on S3C2410 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_S3C2410_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] DECstation DZ serial driver    (CONFIG_SERIAL_DZ)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support console on DECstation DZ serial driver    (CONFIG_SERIAL_DZ_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] DC21285 serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_21285)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on DC21285 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_21285_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Marvell MPSC serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MPSC)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on Marvell MPSC serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MPSC_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] PXA serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_PXA)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on PXA serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_PXA_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] SA1100 serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SA1100)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on SA1100 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SA1100_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] IMX serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_IMX)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on IMX serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_IMX_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Xilinx uartlite serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_UARTLITE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on Xilinx uartlite serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_UARTLITE_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] SERIAL_SUNCORE    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SUNCORE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Sun Zilog8530 serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SUNZILOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on Sun Zilog8530 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SUNZILOG_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Sun SU serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SUNSU)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on Sun SU serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SUNSU_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Serial MUX support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MUX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on serial MUX    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MUX_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] PDC software console support    (CONFIG_PDC_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Sun Siemens SAB82532 serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SUNSAB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on Sun Siemens SAB82532 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SUNSAB_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Sun4v Hypervisor Console support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SUNHV)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] IP22 Zilog8530 serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_IP22_ZILOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on IP22 Zilog8530 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_IP22_ZILOG_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] NEC V850E on-chip UART support    (CONFIG_V850E_UART)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] V850E_UARTB    (CONFIG_V850E_UARTB)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] Use NEC V850E on-chip UART for console    (CONFIG_V850E_UART_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] SuperH SCI(F) serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SH_SCI)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [     ] Maximum number of SCI(F) serial ports    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SH_SCI_NR_UARTS)  (string)  (No help available)
                    [N] Support for console on SuperH SCI(F)    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SH_SCI_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [Y] SERIAL_CORE    (CONFIG_SERIAL_CORE)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] SERIAL_CORE_CONSOLE    (CONFIG_SERIAL_CORE_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] 68328 serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_68328)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support RTS/CTS on 68328 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_68328_RTS_CTS)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] ColdFire serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_COLDFIRE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] 68360 SMC uart support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_68360_SMC)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] 68360 SCC uart support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_68360_SCC)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] SERIAL_68360    (CONFIG_SERIAL_68360)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] PowerMac z85c30 ESCC support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_PMACZILOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on PowerMac z85c30 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_PMACZILOG_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Sharp LH7A40X embedded UART support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_LH7A40X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on Sharp LH7A40X serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_LH7A40X_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] CPM SCC/SMC serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_CPM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on CPM SCC/SMC serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_CPM_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for SCC1 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_CPM_SCC1)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for SCC2 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_CPM_SCC2)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for SCC3 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_CPM_SCC3)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for SCC4 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_CPM_SCC4)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for SMC1 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_CPM_SMC1)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for SMC2 serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_CPM_SMC2)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] SGI Altix L1 serial console support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SGI_L1_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Freescale MPC52xx family PSC serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MPC52xx)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on a Freescale MPC52xx family PSC serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MPC52xx_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [     ] Freescale MPC52xx family PSC serial port baud    (CONFIG_SERIAL_MPC52xx_CONSOLE_BAUD)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] IBM Multiport Serial Adapter    (CONFIG_SERIAL_ICOM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] M32R SIO I/F    (CONFIG_SERIAL_M32R_SIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] use SIO console    (CONFIG_SERIAL_M32R_SIO_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] M32R SIO I/F on a PLD    (CONFIG_SERIAL_M32R_PLDSIO)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] TMPTX39XX/49XX SIO support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_TXX9)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] HAS_TXX9_SERIAL    (CONFIG_HAS_TXX9_SERIAL)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] TMPTX39XX/49XX SIO Console support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_TXX9_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] TX39XX/49XX SIO act as standard serial    (CONFIG_SERIAL_TXX9_STDSERIAL)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] NEC VR4100 series Serial Interface Unit support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_VR41XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable NEC VR4100 series Serial Interface Unit console    (CONFIG_SERIAL_VR41XX_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Digi International NEO PCI Support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_JSM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] SGI IOC4 controller serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SGI_IOC4)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SGI Altix IOC3 serial support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_SGI_IOC3)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NetX serial port support    (CONFIG_SERIAL_NETX)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Console on NetX serial port    (CONFIG_SERIAL_NETX_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] Unix98 PTY support    (CONFIG_UNIX98_PTYS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] Legacy (BSD) PTY support    (CONFIG_LEGACY_PTYS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [256] Maximum number of legacy PTY in use    (CONFIG_LEGACY_PTY_COUNT)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Total Impact briQ front panel driver    (CONFIG_BRIQ_PANEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Parallel printer support    (CONFIG_PRINTER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for console on line printer    (CONFIG_LP_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Support for user-space parallel port device drivers    (CONFIG_PPDEV)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Texas Instruments parallel link cable support    (CONFIG_TIPAR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HVC_DRIVER    (CONFIG_HVC_DRIVER)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
          [N] pSeries Hypervisor Virtual Console support    (CONFIG_HVC_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] iSeries Hypervisor Virtual Console support    (CONFIG_HVC_ISERIES)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] IBM RTAS Console support    (CONFIG_HVC_RTAS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] IBM Hypervisor Virtual Console Server support    (CONFIG_HVCS)  (tristate)  (Help)

IPMI  (Link)

          [N] IPMI top-level message handler    (CONFIG_IPMI_HANDLER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Generate a panic event to all BMCs on a panic    (CONFIG_IPMI_PANIC_EVENT)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Generate OEM events containing the panic string    (CONFIG_IPMI_PANIC_STRING)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Device interface for IPMI    (CONFIG_IPMI_DEVICE_INTERFACE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IPMI System Interface handler    (CONFIG_IPMI_SI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IPMI Watchdog Timer    (CONFIG_IPMI_WATCHDOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IPMI Poweroff    (CONFIG_IPMI_POWEROFF)  (tristate)  (Help)

Watchdog Cards  (Link)

          [N] Watchdog Timer Support    (CONFIG_WATCHDOG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Disable watchdog shutdown on close    (CONFIG_WATCHDOG_NOWAYOUT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Software watchdog    (CONFIG_SOFT_WATCHDOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AT91RM9200 watchdog    (CONFIG_AT91RM9200_WATCHDOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] DC21285 watchdog    (CONFIG_21285_WATCHDOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NetWinder WB83C977 watchdog    (CONFIG_977_WATCHDOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IXP2000 Watchdog    (CONFIG_IXP2000_WATCHDOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IXP4xx Watchdog    (CONFIG_IXP4XX_WATCHDOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] S3C2410 Watchdog    (CONFIG_S3C2410_WATCHDOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SA1100/PXA2xx watchdog    (CONFIG_SA1100_WATCHDOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] MPcore watchdog    (CONFIG_MPCORE_WATCHDOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] EP93xx Watchdog    (CONFIG_EP93XX_WATCHDOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] OMAP Watchdog    (CONFIG_OMAP_WATCHDOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PNX4008 Watchdog    (CONFIG_PNX4008_WATCHDOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Acquire SBC Watchdog Timer    (CONFIG_ACQUIRE_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Advantech SBC Watchdog Timer    (CONFIG_ADVANTECH_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ALi M1535 PMU Watchdog Timer    (CONFIG_ALIM1535_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ALi M7101 PMU Computer Watchdog    (CONFIG_ALIM7101_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AMD Elan SC520 processor Watchdog    (CONFIG_SC520_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Eurotech CPU-1220/1410 Watchdog Timer    (CONFIG_EUROTECH_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IB700 SBC Watchdog Timer    (CONFIG_IB700_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IBM Automatic Server Restart    (CONFIG_IBMASR)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ICP Wafer 5823 Single Board Computer Watchdog    (CONFIG_WAFER_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel 6300ESB Timer/Watchdog    (CONFIG_I6300ESB_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel i8xx TCO Timer/Watchdog    (CONFIG_I8XX_TCO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel TCO Timer/Watchdog    (CONFIG_ITCO_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Intel TCO Timer/Watchdog Specific Vendor Support    (CONFIG_ITCO_VENDOR_SUPPORT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor PC87307/PC97307 (ala SC1200) Watchdog    (CONFIG_SC1200_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor SCx200 Watchdog    (CONFIG_SCx200_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NS PC87413 watchdog    (CONFIG_PC87413_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SBC-60XX Watchdog Timer    (CONFIG_60XX_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SBC8360 Watchdog Timer    (CONFIG_SBC8360_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMA CPU5 Watchdog    (CONFIG_CPU5_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Winbond SMsC37B787 Watchdog Timer    (CONFIG_SMSC37B787_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] W83627HF Watchdog Timer    (CONFIG_W83627HF_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] W83697HF/W83697HG Watchdog Timer    (CONFIG_W83697HF_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] W83877F (EMACS) Watchdog Timer    (CONFIG_W83877F_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] W83977F (PCM-5335) Watchdog Timer    (CONFIG_W83977F_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ZF MachZ Watchdog    (CONFIG_MACHZ_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Winsystems SBC EPX-C3 watchdog    (CONFIG_SBC_EPX_C3_WATCHDOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] MPC8xx Watchdog Timer    (CONFIG_8xx_WDT)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] MPC83xx Watchdog Timer    (CONFIG_83xx_WDT)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] MV64X60 (Marvell Discovery) Watchdog Timer    (CONFIG_MV64X60_WDT)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] PowerPC Book-E Watchdog Timer    (CONFIG_BOOKE_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] RTAS watchdog    (CONFIG_WATCHDOG_RTAS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Indy/I2 Hardware Watchdog    (CONFIG_INDYDOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] RM9000/GPI hardware watchdog    (CONFIG_WDT_RM9K_GPI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] z/VM Watchdog Timer    (CONFIG_ZVM_WATCHDOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SuperH Watchdog    (CONFIG_SH_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Allow mmap of SH WDT    (CONFIG_SH_WDT_MMAP)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] CP1XXX Hardware Watchdog support    (CONFIG_WATCHDOG_CP1XXX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] RIO Hardware Watchdog support    (CONFIG_WATCHDOG_RIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Berkshire Products ISA-PC Watchdog    (CONFIG_PCWATCHDOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Mixcom Watchdog    (CONFIG_MIXCOMWD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] WDT Watchdog timer    (CONFIG_WDT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] WDT501 features    (CONFIG_WDT_501)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Berkshire Products PCI-PC Watchdog    (CONFIG_PCIPCWATCHDOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PCI-WDT500/501 Watchdog timer    (CONFIG_WDTPCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] PCI-WDT501 features    (CONFIG_WDT_501_PCI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Berkshire Products USB-PC Watchdog    (CONFIG_USBPCWATCHDOG)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NetWinder thermometer support    (CONFIG_DS1620)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NetWinder Button    (CONFIG_NWBUTTON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Reboot Using Button    (CONFIG_NWBUTTON_REBOOT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] NetWinder flash support    (CONFIG_NWFLASH)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Hardware Random Number Generator Core support    (CONFIG_HW_RANDOM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel HW Random Number Generator support    (CONFIG_HW_RANDOM_INTEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AMD HW Random Number Generator support    (CONFIG_HW_RANDOM_AMD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AMD Geode HW Random Number Generator support    (CONFIG_HW_RANDOM_GEODE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] VIA HW Random Number Generator support    (CONFIG_HW_RANDOM_VIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel IXP4xx NPU HW Random Number Generator support    (CONFIG_HW_RANDOM_IXP4XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] OMAP Random Number Generator support    (CONFIG_HW_RANDOM_OMAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] /dev/nvram support    (CONFIG_NVRAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Enhanced Real Time Clock Support    (CONFIG_RTC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SGI DS1286 RTC support    (CONFIG_SGI_DS1286)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SGI M48T35 RTC support    (CONFIG_SGI_IP27_RTC)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Generic /dev/rtc emulation    (CONFIG_GEN_RTC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Extended RTC operation    (CONFIG_GEN_RTC_X)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] EFI Real Time Clock Services    (CONFIG_EFI_RTC)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] DS1302 RTC support    (CONFIG_DS1302)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Support for Cobalt LCD    (CONFIG_COBALT_LCD)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Double Talk PC internal speech card support    (CONFIG_DTLK)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Siemens R3964 line discipline    (CONFIG_R3964)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Applicom intelligent fieldbus card support    (CONFIG_APPLICOM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Sony Vaio Programmable I/O Control Device support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SONYPI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] TANBAC TB0219 base board support    (CONFIG_TANBAC_TB0219)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [M] /dev/agpgart (AGP Support)    (CONFIG_AGP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ALI chipset support    (CONFIG_AGP_ALI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ATI chipset support    (CONFIG_AGP_ATI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AMD Irongate, 761, and 762 chipset support    (CONFIG_AGP_AMD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AMD Opteron/Athlon64 on-CPU GART support    (CONFIG_AGP_AMD64)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel 440LX/BX/GX, I8xx and E7x05 chipset support    (CONFIG_AGP_INTEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NVIDIA nForce/nForce2 chipset support    (CONFIG_AGP_NVIDIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SiS chipset support    (CONFIG_AGP_SIS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Serverworks LE/HE chipset support    (CONFIG_AGP_SWORKS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] VIA chipset support    (CONFIG_AGP_VIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] Intel 460GX chipset support    (CONFIG_AGP_I460)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] HP ZX1 chipset AGP support    (CONFIG_AGP_HP_ZX1)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HP Quicksilver AGP support    (CONFIG_AGP_PARISC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Alpha AGP support    (CONFIG_AGP_ALPHA_CORE)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] Apple UniNorth     (CONFIG_AGP_UNINORTH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] &    (CONFIG_AGP_UNINORTH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] U3 AGP support    (CONFIG_AGP_UNINORTH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Transmeta Efficeon support    (CONFIG_AGP_EFFICEON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] SGI TIO chipset AGP support    (CONFIG_AGP_SGI_TIOCA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [M] Direct Rendering Manager (XFree86 4.1.0 and higher DRI support)    (CONFIG_DRM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] 3dfx Banshee/Voodoo3+    (CONFIG_DRM_TDFX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] ATI Rage 128    (CONFIG_DRM_R128)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] ATI Radeon    (CONFIG_DRM_RADEON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel I810    (CONFIG_DRM_I810)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    Intel 830M, 845G, 852GM, 855GM, 865G
                    [ ] i830 driver  (CONFIG_DRM_I830)  (Help)
                    [ ] i915 driver  (CONFIG_DRM_I915)  (Help)
                    [M] Matrox g200/g400    (CONFIG_DRM_MGA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] SiS video cards    (CONFIG_DRM_SIS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Via unichrome video cards    (CONFIG_DRM_VIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Savage video cards    (CONFIG_DRM_SAVAGE)  (tristate)  (Help)

