What's New For 2.6.0-test8 on sparc

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Graphics support
      [N] Support for frame buffer devices    (CONFIG_FB)  bool  (Help)
            [N] VESA VGA graphics support    (CONFIG_FB_VESA)  bool  (Help)
                  [N] Video mode selection support    (CONFIG_VIDEO_SELECT)  bool  (Help)
                  [N] VIDEO_SELECT    (CONFIG_VIDEO_SELECT)  bool  (Help)

Fibre Channel support
      [N] Fibre Channel and FC4 SCSI support    (CONFIG_FC4)  tristate  (Help)
            [N] Generic FC-AL disk driver    (CONFIG_SCSI_FCAL)  tristate  (Help)
            [N] Sun Enterprise Network Array (A5000 and EX500)    (CONFIG_SCSI_FCAL)  tristate  (Help)

Bridge: Netfilter Configuration
      [N] Ethernet Bridge tables (ebtables) support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_NF_EBTABLES)  tristate  (Help)
            [N] ebt: among filter support    (CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_AMONG)  tristate  (Help)

Network File Systems
      [Y] NFS file system support    (CONFIG_NFS_FS)  tristate  (Help)
            [N] Allow direct I/O on NFS files (EXPERIMENTAL)    (CONFIG_NFS_DIRECTIO)  bool  (Help)