What's New For 2.6.1 on s390

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General setup
      [N] Remove kernel features (for embedded systems)    (CONFIG_EMBEDDED)  bool  (Help)
            [N] Optimize for size    (CONFIG_CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE)  bool  (Help)

Base setup
      [Y] Symmetric multi-processing support    (CONFIG_SMP)  bool  (Help)
            [] Maximum number of CPUs (2-64)    (CONFIG_NR_CPUS)  string  (Help)
            [] Maximum number of CPUs (2-32)    (CONFIG_NR_CPUS)  string  (Help)

SCSI low-level drivers
      [N] SYM53C8XX Version 2 SCSI support    (CONFIG_SCSI_SYM53C8XX_2)  tristate  (Help)
            [N] use normal IO    (CONFIG_SCSI_SYM53C8XX_IOMAPPED)  bool  (Help)
            [N] use port IO    (CONFIG_SCSI_SYM53C8XX_IOMAPPED)  bool  (Help)

Native Language Support
      [N] NLS    (CONFIG_NLS)  bool
      [N] Base native language support    (CONFIG_NLS)  tristate  (Help)