PCMCIA character devices  (Link)

          [N] SyncLink PC Card support    (CONFIG_SYNCLINK_CS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Omnikey Cardman 4000 support    (CONFIG_CARDMAN_4000)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Omnikey CardMan 4040 support    (CONFIG_CARDMAN_4040)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ACP Modem (Mwave) support    (CONFIG_MWAVE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NatSemi SCx200 GPIO Support    (CONFIG_SCx200_GPIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NatSemi PC8736x GPIO Support    (CONFIG_PC8736x_GPIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NatSemi Base GPIO Support    (CONFIG_NSC_GPIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] AMD CS5535/CS5536 GPIO (Geode Companion Device)    (CONFIG_CS5535_GPIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NEC VR4100 series General-purpose I/O Unit support    (CONFIG_GPIO_VR41XX)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [M] RAW driver (/dev/raw/rawN) (OBSOLETE)    (CONFIG_RAW_DRIVER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [256] Maximum number of RAW devices to support (1-8192)    (CONFIG_MAX_RAW_DEVS)  (string)  (Help)
          [Y] HPET - High Precision Event Timer    (CONFIG_HPET)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] HPET Control RTC IRQ    (CONFIG_HPET_RTC_IRQ)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Allow mmap of HPET    (CONFIG_HPET_MMAP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Hangcheck timer    (CONFIG_HANGCHECK_TIMER)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [Y] MMTIMER Memory mapped RTC for SGI Altix    (CONFIG_MMTIMER)  (tristate)  (Help)

TPM devices  (Link)

          [N] TPM Hardware Support    (CONFIG_TCG_TPM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] TPM Interface Specification 1.2 Interface    (CONFIG_TCG_TIS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] National Semiconductor TPM Interface    (CONFIG_TCG_NSC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Atmel TPM Interface    (CONFIG_TCG_ATMEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Infineon Technologies TPM Interface    (CONFIG_TCG_INFINEON)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Telecom clock driver for MPBL0010 ATCA SBC    (CONFIG_TELCLOCK)  (tristate)  (Help)

I2C support  (Link)

          [N] I2C support    (CONFIG_I2C)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] I2C device interface    (CONFIG_I2C_CHARDEV)  (tristate)  (Help)

I2C Algorithms  (Link)

          [N] I2C bit-banging interfaces    (CONFIG_I2C_ALGOBIT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] I2C PCF 8584 interfaces    (CONFIG_I2C_ALGOPCF)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] I2C PCA 9564 interfaces    (CONFIG_I2C_ALGOPCA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MPC8xx CPM I2C interface    (CONFIG_I2C_ALGO8XX)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] I2C SGI interfaces    (CONFIG_I2C_ALGO_SGI)  (tristate)  (Help)

I2C Hardware Bus support  (Link)

          [N] ALI 1535    (CONFIG_I2C_ALI1535)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ALI 1563    (CONFIG_I2C_ALI1563)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ALI 15x3    (CONFIG_I2C_ALI15X3)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] AMD 756/766/768/8111 and nVidia nForce    (CONFIG_I2C_AMD756)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SMBus multiplexing on the Tyan S4882    (CONFIG_I2C_AMD756_S4882)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] AMD 8111    (CONFIG_I2C_AMD8111)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Atmel AT91 I2C Two-Wire interface (TWI)    (CONFIG_I2C_AT91)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Au1550/Au1200 SMBus interface    (CONFIG_I2C_AU1550)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Elektor ISA card    (CONFIG_I2C_ELEKTOR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CHRP Apple Hydra Mac I/O I2C interface    (CONFIG_I2C_HYDRA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intel 82801 (ICH)    (CONFIG_I2C_I801)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intel 810/815    (CONFIG_I2C_I810)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intel PXA2XX I2C adapter (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_I2C_PXA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel PXA2XX I2C Slave comms support    (CONFIG_I2C_PXA_SLAVE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Intel PIIX4 and compatible (ATI/Serverworks/Broadcom/SMSC)    (CONFIG_I2C_PIIX4)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IBM PPC 4xx on-chip I2C interface    (CONFIG_I2C_IBM_IIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intel IOPx3xx and IXP4xx on-chip I2C interface    (CONFIG_I2C_IOP3XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] I2C_ISA    (CONFIG_I2C_ISA)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] IXP4xx GPIO-Based I2C Interface    (CONFIG_I2C_IXP4XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IXP2000 GPIO-Based I2C Interface    (CONFIG_I2C_IXP2000)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Powermac I2C interface    (CONFIG_I2C_POWERMAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] MPC107/824x/85xx/52xx/86xx    (CONFIG_I2C_MPC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Nvidia nForce2, nForce3 and nForce4    (CONFIG_I2C_NFORCE2)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] OpenCores I2C Controller    (CONFIG_I2C_OCORES)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] OMAP I2C adapter    (CONFIG_I2C_OMAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Parallel port adapter    (CONFIG_I2C_PARPORT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Parallel port adapter (light)    (CONFIG_I2C_PARPORT_LIGHT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] S3/VIA (Pro)Savage    (CONFIG_I2C_PROSAVAGE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Embedded Planet RPX Lite/Classic support    (CONFIG_I2C_RPXLITE)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] S3C2410 I2C Driver    (CONFIG_I2C_S3C2410)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] S3 Savage 4    (CONFIG_I2C_SAVAGE4)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SiByte SMBus interface    (CONFIG_I2C_SIBYTE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NatSemi SCx200 I2C using GPIO pins    (CONFIG_SCx200_I2C)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] GPIO pin used for SCL    (CONFIG_SCx200_I2C_SCL)  (string)  (Help)
                    [     ] GPIO pin used for SDA    (CONFIG_SCx200_I2C_SDA)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Geode ACCESS.bus support    (CONFIG_SCx200_ACB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SiS 5595    (CONFIG_I2C_SIS5595)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SiS 630/730    (CONFIG_I2C_SIS630)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SiS 96x    (CONFIG_I2C_SIS96X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] I2C/SMBus Test Stub    (CONFIG_I2C_STUB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ARM Versatile/Realview I2C bus support    (CONFIG_I2C_VERSATILE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] VIA 82C586B    (CONFIG_I2C_VIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] VIA 82C596/82C686/82xx    (CONFIG_I2C_VIAPRO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Voodoo 3    (CONFIG_I2C_VOODOO3)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PCA9564 on an ISA bus    (CONFIG_I2C_PCA_ISA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Marvell mv64xxx I2C Controller    (CONFIG_I2C_MV64XXX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] I2C bus support for Philips PNX targets    (CONFIG_I2C_PNX)  (tristate)  (Help)

Miscellaneous I2C Chip support  (Link)

          [N] Dallas Semiconductor DS1337 and DS1339 Real Time Clock    (CONFIG_SENSORS_DS1337)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Maxim/Dallas Semiconductor DS1374 Real Time Clock    (CONFIG_SENSORS_DS1374)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] EEPROM reader    (CONFIG_SENSORS_EEPROM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips PCF8574 and PCF8574A    (CONFIG_SENSORS_PCF8574)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips PCA9539 16-bit I/O port    (CONFIG_SENSORS_PCA9539)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips PCF8591    (CONFIG_SENSORS_PCF8591)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips ISP1301 with OMAP OTG    (CONFIG_ISP1301_OMAP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] TPS6501x Power Management chips    (CONFIG_TPS65010)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ST M41T00 RTC chip    (CONFIG_SENSORS_M41T00)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Maxim MAX6875 Power supply supervisor    (CONFIG_SENSORS_MAX6875)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] I2C Core debugging messages    (CONFIG_I2C_DEBUG_CORE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] I2C Algorithm debugging messages    (CONFIG_I2C_DEBUG_ALGO)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] I2C Bus debugging messages    (CONFIG_I2C_DEBUG_BUS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] I2C Chip debugging messages    (CONFIG_I2C_DEBUG_CHIP)  (bool)  (Help)

SPI support  (Link)

          [N] SPI support    (CONFIG_SPI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Debug support for SPI drivers    (CONFIG_SPI_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] SPI_MASTER    (CONFIG_SPI_MASTER)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
          [N] Bitbanging SPI master    (CONFIG_SPI_BITBANG)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Parallel port adapter for AVR Butterfly (DEVELOPMENT)    (CONFIG_SPI_BUTTERFLY)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Freescale MPC83xx SPI controller    (CONFIG_SPI_MPC83xx)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PXA2xx SSP SPI master    (CONFIG_SPI_PXA2XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Samsung S3C24XX series SPI by GPIO    (CONFIG_SPI_S3C24XX_GPIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Samsung S3C24XX series SPI    (CONFIG_SPI_S3C24XX)  (tristate)  (Help)

Dallas's 1-wire bus  (Link)

          [N] Dallas's 1-wire support    (CONFIG_W1)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Userspace communication over connector    (CONFIG_W1_CON)  (bool)  (Help)

1-wire Bus Masters  (Link)

          [N] Matrox G400 transport layer for 1-wire    (CONFIG_W1_MASTER_MATROX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] DS2490 USB     (CONFIG_W1_MASTER_DS2490)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] <    (CONFIG_W1_MASTER_DS2490)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] -    (CONFIG_W1_MASTER_DS2490)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] >    (CONFIG_W1_MASTER_DS2490)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] W1 transport layer for 1-wire    (CONFIG_W1_MASTER_DS2490)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Maxim DS2482 I2C to 1-Wire bridge    (CONFIG_W1_MASTER_DS2482)  (tristate)  (Help)

1-wire Slaves  (Link)

          [N] Thermal family implementation    (CONFIG_W1_SLAVE_THERM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Simple 64bit memory family implementation    (CONFIG_W1_SLAVE_SMEM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] 4kb EEPROM family support (DS2433)    (CONFIG_W1_SLAVE_DS2433)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Protect DS2433 data with a CRC16    (CONFIG_W1_SLAVE_DS2433_CRC)  (bool)  (Help)

Hardware Monitoring support  (Link)

          [Y] Hardware Monitoring support    (CONFIG_HWMON)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HWMON_VID    (CONFIG_HWMON_VID)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Abit uGuru    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ABITUGURU)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Analog Devices ADM1021 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADM1021)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Analog Devices ADM1025 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADM1025)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Analog Devices ADM1026 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADM1026)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Analog Devices ADM1031 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADM1031)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Analog Devices ADM9240 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ADM9240)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] AMD Athlon64/FX or Opteron temperature sensor    (CONFIG_SENSORS_K8TEMP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Apple Motion Sensor driver    (CONFIG_SENSORS_AMS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PMU variant    (CONFIG_SENSORS_AMS_PMU)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] I2C variant    (CONFIG_SENSORS_AMS_I2C)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Asus ASB100 Bach    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ASB100)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Attansic ATXP1 VID controller    (CONFIG_SENSORS_ATXP1)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Dallas Semiconductor DS1621 and DS1625    (CONFIG_SENSORS_DS1621)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Fintek F71805F/FG and F71872F/FG    (CONFIG_SENSORS_F71805F)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] FSC Hermes    (CONFIG_SENSORS_FSCHER)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] FSC Poseidon    (CONFIG_SENSORS_FSCPOS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Genesys Logic GL518SM    (CONFIG_SENSORS_GL518SM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Genesys Logic GL520SM    (CONFIG_SENSORS_GL520SM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ITE IT87xx and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_IT87)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] National Semiconductor LM63    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM63)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] National Semiconductor LM70    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM70)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] National Semiconductor LM75 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM75)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] National Semiconductor LM77    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM77)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] National Semiconductor LM78 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM78)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] National Semiconductor LM80    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM80)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] National Semiconductor LM83 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM83)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] National Semiconductor LM85 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM85)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] National Semiconductor LM87    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM87)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] National Semiconductor LM90 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM90)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] National Semiconductor LM92 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_LM92)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Maxim MAX1619 sensor chip    (CONFIG_SENSORS_MAX1619)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] National Semiconductor PC87360 family    (CONFIG_SENSORS_PC87360)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] National Semiconductor PC87427    (CONFIG_SENSORS_PC87427)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. SiS5595    (CONFIG_SENSORS_SIS5595)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SMSC LPC47M10x and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_SMSC47M1)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SMSC LPC47M192 and compatibles    (CONFIG_SENSORS_SMSC47M192)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SMSC LPC47B397-NC    (CONFIG_SENSORS_SMSC47B397)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] VIA686A    (CONFIG_SENSORS_VIA686A)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] VIA VT1211    (CONFIG_SENSORS_VT1211)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] VIA VT8231    (CONFIG_SENSORS_VT8231)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Winbond W83781D, W83782D, W83783S, W83627HF, Asus AS99127F    (CONFIG_SENSORS_W83781D)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Winbond W83791D    (CONFIG_SENSORS_W83791D)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Winbond W83792D    (CONFIG_SENSORS_W83792D)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Winbond W83793    (CONFIG_SENSORS_W83793)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Winbond W83L785TS-S    (CONFIG_SENSORS_W83L785TS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Winbond W83627HF, W83627THF, W83637HF, W83687THF, W83697HF    (CONFIG_SENSORS_W83627HF)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Winbond W83627EHF    (CONFIG_SENSORS_W83627EHF)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] IBM Hard Drive Active Protection System (hdaps)    (CONFIG_SENSORS_HDAPS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Hardware Monitoring Chip debugging messages    (CONFIG_HWMON_DEBUG_CHIP)  (bool)  (Help)

Multimedia Capabilities Port drivers  (Link)

          [N] MCP    (CONFIG_MCP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Support SA11x0 MCP interface    (CONFIG_MCP_SA11X0)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] Support for UCB1200 / UCB1300    (CONFIG_MCP_UCB1200)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] Touchscreen interface support    (CONFIG_MCP_UCB1200_TS)  (tristate)  (No help available)

Multimedia devices  (Link)

          [N] Video For Linux    (CONFIG_VIDEO_DEV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable Video For Linux API 1 (DEPRECATED)    (CONFIG_VIDEO_V4L1)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable Video For Linux API 1 compatible Layer    (CONFIG_VIDEO_V4L1_COMPAT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] VIDEO_V4L2    (CONFIG_VIDEO_V4L2)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)

Video Capture Adapters  (Link)

          [N] Enable advanced debug functionality    (CONFIG_VIDEO_ADV_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Autoselect pertinent encoders/decoders and other helper chips    (CONFIG_VIDEO_HELPER_CHIPS_AUTO)  (bool)  (Help)

Encoders/decoders and other helper chips  (Link)

          [N] Simple audio decoder chips    (CONFIG_VIDEO_TVAUDIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips TDA7432 audio processor    (CONFIG_VIDEO_TDA7432)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips TDA9840 audio processor    (CONFIG_VIDEO_TDA9840)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips TDA9875 audio processor    (CONFIG_VIDEO_TDA9875)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips TEA6415C audio processor    (CONFIG_VIDEO_TEA6415C)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips TEA6420 audio processor    (CONFIG_VIDEO_TEA6420)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Micronas MSP34xx audio decoders    (CONFIG_VIDEO_MSP3400)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Cirrus Logic CS53L32A audio ADC    (CONFIG_VIDEO_CS53L32A)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Texas Instruments TLV320AIC23B audio codec    (CONFIG_VIDEO_TLV320AIC23B)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Wolfson Microelectronics WM8775 audio ADC with input mixer    (CONFIG_VIDEO_WM8775)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Wolfson Microelectronics WM8739 stereo audio ADC    (CONFIG_VIDEO_WM8739)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BT819A VideoStream decoder    (CONFIG_VIDEO_BT819)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BT856 VideoStream decoder    (CONFIG_VIDEO_BT856)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BT866 VideoStream decoder    (CONFIG_VIDEO_BT866)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] KS0127 video decoder    (CONFIG_VIDEO_KS0127)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] OmniVision OV7670 sensor support    (CONFIG_VIDEO_OV7670)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips SAA7110 video decoder    (CONFIG_VIDEO_SAA7110)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips SAA7111 video decoder    (CONFIG_VIDEO_SAA7111)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips SAA7114 video decoder    (CONFIG_VIDEO_SAA7114)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips SAA7113/4/5 video decoders    (CONFIG_VIDEO_SAA711X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips SAA7191 video decoder    (CONFIG_VIDEO_SAA7191)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Texas Instruments TVP5150 video decoder    (CONFIG_VIDEO_TVP5150)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] vpx3220a, vpx3216b     (CONFIG_VIDEO_VPX3220)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] &    (CONFIG_VIDEO_VPX3220)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] vpx3214c video decoders    (CONFIG_VIDEO_VPX3220)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Conexant CX2584x audio/video decoders    (CONFIG_VIDEO_CX25840)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Conexant CX2341x MPEG encoders    (CONFIG_VIDEO_CX2341X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips SAA7127/9 digital video encoders    (CONFIG_VIDEO_SAA7127)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips SAA7185 video encoder    (CONFIG_VIDEO_SAA7185)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Analog Devices ADV7170 video encoder    (CONFIG_VIDEO_ADV7170)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Analog Devices ADV7175 video encoder    (CONFIG_VIDEO_ADV7175)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NEC Electronics uPD64031A Ghost Reduction    (CONFIG_VIDEO_UPD64031A)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NEC Electronics uPD64083 3-Dimensional Y/C separation    (CONFIG_VIDEO_UPD64083)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Virtual Video Driver    (CONFIG_VIDEO_VIVI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] BT848 Video For Linux    (CONFIG_VIDEO_BT848)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] DVB/ATSC Support for bt878 based TV cards    (CONFIG_VIDEO_BT848_DVB)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] SAA6588 Radio Chip RDS decoder support on BT848 cards    (CONFIG_VIDEO_SAA6588)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Mediavision Pro Movie Studio Video For Linux    (CONFIG_VIDEO_PMS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PlanB Video-In on PowerMac    (CONFIG_VIDEO_PLANB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Quickcam BW Video For Linux    (CONFIG_VIDEO_BWQCAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] QuickCam Colour Video For Linux (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_VIDEO_CQCAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] W9966CF Webcam (FlyCam Supra and others) Video For Linux    (CONFIG_VIDEO_W9966)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CPiA Video For Linux    (CONFIG_VIDEO_CPIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CPiA Parallel Port Lowlevel Support    (CONFIG_VIDEO_CPIA_PP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] CPiA USB Lowlevel Support    (CONFIG_VIDEO_CPIA_USB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] CPiA2 Video For Linux    (CONFIG_VIDEO_CPIA2)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SAA5246A, SAA5281 Teletext processor    (CONFIG_VIDEO_SAA5246A)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SAA5249 Teletext processor    (CONFIG_VIDEO_SAA5249)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SAB3036 tuner    (CONFIG_TUNER_3036)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SGI Vino Video For Linux (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_VIDEO_VINO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Stradis 4:2:2 MPEG-2 video driver (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_VIDEO_STRADIS)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] VIDEO_ZORAN_ZR36060    (CONFIG_VIDEO_ZORAN_ZR36060)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Zoran ZR36057/36067 Video For Linux    (CONFIG_VIDEO_ZORAN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Iomega Buz support    (CONFIG_VIDEO_ZORAN_BUZ)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Pinnacle/Miro DC10(+) support    (CONFIG_VIDEO_ZORAN_DC10)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Pinnacle/Miro DC30(+) support    (CONFIG_VIDEO_ZORAN_DC30)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Linux Media Labs LML33 support    (CONFIG_VIDEO_ZORAN_LML33)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Linux Media Labs LML33R10 support    (CONFIG_VIDEO_ZORAN_LML33R10)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] AverMedia 6 Eyes support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_VIDEO_ZORAN_AVS6EYES)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Sony Vaio Picturebook Motion Eye Video For Linux    (CONFIG_VIDEO_MEYE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips SAA7134 support    (CONFIG_VIDEO_SAA7134)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Philips SAA7134 DMA audio support    (CONFIG_VIDEO_SAA7134_ALSA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Philips SAA7134 DMA audio support (OSS, DEPRECATED)    (CONFIG_VIDEO_SAA7134_OSS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] DVB/ATSC Support for saa7134 based TV cards    (CONFIG_VIDEO_SAA7134_DVB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Siemens-Nixdorf 'Multimedia eXtension Board'    (CONFIG_VIDEO_MXB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips-Semiconductors 'dpc7146 demonstration board'    (CONFIG_VIDEO_DPC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Hexium HV-PCI6 and Orion frame grabber    (CONFIG_VIDEO_HEXIUM_ORION)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Hexium Gemini frame grabber    (CONFIG_VIDEO_HEXIUM_GEMINI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Conexant 2388x (bt878 successor) support    (CONFIG_VIDEO_CX88)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Conexant 2388x DMA audio support    (CONFIG_VIDEO_CX88_ALSA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Blackbird MPEG encoder support (cx2388x + cx23416)    (CONFIG_VIDEO_CX88_BLACKBIRD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] DVB/ATSC Support for cx2388x based TV cards    (CONFIG_VIDEO_CX88_DVB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] VP-3054 Secondary I2C Bus Support    (CONFIG_VIDEO_CX88_VP3054)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] AR devices    (CONFIG_VIDEO_M32R_AR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] AR device with color module M64278(VGA)    (CONFIG_VIDEO_M32R_AR_M64278)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Marvell 88ALP01 (Cafe) CMOS Camera Controller support    (CONFIG_VIDEO_CAFE_CCIC)  (tristate)  (Help)

V4L USB devices  (Link)

          [N] Hauppauge WinTV-PVR USB2 support    (CONFIG_VIDEO_PVRUSB2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Hauppauge WinTV-PVR USB2 support for 29xxx model series    (CONFIG_VIDEO_PVRUSB2_29XXX)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Hauppauge WinTV-PVR USB2 support for 24xxx model series    (CONFIG_VIDEO_PVRUSB2_24XXX)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] pvrusb2 sysfs support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_VIDEO_PVRUSB2_SYSFS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] pvrusb2 debug interface    (CONFIG_VIDEO_PVRUSB2_DEBUGIFC)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Empia EM2800/2820/2840 USB video capture support    (CONFIG_VIDEO_EM28XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] USB video devices based on Nogatech NT1003/1004/1005    (CONFIG_VIDEO_USBVISION)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] VIDEO_USBVIDEO    (CONFIG_VIDEO_USBVIDEO)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] USB 3com HomeConnect (aka vicam) support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_USB_VICAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] USB IBM (Xirlink) C-it Camera support    (CONFIG_USB_IBMCAM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] USB Konica Webcam support    (CONFIG_USB_KONICAWC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] USB Logitech Quickcam Messenger    (CONFIG_USB_QUICKCAM_MESSENGER)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] USB ET61X[12]51 PC Camera Controller support    (CONFIG_USB_ET61X251)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] OmniVision Camera Chip support    (CONFIG_VIDEO_OVCAMCHIP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] USB W996[87]CF JPEG Dual Mode Camera support    (CONFIG_USB_W9968CF)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] USB OV511 Camera support    (CONFIG_USB_OV511)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] USB SE401 Camera support    (CONFIG_USB_SE401)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] USB SN9C10x PC Camera Controller support    (CONFIG_USB_SN9C102)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] USB STV680 (Pencam) Camera support    (CONFIG_USB_STV680)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] USB ZC0301[P] Image Processor and Control Chip support    (CONFIG_USB_ZC0301)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] USB Philips Cameras    (CONFIG_USB_PWC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] USB Philips Cameras verbose debug    (CONFIG_USB_PWC_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)

Radio Adapters  (Link)

          [N] ADS Cadet AM/FM Tuner    (CONFIG_RADIO_CADET)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] AIMSlab RadioTrack (aka RadioReveal) support    (CONFIG_RADIO_RTRACK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] RadioTrack i/o port (0x20f or 0x30f)    (CONFIG_RADIO_RTRACK_PORT)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] AIMSlab RadioTrack II support    (CONFIG_RADIO_RTRACK2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] RadioTrack II i/o port (0x20c or 0x30c)    (CONFIG_RADIO_RTRACK2_PORT)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Aztech/Packard Bell Radio    (CONFIG_RADIO_AZTECH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] Aztech/Packard Bell I/O port (0x350 or 0x358)    (CONFIG_RADIO_AZTECH_PORT)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] GemTek Radio Card support    (CONFIG_RADIO_GEMTEK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] GemTek i/o port (0x20c, 0x30c, 0x24c or 0x34c)    (CONFIG_RADIO_GEMTEK_PORT)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] GemTek PCI Radio Card support    (CONFIG_RADIO_GEMTEK_PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Guillemot MAXI Radio FM 2000 radio    (CONFIG_RADIO_MAXIRADIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Maestro on board radio    (CONFIG_RADIO_MAESTRO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SF16FMI Radio    (CONFIG_RADIO_SF16FMI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SF16FMR2 Radio    (CONFIG_RADIO_SF16FMR2)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] TerraTec ActiveRadio ISA Standalone    (CONFIG_RADIO_TERRATEC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] Terratec i/o port (normally 0x590)    (CONFIG_RADIO_TERRATEC_PORT)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Trust FM radio card    (CONFIG_RADIO_TRUST)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] Trust i/o port (usually 0x350 or 0x358)    (CONFIG_RADIO_TRUST_PORT)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Typhoon Radio (a.k.a. EcoRadio)    (CONFIG_RADIO_TYPHOON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for /proc/radio-typhoon    (CONFIG_RADIO_TYPHOON_PROC_FS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [     ] Typhoon I/O port (0x316 or 0x336)    (CONFIG_RADIO_TYPHOON_PORT)  (string)  (Help)
                    [     ] Typhoon frequency set when muting the device (kHz)    (CONFIG_RADIO_TYPHOON_MUTEFREQ)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Zoltrix Radio    (CONFIG_RADIO_ZOLTRIX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [     ] ZOLTRIX I/O port (0x20c or 0x30c)    (CONFIG_RADIO_ZOLTRIX_PORT)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] D-Link USB FM radio support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_USB_DSBR)  (tristate)  (Help)

Digital Video Broadcasting Devices  (Link)

          [N] DVB For Linux    (CONFIG_DVB)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] DVB Core Support    (CONFIG_DVB_CORE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Load and attach frontend modules as needed    (CONFIG_DVB_CORE_ATTACH)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] AV7110 cards    (CONFIG_DVB_AV7110)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Compile AV7110 firmware into the driver    (CONFIG_DVB_AV7110_FIRMWARE)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [     ] Full pathname of av7110 firmware file    (CONFIG_DVB_AV7110_FIRMWARE_FILE)  (string)  (No help available)
                                        [N] AV7110 OSD support    (CONFIG_DVB_AV7110_OSD)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Budget cards    (CONFIG_DVB_BUDGET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Budget cards with onboard CI connector    (CONFIG_DVB_BUDGET_CI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Budget cards with analog video inputs    (CONFIG_DVB_BUDGET_AV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] AV7110 cards with Budget Patch    (CONFIG_DVB_BUDGET_PATCH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for various USB DVB devices    (CONFIG_DVB_USB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable extended debug support for all DVB-USB devices    (CONFIG_DVB_USB_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] AVerMedia AverTV DVB-T USB 2.0 (A800)    (CONFIG_DVB_USB_A800)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] DiBcom USB DVB-T devices (based on the DiB3000M-B) (see help for device list)    (CONFIG_DVB_USB_DIBUSB_MB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Support faulty USB IDs    (CONFIG_DVB_USB_DIBUSB_MB_FAULTY)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] DiBcom USB DVB-T devices (based on the DiB3000M-C/P) (see help for device list)    (CONFIG_DVB_USB_DIBUSB_MC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] DiBcom DiB0700 USB DVB devices (see help for supported devices)    (CONFIG_DVB_USB_DIB0700)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] HanfTek UMT-010 DVB-T USB2.0 support    (CONFIG_DVB_USB_UMT_010)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Conexant USB2.0 hybrid reference design support    (CONFIG_DVB_USB_CXUSB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Nebula Electronics uDigiTV DVB-T USB2.0 support    (CONFIG_DVB_USB_DIGITV)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] TwinhanDTV Alpha/MagicBoxII, DNTV tinyUSB2, Beetle USB2.0 support    (CONFIG_DVB_USB_VP7045)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] TwinhanDTV StarBox and clones DVB-S USB2.0 support    (CONFIG_DVB_USB_VP702X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] GENPIX 8PSK-    (CONFIG_DVB_USB_GP8PSK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] >    (CONFIG_DVB_USB_GP8PSK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] USB module support    (CONFIG_DVB_USB_GP8PSK)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-T usb2 DVB-T USB2.0 support    (CONFIG_DVB_USB_NOVA_T_USB2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Pinnacle 400e DVB-S USB2.0 support    (CONFIG_DVB_USB_TTUSB2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] WideView WT-200U and WT-220U (pen) DVB-T USB2.0 support (Yakumo/Hama/Typhoon/Yuan)    (CONFIG_DVB_USB_DTT200U)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Technotrend/Hauppauge Nova-USB devices    (CONFIG_DVB_TTUSB_BUDGET)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Technotrend/Hauppauge USB DEC devices    (CONFIG_DVB_TTUSB_DEC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Terratec CinergyT2/qanu USB2 DVB-T receiver    (CONFIG_DVB_CINERGYT2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] sophisticated fine-tuning for CinergyT2 cards    (CONFIG_DVB_CINERGYT2_TUNING)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [     ] Number of queued USB Request Blocks for Highspeed Stream Transfers    (CONFIG_DVB_CINERGYT2_STREAM_URB_COUNT)  (string)  (Help)
                                                  [     ] Size of URB Stream Buffers for Highspeed Transfers    (CONFIG_DVB_CINERGYT2_STREAM_BUF_SIZE)  (string)  (Help)
                                                  [     ] Status update interval [milliseconds]    (CONFIG_DVB_CINERGYT2_QUERY_INTERVAL)  (string)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Register the onboard IR Remote Control Receiver as Input Device    (CONFIG_DVB_CINERGYT2_ENABLE_RC_INPUT_DEVICE)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                            [     ] Infrared Remote Controller update interval [milliseconds]    (CONFIG_DVB_CINERGYT2_RC_QUERY_INTERVAL)  (string)  (Help)
                              [N] Technisat/B2C2 FlexCopII(b) and FlexCopIII adapters    (CONFIG_DVB_B2C2_FLEXCOP)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Technisat/B2C2 Air/Sky/Cable2PC PCI    (CONFIG_DVB_B2C2_FLEXCOP_PCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Technisat/B2C2 Air/Sky/Cable2PC USB    (CONFIG_DVB_B2C2_FLEXCOP_USB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable debug for the B2C2 FlexCop drivers    (CONFIG_DVB_B2C2_FLEXCOP_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] BT8xx based PCI cards    (CONFIG_DVB_BT8XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Pluto2 cards    (CONFIG_DVB_PLUTO2)  (tristate)  (Help)

Customise DVB Frontends  (Link)

          [N] Customise the frontend modules to build    (CONFIG_DVB_FE_CUSTOMISE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] ST STV0299 based    (CONFIG_DVB_STV0299)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Conexant CX24110 based    (CONFIG_DVB_CX24110)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Conexant CX24123 based    (CONFIG_DVB_CX24123)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips TDA8083 based    (CONFIG_DVB_TDA8083)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Zarlink VP310/MT312 based    (CONFIG_DVB_MT312)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] VLSI VES1893 or VES1993 based    (CONFIG_DVB_VES1X93)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Samsung S5H1420 based    (CONFIG_DVB_S5H1420)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips TDA10086 based    (CONFIG_DVB_TDA10086)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Spase sp8870 based    (CONFIG_DVB_SP8870)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Spase sp887x based    (CONFIG_DVB_SP887X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Conexant CX22700 based    (CONFIG_DVB_CX22700)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Conexant cx22702 demodulator (OFDM)    (CONFIG_DVB_CX22702)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] LSI L64781    (CONFIG_DVB_L64781)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips TDA10045H/TDA10046H based    (CONFIG_DVB_TDA1004X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NxtWave Communications NXT6000 based    (CONFIG_DVB_NXT6000)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Zarlink MT352 based    (CONFIG_DVB_MT352)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Zarlink ZL10353 based    (CONFIG_DVB_ZL10353)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] DiBcom 3000M-B    (CONFIG_DVB_DIB3000MB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] DiBcom 3000P/M-C    (CONFIG_DVB_DIB3000MC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] DiBcom 7000MA/MB/PA/PB/MC    (CONFIG_DVB_DIB7000M)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] DiBcom 7000PC    (CONFIG_DVB_DIB7000P)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] VLSI VES1820 based    (CONFIG_DVB_VES1820)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Philips TDA10021 based    (CONFIG_DVB_TDA10021)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ST STV0297 based    (CONFIG_DVB_STV0297)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NxtWave Communications NXT2002/NXT2004 based    (CONFIG_DVB_NXT200X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Oren OR51211 based    (CONFIG_DVB_OR51211)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Oren OR51132 based    (CONFIG_DVB_OR51132)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Broadcom BCM3510    (CONFIG_DVB_BCM3510)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] LG Electronics LGDT3302/LGDT3303 based    (CONFIG_DVB_LGDT330X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] DVB_PLL    (CONFIG_DVB_PLL)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Philips TDA826X silicon tuner    (CONFIG_DVB_TDA826X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Microtune MT2060 silicon IF tuner    (CONFIG_DVB_TUNER_MT2060)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] LG TDVS-H06xF ATSC tuner    (CONFIG_DVB_TUNER_LGH06XF)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] LNBP21 SEC controller    (CONFIG_DVB_LNBP21)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ISL6421 SEC controller    (CONFIG_DVB_ISL6421)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] TUA6100 PLL    (CONFIG_DVB_TUA6100)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] VIDEO_SAA7146    (CONFIG_VIDEO_SAA7146)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] VIDEO_SAA7146_VV    (CONFIG_VIDEO_SAA7146_VV)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] VIDEO_VIDEOBUF    (CONFIG_VIDEO_VIDEOBUF)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] VIDEO_TUNER    (CONFIG_VIDEO_TUNER)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] VIDEO_BUF    (CONFIG_VIDEO_BUF)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] VIDEO_BUF_DVB    (CONFIG_VIDEO_BUF_DVB)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] VIDEO_BTCX    (CONFIG_VIDEO_BTCX)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] VIDEO_IR    (CONFIG_VIDEO_IR)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] VIDEO_TVEEPROM    (CONFIG_VIDEO_TVEEPROM)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] DABUSB driver    (CONFIG_USB_DABUSB)  (tristate)  (Help)

Graphics support  (Link)

          [Y] Enable firmware EDID    (CONFIG_FIRMWARE_EDID)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Support for frame buffer devices    (CONFIG_FB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] FB_DDC    (CONFIG_FB_DDC)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] FB_CFB_FILLRECT    (CONFIG_FB_CFB_FILLRECT)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (Help)
                    [N] FB_CFB_COPYAREA    (CONFIG_FB_CFB_COPYAREA)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (Help)
                    [N] FB_CFB_IMAGEBLIT    (CONFIG_FB_CFB_IMAGEBLIT)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (Help)
                    [N] FB_MACMODES    (CONFIG_FB_MACMODES)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] FB_BACKLIGHT    (CONFIG_FB_BACKLIGHT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] Enable Video Mode Handling Helpers    (CONFIG_FB_MODE_HELPERS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable Tile Blitting Support    (CONFIG_FB_TILEBLITTING)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Cirrus Logic support    (CONFIG_FB_CIRRUS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Permedia2 support    (CONFIG_FB_PM2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] enable FIFO disconnect feature    (CONFIG_FB_PM2_FIFO_DISCONNECT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] ARM PrimeCell PL110 support    (CONFIG_FB_ARMCLCD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              LCD Panel
                              [ ] LogicPD LCD 3.5" QVGA w/HRTFT IC  (CONFIG_FB_ARMCLCD_SHARP_LQ035Q7DB02_HRTFT)  (Help)
                              [ ] LogicPD LCD 5.7" QVGA  (CONFIG_FB_ARMCLCD_SHARP_LQ057Q3DC02)  (Help)
                              [ ] LogicPD LCD 6.4" VGA  (CONFIG_FB_ARMCLCD_SHARP_LQ64D343)  (Help)
                              [ ] LogicPD LCD 10.4" VGA  (CONFIG_FB_ARMCLCD_SHARP_LQ10D368)  (Help)
                              [ ] LogicPD LCD 12.1" SVGA  (CONFIG_FB_ARMCLCD_SHARP_LQ121S1DG41)  (Help)
                              [ ] AU Optronics A070VW01 LCD 7.0" WIDE  (CONFIG_FB_ARMCLCD_AUO_A070VW01_WIDE)  (Help)
                              [ ] Hitachi Wide Screen 800x480  (CONFIG_FB_ARMCLCD_HITACHI)  (Help)
                    [N] Acorn VIDC support    (CONFIG_FB_ACORN)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] CLPS711X LCD support    (CONFIG_FB_CLPS711X)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] SA-1100 LCD support    (CONFIG_FB_SA1100)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Motorola i.MX LCD support    (CONFIG_FB_IMX)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] CyberPro 2000/2010/5000 support    (CONFIG_FB_CYBER2000)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] FB_APOLLO    (CONFIG_FB_APOLLO)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] FB_Q40    (CONFIG_FB_Q40)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] Amiga native chipset support    (CONFIG_FB_AMIGA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Amiga OCS chipset support    (CONFIG_FB_AMIGA_OCS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Amiga ECS chipset support    (CONFIG_FB_AMIGA_ECS)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Amiga AGA chipset support    (CONFIG_FB_AMIGA_AGA)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Amiga CyberVision 64 support    (CONFIG_FB_CYBER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Amiga CyberVision 64/3D support     (CONFIG_FB_VIRGE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Amiga Retina Z3 support    (CONFIG_FB_RETINAZ3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Amiga FrameMaster II/Rainbow II support    (CONFIG_FB_FM2)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Arc Monochrome LCD board support    (CONFIG_FB_ARC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Atari native chipset support    (CONFIG_FB_ATARI)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Open Firmware frame buffer device support    (CONFIG_FB_OF)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Apple "control" display support    (CONFIG_FB_CONTROL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Apple "platinum" display support    (CONFIG_FB_PLATINUM)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Apple "valkyrie" display support    (CONFIG_FB_VALKYRIE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Chips 65550 display support    (CONFIG_FB_CT65550)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Asiliant (Chips) 69000 display support    (CONFIG_FB_ASILIANT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] IMS Twin Turbo display support    (CONFIG_FB_IMSTT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] VGA 16-color graphics support    (CONFIG_FB_VGA16)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] HP STI frame buffer device support    (CONFIG_FB_STI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Generic Macintosh display support    (CONFIG_FB_MAC)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] FB_HP300    (CONFIG_FB_HP300)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] TGA framebuffer support    (CONFIG_FB_TGA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] VESA VGA graphics support    (CONFIG_FB_VESA)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel-based Macintosh Framebuffer Support    (CONFIG_FB_IMAC)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Hercules mono graphics support    (CONFIG_FB_HGA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Hercules mono Acceleration functions (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_FB_HGA_ACCEL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] SGI Visual Workstation framebuffer support    (CONFIG_FB_SGIVW)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SGI Graphics Backend frame buffer support    (CONFIG_FB_GBE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [     ] Video memory size in MB    (CONFIG_FB_GBE_MEM)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Sun3 framebuffer support    (CONFIG_FB_SUN3)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] SBUS and UPA framebuffers    (CONFIG_FB_SBUS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] BWtwo support    (CONFIG_FB_BW2)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] CGthree support    (CONFIG_FB_CG3)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] CGsix (GX,TurboGX) support    (CONFIG_FB_CG6)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] NEC PowerVR 2 display support    (CONFIG_FB_PVR2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Epson 1355 framebuffer support    (CONFIG_FB_EPSON1355)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Epson S1D13XXX framebuffer support    (CONFIG_FB_S1D13XXX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] nVidia Framebuffer Support    (CONFIG_FB_NVIDIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable DDC Support    (CONFIG_FB_NVIDIA_I2C)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for backlight control    (CONFIG_FB_NVIDIA_BACKLIGHT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] nVidia Riva support    (CONFIG_FB_RIVA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable DDC Support    (CONFIG_FB_RIVA_I2C)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Lots of debug output from Riva(nVidia) driver    (CONFIG_FB_RIVA_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for backlight control    (CONFIG_FB_RIVA_BACKLIGHT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel 810/815 support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_FB_I810)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] use VESA Generalized Timing Formula    (CONFIG_FB_I810_GTF)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable DDC Support    (CONFIG_FB_I810_I2C)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel 830M/845G/852GM/855GM/865G/915G/945G support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_FB_INTEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Intel driver Debug Messages    (CONFIG_FB_INTEL_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] DDC/I2C for Intel framebuffer support    (CONFIG_FB_INTEL_I2C)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Matrox acceleration    (CONFIG_FB_MATROX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Millennium I/II support    (CONFIG_FB_MATROX_MILLENIUM)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Mystique support    (CONFIG_FB_MATROX_MYSTIQUE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] G100/G200/G400/G450/G550 support    (CONFIG_FB_MATROX_G)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Matrox I2C support    (CONFIG_FB_MATROX_I2C)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] G400 second head support    (CONFIG_FB_MATROX_MAVEN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Multihead support    (CONFIG_FB_MATROX_MULTIHEAD)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] ATI Radeon display support    (CONFIG_FB_RADEON)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] DDC/I2C for ATI Radeon support    (CONFIG_FB_RADEON_I2C)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for backlight control    (CONFIG_FB_RADEON_BACKLIGHT)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Lots of debug output from Radeon driver    (CONFIG_FB_RADEON_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] ATI Rage128 display support    (CONFIG_FB_ATY128)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for backlight control    (CONFIG_FB_ATY128_BACKLIGHT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] ATI Mach64 display support    (CONFIG_FB_ATY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Mach64 CT/VT/GT/LT (incl. 3D RAGE) support    (CONFIG_FB_ATY_CT)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Mach64 generic LCD support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_FB_ATY_GENERIC_LCD)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Mach64 GX support    (CONFIG_FB_ATY_GX)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Support for backlight control    (CONFIG_FB_ATY_BACKLIGHT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] S3 Trio display support    (CONFIG_FB_S3TRIO)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] S3 Savage support    (CONFIG_FB_SAVAGE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable DDC2 Support    (CONFIG_FB_SAVAGE_I2C)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable Console Acceleration    (CONFIG_FB_SAVAGE_ACCEL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] SiS/XGI display support    (CONFIG_FB_SIS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] SiS 300 series support    (CONFIG_FB_SIS_300)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] SiS 315/330/340 series and XGI support    (CONFIG_FB_SIS_315)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] NeoMagic display support    (CONFIG_FB_NEOMAGIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] IMG Kyro support    (CONFIG_FB_KYRO)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] 3Dfx Banshee/Voodoo3 display support    (CONFIG_FB_3DFX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] 3Dfx Banshee/Voodoo3 Acceleration functions (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_FB_3DFX_ACCEL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics (sst1) support    (CONFIG_FB_VOODOO1)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Cyberblade/i1 support    (CONFIG_FB_CYBLA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Trident support    (CONFIG_FB_TRIDENT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Trident Acceleration functions (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_FB_TRIDENT_ACCEL)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Permedia3 support    (CONFIG_FB_PM3)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Au1100 LCD Driver    (CONFIG_FB_AU1100)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] Au1200 LCD Driver    (CONFIG_FB_AU1200)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] AMD Geode family framebuffer support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_FB_GEODE)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] AMD Geode GX framebuffer support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_FB_GEODE_GX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Manually specify the Geode GX framebuffer size    (CONFIG_FB_GEODE_GX_SET_FBSIZE)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [     ] Size of the GX framebuffer, in bytes    (CONFIG_FB_GEODE_GX_FBSIZE)  (string)  (Help)
                              [N] AMD Geode GX1 framebuffer support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_FB_GEODE_GX1)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Creator/Creator3D/Elite3D support    (CONFIG_FB_FFB)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] TCX (SS4/SS5 only) support    (CONFIG_FB_TCX)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] CGfourteen (SX) support    (CONFIG_FB_CG14)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] P9100 (Sparcbook 3 only) support    (CONFIG_FB_P9100)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Leo (ZX) support    (CONFIG_FB_LEO)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] PCI framebuffers    (CONFIG_FB_PCI)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] IGA 168x display support    (CONFIG_FB_IGA)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] HD64461 Frame Buffer support    (CONFIG_FB_HIT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PMAG-AA TURBOchannel framebuffer support    (CONFIG_FB_PMAG_AA)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] PMAG-BA TURBOchannel framebuffer support    (CONFIG_FB_PMAG_BA)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] PMAGB-B TURBOchannel framebuffer support    (CONFIG_FB_PMAGB_B)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Maxine (Personal DECstation) onboard framebuffer support    (CONFIG_FB_MAXINE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] TMPTX3912/PR31700 frame buffer support    (CONFIG_FB_TX3912)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] G364 frame buffer support    (CONFIG_FB_G364)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Motorola 68328 native frame buffer support    (CONFIG_FB_68328)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] PXA LCD framebuffer support    (CONFIG_FB_PXA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PXA LCD command line parameters    (CONFIG_FB_PXA_PARAMETERS)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] 2700G LCD framebuffer support    (CONFIG_FB_MBX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable debugging info via debugfs    (CONFIG_FB_MBX_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] W100 frame buffer support    (CONFIG_FB_W100)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] S3C2410 LCD framebuffer support    (CONFIG_FB_S3C2410)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] S3C2410 lcd debug messages    (CONFIG_FB_S3C2410_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Display Update Module support on Philips PNX4008 board    (CONFIG_FB_PNX4008_DUM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] RGB Framebuffer support on Philips PNX4008 board    (CONFIG_FB_PNX4008_DUM_RGB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Framebuffer support for IBM GXT4500P adaptor    (CONFIG_FB_IBM_GXT4500)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Virtual Frame Buffer support (ONLY FOR TESTING!)    (CONFIG_FB_VIRTUAL)  (tristate)  (Help)

Console display driver support  (Link)

          [Y] VGA text console    (CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enable Scrollback Buffer in System RAM    (CONFIG_VGACON_SOFT_SCROLLBACK)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [     ] Scrollback Buffer Size (in KB)    (CONFIG_VGACON_SOFT_SCROLLBACK_SIZE)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Video mode selection support    (CONFIG_VIDEO_SELECT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] MDA text console (dual-headed) (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_MDA_CONSOLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SGI Newport Console support    (CONFIG_SGI_NEWPORT_CONSOLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] PROM console    (CONFIG_PROM_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (Help)
          [Y] DUMMY_CONSOLE    (CONFIG_DUMMY_CONSOLE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [     ] Initial number of console screen columns    (CONFIG_DUMMY_CONSOLE_COLUMNS)  (string)  (Help)
          [     ] Initial number of console screen rows    (CONFIG_DUMMY_CONSOLE_ROWS)  (string)  (Help)
          [N] Framebuffer Console support    (CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Framebuffer Console Rotation    (CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE_ROTATION)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] STI text console    (CONFIG_STI_CONSOLE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Select compiled-in fonts    (CONFIG_FONTS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] VGA 8x8 font    (CONFIG_FONT_8x8)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] VGA 8x16 font    (CONFIG_FONT_8x16)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Mac console 6x11 font (not supported by all drivers)    (CONFIG_FONT_6x11)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] console 7x14 font (not supported by all drivers)    (CONFIG_FONT_7x14)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Pearl (old m68k) console 8x8 font    (CONFIG_FONT_PEARL_8x8)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Acorn console 8x8 font    (CONFIG_FONT_ACORN_8x8)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Mini 4x6 font    (CONFIG_FONT_MINI_4x6)  (bool)  (No help available)
          [N] Sparc console 8x16 font    (CONFIG_FONT_SUN8x16)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Sparc console 12x22 font (not supported by all drivers)    (CONFIG_FONT_SUN12x22)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] console 10x18 font (not supported by all drivers)    (CONFIG_FONT_10x18)  (bool)  (Help)

Logo configuration  (Link)

          [N] Bootup logo    (CONFIG_LOGO)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Standard black and white Linux logo    (CONFIG_LOGO_LINUX_MONO)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] Standard 16-color Linux logo    (CONFIG_LOGO_LINUX_VGA16)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] Standard 224-color Linux logo    (CONFIG_LOGO_LINUX_CLUT224)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] 224-color Digital Equipment Corporation Linux logo    (CONFIG_LOGO_DEC_CLUT224)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] 224-color Macintosh Linux logo    (CONFIG_LOGO_MAC_CLUT224)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] 224-color PA-RISC Linux logo    (CONFIG_LOGO_PARISC_CLUT224)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] 224-color SGI Linux logo    (CONFIG_LOGO_SGI_CLUT224)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] 224-color Sun Linux logo    (CONFIG_LOGO_SUN_CLUT224)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] Black and white SuperH Linux logo    (CONFIG_LOGO_SUPERH_MONO)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] 16-color SuperH Linux logo    (CONFIG_LOGO_SUPERH_VGA16)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] 224-color SuperH Linux logo    (CONFIG_LOGO_SUPERH_CLUT224)  (bool)  (No help available)
                    [N] 224-color M32R Linux logo    (CONFIG_LOGO_M32R_CLUT224)  (bool)  (No help available)

          Backlight & LCD device support  (Link)

          [N] Backlight     (CONFIG_BACKLIGHT_LCD_SUPPORT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] &    (CONFIG_BACKLIGHT_LCD_SUPPORT)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] LCD device support    (CONFIG_BACKLIGHT_LCD_SUPPORT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Lowlevel Backlight controls    (CONFIG_BACKLIGHT_CLASS_DEVICE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] BACKLIGHT_DEVICE    (CONFIG_BACKLIGHT_DEVICE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [N] Lowlevel LCD controls    (CONFIG_LCD_CLASS_DEVICE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] LCD_DEVICE    (CONFIG_LCD_DEVICE)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Sharp Corgi Backlight Driver (SL Series)    (CONFIG_BACKLIGHT_CORGI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Sharp LOCOMO LCD/Backlight Driver    (CONFIG_BACKLIGHT_LOCOMO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] HP Jornada 680 Backlight Driver    (CONFIG_BACKLIGHT_HP680)  (tristate)  (Help)

Sound  (Link)

          [M] Sound card support    (CONFIG_SOUND)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Atari DMA sound support    (CONFIG_DMASOUND_ATARI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] PowerMac DMA sound support    (CONFIG_DMASOUND_PMAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Amiga DMA sound support    (CONFIG_DMASOUND_PAULA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Q40 sound support    (CONFIG_DMASOUND_Q40)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] DMASOUND    (CONFIG_DMASOUND)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture  (Link)

          [M] Advanced Linux Sound Architecture    (CONFIG_SND)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] SND_TIMER    (CONFIG_SND_TIMER)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [M] SND_PCM    (CONFIG_SND_PCM)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [M] SND_HWDEP    (CONFIG_SND_HWDEP)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [M] SND_RAWMIDI    (CONFIG_SND_RAWMIDI)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [M] Sequencer support    (CONFIG_SND_SEQUENCER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [M] Sequencer dummy client    (CONFIG_SND_SEQ_DUMMY)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [Y] SND_OSSEMUL    (CONFIG_SND_OSSEMUL)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [M] OSS Mixer API    (CONFIG_SND_MIXER_OSS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] OSS PCM (digital audio) API    (CONFIG_SND_PCM_OSS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [Y] OSS PCM (digital audio) API - Include plugin system    (CONFIG_SND_PCM_OSS_PLUGINS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] OSS Sequencer API    (CONFIG_SND_SEQUENCER_OSS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] RTC Timer support    (CONFIG_SND_RTCTIMER)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Use RTC as default sequencer timer    (CONFIG_SND_SEQ_RTCTIMER_DEFAULT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Dynamic device file minor numbers    (CONFIG_SND_DYNAMIC_MINORS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Support old ALSA API    (CONFIG_SND_SUPPORT_OLD_API)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Verbose procfs contents    (CONFIG_SND_VERBOSE_PROCFS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] Verbose printk    (CONFIG_SND_VERBOSE_PRINTK)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Debug    (CONFIG_SND_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Debug detection    (CONFIG_SND_DEBUG_DETECT)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Enable PCM ring buffer overrun/underrun debugging    (CONFIG_SND_PCM_XRUN_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)

Generic devices  (Link)

          [M] SND_MPU401_UART    (CONFIG_SND_MPU401_UART)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [M] SND_OPL3_LIB    (CONFIG_SND_OPL3_LIB)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] SND_OPL4_LIB    (CONFIG_SND_OPL4_LIB)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] SND_VX_LIB    (CONFIG_SND_VX_LIB)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [M] SND_AC97_CODEC    (CONFIG_SND_AC97_CODEC)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [M] Dummy (/dev/null) soundcard    (CONFIG_SND_DUMMY)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [M] Virtual MIDI soundcard    (CONFIG_SND_VIRMIDI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [M] MOTU MidiTimePiece AV multiport MIDI    (CONFIG_SND_MTPAV)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ESI Miditerminal 4140 driver    (CONFIG_SND_MTS64)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [M] UART16550 serial MIDI driver    (CONFIG_SND_SERIAL_U16550)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [M] Generic MPU-401 UART driver    (CONFIG_SND_MPU401)  (tristate)  (Help)

ISA devices  (Link)

          [N] SND_AD1848_LIB    (CONFIG_SND_AD1848_LIB)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] SND_CS4231_LIB    (CONFIG_SND_CS4231_LIB)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] AdLib FM card    (CONFIG_SND_ADLIB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Analog Devices SoundPort AD1816A    (CONFIG_SND_AD1816A)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Generic AD1848/CS4248 driver    (CONFIG_SND_AD1848)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Avance Logic ALS100/ALS120    (CONFIG_SND_ALS100)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Aztech Systems AZT2320    (CONFIG_SND_AZT2320)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] C-Media CMI8330    (CONFIG_SND_CMI8330)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Generic Cirrus Logic CS4231 driver    (CONFIG_SND_CS4231)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Generic Cirrus Logic CS4232 driver    (CONFIG_SND_CS4232)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Generic Cirrus Logic CS4236+ driver    (CONFIG_SND_CS4236)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Diamond Technologies DT-019X, Avance Logic ALS-007    (CONFIG_SND_DT019X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Generic ESS ES968 driver    (CONFIG_SND_ES968)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Generic ESS ES688/ES1688 driver    (CONFIG_SND_ES1688)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Generic ESS ES18xx driver    (CONFIG_SND_ES18XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] SND_GUS_SYNTH    (CONFIG_SND_GUS_SYNTH)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Gravis UltraSound Classic    (CONFIG_SND_GUSCLASSIC)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Gravis UltraSound Extreme    (CONFIG_SND_GUSEXTREME)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Gravis UltraSound MAX    (CONFIG_SND_GUSMAX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] AMD InterWave, Gravis UltraSound PnP    (CONFIG_SND_INTERWAVE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] AMD InterWave + TEA6330T (UltraSound 32-Pro)    (CONFIG_SND_INTERWAVE_STB)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Yamaha OPL3-SA2/SA3    (CONFIG_SND_OPL3SA2)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] OPTi 82C92x - AD1848    (CONFIG_SND_OPTI92X_AD1848)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] OPTi 82C92x - CS4231    (CONFIG_SND_OPTI92X_CS4231)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] OPTi 82C93x    (CONFIG_SND_OPTI93X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Miro miroSOUND PCM1pro/PCM12/PCM20radio driver    (CONFIG_SND_MIRO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Sound Blaster 1.0/2.0/Pro (8-bit)    (CONFIG_SND_SB8)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Sound Blaster 16 (PnP)    (CONFIG_SND_SB16)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Sound Blaster AWE (32,64) (PnP)    (CONFIG_SND_SBAWE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Sound Blaster 16/AWE CSP support    (CONFIG_SND_SB16_CSP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] Aztech Sound Galaxy    (CONFIG_SND_SGALAXY)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Ensoniq SoundScape PnP driver    (CONFIG_SND_SSCAPE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Turtle Beach Maui,Tropez,Tropez+ (Wavefront)    (CONFIG_SND_WAVEFRONT)  (tristate)  (Help)

PCI devices  (Link)

          [N] Analog Devices AD1889    (CONFIG_SND_AD1889)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Avance Logic ALS300/ALS300+    (CONFIG_SND_ALS300)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Avance Logic ALS4000    (CONFIG_SND_ALS4000)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ALi M5451 PCI Audio Controller    (CONFIG_SND_ALI5451)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ATI IXP AC97 Controller    (CONFIG_SND_ATIIXP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ATI IXP Modem    (CONFIG_SND_ATIIXP_MODEM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Aureal Advantage    (CONFIG_SND_AU8810)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Aureal Vortex    (CONFIG_SND_AU8820)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Aureal Vortex 2    (CONFIG_SND_AU8830)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Aztech AZF3328 / PCI168 (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SND_AZT3328)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Bt87x Audio Capture    (CONFIG_SND_BT87X)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Bt87x Audio overclocking    (CONFIG_SND_BT87X_OVERCLOCK)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] SB Audigy LS / Live 24bit    (CONFIG_SND_CA0106)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] C-Media 8738, 8338    (CONFIG_SND_CMIPCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [M] Cirrus Logic (Sound Fusion) CS4281    (CONFIG_SND_CS4281)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [M] Cirrus Logic (Sound Fusion) CS4280/CS461x/CS462x/CS463x    (CONFIG_SND_CS46XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [Y] Cirrus Logic (Sound Fusion) New DSP support    (CONFIG_SND_CS46XX_NEW_DSP)  (bool)  (Help)
          [N] CS5535/CS5536 Audio    (CONFIG_SND_CS5535AUDIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] (Echoaudio) Darla20    (CONFIG_SND_DARLA20)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] (Echoaudio) Gina20    (CONFIG_SND_GINA20)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] (Echoaudio) Layla20    (CONFIG_SND_LAYLA20)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] (Echoaudio) Darla24    (CONFIG_SND_DARLA24)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] (Echoaudio) Gina24    (CONFIG_SND_GINA24)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] (Echoaudio) Layla24    (CONFIG_SND_LAYLA24)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] (Echoaudio) Mona    (CONFIG_SND_MONA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] (Echoaudio) Mia    (CONFIG_SND_MIA)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] (Echoaudio) 3G cards    (CONFIG_SND_ECHO3G)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] (Echoaudio) Indigo    (CONFIG_SND_INDIGO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] (Echoaudio) Indigo IO    (CONFIG_SND_INDIGOIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] (Echoaudio) Indigo DJ    (CONFIG_SND_INDIGODJ)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [M] Emu10k1 (SB Live!, Audigy, E-mu APS)    (CONFIG_SND_EMU10K1)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Emu10k1X (Dell OEM Version)    (CONFIG_SND_EMU10K1X)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] (Creative) Ensoniq AudioPCI 1370    (CONFIG_SND_ENS1370)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] (Creative) Ensoniq AudioPCI 1371/1373    (CONFIG_SND_ENS1371)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ESS ES1938/1946/1969 (Solo-1)    (CONFIG_SND_ES1938)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ESS ES1968/1978 (Maestro-1/2/2E)    (CONFIG_SND_ES1968)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [M] ForteMedia FM801    (CONFIG_SND_FM801)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] ForteMedia FM801 + TEA5757 tuner    (CONFIG_SND_FM801_TEA575X_BOOL)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] SND_FM801_TEA575X    (CONFIG_SND_FM801_TEA575X)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] Intel HD Audio    (CONFIG_SND_HDA_INTEL)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] RME Hammerfall DSP Audio    (CONFIG_SND_HDSP)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] RME Hammerfall DSP MADI    (CONFIG_SND_HDSPM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ICEnsemble ICE1712 (Envy24)    (CONFIG_SND_ICE1712)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ICE/VT1724/1720 (Envy24HT/PT)    (CONFIG_SND_ICE1724)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intel/SiS/nVidia/AMD/ALi AC97 Controller    (CONFIG_SND_INTEL8X0)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Intel/SiS/nVidia/AMD MC97 Modem    (CONFIG_SND_INTEL8X0M)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Korg 1212 IO    (CONFIG_SND_KORG1212)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ESS Allegro/Maestro3    (CONFIG_SND_MAESTRO3)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Digigram miXart    (CONFIG_SND_MIXART)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] NeoMagic NM256AV/ZX    (CONFIG_SND_NM256)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Digigram PCXHR    (CONFIG_SND_PCXHR)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Conexant Riptide    (CONFIG_SND_RIPTIDE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] RME Digi32, 32/8, 32 PRO    (CONFIG_SND_RME32)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] RME Digi96, 96/8, 96/8 PRO    (CONFIG_SND_RME96)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] RME Digi9652 (Hammerfall)    (CONFIG_SND_RME9652)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] S3 SonicVibes    (CONFIG_SND_SONICVIBES)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Trident 4D-Wave DX/NX; SiS 7018    (CONFIG_SND_TRIDENT)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] VIA 82C686A/B, 8233/8235 AC97 Controller    (CONFIG_SND_VIA82XX)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] VIA 82C686A/B, 8233 based Modems    (CONFIG_SND_VIA82XX_MODEM)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Digigram VX222    (CONFIG_SND_VX222)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Yamaha YMF724/740/744/754    (CONFIG_SND_YMFPCI)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] AC97 Power-Saving Mode    (CONFIG_SND_AC97_POWER_SAVE)  (bool)  (Help)

ALSA PowerMac devices  (Link)

          [N] PowerMac (AWACS, DACA, Burgundy, Tumbler, Keywest)    (CONFIG_SND_POWERMAC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Toggle DRC automatically at headphone/line plug-in    (CONFIG_SND_POWERMAC_AUTO_DRC)  (bool)  (Help)

Apple Onboard Audio driver  (Link)

          [N] Apple Onboard Audio driver    (CONFIG_SND_AOA)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] layout-id fabric    (CONFIG_SND_AOA_FABRIC_LAYOUT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] support Onyx chip    (CONFIG_SND_AOA_ONYX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] support TAS chips    (CONFIG_SND_AOA_TAS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] support Toonie chip    (CONFIG_SND_AOA_TOONIE)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Apple Soundbus support    (CONFIG_SND_AOA_SOUNDBUS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] I2S bus support    (CONFIG_SND_AOA_SOUNDBUS_I2S)  (tristate)  (Help)

ALSA ARM devices  (Link)

          [N] SA11xx UDA1341TS driver (iPaq H3600)    (CONFIG_SND_SA11XX_UDA1341)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] ARM PrimeCell PL041 AC Link support    (CONFIG_SND_ARMAACI)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] SND_PXA2XX_PCM    (CONFIG_SND_PXA2XX_PCM)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [N] AC97 driver for the Intel PXA2xx chip    (CONFIG_SND_PXA2XX_AC97)  (tristate)  (Help)

ALSA MIPS devices  (Link)

          [N] Au1x00 AC97 Port Driver    (CONFIG_SND_AU1X00)  (tristate)  (Help)

USB devices  (Link)

          [N] USB Audio/MIDI driver    (CONFIG_SND_USB_AUDIO)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Tascam US-122, US-224 and US-428 USB driver    (CONFIG_SND_USB_USX2Y)  (tristate)  (Help)

PCMCIA devices  (Link)

          [N] Digigram VXpocket    (CONFIG_SND_VXPOCKET)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Sound Core PDAudioCF    (CONFIG_SND_PDAUDIOCF)  (tristate)  (Help)

ALSA Sparc devices  (Link)

          [N] Sun AMD7930    (CONFIG_SND_SUN_AMD7930)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Sun CS4231    (CONFIG_SND_SUN_CS4231)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] Sun DBRI    (CONFIG_SND_SUN_DBRI)  (tristate)  (Help)

GSC devices  (Link)

          [N] Harmony/Vivace sound chip    (CONFIG_SND_HARMONY)  (tristate)  (Help)

Open Sound System  (Link)

          [N] Open Sound System (DEPRECATED)    (CONFIG_SOUND_PRIME)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] BT878 audio dma    (CONFIG_SOUND_BT878)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Crystal Sound CS4297a (for Swarm)    (CONFIG_SOUND_BCM_CS4297A)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI 97 (ES1371)    (CONFIG_SOUND_ES1371)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Intel ICH (i8xx) audio support    (CONFIG_SOUND_ICH)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SGI Visual Workstation Sound    (CONFIG_SOUND_VWSND)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SGI HAL2 sound (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_SOUND_HAL2)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] NEC Vrc5477 AC97 sound    (CONFIG_SOUND_VRC5477)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Au1550/Au1200 AC97 Sound    (CONFIG_SOUND_AU1550_AC97)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [N] Trident 4DWave DX/NX, SiS 7018 or ALi 5451 PCI Audio Core    (CONFIG_SOUND_TRIDENT)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for Turtle Beach MultiSound Classic, Tahiti, Monterey    (CONFIG_SOUND_MSNDCLAS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MSNDCLAS_HAVE_BOOT    (CONFIG_MSNDCLAS_HAVE_BOOT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [     ] Full pathname of MSNDINIT.BIN firmware file    (CONFIG_MSNDCLAS_INIT_FILE)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] Full pathname of MSNDPERM.BIN firmware file    (CONFIG_MSNDCLAS_PERM_FILE)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] MSND Classic IRQ 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12    (CONFIG_MSNDCLAS_IRQ)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] MSND Classic memory B0000, C8000, D0000, D8000, E0000, E8000    (CONFIG_MSNDCLAS_MEM)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] MSND Classic I/O 210, 220, 230, 240, 250, 260, 290, 3E0    (CONFIG_MSNDCLAS_IO)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for Turtle Beach MultiSound Pinnacle, Fiji    (CONFIG_SOUND_MSNDPIN)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MSNDPIN_HAVE_BOOT    (CONFIG_MSNDPIN_HAVE_BOOT)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [     ] Full pathname of PNDSPINI.BIN firmware file    (CONFIG_MSNDPIN_INIT_FILE)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] Full pathname of PNDSPERM.BIN firmware file    (CONFIG_MSNDPIN_PERM_FILE)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] MSND Pinnacle IRQ 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12    (CONFIG_MSNDPIN_IRQ)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] MSND Pinnacle memory B0000, C8000, D0000, D8000, E0000, E8000    (CONFIG_MSNDPIN_MEM)  (string)  (Help)
                              [     ] MSND Pinnacle I/O 210, 220, 230, 240, 250, 260, 290, 3E0    (CONFIG_MSNDPIN_IO)  (string)  (Help)
                              [N] MSND Pinnacle has S/PDIF I/O    (CONFIG_MSNDPIN_DIGITAL)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] MSND Pinnacle non-PnP Mode    (CONFIG_MSNDPIN_NONPNP)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [     ] MSND Pinnacle config port 250,260,270    (CONFIG_MSNDPIN_CFG)  (string)  (Help)
                                        [     ] MSND Pinnacle MPU I/O (e.g. 330)    (CONFIG_MSNDPIN_MPU_IO)  (string)  (Help)
                                        [     ] MSND Pinnacle MPU IRQ (e.g. 9)    (CONFIG_MSNDPIN_MPU_IRQ)  (string)  (Help)
                                        [     ] MSND Pinnacle IDE I/O 0 (e.g. 170)    (CONFIG_MSNDPIN_IDE_IO0)  (string)  (Help)
                                        [     ] MSND Pinnacle IDE I/O 1 (e.g. 376)    (CONFIG_MSNDPIN_IDE_IO1)  (string)  (Help)
                                        [     ] MSND Pinnacle IDE IRQ (e.g. 15)    (CONFIG_MSNDPIN_IDE_IRQ)  (string)  (Help)
                                        [     ] MSND Pinnacle joystick I/O (e.g. 200)    (CONFIG_MSNDPIN_JOYSTICK_IO)  (string)  (Help)
                    [     ] MSND buffer size (kB)    (CONFIG_MSND_FIFOSIZE)  (string)  (Help)
                    [N] VIA 82C686 Audio Codec    (CONFIG_SOUND_VIA82CXXX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] VIA 82C686 MIDI    (CONFIG_MIDI_VIA82CXXX)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] OSS sound modules    (CONFIG_SOUND_OSS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Verbose initialisation    (CONFIG_SOUND_TRACEINIT)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Persistent DMA buffers    (CONFIG_SOUND_DMAP)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Crystal CS4232 based (PnP) cards    (CONFIG_SOUND_CS4232)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Ensoniq SoundScape support    (CONFIG_SOUND_SSCAPE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Loopback MIDI device support    (CONFIG_SOUND_VMIDI)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MediaTrix AudioTrix Pro support    (CONFIG_SOUND_TRIX)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Have TRXPRO.HEX firmware file    (CONFIG_TRIX_HAVE_BOOT)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [     ] Full pathname of TRXPRO.HEX firmware file    (CONFIG_TRIX_BOOT_FILE)  (string)  (Help)
                              [N] Microsoft Sound System support    (CONFIG_SOUND_MSS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] MPU-401 support (NOT for SB16)    (CONFIG_SOUND_MPU401)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] ProAudioSpectrum 16 support    (CONFIG_SOUND_PAS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable PAS16 joystick port    (CONFIG_PAS_JOYSTICK)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] PSS (AD1848, ADSP-2115, ESC614) support    (CONFIG_SOUND_PSS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] Enable PSS mixer (Beethoven ADSP-16 and other compatible)    (CONFIG_PSS_MIXER)  (bool)  (Help)
                                        [N] Have DSPxxx.LD firmware file    (CONFIG_PSS_HAVE_BOOT)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [     ] Full pathname of DSPxxx.LD firmware file    (CONFIG_PSS_BOOT_FILE)  (string)  (Help)
                              [N] 100% Sound Blaster compatibles (SB16/32/64, ESS, Jazz16) support    (CONFIG_SOUND_SB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Yamaha FM synthesizer (YM3812/OPL-3) support    (CONFIG_SOUND_YM3812)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] 6850 UART support    (CONFIG_SOUND_UART6850)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Gallant Audio Cards (SC-6000 and SC-6600 based)    (CONFIG_SOUND_AEDSP16)  (tristate)  (Help)
                                        [N] SC-6600 based audio cards (new Audio Excel DSP 16)    (CONFIG_SC6600)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [N] Activate SC-6600 Joystick Interface    (CONFIG_SC6600_JOY)  (bool)  (Help)
                                                  [     ] SC-6600 CDROM Interface (4=None, 3=IDE, 1=Panasonic, 0=?Sony?)    (CONFIG_SC6600_CDROM)  (string)  (Help)
                                                  [     ] SC-6600 CDROM Interface I/O Address    (CONFIG_SC6600_CDROMBASE)  (string)  (Help)
                                        Audio Excel DSP 16
                                        [ ] MSS emulation  (CONFIG_AEDSP16_MSS)  (Help)
                                        [ ] SBPro emulation  (CONFIG_AEDSP16_SBPRO)  (Help)
                                        [N] Audio Excel DSP 16 (MPU401 emulation)    (CONFIG_AEDSP16_MPU401)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] VIDC 16-bit sound    (CONFIG_SOUND_VIDC)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Netwinder WaveArtist    (CONFIG_SOUND_WAVEARTIST)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] TV card (bt848) mixer support    (CONFIG_SOUND_TVMIXER)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [N] XpressAudio Sound Blaster emulation    (CONFIG_SOUND_KAHLUA)  (tristate)  (No help available)
          [N] SuperH DAC audio support    (CONFIG_SOUND_SH_DAC_AUDIO)  (tristate)  (No help available)
                    [     ] DAC channel    (CONFIG_SOUND_SH_DAC_AUDIO_CHANNEL)  (string)  (No help available)
          [M] AC97_BUS    (CONFIG_AC97_BUS)  (tristate)  (hidden)  (Help)

HID Devices  (Link)

          [Y] Generic HID support    (CONFIG_HID)  (tristate)  (Help)

USB support  (Link)

          [Y] USB_ARCH_HAS_HCD    (CONFIG_USB_ARCH_HAS_HCD)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] USB_ARCH_HAS_OHCI    (CONFIG_USB_ARCH_HAS_OHCI)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [Y] USB_ARCH_HAS_EHCI    (CONFIG_USB_ARCH_HAS_EHCI)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
          [M] Support for Host-side USB    (CONFIG_USB)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] USB verbose debug messages    (CONFIG_USB_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [Y] USB device filesystem    (CONFIG_USB_DEVICEFS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Enforce USB bandwidth allocation (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_USB_BANDWIDTH)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Dynamic USB minor allocation (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_USB_DYNAMIC_MINORS)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] USB selective suspend/resume and wakeup (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_USB_SUSPEND)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] USB_OTG    (CONFIG_USB_OTG)  (bool)  (hidden)  (Help)
                    [N] Rely on OTG Targeted Peripherals List    (CONFIG_USB_OTG_WHITELIST)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Disable external hubs    (CONFIG_USB_OTG_BLACKLIST_HUB)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [M] EHCI HCD (USB 2.0) support    (CONFIG_USB_EHCI_HCD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] Full speed ISO transactions (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_USB_EHCI_SPLIT_ISO)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Root Hub Transaction Translators (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_USB_EHCI_ROOT_HUB_TT)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] Improved Transaction Translator scheduling (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_USB_EHCI_TT_NEWSCHED)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] ISP116X HCD support    (CONFIG_USB_ISP116X_HCD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [M] OHCI HCD support    (CONFIG_USB_OHCI_HCD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] OHCI support for on-chip PPC USB controller    (CONFIG_USB_OHCI_HCD_PPC_SOC)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] OHCI support for PCI-bus USB controllers    (CONFIG_USB_OHCI_HCD_PCI)  (bool)  (Help)
                              [N] USB_OHCI_BIG_ENDIAN    (CONFIG_USB_OHCI_BIG_ENDIAN)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                              [Y] USB_OHCI_LITTLE_ENDIAN    (CONFIG_USB_OHCI_LITTLE_ENDIAN)  (bool)  (hidden)  (No help available)
                    [M] UHCI HCD (most Intel and VIA) support    (CONFIG_USB_UHCI_HCD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] Elan U132 Adapter Host Controller    (CONFIG_USB_U132_HCD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] SL811HS HCD support    (CONFIG_USB_SL811_HCD)  (tristate)  (Help)
                              [N] CF/PCMCIA support for SL811HS HCD    (CONFIG_USB_SL811_CS)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] USB Modem (CDC ACM) support    (CONFIG_USB_ACM)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] USB Printer support    (CONFIG_USB_PRINTER)  (tristate)  (Help)
          [M] USB Mass Storage support    (CONFIG_USB_STORAGE)  (tristate)  (Help)
                    [N] USB Mass Storage verbose debug    (CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_DEBUG)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Datafab Compact Flash Reader support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_DATAFAB)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Freecom USB/ATAPI Bridge support    (CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_FREECOM)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] ISD-200 USB/ATA Bridge support    (CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_ISD200)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Microtech/ZiO! CompactFlash/SmartMedia support    (CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_DPCM)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] USBAT/USBAT02-based storage support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_USBAT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] SanDisk SDDR-09 (and other SmartMedia) support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_SDDR09)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] SanDisk SDDR-55 SmartMedia support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_SDDR55)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Lexar Jumpshot Compact Flash Reader (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_JUMPSHOT)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Olympus MAUSB-10/Fuji DPC-R1 support (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_ALAUDA)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support OneTouch Button on Maxtor Hard Drives (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_ONETOUCH)  (bool)  (Help)
                    [N] Support for Rio Karma music player    (CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_KARMA)  (bool)  (Help)